MELJUN CORTES Change Process


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MELJUN CORTES Change Process

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MELJUN CORTES Change Process

  1. 1. *The Change Process: An Insight in Transformational Leader’s Competencies* MELJUN CORTES
  2. 2. Purpose of the Study - Aims at finding out the extent to which transformational leaders exercise the required competencies during the process of change with in an organization.
  3. 3. Theoretical Framework Frames and reference may be defined as the past moments of socialization that does enable people to locate, perceive, identify and label occurrences in their lives and world. Leadership Concepts and Theories a. Peter F. Drucker on leadership - according to him, effective leadership is one associated to thinking through organization’s mission, defining it and then clearly / visibly establishing it. - Effective leaders do not blame others of their wrong doing for leaders are all too aware that ultimately their responsibility to take care of whatever happens.
  4. 4. John Adair on Leadership - Adair illustrates the three elements of leadership ( task , team, and individual) via Venn diagram with each element intersecting and hence affecting each other. He suggest that if something significant happens in one of 3 elements it will have consequences in the other 2, since all the three elements are meant to work together for a strong sense of achieving the vission.
  5. 5. Conceptual Framework One of the concept discussed in line with the Adair’s Leadership which is involve the task, team, and individual. Added to the concept is Peter Drucker’s Leadership theory that highlights little if any difference between leadership and management by definition. Karl Weick’ ( 1995 ) sense of making concept will also come into play, in trying to analyze the cases towards the aim of getting the findings. Sense making originates from the leader’s realizing and communicating the vision to the followers.
  6. 6. Summary and Findings The research carried out on the selected cases yielded results which showed that to a certain extent, although transformational leaders exercise competence, there is a reasonable number of shortcomings during the process of implementing change.
  7. 7. Vision for future research - One areas that could be of interest is the self factor in the organization or company. - Gender issue in leadership and management. The role of women in particular would be a topic of consideration, in search for a gender balance.
  8. 8. Thank You For listening….