David Furr                    In the smash hit web series Jersey Shore Gone Wild which was Jersey Shore in the style of Os...
“THIS IS NOT YOUR FATHERS HAMLET. David Furr is an actor who possesses the youth tomake Hamlet believable, but also the in...
“THE BARD IS HOT . . . . David Furr mines more comedy than you usually see from Grumio, Petruchio’ssufferingservant, embel...
“David Furr has fiery fun as the volatile King James and thetempermentalleading man Sharpe.”Broadway and MeIn more flush t...
Furr ...move(s) between roles effortlessly, making eachcharacter unique anddistinctive.Broadway After Dark“ The acting is ...
pretending to be someone else as they make us see indisputable truthsabout ourselves.WASHINGTON D.C. EXAMINERFURR’S NICK I...
David Furr [is] an utterly captivating, dashing leading man . . . .The best theatre rarely plays itsafe.HOLLYWOOD REPORTER...
NURSES (FOX Pilot)            Dr. Ben Stone (recurring)       20th Cent. Fox; PJ Hogan, dir.45 WORDS                      ...
ROSENCRANZ &                       Tragedian                          Long Wharf; Darko TresjnakGUILDENSTERN ARE DEADHAMLE...
David furr i
David furr i
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David furr reviews

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David furr i

  1. 1. David Furr In the smash hit web series Jersey Shore Gone Wild which was Jersey Shore in the style of Oscar Wilde.TIME MAGAZINE named it on of the TOP TEN THINGS OF 2011.His reelhttp://vimeo.com/37339459David Furr as Ralph Howard in Evening w/ Meryl Streephttp://vimeo.com/31565928JERSEY SHORE GONE WILD“Santino Fontana and David Furr, (who) star in the new Broadway production of Oscar Wilde’s classicplay,The Importance of Being Earnest, have also embarked on a side project called “Jersey Shore GoneWilde,” afive part (web) series in which the pair reenact actual transcripts of Jersey Shore episodes ‘in the style ofOscar Wilde.’ Obviously, it’s basically the best thing we’ve ever seen and totally makes us wantto go see them on Broadway“Nothing short of magical.” -The Huffington Post / AOL“Hysterical to watch”- Entertainment Weekly Popwatch“‘’JERSEY SHORE GONE WILDE’ TAKES OVER THE INTERNET! Parody...unlike any other.”-Examiner“An Interesting and hilarious take . . . What Television would be like in a smarter world.” DAVID FURR: PRESS CLIPPINGS AS CHRIS KELLER IN ALL MY SONS Denver Theatre Center, Denver CO) <clip_image001.gif> -Ovation Award Nomination, Best Actor - -Henry Award Nomination, Best Supporting Actor -“David Furr, as Chris, gleans the best in Joe and Kate to deliver a finely crafted performance of genialityandidealism.” - VARIETY“As Chris, David Furr is the moral center of the play in a performance of quiet intelligence that slowlyenfolds theaudience.” -Rocky Mountain News“FURR, HARTMAN and PAULSEN TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY in the unforgettable climax. David Furrbringsa strong and eventually very moving sense of reality to Chris Keller and is eminently watchable.” -LovelandReporter-Herald“THE MARVELOUS David Furr distinguishes himself in his impeccable DCTC introduction.” –Denver Post“A GANGBUSTERS, KNOCK OUT CAST. . . . David Furr wears the mantle of mantle of Chris with directaplomb.”- Colorado Backstage“A PERFECT PRODUCTION . . . . David Furr [is] flawless”- Colorado Christian Drama Review As HAMLET in HAMLETAt The Alabama Shakespeare Festival (2002)
