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  1. 1. In 2012, Rock The Vote and The Marcus GrahamProject will partner to develop an incredible learning experience for aspiring new media professionals, while empowering a generation of youth
  2. 2. • Founded in 1990 in response to a wave of attacks on freedom of speech and artistic expression. • As a nonpartisan nonprofit organization, Rock the Vote doesn’t endorse candidates. Rather, it empowers young people to step up and claim their voice in the political process, changing the way politics is done• Rock the Vote is able to translate the success of its brand into real results by running innovative and successful voter outreach and registration efforts• Rock the Vote was the first organization to introduce online voter registration and during the past four presidential elections has run the largest young voter registration drives on record
  3. 3. • The Marcus Graham Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and national network of diverse professionals that have purposed themselves in developing the next generation of thought leadership within the advertising, media and marketing industry• Our mission is to identify, expose, mentor and train ethnically diverse men between the ages of 16 and 34 in all aspects of the media industry, including advertising, entertainment and marketing• The vision of the Marcus Graham Project (MGP) is to provide long-term access to information, technology, financial and people resources that will strategically develop a viable pool of talent and leadership within the industry• Received national and local media attention in Ad Age, Black Enterprise, Ebony, Rolling Out Magazine, NBC• Founded in 2007, incorporated 2009• HQ in Dallas, TX, with over 800 members nationally
  4. 4. In 2008, organizing members of The Marcus Graham Project (MGP) andsome of its mentees took on the Rock The Vote Chicago Get Out The Vote efforts as a pro-bono project. After the success of the GOTV program, MGP’s iCR8 Summer Boot Camp was born.
  5. 5. The BOOT CAMPThe iCR8 boot camp provides the next generation of advertising, media &marketing talent with the exposure and experience necessary to solidifycareers within the industry.The boot camp is a summer long internship program, where nearly a dozenteam members selected annually for an exclusive opportunity to provides pro-bono consulting services, developing a marketing campaign for pre-selectednon-profit organizations or social causes, the opportunity to work on actualclient projects, providing experience across multiple segments and categoriesThe success of the boot camp program, as well as our story has lead to anamazing amount of press:
  6. 6. The boot camp follows a rigorous curriculum andsyllabus, including research, blog postings, lectures,company tours, interactive work sessions andreadingsThis year, much of the curriculum will touch on theeffects of social media on political campaigns, mediabuying trends during heavy political years,corporate brand messaging and politics
  7. 7. Through the sacrifice of our participants, supporting agencies and clients, MGP’s core program,the iCR8 boot camp, was launched with a modest budget. The pilot program gained attention inAd Age immediately upon completion. 75% of job seekers secured full time or contract positions immediately after the program
  8. 8. The second annual boot camp grew to 11 participants, attracted the attention of AT&T as a keyclient / sponsor, local and national media attention and 50% of intended budget. 100% of job seekers secured opportunities immediately after the end of the program, working with agencies such as Wieden + Kennedy, RAPP and The Richards Group
  9. 9. The ICR8 2012 Boot Camp will take onRock The Vote as its core client for thesummer program, working on the following:• Management and execution of a Rock The Trail Summer Road Trip – Video Content Development – Social Media Content / Blog – Events / Engagement• Develop turn key Fall Get Out The Vote campaign• Conduct research study on millennials and issues that are important to that generation and audience• Coordinate campaign activity during Lollapalooza in Chicago
  10. 10. • Rock the Trail was a program created to engage young people in the election process and build and shape the youth vote story – all while showcasing the use of mobile technology• Rock The Vote launched the program in February 2008 in partnership with Wiretap magazine, an award-winning online news and culture magazine supported by AT&T• Prior to launch, RTV developed an advisory panel of distinguished political and cultural reporters through our media partners and relationships including: • Jeff Chang, award winning author of Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip Hop Generation • Sian-Pierre Regis, producer, BET News • Peter Rothberg, associate publisher, The Nation magazine • Jose Antonio Vargas, political feature writer, The Washington Post• The advisory panel chose from thousands of multimedia entries and awarded five young aspiring journalists the opportunity to become a Rock the Trail reporter
  11. 11. • Each reporter was charged with covering the political / electoral process with their own eyes using video, written and blog reports• Rock the Trail Reporters were armed with tools, such as laptops, video cameras and cell phones, to report on the campaign trail throughout 2008• Reporters attended everything from the Presidential dates and convention activities to on-the-ground mobilization efforts at festivals such as the Warped Tour and Lollapallooza
  12. 12. The best of Rock the Trail’scontent was posted, offered toour media partners andsyndicated through:• WireTap Magazine•• The Nation• Current TV• Youtube• Facebook• The Source Magazine• Washington PostIt was also made availablefor viewing on AT&T mobilephones
