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Womma summit trends_and_takeaways

  1. 1. Key TakeawaysWhat happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – right? Notthis time!This eBook examines the valuable word of mouthmarketing trends presented through case studies andKeynotes at WOMMA Summit 2011.In partnership with NM Incite – WOMMA gatheredsome dynamite trends and takeaways from 14different attendees. They hail from brands andagencies, the U.S. and abroad.These complement the over 22,000 social posts thatpoured in during the conference.Highlights:• The Science of Content• The Core of Word of Mouth Marketing• Most talkable brands, topics, trends and tweets• Over a dozen key takeaways from Summit attendees 2
  2. 2. WOMMA Summit 2011 Takeaway Rundown4 Most Retweeted | Top Tweeters | Demographics5–7 Measurement Dynamics | 2012 Trends | Offline Research8 Top Topics, Brands, and Tweets9 – 12 Advocacy | Real-Time Marketing | The Top 5 “A- Ha!” List | The WOMM Core13 Most Buzzed about Speakers14 – 17 Shared Media | Social Scale | Paid, Earned, & Owned Media | The Science of Content18 The Social Volume Breakdown19 – 22 WOMM from Abroad | Measuring Results Through Engagement | Social Conscience | Going Big23 Social Volume by the Numbers 3
  3. 3. Understanding Word of disciplinary study (Peres, Shachar and Lovett, 2011)--which coalescedMouth Measurement online buzz data from NM Incite and offline word of mouth data from theThrough its Dynamics Keller Fay Group, along with Young and Rubicam‟s Brand Asset Valuator and aThe wide variety of case studies and near 5,000 people survey--showed thatresearch-based presentations at the media and entertainment were mostWOMMA Summit 2011 underscored the talked about online, while beverages,same message: It is time to show the food and dining lead offline word ofimpact of word of mouth marketing mouth. Consumers were highly likely toprograms – whether they take place talk about technology and cars, bothonline or offline. The question is how do online and offline.we create noteworthy, measurableresults? WOMMA Summit 2011 re-iterated that word of mouth marketers cannot relyThe case studies showed that on the hope that a creative idea willintegrated word of mouth marketing be enough to make waves. It takescampaigns perform stronger than creativity and strategic planning.single-method ones. Social media Brands need broad platforms whereinitiatives augment program impact, marketers can implement numerouswhen they are bundled with PR and/or initiatives over time, based on amedia buys. Mattel‟s presentation on nuanced understanding of consumerBarbie and Ken‟s rekindled love is an behavior, culture and media.example of such an integratedapproach. Mattel also shows us that ittakes a persistent platform with multipleamplification initiatives to buildmomentum, sustain word of mouth andsee tangible business results.WOMM Dynamics Idil CakimTo measure success, marketers have to VP of Clientunderstand word of mouth dynamics Developmentand information flows unique to their NM Incitecategory. Are consumers more likely totalk about the brand online or offline? @idilcakimWhat does that mean for marketingand sales? For instance, a multi- 5
  4. 4. 3 Trends That Will Make social problems as to their own self- interest. They are shifting their ownor Break Your Business in behavior to mindful consumption. When given a choice, they will transactthe Next 3 Years with the company that is socially conscious.In this challenging economy andrapidly evolving marketplace where Consumer Distrustcrowd-sourced word spreads like Increasingly, consumers dont trust orwildfire a brand can be "in" today and listen to brands. This explains why"out" tomorrow. Only the brands that research shows when social media wasanticipate and respond to what the combined with other media consumerscrowd is saying will thrive. were 2 to 7 times more likely to transact with the brand. Of the 3 types ofHere are 3 top trends from WOMMA media – paid, earned and owned – theSummit 2011 that brands need to biggest growth is in earned. Earned willaddress as soon as possible: eventually overtake other media.Mobile Explosion Consumer attention span used to be 20Mobile is ramping up faster than any minutes, now its 9 seconds. In atechnology we have seen in the past. competitive environment the brandsBy the end of 2011, over half of that can quickly engage consumersAmericans will own smart-phones. 2012 with fresh, relevant content and makewill be known as the year of the smart- it simple for the consumer to interactphone and your entire business will will capture market share.succeed or fail based on how it rendersin or interacts with consumers phoneswithin 3 years. Many Facebookexperiences that have been built arenot consumable on a mobile device.This needs to be fixed ASAP. Mobilecant be stressed enough. Deborah HollandSocial Consciousness EVP Publishers ClearingConsumers want and expect Housecompanies to contribute as much tothe betterment of the world and solving @DeborahJHolland 6
