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"MEQANIZATORI" LTD is ready to offer services to all people who live in rural areas. To take care crops - to give consultation about: pesticides, high-quality seeds, new technologies and the …

"MEQANIZATORI" LTD is ready to offer services to all people who live in rural areas. To take care crops - to give consultation about: pesticides, high-quality seeds, new technologies and the introduction of new crops. We can also provide useful advice in animal husbandary.

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  • 2. General ReviewLTD MEQANIZATORI was founded in 2009 as an initiative ofministry of agriculture of Georgia and by the order of ministry ofeconomic development of Georgia.From March of 2010 LTD MEQANIZATORI is a subsidiary company ofGeorgian Agriculture Corporation JSC and the largest agriculturalmechanization service-provider in Georgia.The company’s share capital by the situation in 2012 is 44,890,330,99GEL(Lari) and it includes – buildings, rural-agricultural equipment,land and other assets.
  • 3. Main ActivitiesLTD “MEQANIZATORI” works in Agricultural sector and covers all regions of GeorgiaThe companies main activities are: Services for small and large farmers with agriculture machinery Purchase and realization of agriculture equipment Providing information, consultation and trainings for farmers Developing modern technologies in agricultural manufacture Offering services on agriculture machinery (repairs, supplies).The company is implementing 35 different types of agro-operations in a country-wide.
  • 4. Company BenefitsLTD MEQANIZATORI comparing with existing competitors in the markethas a number of advantages: Organized work; Access to services, mobility and efficiency; Modern agriculture equipment and aggregates Well-skilled operators and experienced consultants in rural - agricultural issues; High performance standards Modern control system (GPS) Transparent account systems for clients
  • 5. Regional Service Centers(The construction will finish in the end of March) Abasha Ambrolauri Samtredia Zestafoni Ozurgeti Kareli Kaspi Gurdjaani Tbilisi Akhaltsikhe Bolnisi Marneuli Dedoplistskaro Mechanization and Extension/ Mechanization Service Centers Tbilisi Central Base research station service centers: 1.Kakheti (Dedoplistskaro); 1.Kakheti (Gurdjaani, Chalaubani); 2.Kvemo-Kartli (Bolnisi); 2.Kvemo-Kartli(Marneuli); 3.Shida-Kartli (Kaspi, Rene); 3.Shida-Kartli (Kareli); 4.Racha-Lechkhumi, Kvemo-Svanety (Ambrolauri) 4.Samtskhe-Javakheti(Akhaltsikhe); 5.Guria (Ozurgeti) 5.Imereti (Zestafoni). 6.Imereti (Samtredia) 6.Samegrelo (Abasha) Note: Currently mobile squads of LTD MEQANIZATORI Operates more than in 30 municipalities across the country
  • 6. Technical Park The company Tech Park is presented with modern European standards Techniques The company’s fleet of vehicles today includes EU manufactured 157 tractors, 41 combines and 450 different kind of agricultural machinery. The company’s Tech-Park Performances world brands such as: New Holland, John Deer, Claas, Sampo, Kuhn, Pietro Morro, Kivi- Pekka, Grimme, Gasspardo, Maschio and etc.
  • 7. Productivity of tech-Park in maximum load case • Power of tractors which are on company’s balance are 18 147 HP ( 12 700 KW.) • Upon request, in provide power it is possible to make agro technical operations on 15 000 hectares land area. • On LTD MEQANIZATORI balance are also 41 combines with Power of 6794 HP (4 760 KW) • Upon request, at a given power can be harvested 17 500 hectares-the area of ​grain crops
  • 8. Existing equipment on the balance of LTD MEQANIZATORI Crop Harvester Combines Power Quantity 290 HP 10 units W550 Power Quantity 150 HP 25 units TC5040 Power Quantity 150 HP 3 units
  • 9. Existing equipment on the balance of LTD MEQANIZATORI Tractors T 7060 Power Quantity 238 HP 5 units T 7080 Quantity Power 22 units 165 HP T 6050 Power Quantity 125 HP 50 units
  • 10. Existing equipment on the balance of LTD MEQANIZATORI Tractors T 7010 Power Quantity 105 HP 5 units T 4020 Power Quantity 65 HP 5 units
  • 11. Existing equipment on the balance of LTD MEQANIZATORI Soil processing machinery Plough Width Quantity 150 units 2.10-0.70 m. Width Quantity Plantation Plows 0.80 m. 2 units Deep ripper Width Quantity 15 units 2.50 m.