  13. 13. The Rock the Trail reporters delivered insightful blogs, articles andvideos from the communities they lived in reporting on issues thatmost alarmed young people including: jobs, the economy, collegeaffordability, the Iraq war and the environment• The reporters captured election news at events such as: Netroots Nation, The Democratic and Republican National Convention, Comicon, Rock the Bells, The National Political Hip Hop Convention and the first Presidential Debate• The reporters interviewed individuals such as: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Ralph Nader and Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate Rosa Clemente; they also interviewed campaigners, young voters and Rock the Vote artists such as Pharrell• The diverse backgrounds of the selected journalist represented multiple facets of today’s multicultural youth population and provided Rock the Trail articles, blogs and videos with several insights and perspectives: two African-American, one Native American, one Latina and one Caucasian (four females and one male)
  14. 14. Nearly 50% Nearly 50% of voterregistrations generated weremulticultural:• Hispanics make up 10-12% 23% African American and an additional• 12-15% multi-racial or unknown• (240,000 Latino voters registered in 2008; more than 500,000 African American - making Rock the Vote the largest minority voter registration operation in the country outside of the Obama campaign)
  15. 15. Partnering with Rock the Vote and The Marcus GrahamProject offers an exclusive sponsorship occasion, bringingtogether the biggest celebrity names, media outlets andyoung people to exceptional venues to create dynamicevents that provide our partners with considerableexposure• Nearly 80% brand recognition with our targeted demographic (18-29)• 401 million media impressions in 2008• 5.8 million website visits• More than 1 million “members”• More than 200K mobile activists• More than 17.5K Twitter followers• More than 66K likes on Facebook
  17. 17. Log Line: iCR8 the vote is a docu-series that will follow thelives of 11 emerging media and marketing professionals ofdiverse cultural backgrounds as they create their owncreative agency. They are tasked to develop a nationaladvertising campaign for their client Rock The Vote in whatjust may be the most intense political year in our history.Photo from 2011 team “Bippitus” click to view team’s website
  18. 18. Week 1 : Coming Together• After completing a rigorous and highly competitive national interview process, including the development of a :30 video pitch on why they should be chosen for our program, 11 finalists will be selected for the experience of a lifetime.• All 11 team members, a mix of mostly Type-A hyper creative men and women, arrive from across the country to the South Side on Lamar lofts in Dallas, TX where they’ll live with each other (and learn how to get along with each other) for the entire summer.• DAY ONE, the newly formed agency will be tasked with naming their agency, developing a website, producing a photo shoot for their site & collateral, as well as presenting a capabilities presentation to a room of industry professionals, media and judges.• During the week the team receives a deep-dive orientation to the agency landscape via a visit to agency RAPP, where they will learn strategy, brainstorming techniques, functions of account service & planning.• The team’s additional assignment for the week is to promote their weekly mixer, The Lemonade Stand. Most of them, strangers to the city of Dallas, will need to quickly hit the streets with a hard core guerilla style plan to bring 150 or more professionals to their event. Not only will the team have to promote the event, but they will need to find a caterer and beverage sponsor within 4 days time.
  19. 19. Week 2: Briefed• Heather Smith, President of Rock The Vote and Chrissy Faessen, VP of Communications at Rock The Vote, will come to Dallas to brief the team on their assignment of developing a voter registration & get-out-the-vote campaign for young voters.• The team will also visit AT&T’s Global Headquarters in Dallas and receive their main assignment, creating a retail campaign for the GO-Phone, AT&T’s all inclusive text & data value device, which they will have to position against an 18-24 year old• Immediately following the briefing, and to help learn the landscape of retail, the team will visit The Marketing Arm, a retail and promotions agency, who will give them a quick fire assignment of of developing a back-to-school campaign that incorporates digital point of sale activation.• The team will receive a visit from industry legends Lee Clow (TBWA/Chait Day), John Jay (Wieden +Kennedy) and Jeff Goodby (Goodby, Silverstein & Partners) who will teach a course on inspiration. Inside of the course the team of students will have to take an hour long break, find objects or people that inspire them and explain where they are inspired.
  20. 20. Week 3: In a Digital and Analog WorldNext, all 11 members will go through a digitalintelligence boot camp, presented by Google & HyperIsland, where they will have to create a digital projectin 24 hours that launches their Rock The Vote roadtrip.The team will receive a visit from Torrence Boone,Managing Director of Agency Business Developmentat Google, who will give them the 12-hour hourchallenge to create an “influencer” digital town hallusing the Google + Hangout feature as well.The team will also be challenged with shooting a videoPSA that they will load onto an iPad (or other tablet) asa “selling tool” to convince potential voters to vote.The team will have one week to produce, shoot andedit their video. They will meet with Spike Jonze tolearn the basics of directing a compelling messagethrough film.