  5. 5. The Next Generation of Prof Barak Libai‟s research with Pursway attempted to build a picture ofOffline Research consumers‟ real world social networks from their purchasing behavior. ByMany brands are starting to understand analyzing credit card data to identifythe importance of brand word of „together shoppers‟ – individuals whomouth within social media. As long as repeatedly purchase items in the sameconversation occurs online they can stores within short intervals – they cansee it, analyze it, measure it, and even build “a hybrid online/offline socialscrape together some budget to play graph” which ranks an individual‟swith it. influence according to their ability to drive others to buy. The approach isIf only that awkward statistic about real ridden with challenges, but original andworld word of mouth would go away. exciting.You know the one. The old chestnut As Google‟s Senior UX Researcher Paulinforming us that 90% of word of mouth Addams says, “our online socialhappens offline. And according to networks are simply a crudeKeller Fay‟s latest research unveiled at representation of our offline socialthe Summit, it ain‟t shifting. networks. We have a long way to go before getting anywhere close to theThis reluctance to tackle offline WOM complexity of real life.” Althoughstems from its complexity and the understanding brand word of mouth ischallenges of quantitative only in its infancy, we must continue tomeasurement; but at the Summit, push for that complexity; not retreatseveral speakers strove to bring science into accessible but ultimatelyto the offline scene. inadequate approaches that remain limited by technology.One such was Australian agency Soup.Soup discovered that roughly 50% ofFacebook users had a tight overlapbetween their offline and online socialnetworks. Within those, each had an Molly Flattaverage of 8.5 distinct clusters offriends, with 29 in each, and 2.9 Social Businessconnections between any two friends. DirectorThis is early stage stuff but shows how 1000headsintegrated thinking can help us better @mollyflattsegment and target. @1000heads Email 7
  6. 6. A Push Towards So often we use social media to promote our achievements but whoAdvocacy really likes being around a friend who brags all the time? I know personally,Every brand has a Facebook page, a some of the best bonding momentsTwitter handle and most have a with my friends were during low pointsYouTube channel. Now what? in our lives, and we worked through it together. It made us stronger. SameAt the WOMMA Summit 2011, it goes for brands. When we humanize abecame clear the focus is about brand it‟s easier for a consumer tomoving those fans and followers to relate and, consequently, become abecome a brand‟s best buddy buddy and not just a “Like”.otherwise known as advocates. Just likemy best friend would talk me up (right, Our founder at Mr Youth, Matt Britton,Erick?), marketers are actively seeking spoke with P&G‟s Kerri Christian aboutways to get their existing community to how to cultivate advocacy withtalk them up. It‟s not enough to just college students. The program allowsacquire fans/followers because any students to experience the brandgood media buy or acquisition benefits first-hand while beingcampaign will do that. It‟s now about educated about it in a language theyconverting an acquaintance (i.e. understand because it‟s coming fromfan/follower) to a BFF. another student not a commercial.Lots of ways to were discussed to help WOMMA Summit 2011 showed that it‟smake those conversions. Ryan Davis of time to get serious about cultivatingBlue State Digital discussed how his friendships - not counting our “Likes”.agency created advocacy during the After all, I‟d rather have 1 best friend2008 Obama campaign. One way was than 10 acquaintances.by being 100% transparent with theircommunities. When their campaign hita low point, they immediately went toYouTube and posted videos of theircampaign manager candidly speaking Joe Fairlessabout their progress (or lack thereof) Managementand talking through his proposed game Supervisorplan. Mr Youth @JoeFairless LinkedIn 9
