METRIC | Project Overview


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METRIC | Project Overview

  1. 1. I. Project information • Funded by the Framework Programme 7 • Project Coordinator: Coventry University Enterprises Ltd • Duration: 18 months • Start: 1st October 2013 • Consortium: 5 partners
  2. 2. II. Project Aim • To map regional transport innovation capacity and identify the competitive advantage of identified regions. Based on their strengths, guidelines for the preparation of regional innovation roadmaps (strategy plans) will be developed. METRIC will also explore the regional innovation potential and make recommendations on how to support weak regions. The project will ultimately contribute to the building of a regional culture of continuous innovation that minimizes innovation risks and maximizes its returns
  3. 3. III. Objectives • To analyse innovation frameworks and the existing regional strategies for transport research • To identify the main stakeholders involved in the innovation chain along with their cooperation patterns within the region but also with other regions • To study the key transport research and innovation activities and their impact on regional competitiveness • To deliver a set of quantitative and qualitative indicators which can be used to measure regional transport research and innovation performance • To map regional advantages in terms of distinct specialisation and areas of excellence, and investigate the regions’ strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats along with the drivers and barriers to innovation • To build a typology of regional innovation and classification of regions • To develop tools for adapting success factors of innovation • To derive recommendations for enhancing the role of regional transport research and innovation in building awareness, managing the knowledge generated, and supporting innovation on the transport field • To develop innovation roadmaps based on best practices
  4. 4. IV. Approach
  5. 5. V. Key Activities I. mapping transport research and innovation activities II. measuring the performance of regional innovation frameworks and III. analysing the main principles and typology of regional innovation.
  6. 6. VI. Key Results • • • • • • • • • Matrix of main principles for regional transport innovation Regional RTD frameworks report Innovation milieu in European regions Report on innovation financing across Europe Transport Innovation Indicators Transport research and innovation performance of regions report Regional SWOT analysis Typology of regions concerning transport innovation Tool-Box for adapting the success factors of innovation on a regional level • Guide of regional transport innovation strategy • Transport innovation roadmaps
  7. 7. VII. Work Packages • Work Package 1- Management & Coordination • Work Package 2- Mapping Regional Transport Innovation Frameworks • Work Package 3-Measuring and Explaining the Performance of Regional Innovation Frameworks • Work Package 4-Meta-analysis of main principles and typology for regional innovation • Work Package 5-Regional Strategy Plans and Recommendations • Work Package 6- Dissemination and Exploitation
  8. 8. VIII.Partners • Coventry Limited University Enterprises • Zurich University of Applied Sciences, School of Engineering Institute of Sustainable Development • University of Belgrade, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering • Technical University of Delft – Research Institute for the Built Environment • European Commission Research Centre – Joint
  9. 9. IX. Contact Eleni Anoyrkati, METRIC Coordinator Coventry University Enterprises Ltd The TechnoCentre Coventry University Technology Park Puma Way, Coventry CV1 2TT Email:
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