MELJUN CORTES Visual basic 2005 Mobile Programming

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MELJUN CORTES Visual basic 2005 Mobile Programming

MELJUN CORTES Visual basic 2005 Mobile Programming

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  • 2. In this session you will learn: •The .NET Framework Architecture. •What is a .NET Compact Framework program. •How to build the User Interface for Mobile Applications. •How to manage device data. •To develop a simple mobile application. Mobile Programming Objectives Visual Basic 2005
  • 3. Mobile Programming The .NET Compact Framework is a programming interface and runtime library created at the nexus of two Microsoft technologies: ◦ Windows CE, an operating system for mobile and embedded smart devices ◦ .NET, Microsoft's reinvention of its programming interfaces and developer tools Overview Visual Basic 2005
  • 4. Mobile Programming The Microsoft .NET Compact Framework (.NET CF) is a version of the .NET Framework that is designed to run on Windows CE based mobile/embedded devices such as PDAs, mobile phones, factory controllers, set-top boxes, etc Overview Visual Basic 2005
  • 5. Mobile Programming The .NET Compact Framework uses some of the same class libraries as the full .NET Framework and also a few libraries designed specifically for mobile devices such as Windows CE InputPanel To be able to run applications powered by the .NET Compact Framework, the platform must support the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework runtime Overview Visual Basic 2005
  • 6. Mobile Programming Small Modular Portable Compatible Connected Real Time Design Goals Visual Basic 2005
  • 7. Mobile Programming The .NET Compact Framework team adopted the following design goals for the .NET Compact Framework: ◦ Build on the benefits of the .NET Framework ◦ Maintain consistency with the desktop version ◦ Ensure that the framework runs well on mobile and embedded devices ◦ Expose the richness of target platforms ◦ Preserve the look and feel of platforms ◦ Provide portability to other mobile operating systems Design Goals Visual Basic 2005
  • 8. Mobile Programming Is built to use the .NET Compact Framework libraries Has a GUI Is defined entirely in accessible source code Has one or more classes derived from the System.Windows.Forms Essence of a .NET Compact Framework Program Visual Basic 2005
  • 9. Mobile Programming To create a new .NET Compact Framework application, start Visual Studio .NET 2005 and select the File, New Project… menu item Smart Device project types Creating a Smart Device Application Visual Basic 2005
  • 10. Mobile Programming Form design of a smart device application Creating a Smart Device Application Visual Basic 2005
  • 11. Mobile Programming ADO.NET also includes a set of .NET Compact Framework classes used for database programming in mobile applications It provides a convenient, flexible model for operating on memory-resident databases ADO .NET Programming Visual Basic 2005
  • 12. Mobile Programming Because of the capabilities of the ADO.NET classes, you can use either a two-layer approach or a three-layer approach to data management A two-layer (connected) approach ADO .NET Programming Visual Basic 2005
  • 13. Mobile Programming A three-layer (disconnected) approach ADO .NET Programming Visual Basic 2005