  2. 2. “THIS IS NOT YOUR FATHERS HAMLET. David Furr is an actor who possesses the youth tomake Hamlet believable, but also the intelligence and acumen to create a fascinating psychic study. Furris especially accomplished in the famous soliloquies. He makes these speeches intimate, personal, verymodern emanations from the very soul of the disturbed prince. We clearly see and understand, if notagree with, this motivation in Furr’s intense performance. If the response of the opening night audience isan accurate indicator, this Hamlet will be talked about long after it has left the Festival Stage. See it forthe strength of its principal performances, as well as the antitheses of its vision.” - MontgomeryAdvertiser<Untitled.jpg>At The Colonial Theatre, RI (2001)“AN EXEPTIONAL PRODUCTION . . . David Furr as Hamlet offer[s] a freshness, an originality to a rolethat by all means should be shopworn by now. Furr presents a Hamlet who seems to be creating himselfas he goes along. It’s not that this Hamlet is inconsistent, it’s that his character unfolds for us as it does tohim. Furr gives us a Hamlet not triggered into a slow motion rampage but stunned into responding. Theactor also reminds us that Shakespeare wrote this as a prototype for Black Comedy.Furr underscores asense of absurdity as well as unpredictability. . . .Furr is showing us a man who is trying to figure out hisown feelings as we watch, and in these encounters Hamlet is a work in progress fascinating to behold.” -Providence Phoenix“DYNAMIC HAMLET IGNITES PRODUCTION . . . It is Furr’s dynamic, engergetic and humourousinterpretation of Hamlet that propels the production. Furr gives strength and vigor to the role.” –The DayAt The North Carolina Shakespeare Festival (2000)“ACTOR COMMANDS ‘HAMLET’ . . . David Furr is quite simply a magnificent Hamlet. . . . Furr’sperformance reminded us that Shakespeare’s creation is sublimely contradictory and, therefore, sublimelyhuman. . . . Furr played the prince with simmering passion.” -High Point Enterprise“A BREATH OF FRESH AIR . . . . [David Furr] brings a freshness of delivery to speeches the audienceknows as well as the actors, as well as a manic energy that gives added scope to the prince many faultfor being too cerebral.” – Greensboro News and Record“REFRESHING TAKE ON HAMLET . . . . Often the Dane is played with such brooding melancholy that bythe second act the audience is wondering why he doesn’t just go ahead and do himself in. David Furr’sHamlet, however, is played with a sense of grace, humor, and light heartedness that brings newperpective to this character. . . . Again, David Furr’s portrayal of Hamlet is excellent. He brings arefreshing air of casualness to the part that makes the young prince’s actions and attitudes seemunderstandable, which is no small accomplishment.” -ESP As PRINCE HAL in HENRY IV North Carolina Shakespeare Festival (1999)“ THIS PRODUCTION IS WORTH SEEING FOR [Furr’s] PERFORMANCE ALONE. . . . Furr, who is alsoexcellent as the lead in this year’s “Romeo and Juliet” can only be called a natural talent. Serious theatre-goers owe it to themselves to see him while he’s still in town, for if luck is on his side, this young man ison his way to bigger venues. Something tells me that one day we’ll be speaking of the days when DavidFurr trod the boards at our local festival in much the same way that baseball fans speak yearningly of DonMattingly’s days at War Memorial Stadium.”- ESP“David Furr’s delivery of this soliloquy is BREATHTAKING, conveying all the fervor of the young heir’slofty intent with just the lightest dusting of royal conceit. It’s a wonderfully rich, wonderfully intimate freeze-frame as the swirl of the young prince’s maturation whizzes by. David Furr is exceptionally attuned to thehumor, the humanity, and the incandescent nobility of Hal.”- Creative LoafingAs BRUNO in CHRISTMAS ON MARS, Old Globe Theatre:“SERIOUSLY FUNNY . . . . David Furr brings layers of complexity to the seemingly not so complex Bruno.Furr’s highly physical performance smartly externalizes the turmoil he feels within.” - North County TimesAs ROMEO in ROMEO AND JULIET:“The performances are strong with Furr and Krausen the standouts. . . . Furr brings a weariness toRomeo that dissolves upon his meeting Juliet. In short, you believe them.” –Winston Salem JournalAs GRUMIO in TAMING OF THE SHREW:“Without a doubt, the strongest performance is turned in by David Furr. He plays the daft, easily confusedbut kind-hearted manservant Grumio with a comic self-assuredness rarely seen in these parts.” –ESP