  7. 7. The Era of Real-Time negative perceptions by giving young influential hipsters at South-By-Marketing Southwest rides in their latest models, including the Volt.As expected, I learned a lot, madesome great new contacts, and I learned that the traditional Marketingindulged my senses at WOMMA Summit approach of “learn, then do” must be2011 in Las Vegas. What exceeded my turned on its head as consumers will tellexpectations is how unbelievably us what is relevant and meaningful ininspired and motivated I emerged from real time and we must respondthe three days in Sin City about the immediately, doubling down on whatfuture of this profession that we are all works and shutting down whatdevoting most of our waking hours to – doesn‟t. I learned that planning cyclesMarketing. are being reduced from years to months to days to minutes. ForI learned that our profession is evolving example, the 2008 Obama campaign‟squickly from a bias for one-way sales- most successful fundraising e-mailmanship and sometimes exaggeration, came not by a planned release, butto a bias for participation, collabora- from a spontaneous, real-time reactiontion, authenticity and transparency. to comments made by a RepublicanEffective marketing will no longer be adversary. “Learn Do” has becomemeasured by concept or copy score, “Do Learn”.but by people‟s real reactions to realpropositions in real time. Marketers willno longer hide behind spreadsheetsand focus group glass but emerge toshare the job of brand-building withtheir loyal enthusiasts. For example,Sephora has nurtured a group of super-users to help like-minded beautyenthusiasts find the products and getthe look they desire. Chris LairdI learned that brands are stepping CEOaway from traditional vehicles like TV to P&G Tremorgive consumers authentic experiences @ChrisjLairdthat change brand perception. Forexample, Chevy sought to change 10
  8. 8. The Top Five “A-Ha!” List Return on Relationship (ROR) How can a brand make my life better,Escalate always flies home from WOMMA more exciting, and provide value?events with tired brains. Why? Because Escalate has long described thisWOMMA events offer up mountains of as “Marketing with your consumer, not atintellectually challenging insights. After them.” It was great to hear this comeeach WOMMA event, those who attend „back‟ to us, albeit in very different words.share a “Top 5 A-Ha” list, plus ourcomments, with the entire agency. Here is Off-Line Conversations about Brands Stillour “Top 5” list from WOMMA Summit 2011 Dominate (90%) All Measured WOMplus our headline comments on why they While there remains great excitement,made the list: focus and investment in Online WOM (or “dWOM,” or “Social Media” or…)Stand Out or Don’t Bother numerous sources continue to indicate theOur brains are hardwired to fascinate and much larger size and greater (even whenbe fascinated; you can either have the indexed) impact of Offline WOM.biggest budget or be the mostfascinating. Sally Hogshead, WOMMA Measure Influence and then Engagekeynote speaker, gave a riveting with those who BOTH care about yourframework that directly applied to our brand/service/category AND can get anefforts. WOM is never about the biggest authentic message to more people whobudget; WOM is always about engaged will want to hear it. Influencers aren‟t justconversation. Perhaps that is why WOM people with cool jobs. So any effort to finddelivers more effective results than “big true influencers requires a morebudget” MARCOM spends. sophisticated effort than many currently put in. We must all always challengeEngagement is a 24/7 Job ourselves to be true to the definition ofRecognize, encourage, acknowledge, Influencer and the level of sophisticationquestion, and surprise & delight or people required to find them.won‟t care about you. It‟s about 365 daysa year, not 360 degrees of message As always, the WOMMA Summitcontact points. Many of our clients follow challenged us to think…and thinkthe Integrated Marketing hard…about what we do and how we doCommunications (IMC) model. We it.encourage them to evolve their modelbeyond IMC to our IntegratedEngagement PlanTM (IEP) approach. Stu Sheldon Co-President Escalate @EscalateTweets 11
  9. 9. The Core of Word of That more than 300,000 people signed. The only way for your brand to stayMouth relevant is to involve consumers in everything your brand does.Word of mouth marketing is evolving. Afew years ago, word of mouth Consumer collaboration impliesmarketing was mainly about creating actively listening to consumers, but alsobuzz through campaigns. The keynotes implementing their ideas. It impliesand many of the cases at WOMMA bringing brand fans together; creatingSummit 2011 clearly showed that word communities where these fans can talkof mouth is a consequence of being a with each other. Create a place whereremarkable company. Word of mouth they can debate about the future ofis a consequence, not a goal. your category and your brand. Let them help in setting your company‟sCompanies that create top products future.and offer wonderful services areconversation-worthy brands. If that WOMMA Summit 2011 showed me thatbasic layer is guaranteed, creative and word of mouth is about defining youropen communication can increase the companys identity and bringing thatquantity of positive and impactful identity to life. The best place to start isconversations