Media Kit - Duo of Justice (Web Series)


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Media Kit - Duo of Justice (Web Series)

  1. 1. Page 1 of 7Evil is about to get their comeuppance… A Superhero/Comedy Web Series “Duo of Justice in: Mainframe Mayhem” – Press Kit
  2. 2. Page 2 of 7A superhero comedy about two directionless roommates who don a cowl and mask to fightcrime.Duo of Justice features a pair of mismatched best friends who have grown to adulthood with alack of direction. After accidentally saving a young woman from being mugged, one of the pairdevelops the notion to become a superhero, believing it to be his true calling. Reluctant, theother friend joins the cause, donning a cape and mask as the Green Dawn and Golden Eagle.Together, they thwart the evil that lurks in their community. But, when a new threat arises in theform of an internet virus gone awry, the duo realizes they may be in way over their heads.Doug a.k.a. Green DawnA typical slacker, Doug doesn‟t have much direction in life. He would rather sit at home, eatsandwiches, drink beer and watch television marathons than contribute to society. But Dougalways knew there was something more to his existence, which clicked within him after(accidentally) saving a damsel from a mugger. A surge of thoughts caused him to don theemerald and black tights to become the Green Dawn. With his delusions of grandeur, Doug iscertain that he will make it as a successful superhero.Ray a.k.a. Golden EagleMuch more socially acceptable than his roommate, Ray struggles for a career, only to findhimself at a dead-end part time job. Without much going for him, he is still the one keeping totwo from losing their apartment. When Doug pleads for Ray to join him in his quest to becomesuperheroes, he is reluctant, as expected. It doesn‟t take much, though, for Ray to see the lightand join the Green Dawn to become the Golden Eagle.Paul Connor Macintosh a.k.a. MainframeHis origins are a nearly complete mystery. Paul is a conventional nerd who sits in front of hiscomputer all day, playing his MMORPG. But, after a super virus is transferred into his brainfrom his computer, his needs become much more diabolical. Now the villainous Mainframe, hewill stop at nothing to steal the energy source of the internet for his own self. “Duo of Justice in: Mainframe Mayhem” – Press Kit
  3. 3. Page 3 of 7The Justice Duo is my passion project. This is an idea that Ray and I came up with and havebeen building for almost ten years. We have always seen this story reaching out to a largeaudience, seeing the internet as the best way for this story to be told. When the story was firstconceived, we were amateur filmmakers. Now, after working hard at our craft, we see it fitting tobring this story to life. I have also always seen Justice Productions being able to help the worldthrough our work. With the superhero characters, not only can we inspire people as role modelson TV, but also to inspire ourselves to live up to the superhero status. Justice Productions hasused the Green Dawn and Golden Eagle as the basis for the company name and logo, so there isa history as to why this story is so important to us, the creators. - Doug SeidelWhoever said you shouldnt laugh at your own jokes is a fool. With “Justice,” if I dont laugh, itsnot in the script. This is a project where caution is thrown aside and all the crazy stuff thats inmy head gets poured out. There are periods during script writing where Doug and I have to stopand relax because were laughing too hard, and then have to pause again later, still laughingabout something five pages back. Theres so much thought that goes in to every episode, somuch depth planned out for the characters, its hard fit it all into a season. Watching the oldepisodes from college, I still laugh, but I can see where we made mistakes and where jokeslocked. With our experience now and with better equipment, I can see just how good the seriescan be, and, with the new series, hope to raise the bar above any web series out there... and thereis no series out there like "Duo of Justice" - Ray WillisDuo of Justice began as a sitcom on RTN, a television station programmed and operated bystudents of Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey. The original show, entitled Big Show ofJustice, was created by and starred Doug Seidel and Ray Willis, two students of theRadio/TV/Film production department at Rowan. Together, they produced and aired twelveepisodes, beginning in the fall of 2003. Much like the new series, Big Show was an episodicadventure of two college roommates who thwart an odd, over-the-top rolodex of villains.Upon graduation from Rowan, Willis and Seidel formed Justice Productions, named after theirtelevision show. The group consists of a number of Rowan alumni, as well as independentfilmmakers from the NJ/Philadelphia area. Justice has since produced a number of awardwinning short films, including PassionS of the Christ (Audience Favorite - 2007 Philadelphia 48Hour Film Competition), Dinner for One (Best NJ Local Short – 2009 Downbeach Film Festivalin Atlantic City), and Journal’s Paragon (Best Achievement in Marketing – 2009 PhiladelphiaProject Twenty1 Film Competition). The Justice superheroes are a staple in every short filmJustice Productions produces, appearing in the production bump and company logo.In 2010, the Duo was brought to the public eye twice over. First, they were featured in a brandnew serial adventure as part of a marketing campaign for the 2010 Project Twenty1 Competitionof Philadelphia. Justice brought together other area production groups competing in the festivalto appear in episodes. As well, the duo transformed into interviewers at the New York ComicCon in October, where they spoke with others dressed in superhero costumes. Now, for 2011, theGreen Dawn and Golden Eagle are gearing for a full scale return, this time with a web series andan internet‟s worth of audience members. “Duo of Justice in: Mainframe Mayhem” – Press Kit
  4. 4. Page 4 of 7“Duo of Justice in: Mainframe Mayhem” – Press Kit
