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  1. 1. The Marcus Graham Project is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization and national networkof diverse professionals that have purposed themselves in developing the next generationof thought leadership within the advertising, media and marketing industry.Our mission is to identify, expose, mentor and train ethnically diverse young men andwomen in all aspects of the media industry, including advertising, entertainment andmarketing.The vision of the Marcus Graham Project (MGP) is to provide long-term access toinformation, technology, financial and people resources that will strategically develop aviable pool of talent and leadership within the industry.Founded in 2007 / Incorporated 2009HQ in Dallas, TX with over 850+ members nationally
  2. 2. FOUNDING BOARD MEMBERSNANCY HILL, President and CEO of the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA)GINA BIANCHINI, Co-Founder and CEO of MightyBell.comBILL SHARP, former VP/Advertising Manager, Coca-Cola USA; former SVP & General Manager,Burrell Advertising; Retired President & Founder, Sharp AdvertisingCALVIN W. STEPHENS, Chairman and President of SSP Consulting, L.C.CATHY BROWN, SVP, Director of Client Services at TPNCYNTHIA NEVELS, President of CynthiaNevels.comDR. JASON CHAMBERS, Associate Professor in the Department of Advertising at theUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignJONATHAN P. HICKS, Sr. Correspondent at BET.comLARRY POWELL, CO-FOUNDER, MOJO AD @ The University of Missouri – School of Journalism2BOARD MEMBERS
  3. 3. ADVISORY BOARD MEMBERS (2011-2013 Council Term)RICK BOYKO, Former VCU Brandcenter Director/ProfessorTRACEY D. BROWN, EVP, Managing Director at RAPPNAKEISHA S. FERGUSON, Ph.D Assistant Professor of Marketing at University of St. ThomasMALCOLM GILLIAN, SVP Branded Entertainment at ReleventHEATHER JAMES, Business Manager, Macy’sHOWARD R. JEAN, Executive Director at Communities In Schools of GeorgiaGEORGE MEDLAND, Resource Allocation Manager, JWT (Retired)BUFF PARHAM, President, Parham & AssociatesSCOTT PERKINS, Assistant Vice President – Policy Advertising at AT&TKEVIN SWANEPOEL, President of The One ClubTIFFANY R. WARREN, SVP, Chief Diversity Officer at Omnicom Group and Founder of ADCOLOR® and The ADCOLOR® AwardsJASON WHITE, Managing Director, Wieden + Kennedy Shanghai3BOARD MEMBERS (CONT’D)
  4. 4. • The need for more people of color to be adequatelyrepresented at all levels in the advertising industry, in an effortto develop strategies and communications that reflect a diversityof mindset and life experiences.• The mentoring of junior, mid and senior level talent of color andwomen to ensure a healthy means of inclusion, retention andpromotion through the ranks of the ad industry.• More promotion and exposure of career opportunities in the industryfor communities of color earlier in their academic career• Develop a larger pipeline and talent pool and paint a truer, morebalanced picture of today’s global customer5INDUSTRY CHALLENGE
  6. 6. NY TIMES:Advertising Companies Fret over a digital talent GAPWALL STREET JOURNAL:Why Companies aren’t getting the talent they needFAST COMPANY:Stumbling Up The Ladder: Ad Agencies Neglect Their Brightest Prospects6THE TALENT ISSUE IN THE NEWS
  7. 7. THE MARCUS GRAHAM PROJECT WILL CONTINUE TO FOCUS ON ITSMISSION OF ADDRESSING INDUSTRY CHALLENGES BY:• Building out management staff to run all programs as well as operational funding• Continue Summer Boot Camp program and grow the curriculum to activateprogram in multiple markets• Build out mentorship model and relationships with HR, hiring managers andmanagers of agencies/companies where MGP graduates have been placed• Develop program into future-focused laboratory (agency/school)with a year round focus on entry to mid level talent9FUTURE OF MGP
