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Hubsher's Taming The Sales Beast
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Hubsher's Taming The Sales Beast


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Taming the Sales Beast: …

Taming the Sales Beast:
10 Principles that Harmonize the relationship between Sales and Marketing and produces real world results. A presentation made to the Hampton Roads Chapter of the American Marketing Association . Ron Hubsher is managing director of the Sales Optimization Group.

Published in: Business, Career

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Taming the Sales Beast: 10 Principles that Harmonize the relationship between Sales and Marketing and produces real world results 650-520-9849 Bay Area Office 212-534-0626 NYC Office
    • 2. Agenda
      • Background
      • Word/overview about sales and Marketing and why it is important
      • Goals for the seminar
      • Today’s Sales and Marketing Challenges
      • Successful strategies to bridge the gap
      • Results - Case study
      • Building a World Class Sales & Marketing Organization
      • Wrap up/QA
    • 3. A word about sales and marketing
      • “ Nothing Happens till a sales is made”
      • Sales and marketing team is the largest contributors to bottom line/most leverageable asset
      • Sales- kind of dirty word
      • Rarely taught in business schools
      • Misunderstood
      • Last undisciplined functional area
      • Last frontier, very different from marketing team
    • 4. A word about sales: Problem!
      • There is a disconnect between sales and marketing that costs companies millions in revenue, market cap and personal wealth
    • 5. Even small improvements in sales and marketing can lead to dramatic improvements in net income and market cap 1.9x 3.1x 5.3x
    • 6. Goal to give you tools to
      • Identify today’s sales and marketing disconnects
      • Provide some sales background and insights that will accelerate your success in sales and marketing
      • A cohesive plan of attack to minimize disconnects and maximize the ROI of the sales and marketing efforts
      • Stuff you can use and implement tomorrow
    • 7. Today’s Challenges
    • 8. Welcome to the Jungle Some Sales Fundamentals
    • 9. 1) Know you ABC’s
      • A – Roles
      • B – Executive vs. Missouri
      • C – Two Slide Close ™
    • 10. 1.A) - roles Will this product make me more effective? Does this product fit our specifications? (CIO/director of IT) Does the perceived benefits outweigh the cost and risk? Role Satisfied End User Buyer Specs Buyer Financial Buyer Buyer Type
    • 11. 1.B) - Two parts to selling
      • Executive sell (no product required)
        • Given to the Financial buyer
        • What Pain will this take away?
        • What extra pleasure will this bring me?
        • What is the risk/reward profile
      • Missouri sell (“Show Me”)
        • First level pass with Financial buyer
        • Deeper Dive Usually left to Specs Buyer and End User to decide
        • Will this product solve “MY” pain in my environment
        • Will this product give “ME” pleasure in my environment
    • 12. 1.C) - You need the “Two Slide Close ™ ”
      • Given to Financial Buyer(s)
      • 1 st slide – Pain slide/Pleasure slide
        • 3-5 key benefits of your product
      • 2 nd slide -Financial justification
        • ROI
        • Payback
        • NPV
        • Cost of Alternative
        • TCO
      • You should customize these slides to the title and the company you are selling to
    • 13. Successful strategies to tame the beast
      • Who loves you baby?
      • Are you talking to me?
      • The horse whisperer.
      • Icebergs? What Icebergs?* (ASC)
      • Who’s your daddy?* (ASC)
      • Some assembly required.
      • Listen to the philosophers.
      • Know/no bull.
      • The Pipeline the Mother of all Sales.
      • Paradise by the Dashboard lights
    • 14. 1) Who loves you baby?
      • Scenario # 1 Know
      • Male
      • White
    • 15. 1) Who loves you baby?