  • 12. Existing equipment on the balance of LTD MEQANIZATORI Soil processing machinery Disc harrow Width Quantity 60 units 4.5-1.8 m. Width Interrow cultivator 4.5 m. Quantity 100 units Width Vertical milling 3 m. Quantity 35 units machine
  • 13. Existing equipment on the balance of LTD MEQANIZATORI Soil processing machinery Rock picker Width Quantity 5 m. 2 units Depth of processing Ditch digger 1.20 m. Quantity 5 unitsHole digging machine Quantity 3 units
  • 14. Existing equipment on the balance of LTD MEQANIZATORI Planters Combined drill Width Quantity 2 units 3 m. Width Seed mechanical 3.4 m. planter Quantity 55 unitsPneumatic precision Width Quantity Planter 4.5 m. 100 units
  • 15. Existing equipment on the balance of LTD MEQANIZATORI PlantersTrans planter for Width Quantity mulch 4 units 0.7 m. WidthTrans planter for 0.7 m. outdoor Quantity 4 units Potato planter 3.30 Quantity 6 units
  • 16. Existing equipment on the balance of LTD MEQANIZATORI Food manufacturing equipment Mowing-machines 30 units Rake 55 units Baller machine 30 units
  • 17. Existing equipment on the balance of LTD MEQANIZATORI Plant chemical protection machines 25 units Sprayer mounted type Sprayer trailed type 15 units
  • 18. Existing equipment on the balance of LTD MEQANIZATORI Fertilizer Machines Fertilizer spreader mounted 25 units type Special Technique Tractor trailer
  • 19. New software - Agro-pad AGRO PAD - is a device by which is implemented through the signing of documents and services with the electronic method. After confirmation, an invoice will be printed, by which the consumer can pay in the bank. ჯამი
  • 20. New software- Agro-pad After payment, managers will get information on their Agro pad about payment confirmation დავითი მაისურძე 47001003723 599 69 35 21 ჯამი
  • 21. New software- Agro-pad What we can do with AGRO PAD AGRO PAD - is a device by which is implemented through the signing of documents and services with the electronic method. How works the AGRO PAD It is quite simple to use Agro-pad, consumers (managers ) can perform following operations:  Add a new users and editing them;  To offer the different types of agro-cervices  Agro-service advice  Signed the documents quickly ჯამი  Printed invoices Easily
  • 22. Internal Monitoring with GPS-Navigation System GPS device will provide to receive full information about company owned tractors and combines:  Location of the technics  How many Ha of land is cultivating  GPS can also determine the performance and dynamics of the movement - the speed and movement-stopping monitoring. GPS also provides to calculate covered MOTTO- hour accounting
  • 23. Internal Monitoring with GPS-Navigation System
  • 24. New Software AGROLIS AGROLIS is an Agricultural computer program, which includes modern technologies. AGROLIS can planning, costing, making documentations, evaluations, consultations, control and finally this program has ability to work fast.
  • 25. How AGROLIS work with the help of GPS system AGROL IS Base
  • 26. Results and PerspectivesThe companys priority directions of development are:• Staff training;• Repair bases of agricultural equipment;•To bring modern agricultural technologies and equipment in the productionprocess;•Domestic agricultural development, seed production•Managing agriculture equipment and techniques with leasing agreement.