  8. 8. • Continue to host online and offline network building opportunitiesfor members and emerging professionals• Career spanning developmental support (Post Graduate)- Mentorship- Seminars/Workshops- Creative Boot Camps- Global Travel Opportunities• Influence S.T.E.A.M education (K-12+) while creating awareness of thebreadth of career opportunities in the marketing, advertising & mediaindustry• Develop a sustainable model that furthers the success of MGP in theadvertising/media industry10SOLUTIONS
  9. 9. • As an extension of the Marcus Graham Project,Locomotus is a hybrid advertising marketing & mediatraining ground, consultancy and laboratory• Locomotus (latin – locos-motus): a place & movementof progress, operation, passion, impulse, disturbance,revolt and rebellion• Locomotus will operate under a hybrid for non-profit/for-profit MBE, supporting the mission of theMarcus Graham Project11LOCOMOTUS OVERVIEW
  10. 10. • Dallas (Test Market – Q 2014)• Los Angeles Launch Market (Anticipated launch Q3 2014)• Cincinnati (Launch TBD)• Atlanta (Launch TBD)• Chicago (Launch TBD)• Detroit (Launch TBD)• London (Launch TBD)• Johannesburg (Launch TBD)12REGIONAL MARKET OVERVIEW
  11. 11. • Provides opportunities on the west coast to connect thedots between Madison Ave., Hollywood and Silicon Valley(Advertising, Entertainment & Technology)• Expands Marcus Graham Project to West Coast• Market is culturally diverse, with a large enoughadvertising community to provide an extremely richlearning opportunity, as well as access to TV/film studios13LOCATION/RATIONALE LOS ANGELES, CA
  12. 12. The Locomotus curriculum will be centered on meeting the existing and emerging needsof today’s advertising and marketing landscape. While focusing on thought leadership,implementation of current best practices, development of new best practices and thecreation of processes, methodologies and techniques that allows for a globally, culturallyinclusive execution of communications and ideas that spark innovation.As the world continues to get smaller and the need for a high cultural aptitude grows,Locomotus will partner with the world’s leading national and global Executive CreativeDirectors, Creative Directions, Account Directors and recruiters to construct a programthat will develop the best digitally centered, brand management, brand strategy, mediaservices innovators and creative architects of color the industry has even seen.14CURRICULUM COMPONENTS
  13. 13. Month 1: Foundation- History of advertising, marketing and media- Exercises to build student group culture: Teamwork, open mindedness, resilienceMonth 2-3: Group deep-dives into each particular discipline- Brand Management- Strategy- Writing- Art Direction- Digital- ProductionMonth 4-9: Immersion into real work on real client objectives- Intermittent 24-hour “academic” assignments- Workshops/Speakers begin- Field trips begin- Students choose disciplineMonth 10-11: Personal website and body-of- work development- Outreach to agencies for employment opportunities- Graduation Ceremony15SAMPLE CURRICULUM
  14. 14. The “services” that Locomotus + MGP will provide will include :Students / Members• Intense training• Portfolio development• Job Placement• Career spanning mentorshipBrands/Corporations (function as MBE where requested)• Brand Strategy / Management• Creative Concept Development• Content Development• Research / Insights Development• D&I Consulting16SERVICES
  15. 15. • MENTORSHIP COMES FIRSTDedication to true talent cultivation through the program and afterwards• UNAPOLOGETICALLY DIVERSEWill focus primarily on attracting talent of color• AFFORDABILITY & ACCESSIBILITYWill provide experience to talent through sponsorship, making it available tothose who find other programs cost prohibitive• REAL WORLD EXPERIENCEOur students will have the opportunity to work on actual client work, whilebuilding a robust portfolio and managed by experienced professionals17WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT THANTHE TRADITIONAL AD SCHOOL?