about this company. with your own employees (just like the guys from Zappos & Groupon told us)But there is more. So far, companies and with your customers (just like thehave used the consumer too people from Sephora told us). Use theopportunistically. Consumers can do positive power of the people bymore than just talk about our brand. building a bridge between yourConsumers can do more than share employees and your consumers.your advertising with their network. The Collaboration is part of the future ofbiggest opportunity to leverage the word of mouth marketing.power of consumers is to collaboratewith them.2011 was the year when peopleactively meddled in the development Prof. Steven Vanof society. “Occupy Wall Street” lives in Belleghemmore than 1000 cities. We had the Arab PartnerSpring. The Bank of America had to InSites Consultingadapt its policy recently after onesingle consumer started a petition @steven_insites Email 12
  10. 10. Who Owns Shared A great example of this was provided in the Mattel case study reintroducing KenMedia? into the market.Throughout the 3-day Summit, the topic Mattel and its agency outlined how theyof Shared Media was mentioned in a effectively used the Owned, Paid andnumber of panels and presentations. It Earned media to generate Sharedwas introduced as a new Media type, Media in an integrated marketingjoining the traditional Owned, Paid and campaign. They used the OwnedEarned Media channels. Shared media channels of Barbie & Ken, such as arefers to the documented engagement microsite and the brands social channelsbetween a brand and a consumer on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Hulu,where that engagement is reflected in Foursquare etc. They also partneredboth of their networks and not fully with Match.com, Magnolias Bakery,owned by either entity. In layman‟s Dylan‟s Candy Bar and Christies Auctionterms, when you like or comment on a House to drive further awareness. From abrand‟s Status Update or post on the Paid Media perspective they usedwall of a brand‟s Facebook page, a billboards, magazines, blogs and otherphysical record of your action now exists display placements to generateon both the brand‟s Page and your additional awareness.personal Profile. The brand doesn‟texclusively own the content, nor does The combination of efforts resulted inthe consumer. The content is partially tons of Word of Mouth, which generatedowned and partially earned, thus the Earned and Shared media as consumerscontent results in Shared Media. posted comments, referred their friends and discussed the brand within theirShared Media is becoming an social graphs. They even crowdsourcedincreasingly important and valuable consumers allowing them to choose thechannel for brands as it relates to brand next career for Barbie, which willawareness and discovery on the social ultimately affect new productWeb. Search engine giants such as development.Google and Bing have announcedchanges in their algorithms to includeShared Media as a factor in SearchEngine Result Placement (SERP) for Nichole Goodyearbrands. These shifts fundamentally put Strategic AdvisorShared Media and Word of Mouth at the Extolecore of marketing strategies that take @ngoodyearinto account Owned, Paid, and Earned LinkedinMedia to generate Shared Media onbehalf of the brand. 14
  11. 11. Social Scale Through Success is no longer defined by the subjective and inexact assessments ofBetter Measurement influence and engagement. It‟s now about the same metrics used with allSocial marketing is a fast moving place. other media investments - incrementalAs exciting as it is to see the latest social sales and ROI. The ability to comparemarketing practices and success stories social sales and ROI “apples-to-apples”at WOMMA Summit 2011, it‟s the with other marketing initiatives givesevolution of the measurement marketers the confidence to scalediscussion that is most interesting. social initiatives to more accuratelyMeasurement of this stuff has come a represent the sales, revenue and profitlong way since the early days of word it is generating for the business.of mouth marketing. It‟s an exciting time in social marketingMarketers have had to rely on various right now. The role social in theevaluations of influence and marketing mix is evolving and thatengagement to determine the business came through loud and clear atimpact of social marketing. While WOMMA Summit 2011. It‟s less aboutthese evaluations are informative, they digital teams creating slick Facebookare not financial metrics so they can‟t pages and videos they hope will goalways be used to make strategic viral - it‟s about making social anmarketing decisions. This has held a lot integral part of a company‟s marketingof companies back. Without the strategy. It‟s about focusing onappropriate investment, marketers customers and building the types ofcan‟t realize the full sales potential advocacy that drives measureablesocial media has to offer. sales. WOMMA Summit 2011 has proven that growing and measuringThat‟s all changing. Measurement firms social is now a critical part ofare now taking proven analytic testing marketing.processes and applying them to socialmedia to measure its business impact infinancial terms. It‟s not just online salesthat are being counted. These Brian Cavolipractices are now incorporating Director, Marketingvarious offline data sources to get a BzzAgentclear picture of how social is impactingpurchases in the retail store. @bcavoli @bzzagent Email 15