  • 27. Financial indicators of the Company Costumer growth rate 2010 VS 2011 Quantity of costumers250020001500 21841000 1131 Total: 3315 500 Growth: 93% 0 2010 2011 Operating information
  • 28. Financial indicators of the Company Growth rate of the operating Income 2010 VS 2011 Operating Income without VAT4,000,0003,500,0003,000,0002,500,000 3,569,810 Total: 4 755 850 GEL2,000,0001,500,000 Growth: 201%1,000,000 1,186,040 500,000 0 2010 2011 Operating information
  • 29. Financial indicators of the Company Growth rate of the cultivated area 2010 VS 2011 Cultivated area (Ha)50,00045,00040,00035,00030,000 48,966 Total: 74 266 (Ha)25,000 Growth: 94%20,00015,000 25 30010,000 5,000 0 2010 2011 Operating information
  • 30. Jobs Report 2011 Cultivated area# Agricultural Service (Ha)1 Plugging of the soil 10 872 1 2%2 Disking of arable land 8 955 3% 3% 4% 23 Spring sowing of maize, sunflower (with fertilization) 6 986 24% 5% 34 Harvesting of cereals and other grains 5 145 6% 45 Sowing of autumnal and spring grain corps with fertilization 3 115 56 Harvesting of maize (grain) 2 498 7% 67 Harvesting with Chopper 2 3888 Cultivation 1 734 7 9 Treatment of plantation with herbicides 1 279 20% 8 11%10 Deep cultivation of soil with heavy disk harrow 1 272 911 Fertilization with scatter 1 064 15% 1012 Harrowing of soil 75013 Pressing of hay 598 1114 Milling of tillage 52915 Other 43116 Watering 37017 Harvesting of maize (corn-cob) 347 Total Area18 Haymaking 19219 Spraying of wine yard 127 2010 – 25 30020 Silage taking/harvesting 111 2011 – 48 92021 Potato sowing (with fertilization) 81 Growth - 113%22 Potato harvesting 6223 Deep cultivation of soil (Chisel 40-65 CM. deep) 14
  • 31. Service-Centers in the process of constructing Since 2012 the company began construction of the service-centers; Defined the locations of the first modern Service-Centers; Set up a technical task and the selected design firm, and now we are specifying the details; Now, 12 Service-Centers are constructing in the different regions of Georgia; All the basic features are typical for the all Service-centers;
  • 32. Administrative building includes severalservice places:• Bank (6-10 Square Meters)• Advice Center• Laboratory• Store of the toxic chemicals• Shop of the Spare parts
  • 33. Extension/research stations offersfollowing:• Auditory for 30 listeners;• Laboratories of soil analysis;• Laboratories of plant pests and diseases analyze;• Animal care, nutrition and disease Research Laboratories;• Laboratories of Seed quality and toxic chemicals Analysis;• Climate forecasting laboratories.
  • 34. Service Center in Akhaltsikhe Municipality Service Center in Ambrolauri Municipality Service Center in Abasha Municipality Service Center in Gurdjaani Municipality
  • 35. Service Center of Marneuli Municipality Srevice Center of Ozurgeti Municipality Service Center of Kareli Municipality Service Center of Dedoplistskaro Municipality
  • 36. Service Center in Kaspi Municipality Service Center in Samtredia Municipality Service Center in Zestafoni Municipality
  • 37. Technic Park from the Leasing projectIn January 2012, the company has signed a lease agreement, by which wewill brought technics from Belarus: Tractor Беларус-826 – 90 HP - 250 Units; Tractor Беларус 622 – 20 Units; Excavator-loader ЭП-2620 – 12 Units; Tractor Беларус 622 With snow-clearing equipment - 20 Units; Mounted type cutter ФС-2 – 1,8 Meters. Width - 20 Units ; Plough ПНО-3-35 3 sectional - 250 Units;
  • 38. Thanks for yourattention! “MEQANIZATORI” LLC Akhmeteli 10a, 0159, Zemo Alekseeva# 002/027, 0159 Georgia, Tbilisi Telephone:+995 (32) 243 30 30 (141) @mail Web-page: