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Get on Board December

  1. 1. MGP ADVISORY BOARD MEETINGTuesday December 13 2011Call in # 605-475-4800Access Code: 931127
  2. 2. AGENDA• Greetings/Welcome •What are you doing special this holiday?• 12 Days of Gifting• Website & Brand• Staff• Programs Report •Successes •Needs• Special Programs• Financial• Board Committee Structure• Next Steps/Meetings
  3. 3. 12 DAYS OF GIFTING
  5. 5. WEBSITE/ BRANDKey Updates:• Strong Brand Identity• Success Stories• Donation Page (recurring)• Cleaner UXUpcoming:• Video section• Printed collateral THANK YOU
  6. 6. MGP STAFF
  7. 7. MANAGEMENTLincoln Stephens, Executive DirectorLincoln is a former Advertising Account Management Executive(Carol H Williams, Martin Retail, and TracyLocke) turned activist,muckraker and entrepreneur. In his professional career, Stephenshas worked with top brands such as Frito Lay, Quaker, Pepsi,Cadillac, Hummer, Chevrolet, and Coca-Cola.Born in Dallas, Texas, Lincoln is a graduate of the University ofMissouri-Columbia where he received a Bachelor’s in Journalismwith a focus in Strategic Communications and recently completedhis Master’s Degree in Entertainment Business at Full SailUniversity.Larry Yarrell, Program DirectorLarry is a graduate of Morehouse College from Dallas, TX. He is well traveled,having lived in Atlanta, New York, Dallas, and London in the last 7 years.Yarrell’s passion for understanding different cultures has fueled his quest tobecome a successful social entrepreneur. In addition to being one of MGP’s cofounders he’s worked with brands such as Jose Cuervo, Crown Royal, MotionsProline, E! Entertainment UK & Verizon Telecom. Yarrell also holds an MBA inInternational Marketing which he obtained at American IntercontinentalUniversity in London.
  8. 8. MANAGEMENT Jamil Buie – Media Director The classically trained “account guy” participated in the stewardship of brands like DeBeers, Ford, McDonalds and Chrysler. Noticing a need to be well versed in the creative realm he took it upon himself to cross-train as a Writer, Strategist and Cultural Curator. Buie had the opportunity to work across a number of disciplines:Traditional, Multi-cultural & Digital Advertising and Marketing, Commercial production, Copy writing, Interactive project management, Entertainment based marketing, TV and Film product placement, Music production & commercial integration. Agencies that he has worked for have included McKinney, Burrell Communications, Manifest Digital, Global Hue and J. Walter Thompson.Cheeraz Gormon – Curriculum DirectorCheeraz Gormon is a life-long activist, internationally touring spoken wordartist and published poet, documentary photographer turned award-winningcopywriter to organic creative brand strategist, curriculum developer,program facilitator and studying cultural anthropologist who took herparents and mentors words seriously when they said she could do anything(as long as she promised to do all things well). Referring to herself ascreative problem solver out of rejection to the singular title of copywriter,planner or poet, Cheeraz has worked on brands that span from Fortune 500companies to small community efforts. Her most recent success under theadvertising umbrella was being one of ten winners of the TED Ads WorthSharing Award for her work on the Nike Foundation’s long-form spot for TheGirl Effect, “The Clock is Ticking.”
  9. 9. MANAGEMENT Kenji Summers – Go Fund Director Kenji Summers is a twenty-something advertising & media professional located in New York. Kenji grew up in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY and currently works as a freelance strategist and community manager. He holds a bachelors degree from University of Massachusetts at Amherst - Isenberg School of Management. Throughout his career, he has worked as a Strategist at Bartle Bogle Hegarty, Digital Strategist at OMD and Jr. Planner at GroupM. Kenji is a connector that actively participates as an ADCOLOR Awards Steering Committee member, Marcus Graham Project Co-Founder/GO FUND Program Director and blogs for The Huffington Post as well his personal blog, In 2011, he created the Passport Project, to inspire young Americans to get passports and to participate in global culture. Ipalibo Da-Wariboko – Community Manager Ipalibo is a young marketing professional – fresh out of the school, where he managed to stay busy practicing marketing strategies and tactics on any project he could get his hands on. His eagerness led to marketing positions in socially conscious organizations such as the Green Education Foundation and the Boston Public Health Commission (BPHC), as well as at market leading organizations such as Zipcar and Hill Holliday. With a strong belief that learning is a life-long mission and that youth should never be wasted, Ipalibo is driven to learn the ins and outs of every corner of marketing and advertising and to create a permanent impact on advertising and marketing at a “youthful” age. He is currently a digital marketing analyst in Dallas, TX – learning to master data-driven digital marketing strategies.