      • Scenario # 1 Know
      • Male
      • White
      • Scenario # 2 Know
      • Male
      • White
      • 6’2 tall
      • Blue eyes
      • Left handed
      • Sweet tooth
      • Likes country western music
      • Favors the color red
    • 16. Don’t waste time Know your perfect prospect profile
      • Have been unsuccessful in using SFA in the past
      • Have a well defined sales process
      • Want a system installed quickly
      Know 3-5 key psychographics
      • 100+ employees or more
      • Sell service oriented products or large discreet manufactures
      • Have a multi layered sales organization
      • Geographically distributed sales organization across the US/World
      Know 3-5 key demographics
      • VP of Sales
      Know the title of your financial buyer
    • 17. 2) Are you talkin’ to me?
      • Are you talkin' to me? Well, I'm the only one here so you must be talkin’ to me
    • 18. Get inside their head
      • Terms in Marketing
        • Market Share
        • Mind Share
        • Marketing communications
        • PR
        • Product, Price, Promotion, Placement
        • Brand
        • Lead
      • Sales
        • Lead
        • Qualified lead
        • Opportunity, Deal
        • Won, Lost (black white)
        • Sale
    • 19. The Biggest words of all
      • Territory
      • Quota
      • Forecast
      • Anything that happens outside their territory means absolutely nothing
      • Collaborate: Help your sales people build territory plans to help them exceed their Quota
    • 20. Pop Quiz
      • Great News: A lead you have generated has directly lead to the biggest new sale in the company’s history:
      • How many people in marketing are happy?
      • How many people in the company are happy?
      • How many sales people are happy?
      • Why?
      • For how long?
    • 21. 3) The Horse Whisperer
      • Sales and Marketing Success starts with your prospects and clients
      • You must think like your prospect, not your product
    • 22. Think like your clients: Map Buying Process to Sales Process Reaffirm goals Make sure goals are being met Easy to transact Decide if it is worth doing Develop Trust Prove Solution Product telling Present choices Identify what is important Preemptively position Explore value of solving solution Find new solutions to existing problem Create or Engineer Vision Uncover/Clarify needs Turn latent needs into urgent needs Reframe problem Selling Activities Rating (High, Med, Low) Measure Implement Make Selection Assess Risk Educate Explore Options Set Decision Making Criteria Envision Solution Identify Pain Buying Process
    • 23. Advanced Sales Concepts
    • 24. 4) Iceberg? What Iceberg? Business Motives are just the tip of the iceberg                                                    
    • 25. Tune Into The Personal Agendas Good: Gets a 10% bonus if productivity increases Perceived as a change leader Bad: Will force me to lay off my fishing buddy. Will make me admit that the last package that I recommended was a failure/did not work Agrees a piece of software will improve productivity 10% and will be worth the costs and risks of installing Do the perceived benefits outweigh the cost and risk? Financial Buyer
    • 26. Watch Out For The Deep Six Nuker Good… Makes my life easier Agrees software fits technical specification, and can run on the present hardware Will have to increase/decrease headcount to support Does this product fit our specifications? Specs Buyer
      • Bad:
      • The rival brand will look better on my resume
      • I want to move my company in another IT direction
      • There is a project I’d rather complete first
      • I don’t want to get rid of my best friend in the IT department
      • I don’t want to hire and manage another person
      • Financial buyer is an a pest in another department – screw him
      • I don’t like the salesperson
    • 27. … Good: Hey this may actually help me do my job and have more spare time Bad: Just a way for management to look over my shoulder They’ll expect more work for me Agrees the software will make more productive Will this product make me more effective? End User Buyer
    • 28. 5) Who’s Your Daddy?
      • Find at least one buyer whose personal agenda will be greatly enhanced with you winning the business.
