Friendship's The Pyramid Vol 2, Issue 1


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Partnering with you for the future, a newsletter for all stakeholders. Missy Blankenship, Editor

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Friendship's The Pyramid Vol 2, Issue 1

  1. 1. Partnering With You The Pyramid For The Future Volume 2, Issue 1 Winter 2007 Successes and Opportunities — Dave Flick The mission of Friendship Industries is to develop and main- tain employment and training opportunities for persons with dis- abilities. In an effort to continuously improve and strengthen our programs, we conduct an annual review of our rehabilitation goals and objectives. Our Rehabilitation Department evaluates our job training and employment programs, analyzing results ranging from the number of clients served in our programs to the hourly wages paid to cli- ents. Some of our successes in the 2005-2006 fiscal year include: •  the average hourly wage paid to clients increased by .10/hour •  the average hours per week worked by clients in Ex- tended Employment rose by 6% •  94% of our clients feel that they are making progress toward their primary rehabilitation goal •  the number of people served in Supported Employ- ment jumped by 14% •  Friendship’s Supported Employment counselors placed 21 clients in competitive jobs in the community As we are always searching for opportunities to improve our programs and serve more people with disabilities, there are areas we would like to strengthen by: •  serving more clients in Work Assessment and Work Adjustment •  increasing the number of clients that move from Work Assessment and Work Adjustment into Extend- ed Employment or Supported Competitive Employment •  boosting the monthly number of active clients in Extended Employment and Medicaid Waiver •  placing more clients in better-paying positions in the community •  increasing hourly wages for clients in Supported Employment As we strive to strengthen our programs and serve more people with disabilities, we are mindful that our successes would not be possible without the support of the community and the hardwork- ing, dedicated people we serve.
  2. 2. the function of friendship l  l  l  E Friendship’s Extended Employment Program Friendship Client Experiences The Extended Employment program at Friendship Industries is Friendship’s larg- Success E est program. About 80 clients are currently employed in Extended Employment. Ryan Hart went to Turner In order to enter Extended Employ- Ashby High School where he ment, clients must successfully com- Y was a manager for the T.A. plete Friendship’s Assessment and/or football team and Homecoming Work Adjustment programs. Clients King. He still enjoys attending are normally referred and sponsored O football and basketball games by the Department of Rehabilitative at T.A. Services (DRS) or the Community Services Board (CSB) for their Assess- While at Turner Ashby, Ryan’s L ment, Work Adjustment, and Extended teachers helped him participate Employment programs. Referral and in a number of work experi- sponsorship by other sources is also a ences at school and with local P possibility. employers. After high school, Ryan and his family decided that Families and friends are a vital part he should come to Friendship of each client’s network of support M Ryan Hart Industries to work. that helps them be a successful Friend- ship employee. Some clients in Ex- After working at Friendship tended Employment have worked for for several months, Ryan decided E Friendship for a few months and others have worked for Friendship for many years. that he was interested in trying   One client in Extended Employment has worked for Friendship for approximately employment in the community with l 40 years. the help of Friendship’s Supported Employment program. The Depart- Clients in Extended Employment work on personal goals and are provided indi- ment of Rehabilitative Services and vidualized supports. These supports include: D Friendship staff assisted Ryan in •  Training in Friendship’s Learning Center if clients are not working obtaining employment with Aramark •  Assistance arranging transportation to and from work where he works as a Food Service •  A flexible attendance policy that enables clients to request time off for Worker at P.C. Dukes at James Madi- vacations, family functions and appointments E son University. •  Additional supervision and support than would normally be provided by an employer Ryan reports that he enjoys work- •  A chance to work with their friends R ing at JMU. He remarked, “I like •  Work schedules that may be modified due to medical issues working here. The people are nice.” •  Assistance in contacting and referral to other agencies for work and He also likes seeing his high school non-work related assistance friends who are now JMU students. U •  Assistive technology Beth Hartman, Aramark’s Facil- Friendship assisted 21 clients in obtaining competitive employment elsewhere in the ity Manager for P.C. Dukes, noted, community last year. Clients in Extended Employment may request Supported Em- T “Ryan is a great asset to our com- ployment services if they would like to try employment elsewhere in the community. pany. He has made a lot of friends, Paul McFarland including other employees and Rehabilitation Director customers. His singing and words of a 540- 434-9586 wisdom put smiles on our faces.” Paul McFarland Rehabilitation Director e 540- 434-9586 F