  3. 3. “THE BARD IS HOT . . . . David Furr mines more comedy than you usually see from Grumio, Petruchio’ssufferingservant, embellishing his ordeals with some brillian physical comedy. He’s ready to toss his body onto Petruchio’s oaken dinner table like a sack of wheat, to wondrous comic effect.” –Creative Loafing “Brilliantly Casual”- Montgomery IndependentAs DETECTIVE SGT. TROTTER in THE MOUSETRAP:“DAVID FURR COMMANDS THE STAGE as the detective who calls the shots when there is a killer to befound.”- Salt Lake Tribune“A KILLER TOP-TO-BOTTOM CAST with award-caliber work turned in by nearly every performer.” –SaltLakeCity Weekly“Furr seemed to be in control of the cast as much as his character was in control of the other charactersin the play. His prowess was evident as he took the hands of Miller and Kate Shindle and with a lookinspired the othersto follow suit and join hands for a group curtain call.” –SLCC GlobeCOAST TO COASTPRESS FOR DAVID FURR IN EQUIVOCATION AT MANHATTAN THEATRE CLUBNew York Times:[Sharpe is] portrayed with simmering intensity by David Furr (also a jovial KingJames).Oscar E. Moore, ‘From The Mezzanine’:A marvelous David Furr. . . is a standout. the play isn’t about hischaracters, although you may leavethe theatre thinking it is.Curtain upDavid Furr is a triple threat, most notably as Sharpe, the vain and ambitious juniormember of the group.New York Daily News“Furr delights as the theatre-loving, kilt wearing King James”TheatreMania shows“the actors switch into new characters (and back again) in nanoseconds. Themost hilarious -- andremarkable -- display of this comes late in the play, duringwhich Furr brilliantly portrays both acharacter in a Shakespeare play and the decidedly juvenile and somewhat idiotic JamesI, who is watchingraptly in the audience.”Talkin Broadway“Furr is impressive in roles as diverse as the young go-getter,a brokenprisoner, and King James himself.”New Jersey room:“Whether he plays a numbskull leading man of the Globe, or ajocular Scotsburredking James, David furr brings amusing touches of levity to theproductionBackstage:
  4. 4. “David Furr has fiery fun as the volatile King James and thetempermentalleading man Sharpe.”Broadway and MeIn more flush times, additional actors might have played all theparts, butthat would have denied us a delightful scene in the second actin which theappealing David Furr plays two characters nearly simultaneously”Cardus.com“With all the excellent acting in this Manhattan Theatre Clubproduction, Ifound it most difficult to tear my gaze away from the charactersplayed byDavid Furr. As Sharpe, the hot-tempered but gifted youngest member of theKings Men, as a childish but willful King James, and as thebroken ThomasWintour, Furrs energy and charisma were palpable. Whenswitching between somany roles, even the deftest actor can struggle not to appear tobe "acting,"but as Sharpe, in particular, Furr inhabits the role, bringinghim to life witha myriad of small, engaging details.”Grand Tour.Com“I loved and adored each several actor, especially David Furr asSharpe/ThomasWintour/King James I, who managed to play James and Sharpe inthe same scene,wearing the same kilt and black denim doublet (I kid you not),bouncing fromchair to stage and back again, pushing a plaid up and down hisshoulder andchanging expressions and accents on a thin dime.”Advocate.com“Standing out in a fine cast that features What’s That Smell’s DavidPittu andMad About You’s John Pankow as the Bard, the handsome and sometimesshirtlessDavid Furr hams up the kilted king’s Scottish brogue andbisexuality,particularly when he molests a Macbeth actor in drag.”Broadwayworld.comAgain, lesser actors could have made the transitions jarring,but David