  21. 21. Week 4 & 5: Road Tripping • All 11 members of the agency will hit the road for a trip across America where they will be charged with activating an engaging non-partisan campaign that spans all media including social, non-traditional and event engagement. • The team will be split up into 2 teams, which will then travel across the country. The routes will compete with one another to complete a variety of assignments and challenges. • Challenges that they will face on the road will include setting up events within 24-48 hours in markets where their contacts are limited, registering young voters (and first time voters) who don’t see the importance of voting, visits to community organizations, as well as conducting research to be used for a Fall Get Out the Vote Campaign that they create. • They will be measured by the quantity of voters that they register while on the road (both online and in person). • While on the road, the team will drop-in to select ad agencies in the area where they will present their initial research findings and rough concepts to select celebrity judges such as Lady Gaga, Questlove, John Legend, Matt Damon, Janelle Monae, Gwen Stefani, Wyclef, Common and others.
  22. 22. Weeks 6 & 7: The Work Comes First• The teams will return from off the road and will compare best practices of their campaign activations to determine which overall strategy they will move forward with the culmination of the Get Out The Vote campaign.• The team will have 2 weeks to develop the strategy for the campaign and receive approval from their client, as well as the panel of judges. They will be charged with developing a campaign that includes traditional Print, TV, and Radio, as well as digital and social engagement.• The team will spend countless hours brainstorming, furthering research by message testing with focus groups that they will pull together on the fly, both digitally and in person.• The team will be charged with scheduling check-ins with political strategists, industry heavy weight and additional surprise celebrity social activists, such as: Russell Simmons, Bono and Ashton Kutcher.• The team will receive a surprise “break” and fly to the Essence Music festival to throw one of Rock The Vote’s signature events, “Rock The Vote Nights” a party with a purpose.• Once they return from New Orleans they will participate in a digital workshop with imc2, that will allow them the opportunity to run their initial concepts by one of the leading digital shops in Dallas.
  23. 23. Week 8: Texas Wranglers• The team will switch gears from music and politics and receive a quick assignment from Jerry Jones who will give them 24-hour challenge on marketing “America’s” team and the newly built Dallas Cowboys Stadium.• The team will have a hard time wrangling current and former Cowboys players such as Deion Sanders and Dez Bryant to participant in the assignment.• Additionally, the team will have their 4th internal presentation, as well as a client presentation to Rock the Vote noting the progress of their campaign development.
  24. 24. Week 9 & 10: Deadline or Bust• The team will spend the final two weeks in the world of photo shoots, video shoots, and editing/sound studios as they will be focused on producing PSAs to run alongside the campaign that they are developing for Rock The Vote, as well as AT&T.• The team will truly have to learn client management, as both of their clients have high demands, high expectations and a low tolerance for not delivering on time, on-budget and with the highest level of quality• This will truly be the most intense two weeks within the summer, as deadlines will seemingly come at the every second. They will cut their teeth on what it takes to produce a robust campaign.
  25. 25. Week 11: Completion• The team prepares their final presentation in Dallas and travels to Chicago to attend the Lollapollooza Music Festival to present their campaign to an audience of artists, media, political consultants, community organizations, as well as their panel of mentors/judges.• The team, nervous and anxious to share their ideas with the world, must not only present their campaign, but also must share their experience and the results of their summer activity.• Did they meet their goal of registering 250,000 new voters? Did they complete a body of research that can be used to better understand a mindset of youth and young adults.• The week culminates in a VIP party of artists & media all coming together to celebrate the work of the team and the launch of the campaign thet they have developed.
  26. 26. ROCK THE VOTE ARTISTS Rock the Vote works with a variety of artists who currently support and can be considered for components of the show
  27. 27. • September 2011: Boot Camp Applications available online and client announcement• September-December 2011: Recruitment campaign• January 2012: Applications must be postmarked and mailed• January 2012: Applications are reviewed by Boot Camp Steering Committee and semi-finalists chosen• February 2012: Boot Camp semifinalist interviews conducted• March 2012: Boot Camp finalists announced• June 2012: Boot Camp begins• August 2012: Boot Camp culminating event @ Lollapolooza• September 2012: - November 2012: On Air Dates.
  28. 28. PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES • Title/Presenting Sponsorship: $300,000 •   Boot Camper Scholarship: $150,000 • Sponsorship of one student: $12,000 • Event Sponsorship: $10,000 • Technology Sponsorship: $25,000 • Client Project: $25000
  29. 29. Chrissy FaessenV.P Communications & MarketingRock the Vote202.368.1706 (mobile)Chrissy@rockthevote.comLincoln StephensExecutive DirectorMarcus Graham Project972.897.9985 (mobile)