  11. 11. THE MGP NETWORKPurpose: The MGP social networking site provides an onlinecommunity and forum where mature professionals and emergingyoung professionals connect and forge a support system to assist inthe guidance of career & leadership skills.http://network.marcusgrahamproject.orgSuccess:• Reorganized team and selected one Community Manager, Ipalibo• Combining JF and MGP network into one for easier management & collaboration• Increased network size by 136 members since July 12th• Increased response rate from job postingsNext Up:• Member survey• Chat room conversations• More job postings & measurement of success
  12. 12. THE ICR8 BOOT CAMPPurpose: The iCR8 boot camp provides the next generationof advertising, media & marketing talent with the exposureand experience necessary to solidify careers within theindustry.Success:• Job Opportunities – Jeremy Smith, Account Executive (Coca-Cola), commonground – Johnnie Lovett, Account Planning Intern (Jordan Brand), commonground – Johnari Huggins, Jr. Art Director (Jockey), TPN – TJ Foster, Jr. Integrated Media Planner (Mini Cooper), BSSP – Vinson Muhammad, Jr. Copywriter, Amusement Park – Phil Cunningham, Strategist, Creadio – Matthew Hayes, Productionist, Wieden Kennedy• Client/Sponsorship – AT&T will return as a sponsor, as well as sponsor Rock The Vote program overall – Conversation in progress with Chrysler & PepsiNext Up:• Applications for 2012 due Jan 20th• Will need volunteers for interviews in February• Outreach to additional sponsors/additional clients for 2012• VIBE Web-series
  13. 13. THE GO TRAVEL FUNDPurpose: To provide a financial stipend for MGP members to attend the often cost prohibitive industry conferences, training seminars, networking functions and educational coursesSuccesses:• First Passport Project grant given to Bryan Blue (check video here)• ADCOLOR sponsored several attendees to award show in LA• Advertising Week complimentary registration for two• Vitamin T (Division of Aquent) for Donate 2 Passes to An Event Apart (a $1240 to $1340 value per pass depending on location) in 2012• Conversations started with Southwest Airlines and American Airlines• ADCOLORNext Up:• Continue to expand national conference footprint• Continue to explore and secure travel sponsors (air + hotel)
  14. 14. SPECIAL PROJECTS• 2012 Boomerang (20th) /MGP (5th) Anniversary • Oscar’s Event with Uptown Magazine - February 23rd • Still securing funding • Ebony Magazine retrospective• Scholarships – Sharp Award (JWT) • Awarded $3500 scholarship to Boot Camp team member Johnnie Lovett • September / Atlanta
  15. 15. LOCOMOTUS OVERVIEW• As an extension of the Marcus Graham Project, Locomotus is a hybrid advertising marketing & media training ground, consultancy and laboratory.• Locomotus (latin – locos-motus): a place & movement of progress, operation, passion, impulse, disturbance, revolt and rebellion.• Locomotus will operate under a hybrid for profit/non-profit entity, supporting the mission of the Marcus Graham Project .• Dan Wieden & Wieden + Kennedy have agreed to make the initial contribution to develop, as well as annual support, and fundraising leadership/assistance.
  16. 16. LOCATION/RATIONALELOS ANGELES, CA- Provides opportunities on the west coast to connect the dots between Madison Ave., Hollywood and Silicon Valley (Advertising, Entertainment & Technology)- Expands Marcus Graham Project to West Coast (Currently only hosts programs in Dallas, Atlanta and NY)- Market is culturally diverse, with a large enough advertising community to provide an extremely rich learning opportunity, as well as access to tv/film studios
  17. 17. Curriculum ComponentsThe Locomotus curriculum will be centered on meeting the existingand emerging needs of today’s advertising and marketinglandscape. While focusing on thought leadership, implementationof current best practices, development of new best practices andthe creation of processes, methodologies and techniques thatallows for a globally, culturally inclusive execution ofcommunications and ideas that spark innovation.As the world continues to get smaller and the need for a highcultural aptitude grows, Locomotus will partner with the world’sleading national and global Executive Creative Directors, CreativeDirections, Account Directors and recruiters to construct a programthat will develop the best digitally centered, brand management,brand strategy, media services innovators and creative architectsof color the industry has even seen.