      • Leverage this/these resource(s) to understand the motivation and agendas of the other buyers
      • Position your product to satisfy the needs of people’s personal agendas
      • If you don’t have a daddy/champion,
        • At best, you will lose to indecision/ no action
        • At worst, you will lose to a competitor who has one
    • 29. Real life example SF Trip No Tech Support Save Face Change Agent Agenda Daddy Daddy Satisfied End User Buyer Analyst Karen Specs Buyer Dir of IT Gail Financial Buyer VP Derek Financial Buyer VP Janet Role Name
    • 30. Action Item
      • Compile a list of wins
      • Understand key Daddies
      • Business Motivations
      • Personal Motivations
      • Use that to map into future marketing Materials and understand ideal client profile
    • 31. 6) Some Assembly Required
      • Process (How do I assemble the pieces)
        • What are the steps for a deal to move from lead to close
        • What information is needed, expected at each stage
        • What commitments do you want to give to the prospect
        • What commitments do you expect back from the process
        • Will vary for your business
      • Tools to help you do the job (speed sales cycle, anticipate politics, identify buyers who are likely against you, over come competitors)
      • Parts (What pieces of information do I need - Sales methodologies)
        • What is the customer’s buying process
        • Who are the key people involved
        • Why are they buying
        • What are the looking for
        • What obstacles might get in the way
        • What is driving the business need
        • What pieces are you missing
    • 32. Tool Kit:
    • 33. 7) Listen to the Philosophers
      • “If I see farther than anybody else, it is because I stand on the shoulders of others”
      • Share Best Practices
      • Leverage knowledge
      • Share Worst Practices
        • Avoid repeating common mistakes
        • Same mistake made 3 times by 3 individuals
    • 34. 8) Know/no Bull
      • Common sales complaints
        • Not enough leads
        • Not enough collateral
      • Action items
        • Confirm Zero Lead Policy
        • Create library of customizable materials
    • 35. 9) Pipeline the Mother of all Sales Sales are misleading
    • 36. 9) Pipeline the Mother of all Sales Launch Sales and Marketing Campaign Launch Sales and Marketing Campaign #2 Fear/stop marketing Ecstatic Done Sales are misleading
    • 37. How’s biz? Future probably good No sales Questionable future Future is bleak Implication Pipeline Sales
    • 38. 10) Paradise by the Dashboard lights Incoming Leads Avg Days To Close Close Rate Avg Deal Size
    • 39. Pipeline Analysis
    • 40. Results and Case Study of Implementing these Principles
    • 41. My 2 slide close to you: By implementing this principles:
      • Increase close rates
      • Increase deals size
      • Increase deal velocity
      • Dramatic positive impact on net income, market cap and personal wealth
    • 42. 5.5 improvement in close rates Results can be extraordinary! 5.5 x
    • 43. 4.8 x improvement in deal size 4.8x
    • 44. 2.4 x improvement deal velocity 2.4x Increase
    • 45. 6,200 % increase in sales productivity 62x
    • 46. Dramatic positive impact on net income, market cap and personal wealth $3.9 Mill -$0.1 Mill
    • 47. A Peek Ahead Creating a world class sales and marketing organization
    • 48. Creating a World Class Sales and Marketing Organization
      • Benchmark current environment
      • Compare to best practices
      • Identify Gaps
        • Sales Management
        • Sales
      • Create Roadmap and Implement Steps to Close Gaps
    • 49. Benchmark Current Environment
      • People
      • Process
      • Tools
      • Technology
    • 50. Create a roadmap for sales success
      • Identify High ROI areas
      • Create a roadmap
      • Implement roadmap
    • 51. Wrap up!
    • 52. Ron Hubsher, Managing Director
      • Ron Hubsher is managing director of the Sales Optimization Group. Ron has over 20 years of experience in sales, sales management, and business development. Prior to the Sales Optimization Group, Ron was in sales management at a leading CRM provider UpShot -- acquired by Siebel (Nasdaq:SEBL) -- where he helped hundreds of companies improve their sales performance. A former Management Consultant with Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Ron has worked with, and helped provide thought leadership for, Fortune 500 companies on their sales, marketing, and business strategies.
      • Ron graduated with an MBA from Columbia University Graduate School of Business. He has a Bachelors of Science degree in Operations Research from Columbia University where he was elected to the Tau Beta Pi and Omega Rho honorary societies.