  16. 16. • SOCIAL MEDIA• AFFINITY GROUP PARTNERSHIP- National Association of Black MBA, MAIP (4As), AAF Most Promising MulticulturalStudents/Alumni, CODE2040• DEEP DIVE MARKET VISITS- Don’t forget to go where your average recruiter will not go (i.e. art shows)• PUBLIC RELATIONS• ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN (TRADITIONAL & NON-TRADITIONAL)• DOCU-SERIES20RECRUITMENT
  17. 17. The uncommon. The unexpected. The thirsty. The one that needsthe break. The one who is pushing at the gate and needs that oneshot. Someone with amazing energy. Passion over pride. Purposeover process. Disposition over position. One who knows thatpractice makes perfect.“Perfectly imperfect is my dimension’s definition.”– Cee Lo Green21OUR STUDENTS - EXCURSIONISTS
  18. 18. Our objective is not to produce talented people who can simply get jobs. Ourmission is to develop talent in every discipline that will excel far beyondexpectations, and we have a staff that has proven they can do this.Locomotus shall begin Q3 2014 with our goal is to raise $2.5MIL by Q2 2014. Thisallows focus solely on the admissions process and select students by Q3 2014this give all involved time to prepare for the Q4 2014 pilot term.From the partners invited into our consortium, we are asking for a minimuminvestment of $300,000.This is an investment in people who have not only earned an opportunity to honetheir craft, but ultimately shall gone to improve your agency, its insights, workproduct and most importantly our industry.21THE LOCOMOTUS CONSORTIUM
  19. 19. The iCR8 boot camp provides the next generation of advertising, media marketing talentwith the exposure and experience necessary to solidify careers within the industry.The boot camp is a summer long internship program, where nearly a dozen teammembers are selected annually for an exclusive opportunity to provides pro-bonoconsulting services, developing a marketing campaign for pre-selected non-profitorganizations or social causes, the opportunity to work on actual client projects,providing experience across multiple segments and categories.The success of the boot camp program has served as the proof of concept for ourexpansion and has also been featured in several national media vehicles.7THE iCR8 BOOT CAMP
  21. 21. MGP NETWORK - Online Social Networking SiteThe MGP social networking site, powered by NING, provides an onlinecommunity and forum where mature professionals and emerging youngprofessionals connect and forge a support system to assist in theguidance of career & leadership skills. We currently have over 500members signed into the network nationally, as well as abroad.http://network.marcusgrahamproject.org2OUR PROGRAMSICR8 Summer Boot CampThe boot camp’s primary purpose is to provide diverse aspirants inthe field of advertising & marketing with the exposure and experiencenecessary to solidify careers within the advertising, media & marketingindustry. The summer long program consists of relevant topicalcase study and development of marketing/media concepts in response toselected topics. Boot camp initiates are chosen through application,portfolio review and in-person interview held during the spring.
  22. 22. MGP Radio - The DrumThe online program will give MGP members the opportunity to connectreal time with guest hosts who will provide helpful information on industrytopics and trends, as well as offer any helpful advice to those who tune in.3OUR PROGRAMS (CONT’D)MGP Fund - GO Fund & Sharp AwardThe GO travel fund is organized as a financial scholarship for MGPmembers to attend the often cost prohibitive industryconferences, training seminars, networking functions and educationalcourses.Financial awards are given upon application and require that a reportbe submitted upon completion of the activity.The Sharp Award, sponsored by JWT Atlanta and administered byThe Marcus Graham Project, honors excellence in marketing, advertisingand media by recognizing one (1) student with a $3,500 award.
  23. 23. MGP Speaker’s Bureau - The Sound BiteThe purpose of the program is to connect high school and college students, aswell as recent graduates with working professionals in the industry in an indepth “lunch & learn” style forum. Guest lecturers, will address the audienceon core values & trends that undergird the level of leadership that MGP seeksto develop.4OUR PROGRAMS (CONT’D)
  24. 24. LINCOLN STEPHENS | CO-FOUNDERLincoln is a former Advertising Account Management Executive (Carol H Williams, Martin Retail, andTracyLocke) turned activist, muckraker and entrepreneur. In his professional career, Stephens has workedwith top brands such as Frito Lay, Quaker, Pepsi, Cadillac, Hummer, Chevrolet, and Coca-Cola.Born in Dallas, Texas, Lincoln is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia where he received aBachelor’s in Journalism with a focus in Strategic Communications and recently completed his Master’sDegree in Entertainment Business at Full Sail University.22CREATORSLARRY YARRELL | CO-FOUNDERLarry is a graduate of Morehouse College from Dallas, TX. He is well traveled, having lived inAtlanta, New York, Dallas, and London in the last 7 years. Yarrell’s passion for understanding differentcultures has fueled his quest to become a successful social entrepreneur. In addition to being one ofMGP’s co founders he’s worked with brands such as Jose Cuervo, Crown Royal, Motions Proline, E!Entertainment UK & Verizon Telecom. Yarrell also holds an MBA in International Marketing which heobtained at American Intercontinental University in London.