  5. 5. Furr ...move(s) between roles effortlessly, making eachcharacter unique anddistinctive.Broadway After Dark“ The acting is splendid. King James I is deliciously portrayed,replete withhis Scottish accent and sexual proclCOAST TO COASTPress forDAVID FURRinWho’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?With Kathleen Turner, Bill Irwin and Kathleen Early____"For Bill and me, its an opportunity to explore new ideas with new interpretations from theother actors. Im actually quite thrilledwith their performances, especially David. Hes doing a terrific job."-Kathleen Turner, BayArea Reporter Online________________________________________________HOLLYWOOD BEATWe particularly were impressed by David Furr’s portrayal of Nick, the handsome biologyprofessor who becomes Turners unwitting prey.VARIETY. . . A perfectly preening David Furr.CHICAGO WRITERELECTRIFIED CAST: Watching Turner, Irwin and Furr in this exchange islike watching pro tennis players volley back-and-forth. And I endedthis evening contemplating the joy of watching players play,
  6. 6. pretending to be someone else as they make us see indisputable truthsabout ourselves.WASHINGTON D.C. EXAMINERFURR’S NICK IS A REVALATION. At last this part is played with the sense of sexual threat andfrat boyswagger that Albee intended. This is the version that future productions will be measuredagainst.BAY AREA REPORTERDavid Furr is trim, brash, and handsome. Hes a forceful foil to Marthaand George, holding his own until the tag team finally crushes him.BALTIMORE SUNFurr’s Nick GLOWS . . . Be afraid, but do not miss this deeply unsettling production.VENTURA COUNTY STARFurr, a tall young man with an easy grace… make[s] more of a role out of Nick than comes offthe printedpageWASHINGTON POSTA HEAVENLY CAST! You can practically see in Furr’s portrayal theshifting calculations in how far he must go.BACKSTAGEAs the strapping stud Nick, David Furrs excellent performance paints the guy as less of a wimpthan inprevious portrayals. Though hes a pawn in the elder couples chess game, theres also aruthlessopportunist at work, adding more fuel to the hell-raising skirmishes.LOS ANGELES MAGAZINEFURR IS EXCELLENT as the cocksure and calculating Nick.NAVIGAYTION
  7. 7. David Furr [is] an utterly captivating, dashing leading man . . . .The best theatre rarely plays itsafe.HOLLYWOOD REPORTERFurr is a FINE Nick. He doesn’t overplay his arrogant, opportunistic side, but lets it appeargraduatllyas circumstances dictate.WASHINGTON DAILY PAPERFurr is GALVANIZING. He prowls the stage with such feline calculation it almost seems Marthamay have met her match Name: DAVID FURR Talent Rep: Michael Einfeld Management (CA) Contact: (818) 752-4238 / (818) 752-7418-fax Union Status: SAG, AFTRA, AEAFilm and TelevisionNCIS FBI Agent J. Ambrose (guest star) CBS; Dir. Dennis SmithPERSON OF INTEREST Paul Ashton (guest star) CBS; Dir. Jeff ThomasTHE GOOD WIFE Tom Landis (guest star) CBS; dir. Fred ToyeHOW TO CHEAT ON YOUR Brad Moses (regular) AMC; dir. Rob Roy ThomasWIFE (AMC Pilot)ANCHE SE E AMORE, NON SI Peter (single card) Medusa Fims; Ficarra e PiconeVEDE (Italian feature)THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING Jack Worthing (lead) Roundabout; dir. Brian BedfordEARNEST in HDTHE CHICAGO CODE Aaron Fash (guest star) FOX; dir. Michael OfferLAW AND ORDER: SVU Greg Elding (guest star) NBC; Jonathan Kaplan, dir.THE WASHINGTONIENNE (HBO Tom Charton (regular) HBO; Mark Mylod, dir.Pilot)EVENING (feature film 2007) Ralph Haverford (co-star) Focus Feat.; Lajos Kolai, dir.CSI: MIAMI Neil Jackson (guest star) CBS; Egil Egillsen, dir.