  5. 5. Page 5 of 7DOUG SEIDEL (Creator/Executive Producer/Writer/Director/“Golden Eagle”)A graduate of Rowan University‟s Radio/Television/Film production department, Doug is nostranger to taking the lead to create entertaining pieces of work. While at school, he worked onthe television program "Big Show of Justice,” which he starred, wrote, produced, directed andedited with fellow Justice member Ray Willis. After graduation, he formed Justice Productions,LLC with a group of fellow Rowan Alumni. As President of Justice Productions, Doug hasoverseen multiple award winning films, including „PassionS of the Christ,‟ „Night Light,‟ „Dinnerfor One‟ and „The Journal‟s Paragon‟. As well, Doug is at the forefront of the J-Vlog, Justice‟svideo blog, which single-handedly won them the award for best marketing at the ProjectTwenty-One Film Competition of Philadelphia in 2009. Currently, Doug is a videographer forthe East Brunswick Television Station and an assistant cameraman for “Man Caves” on the DIYchannel.RAY WILLIS (Creator/Executive Producer/Writer/Director/“Green Dawn”)Willis is a graduate of Rowan University, where he met Justice Productions co-founder DougSeidel. Ray has always enjoyed films since he was a child. He started acting in middle school onthe stage and began making short films in high school. It wasnt until college that he truly tookthe form he is now on screen, refining his absurd humor and dark comedic style. Likewise, Rayfound a passion for editing. Behind the scenes, he enjoys piecing together the stories andperfecting each scene with the right shots and takes. Since graduation, Ray has striven to keepup his unique style of humor, continuing to write, act, and edit as much as possible with JusticeProductions.MICHAEL E. FROMM (Producer/Writer/PR Coordinator)Michael has been passionate about telling stories since middle school. To this day, it is difficultto find him without a pen in hand and an idea in mind. He took his desire to write and makemovies to Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ, where he graduated in the spring of 2007 withdual BAs in Radio/TV/Film Production and Public Relations. After graduating, he became amember of Justice Productions, writing and producing award winning short films and garneringa positive reputation for the company. Not only does Michael love writing for the screen, he isalso an aspiring novelist and film reviewer. Along with Justice, he is also a volunteer of theManalapan Arts Council, a team of artists coordinating events for the township. There, he was atthe forefront of the Manalapan Independent Film Festival, a venue for local filmmaker to showoff their craft and network with other film artists.CYD KATZ (Producer/Writer)Filmmaker Cyd Katz is one of main screenwriters for the Justice Productions. In addition toworking for Justice, she has interned for WHYY in Philadelphia, as well as co-produced the2008 Diamond Screen Film Festival. Passionate about writing and filmmaking, she attendedTemple University and pursued her degree in Film and Media Arts. “Dinner for One”, herdirectorial debut, won the best NJ based short film award at the Downbeach Film Festival inAtlantic City. She is also the creator of „Enterbrainment‟ a popular all things entertainment andmedia blog. Today, Cyd has taken her talent and drive to mainstream media, becoming theJunior Production Coordinator of the DIY network‟s „Man Caves.‟ “Duo of Justice in: Mainframe Mayhem” – Press Kit
  6. 6. Page 6 of 7JONATHAN SHAVELSON (Producer)Jonathan Shavelson began his education in film at the age of thirteen at French Woods Festivalof the Performing Arts. For the next four summers he studied there until he began teachingdirecting and editing. During that time he was continuing his education by taking a weekendfilm course at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He went onto Brookdale CommunityCollege, where he graduated with his Associates Degree in Broadcasting with an emphasis onTelevision production; it was there that he also became an AVID certified editor. He is currentlyfinishing his Bachelor‟s degree in Film and Media Arts at Temple University. Jonathan is anaccomplished colorist, having worked on award winning short films for Justice Productionsincluding “The Journals Paragon.” Currently a producer for the short film “The PersistentSlumber of Insomniacs,” as well as the pilot T.V. shows “Indiewood,” “The Duo of Justice,” andvarious others.CARA VELARDI (Camera Operator)Cara has been working behind the camera for nearly a decade, joining the Rowan TelevisionNetwork the minute she became a student at the University. She was, and still is, the go-toperson to learn every aspect there is to know about camera operation. Since joining Justice, shehas put her touch of perfection on nearly every single frame the company has ever filmed.Today, her dedication to her craft has paid off as a director of live programming for NBC 40 inAtlantic City, NJ.ADAM GOLDBERG (Technical Advisor)If there were any quandary regarding camera operation or lighting, Adam is the guy to go to. Hisdeep knowledge and expertise of the technical process of film/tv production is unmatched. Andhe‟s a heck of a stunt driver as well. Today, Adam is a television engineer, focusing mainly onaudio engineering for in-studio and remote productions for the New Jersey Public Televisionstation in Trenton, NJ.SUSAN L. M. GOLDBERG (Script Supervisor)A gifted screenwriter at heart, Susan is also an asset when it comes to just about anything on afilm shoot. With a Masters in Radio/Television Film from the University of North Texas, Susanis a filmmaking guru, able to lend a hand in just about any aspect of the production process.TIM SYP (Composer)Tim has always been about the music. A lover of a wide range of styles, from Orchestral to Rock,Tim graduated from Muhlenberg College, earning degrees in Music, Business and Spanish. Timis a frequent collaborator with Justice Productions, having scored The Journals Paragon, LoveBytes and now, Monster Goo. In addition to film scoring, Tim is a singer/songwriter; playingguitar, bass, piano and drums. He currently fronts the band No Idea and is also working onseveral solo projects. “Duo of Justice in: Mainframe Mayhem” – Press Kit
  7. 7. Page 7 of 7Justice Productions is an independent group of film/video artists. The group was started in2006 for the 48 hour film contest in Philadelphia, PA. The production group is made up ofvarious enthusiastic film makers. Each member has a different background and specializes in adifferent field of film/video production. This makes a very dynamic group of individualswho bring a very creative touch to our films and videos.Phone: (732)-598-7852Email: justiceproductionsllc@gmail.comWeb: www.justice-productions.comFacebook: @JusticeProd “Duo of Justice in: Mainframe Mayhem” – Press Kit