  3. 3. t h e f u e l o f f r i e n d s h i p l   l   l   USPS Update: The Long and The Short of it! Friendship Mail Management Services can help you play the USPS game and win! New Postal Rate Case with BIG changes goes into effect May 2007 measure success in meeting standards, Size Matters Mailpiece design now What the Future Holds After more and take action when standards aren’t matters more than ever — Shape, Weight, than a decade, postal reform legislation met. This is an important new provi- and Standardization. New postal rates finally became law December 2006. sion, especially for not-for-profits who emphasize efficiency. Re-categorizing For the first time in a generation, laws have long experienced slow delivery of mail to save money is the way to go. governing the finance and operations of fundraising mail! Example: convert flats to letters (save as the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) will be revised. What does that mean to you? Future much as 20¢) and parcels to flats (save Friendship Mail Management Services (FMMS) Laura as much as 38¢). rate hikes will be more predictable, Customer Service Representative and USPS-Certified especially important to not-for-profits, Health Matters Mailing list health must Mail Quality Control Specialist and we’ll have stability in the nation’s be improved and maintained. New rates Toll-Free 800-777-9586 OR Direct Dial 540- 442-1866 mail system. (NOTE: The current rate benefit those who keep their lists clean. changes scheduled for May 2007 will Using a “cleansing” process such as NOT be affected by this legislation.) NCOA (National Change of Address), Deceased File, “Out of Business” File The new Postal Regulatory Commis- and more will help you stop losing your sion is allowed to increase rates each target audience, mail at lower postage year, but capped at no more than the rates and increase your ROI (Return on annual increase in the Consumer Price Investment), too. Index (CPI) and most rates can change with 45 days notice. The current pro- Why print more pieces? Why pay cess takes as much as a year and has no more postage? Especially if a signifi- cap on rate hikes. cant number of your carefully crafted Laura Wine Customer Service Representative and mailpieces will end up in the trash and The USPS will also be required to de- USPS-Certified Mail Quality vise delivery standards for ALL classes of mail, never reach their destination!?! Control Specialist how to donate to friendship industries l  l  l  l  l  o  Yes, I would like to support Friendship’s mission of providing employment and training opportunities to disabled persons with a gift of: Pay by Credit Card     other. o $25 o $50 o $100 Card Number: Name Expiration Date in Month/Year: Address City State Zip Security Code (3-4 digit number on back of card): Phone # Email Amount: $ Employer Job Title o  My employer will match my gift! If you prefer to provide your credit card information over the phone, please call: Missy Stover, Director of Development at 540-434-9137
  4. 4. NON-PROFIT ORG US POSTAGE PAID PERMIT 161 HARRISONBURG, VA North Pointe Corporate Center 801 Friendship Drive Harrisonburg, VA 22802 540-434-9586 800-777-9586 Toll Free We’re on the Web Click on “The Pyramid” icon to request current and past issues of the newsletter t h e f i r e o f f r i e n d s h i p l   l   l   Making a Difference at Friendship Friendship Industries is grateful for the support the local community has demonstrated over the years. Contributions assist us in providing training and employment opportunities for our clients and help fund the costs of transporting them to and from Friendship every day. Many of the people we serve wouldn’t have these opportunities without your generosity. mission statement l  There are several ways you can support the work of Friendship Industries: Friendship Industries develops Gifts of Cash — you can invest in our mission with an annual gift. Friendship has and maintains employment state tax credits available for qualified gifts. and training opportunities for Stocks/Bonds/Certificates — to make a gift of stocks or securities, please con- persons with disabilities in inte- tact the Development Office for our brokerage account information. grated work environments. Planned Gifts — there are several types of planned giving options available, including some which will provide you with an income while helping Friendship. Bequests — you can leave a fixed amount or percentage of your estate to Friendship. Much of what we accomplish is because of local support. Whether through financial support, providing work for our clients, or hiring people with disabilities, you—the community — make our success possible.