  12. 12. What 2012 Will Bring to impact on advertising ROI, such as content interaction rates and its impactPaid, Owned, and on online and offline conversions.Earned Media Improved Marketing SolutionsThe interest around paid, owned and For marketers, the holy grail of paid,earned media (POEM) at WOMMA earned and owned is the integration ofSummit 2011 was intense and signals all three disciplines into a unified socialthe significance this marketing strategy advertising experience. Over the nextwill play in 2012. Although it‟s been a 12 months, we will see the introductionwidely discussed topic over the years, of advertising solutions that incorporateonly recently have we broken down editorial content and social elementsthe silos and developed the tools, into the ad. This model will transformstrategies and tactics to legitimize this paid media into a social vehicle thatapproach. However, while there is amplifies earned and owned assets.greater clarity, there are still manyunanswered questions about While these are only predictions, it‟sexecution. That said, here are a few hard to deny that the paid, owned andpredictions of how POEM will unfold in earned ecosystem will attract the lion‟s2012. share of attention in 2012. This is an exciting time for social media andContent Marketing via Influencers online advertising we‟re excited to see how it unfolds.The definition of “influencer” will extendwell beyond those with juiced up socialmedia activity. Instead, marketers willidentify their brands‟ most influentialauthors and leverage their “influentialcontent” to support the brand story.A New Lens on MetricsSocial media‟s impact on marketing Fred Hanhas forced brands to reevaluate the Director of Marketingaccuracy of traditional ROI metrics, Communications & PRsuch as CTR, impressions and CPM. In2012, we will uncover a new breed of NetSheltermetrics that address social media‟s Technology Media @FredFunk 16
  13. 13. The Science of Content of tools that can analyze a community, on Facebook for example, and based on data such as aggregated commonContent has always been a key topic interests, yield insights into relevant offat WOMMA events; however at the brand content that communityWOMMA Summit 2011, the insight members will be more engaged with –around the structure applied and very exciting.science used to create a contentstrategy was elevated. Also, the ability to test is helping brands figure out what types of content andBrands who act like publishers are: media types receive the most visibility, engagement, sharing, click-through• Creating a content supply chain for and ultimately conversion. organizing and amplifying content• Building a content journey that Competition for achieving visibility and maps to the customer‟s journey engagement with published content is through the purchase path increasing as more companies invest in social. Having good, unique content is• Structuring an editorial program not enough anymore. Content needs specific to each target segment to have a major WOW factor in order based on themes and topics from to attain visibility in search engines and conversational analysis social networks, where algorithms are• Identifying the media formats and becoming increasingly advanced at social channels most effective to identifying and rewarding the best reach a specific audience segment content.Another big takeaway related to After all, there is no engagementcontent is the demonstrated success without content and engagement isbrands are having with publishing the cornerstone of a successful socialcurated 3rd party content via social media or WOMM program.media. One example provided was amix of 30% created and 70% curated.Insights were also provided around the Ben Castelliidea that online communities will often Agency Directorrespond better to curated contentwhen it is fun, engaging and has a Room 214strong affinity within the community. @BenCastelliThis is where the science comes intoplay. There are an increasing number 17