  25. 25. LAWRENCE HANCOCK | MANAGING DIRECTORLawrence is a seasoned marketing leader with more than 15 years of increasingly responsible positions inmarketing and advertising on the agency and corporate side.Lawrence has extensive knowledge of diversity markets, a global marketing vision, and successful implementationabilities, in tandem with the talent to tap into existing marketing channels to develop strategic alternatives. He hasdeveloped and sustained relationships with C-level professionals in a variety of categories and has led, utilized andcoordinated the strength of his teams to propel brands and increase their profit margins. Working with a variety ofcompanies some of his clients include Allstate, Army, Bank of America, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Cingular, CoorsLight, Disney, E&J Cognac, Frito-Lay, GMAC Financial, GMC, GM Corporate, Himistry, Hummer, Kaiser Permanente,Pacific Bell, Saturn, and Zima.Currently, Lawrence is the client service and strategy lead for AMF Media Group. Prior to joined AMF Media GroupLawrence served as a Senior Vice President, Group Account Director for Carol H. Williams Advertising becoming theyoungest and quickest to ascend to that position in the agency’s history.23MANAGEMENTKENJI SUMMERS | GLOBAL + CULTURAL INSIGHTS DIRECTORKenji Summers is a twenty-something advertising & media professional located in New York. Kenji grew up in the Bedford-Stuyvesantneighborhood of Brooklyn, NY and currently works as a freelance strategist and community manager. He holds a bachelor’s degreefrom University of Massachusetts at Amherst – Isenberg School of Management. Throughout his career, he has worked asa Strategist at BBH, Digital Strategist at OMD and Jr. Planner at GROUPM. Kenji is a connector that actively participates as anADCOLOR Awards Steering Committee member, Marcus Graham Project Co-Founder/GO FUND Program Director and blogs for TheHuffington Post as well his personal blog, KenjiSummers.com. In 2011, he created the Passport Project, to inspire young Americans toget passports and to participate in global culture.
  26. 26. CHEERAZ GORMON | CURRICULUM DIRECTORCheeraz Gormon is a life-long activist, internationally touring spoken word artist and published poet,documentary photographer turned award-winning copywriter to organic creative brand strategist,curriculum developer, program facilitator and studying cultural anthropologist who took her parents andmentors words seriously when they said she could do anything (as long as she promised to do all thingswell). Referring to herself as creative problem solver out of rejection to the singular title of copywriter,planner or poet, Cheeraz has worked on brands that span from Fortune 500 companies to small communityefforts. Her most recent success under the advertising umbrella was being one of ten winners of the TEDAds Worth Sharing Award for her work on the Nike Foundation’s long-form spot for The Girl Effect, “TheClock is Ticking.”24MANAGEMENT (CONT’D)JAMIL BUIE | BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT + CONTENT DIRECTORThe classically trained “account guy” participated in the stewardship of brands likeDeBeers, Ford, McDonalds and Chrysler. Noticing a need to be well versed in the creative realm he tookit upon himself to cross-train as a Writer, Strategist and Cultural Curator. Buie had the opportunity towork across a number of disciplines: Traditional, Multi-cultural & Digital Advertising andMarketing, Commercial production, Copy writing, Interactive project management, Entertainment basedmarketing, TV and Film product placement, Music production & commercial integration. Agencies thathe has worked for have included McKinney, Burrell Communications, Manifest Digital, Global Hue and J.Walter Thompson.