  18. 18. Sample Curriculum• Month 1: Foundation – History of advertising – Exercises to build student group culture: Teamwork, open mindedness, resilience• Month 2-3: Group deep-dives into each particular discipline: – Brand Management – Strategy – Writing – Art Direction – Digital – Production• Month 4-9: Immersion into real work on real client objectives – Intermittent 24-hour “academic” assignments. – Workshops/Speakers begin. – Field trips begin. – Students choose discipline.• Month 10-11: Personal website and body-of- work development. – Outreach to agencies for employment opportunities – Graduation Ceremony
  19. 19. SERVICESThe services that Locomotus will provide to clients willinclude the following:• Brand strategy and management• Niche media content development• Experiential Marketing• Social Media• Trend analysis/spotting• Media production• Product innovation• Concept testing
  20. 20. What makes us different than thetraditional ad school?• Mentorship comes first – Dedication to true talent cultivation through the program and afterwards• Unapologetically diverse – Will focus primarily on attracting talent of color• Affordability & Accessibility – Will provide experience to talent through sponsorship, making it available to those who find other programs cost-prohibitive
  21. 21. RECRUITMENT• Social Media• Affinity Group Partnership – National Association of Black MBA, MAIP (4As), AAF Most Promising Multicultural Students/Alumni, etc• Deep Dive Market Visits – Don’t forget to go where your average recruiter will not go (i.e. art shows)• Public Relations• Advertising Campaign (Traditional & Non-traditional)
  22. 22. Our Students – ExcursionistsThe uncommon. The unexpected. The thirsty. Theone that needs the break. The one who is pushingat the gate and needs that one shot. Someonewith amazing energy. Passion over pride.Purpose over process. Disposition over position.One who knows that practice makes perfect.“Perfectly imperfect is my dimension’s definition” – Cee Lo Green
  23. 23. FUNDING SOURCES• Agencies/Holding Companies• Production Houses• Corporations/Marketers• Private Donors• Foundations• Entertainment Industry
  24. 24. Timeline• Announce intention to develop – Feb 2012• Curriculum development, fundraising and space sourcing – Jan 2012 – Jun 2012• Participant Recruitment – Jun 2012 – Sep 2012• Application Submission, Interviews & Selection – Oct 2012 – Dec 2012• Program Kick Off – Feb 2013 – Dec 2013
  25. 25. SALARY
  26. 26. EXPENSES
  27. 27. Financials & Insurance
  28. 28. InsuranceCompany: Philadelphia Insurance Companies (AM Best Rating A+XIV)• Property: $100,000 Personal Property Limit - $311 Estimated Annual Premium• General Liability: $1M Occurrence/$2M Aggregate Limit - $660 Estimated Annual Premium• Automobile (Non-owned/Hired): $1M Liability Limit with Physical Damage for Hired Autos ($100 Comp/$1,000 Collision Deductibles) - $150 Estimated Annual Premium• Umbrella (excluding personal/advertising injury): $1M Occurrence/Aggregate - $1,000 Estimated Premium; $2M Occurrence/Aggregate Limit - $2,000 Estimated Annual Premium• Total: $2121 or $3121 – Annual PremiumDetails are in the drop box folder (Contracts/Leases)
  29. 29. MGP ANNUAL BUDGETItem Mo. Cost NotesOffice Rent 615 South Side on LamarInternet/Phone/Cable 350 AT&TiContact 65 Email listerve subscriptionMaintanence/Cleaning 75GoDaddy (Hosting) 45 Website HostingInsurance 260 Philadelphia Insurance CoPrinting/Shipping 100Total 1510Annual 18120ProgramsBoot Camp 300000 Housing & StaffingDrum 500 Blog Talk RadioThe Network 500 Ning PaymentGo Fund 50000 Travel & RegistrationSound Bite 15000 Meals + HonorariumTotal 366000Grand Annual Total 384120
  30. 30. NEXT STEPS• Participate in 12 Days of Gifting (Give Back & Spread the Word)• Approve W+K Donation• Review & Approve Real Estate Broker• Review & Approve Insurance Provider• Next Meeting in LA during 4A’s Transformation Conference