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Production piece pitch

  1. 1. Production Piece Pitch Michael Woods
  2. 2. Genre, Task and Text idea Genre – Horror/Thriller Task – Create a Storyboard and then create a 2 minute trailer Text idea – chosen firstly from the 4 options and then using films created with these genres I will create a new type of Horror/Thriller film, and watching Horror/Thriller films for ideas.
  3. 3. Narrative and Design Ideas Firstly On-screen graphics used throughout the trailer Phone call saying about what has happened Phone call arranging a meeting Meeting between to people Scary letter received Flashback to early scenes Handheld camera – Woods scene
  4. 4. Target Audience + Theory's Teenagers – (15-18) who enjoy horror/thriller films that give suspense and keeps people watching. The Uses and Gratifying theory will be used as it will change peoples mood to if they enjoy this genre then entertained and scared thinking what will happen next and asking questions (Enigma’s)
  5. 5. Preparation For this task I have viewed a few trailer with the same genres ( – the trailer for Cloverfield which I used) also for reviews on these type of films I obtained information from and also which I also found out : budgets, reviews, institutional research, actors/actresses, locations etc. I also decided to take some images of the location that I planned to use and at the time that I will use for my trailer.
  6. 6. Plan how to Produce my text First – On Screen graphics Secondly – Recording of scenes with location quite far away from my house and with actors Thirdly – Record scenes near my house without actors and using a handheld camera
  7. 7. Idea’s Strengths A mix of slow/fast scene changes which conventionally in horror films the changes are fast but with a mix suspense will be built into the trailer. It will be a psychological film trailer which will make people think about the trailer which means they concentrate when watching it. Realism will be created with the balance of hand-held camera shots as well as the directors shooting the film.
  8. 8. USP. Competition with Intertext The USPs of my trailer are that this horror/film will have a psychological twist which will make people believe through realism that the events happened. Also scared emotions from the audience will be built up not with monsters or murderers but through the idea’s in their minds (imagine if they were in that position) This will compete with other texts because using the hypodermic syringe theory the idea that people believe that they are part of the trailer answering questions that they are not supposed to answer (questions the actor will answer in the film) which will involve the audience and therefore making the trailer suspenseful and enjoyable.