  8. 8. NURSES (FOX Pilot) Dr. Ben Stone (recurring) 20th Cent. Fox; PJ Hogan, dir.45 WORDS Benjamin Basche Middlemarch FilmsAS THE WORLD TURNS Dr. Morris CBS-TV; Grant Aleksander, dir.GUIDING LIGHT Agent Dan Golson CBS-TVALL MY CHILDREN Jay Stark (recurring) ABC-TV; Steven Williford, dir.HAVE A GOOD ONE LEROY Leroy (lead) NYUBroadwayTHE IMPORTANCE OF BEING Jack Worthing Roundabout; Brian Bedford, dirEARNEST (Tony Nom.: BestRevival)ACCENT ON YOUTH Dickie Reynolds MTC; Dan Sullivan, dir.CYMBELINE Guiderius Lincoln Cntr; Mark Lamos, dir.WHOS AFRAID OF VIRGINIA Nick Anthony Page, dir.WOOLF?THE RIVALS Jack Absolute (u/s performed) Lincoln Cntr.; Mark Lamos, dirKING LEAR (w/ Christopher The Captain/The Good Servant Lincoln Cntr.; Jonathan MillerPlummer)Broadway National TourWHOS AFRAID OF VIRGINIA Nick Anthony Page, dir.WOOLF?WebseriesJERSEY SHORE GONE WILDE Jack Playbill.com; Furr & Fontana(#5 most contagious:global)Off-BroadwayEQUIVOCATION Sharpe MTC; Garry Hynes, dir.GOLDEN PROSPECTS Rick NY Fringe; Colin Campbell, dirTIM AND SCROOGE Peter Cratchit NYMF; Nick Corley, dir.RegionalBORN YESTERDAY Paul Verral Cape Playhouse; Pam Hunt, dir.CHRISTMAS ON MARS Bruno The Old Globe; Kirsten BrandtALL MY SONS Chris Keller (Ovation & Henry Denver Theatre Cnt; Bruce Sevy Award nom)HAMLET Hamlet AL Shakes. Fest.; Ray ChambersLOVES LABOURS LOST King Ferdinand NJ Shakes Fest.; Brian CroweARCADIA Septimus ASF; Geoffrey ShermanTWO GENTLEMAN OF VERONA Proteus ASF; Eleanor HoldridgeIAGO (world premiere) Finney ASF; Kent ThompsonTHE MOUSETRAP Det. Sgt. Trotter Pioneer Thtr; Geoffrey ShermaFrank Langellas CYRANO Christian (and fight captain) Cleveland Plyhs; Peter HackettI HATE HAMLET Andy Rally Cleveland Plyhs; David Colacci
  9. 9. ROSENCRANZ & Tragedian Long Wharf; Darko TresjnakGUILDENSTERN ARE DEADHAMLET Hamlet NC Shakes; Imre GoldsteinHENRY IV PART I Prince Hal NCSF; Lou RackoffROMEO AND JULIET Romeo NCSF; Imre GoldsteinCOMPLETE WKS of Daniel Neb. Shakes; Cindy PhanuefSHAKESPEARE (ABRIDGED)MISALLIANCE Gunner ASF; Henson KeysTHE MAN WHO CAME TO Richard Stanley ASF; Henson KeysDINNERTAMING OF THE SHREW Grumio NCSF; Lou RackoffLOVES LABOURS LOST Dumaine NCSF; Lou RackoffMACBETH Mentieth NCSF; Lou RackoffHAMLET Hamlet Colonial Thtr; Harland MeltzerROMEO AND JULIET Mercutio Neb. Shakes; Cindy PhanuefTAMING OF THE SHREW Grumio ASF; Kent ThompsonLOVE FOR LOVE Ben Legend ASF; Ed WilliamsOTHELLO Lodovico (and fight captain) Va. Stage Co: Charlie HensleyROMEO AND JULIET Benvolio Sh. on the Sound; H. WoroniczTHREE IN THE BACK, TWO IN Paul Jackson Charlotte Rep; Terry LaughlinTHE HEADMFA/PAT Alabama Shakespeare Festival/University of Alabama ON-CAMERA ACTING: Bob Krakower;Marci Phillips, Director of Casting, ABC Primetime MUSIC: Self-taught guitar. 12 years piano. Experienceon Bass, Hammered Dulcimer, Mountain Dulcimer, Mandolin, Drums, Harmonica and Ukulele. CD Demoavailable upon request.