DRS Digital VDR Solution


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DRSdigital Data Room Services is, first and foremost, a provider of the most secure virtual data room (VDR) in the industry.

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DRS Digital VDR Solution

  1. 1. Transaction services: A Great New Challenge for the Greek Market In the USA today, virtual data rooms are used for more than half of all due diligences. A 2008 survey of the merger market revealed that 87% of the heads of the European companies surveyed would consider using a virtual data room to facilitate an M&A transaction. Given this openness towards using them and the advantages they offer, virtual data rooms will continue their victory march and will be used increasingly even for smaller transactions. What is a Virtual Data Room? A virtual Data Room is an Internet based platform that provides access to confidential information. This facilitate due diligence for large scale financial transactions and enables also potential buyers to contact their due diligence online. Virtual Data Rooms Help Companies Manage Crises The need for more transparency when carrying out financial transactions is one of the most important conclusions to draw out of the latest financial crisis. This applies not only to the regulators, who demand more and more transparency about risks taken in the financial sector, but also to corporate management itself. At every point in the life of an enterprise, sound decisions must be made and implemented quickly. One of the preconditions for being quick is making certain that your companys processes, structures and assets are transparent. If there is a liquidity crunch or more capital is required, the sale of business units or assets is often unavoidable.80, Sevastoupoleos Str, 115 26 Athens, Tel. 210.7791.170, Fax: 210.7488.500, e-mail :info@cgsoft.gr, http://www.cgsoft.gr
  2. 2. In a worst-case scenario, there is usually not enough time to gather together all the documents relevant to the transaction and to prepare them properly. Even when you are working as diligently as possible, setting up a whole data room usually takes at least four weeks - time a business in crisis usually does not have. This is why, if a business in crisis is to carry on in the long-term, it is a matter of basic survival to always know exactly what the possible sellable assets are and to be able - at any time - to access the relevant data and documents. The best way to do this is to set up and continually update a Virtual Data Room. At your convenience, all transaction-relevant data can be gathered, prepared and indexed. When a potential business deal is at hand, you will not have to carry out this time-consuming process; it will already have been done. This applies especially to all the key documents that always are required. These include but are not limited to:  Current excerpts from the trade register and shareholder contracts  Current balances (signed) and consolidated financial statements  Forecast and budgets  All key contracts (e.g. financing contracts) As soon as the basic data room structure is in place and the data room has been supplied with your companys key information, only periodic updates are needed. These can be provided automatically, such as with quarterly statements. This preparatory work means that a due diligence can be carried out without delay and the ensuing transaction finalized shortly thereafter. In this way, a company is ready to act at any time and can respond quickly and flexibly to changing market conditions. Real Estate DRSdigital technology has been successfully supporting real estate transactions of all sizes since 2003 - from less than $10 million to over $6 billion. Just recently, DRSdigital technology was chosen to support a transaction involving the repackaging and sale of a real estate portfolio consisting of 594 buildings with over 41,650 commercial and residential units. The total USA portfolio encompassed 51 million square feet in over 520 properties involving office buildings, senior living facilities, hotels, other leisure facilities as well as cinemas and restaurants. Putting DRSdigital technology to use on such a diverse portfolio of this magnitude attests to the power, reliability and flexibility of the platform. At the other end of the spectrum, clients have been uploading single-site, single asset projects into DRSdigital data rooms in the space of a few hours; and that very much on their own due to the very80, Sevastoupoleos Str, 115 26 Athens, Tel. 210.7791.170, Fax: 210.7488.500, e-mail :info@cgsoft.gr, http://www.cgsoft.gr
  3. 3. intuitive, easily comprehended design of our administration tool, the DRSDocMaster. No real estate project is too large or too small, too complex or too simple to run on DRSdigital. We charge no minimum set-up or maintenance fees. DRSdigital can also very effectively be deployed to unlock real estate values in distressed markets and to monetize or reposition real estate assets, both in and out of bankruptcy. The durability and full scalability of DRSdigital technology make it a natural not only to support every type of project from complex multi-site, multi-state portfolios to single asset, single-site transactions, but to provide a solid foundation for the ongoing documentation and informational needs of real estate portfolio management. DRSdigital provides a platform that effectively, professionally and securely connects all real estate disciplines in whatever asset class ranging from owners and investors to real estate advisory firms as well as real estate operating and finance companies. Our web-based solution and services provide a cost effective solution for secure, around-the-clock access from any computer with internet connectivity to a dedicated, centralized document repository while facilitating and streamlining document-related communication across enterprises, sites and disciplines. The centralized reporting system will make it possible to track and monitor all activity across firms, individuals and sites involved in a real estate matter. DRSdigital (www.drs-digital.com) is a transaction services provider specializing in highly secure, fast and reliable virtual data rooms, recognized as one of “Germanys Top 100 Innovators”. DRSdigital is the top facilitator market leader of on line due diligence for: Large Real Estate portfolio transactions, Other deals including M&A,Transactions loan syndication, Non-performing loans (NPLs) and Initial public offering (IPOs) CGSoft (www.cgsoft.gr) was founded in 1986 with the goal of developing, installing and supporting business software by exploiting the most up-to-date, state of the art technology. The companys everyday choices meet its goals, as the company offers excellent products and services of high quality to a wide range of customers both in Greece and abroad. CGSoft represents exclusively DRSdigital in Greece, Cyprus and Turkey. CGsoft is certified with ISO 9001:2008.80, Sevastoupoleos Str, 115 26 Athens, Tel. 210.7791.170, Fax: 210.7488.500, e-mail :info@cgsoft.gr, http://www.cgsoft.gr
  4. 4. Just 4 steps to success 1. Preparation Services to support the physical data room preparation and indexing 2. Digitalization Scanning Services 3. Going Live The bidders will receive authorized password-secured access to the DRSdigital data room 4. Due Diligence Bidders management & permissions, support services  Cost Efficiency o Shorter transaction timelines due to 24/x online access o Parallel due diligence by numerous bidders at no additional cost o No travel expenses, no costs for copying, no rent for data room space, no catering needs  Transparency o Detailed reports on all data room activity o Record of all questions & answers  Control o Adding or blocking of bidder groups or individual users o Full access control through various permission levels o Control of Q & R process80, Sevastoupoleos Str, 115 26 Athens, Tel. 210.7791.170, Fax: 210.7488.500, e-mail :info@cgsoft.gr, http://www.cgsoft.gr
  5. 5.  Security o Highly secure & stable platform o No plug-ins needed o Saves no data in the Windows registry o “Print-screen” function impossible o Server facilities ISO 9001:2000 and ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified o Data transfer with SSL connection, o AES encrypted with 256-bit key length, VeriSign certified o Transmission through secure lines  Local support and know-how by CGSoft o Please write us a mail to info@cgsoft.gr or call us (Tel. +30 210-7791170) and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Your inquiry is important to us. .80, Sevastoupoleos Str, 115 26 Athens, Tel. 210.7791.170, Fax: 210.7488.500, e-mail :info@cgsoft.gr, http://www.cgsoft.gr