  14. 14. From Istanbul with feeling of confidence and excitement to move forward.WOMM It‟s amazing to see how oneIt has been a week since I got back conference can bring such positivefrom WOMMA Summit 2011 in Las business results in such a short period ofVegas and now I can say that it wasn‟t time.just a marketer‟s daydream. It was allreal. The dream illusion was a mixture of great speeches, great content andThroughout this fabulous conference, I fabulous people not to mention themet valuable contacts from all over the fun. And now I realize that it wasn‟t justworld. Mutual business relationships a Vegas dream, it was a real WOMMAhave already started and I can success. Thank you and see you nextconfidently say that this year‟s Summit year.will show positive results in my balancesheet.WOMM research always fascinates meas we don‟t have much of that inTurkey yet. Although the Turkish marketis one of the best markets for WOMMpractices in terms of scale and culture,we don‟t have many aspects ofWOMM explored here. So to me,listening to presentations aboutmeasurement was priceless.I came back with a long to-do list. This iswhat we all wish for from a conference.Another important benefit was Renan Tavukçuoğluconfirming the validity of some WOMM General Managertools we‟re using by gut feeling. We‟reall in WOMM business, so this was a FikriMuhimgreat opportunity to learn from one @RenanTanother. This brought the pleasant Email 19
  15. 15. Driving Measureable on any social network that delineates: • Rules of engagement with our audiencesResults with the Art and • Best practices: what‟s proven in industry through competitive analysis and trialScience of Engagement • Rules of Moderation and Escalation: establish a pathway to get quick approval on time-Tarah Feinberg at iCrossing offered a thought sensitive responsesprovoking and innovative take on mapping socialmedia efforts directly to sought-after business • Localization: how will audience nuances inoutcomes. translation, time zones or cultures be addressed • Scalability of effortsCan social media actually drive real business value Next, unlock business value by moving beyondfor marketers? What if social media could do all counting your social media metrics to businessthese things we want it to do: drive traffic, increase outcomes:sales, create social inventory, increase conversion, • You have to know what you care about anddrive audience development and insights, provide what matters most to your businessCRM, and fuel new content ideas and products? • The lifetime value of customer acquired throughTarah‟s take on this: the key involves establishing a social is 2-3x the value of a customer acquiredstrategic social media practice within a company from search.that combines marketing, PR, creative and digital • Key = developing the right KPIs, such as: reachwith a focus on driving specific business objectives (to drive awareness), traffic (to drive action),and a focus on how to get there. and extension (to drive advocacy)Currently, there‟s a great deal of “disintermediation” • Define a test to assess the validity ofhappening because brands and audiences no social media metrics against your KPI‟slonger have a media machine coming between • Did you actually drive revenue fromthem. Now BRAND – MEDIA – AUDIENCE are Facebook? What are the right metricsinterconnected: audiences create their own media that contribute to this: fans, likes, re-while brands can communicate in a much more tweets, comments, shares, views, orintegrated fashion. How can you maintain visibility referral trafficwith Facebook and Twitter being an immensely noisyplace unless you know how to filter? By moving away from campaigns to initiatives that have potential to become ongoing brand programs,Brands often find themselves unsure how to measure you can reinvest, optimize and grow initiatives in ain different cases and most struggle to develop best very agile way based on changing businesspractices. Marketers have to think about what outcomes. Create a brand social media laboratorymetrics matter to a particular brand (instead of just in which you can test, learn, and integrate the bestcounting things such as the number of Facebook into ongoing tactics. When you find out whichfans and taking it beyond day-to-day audience initiatives best do that, add them to your brand‟smanagement). “Dynamic Playbook” of how you can best engage, activate, and capture.We have to sift through the noise of metrics just likewe have to curate content overload. We need tomap measurement and performance analysis Stacy DeBroffdirectly to business values. We also need to establishan internal governance foundation for engaging CEO Mom Central @StacyDeBroff 20
  16. 16. Social Conscience To be successful in the 21st century, brands need to redirect their thinking from building profits to building social capital. ConsumersNot only has the world become unarguably are increasingly drawn to brands that conveymore socially connected, but evidence a larger social meaning. Brands need tosuggests that at the same time the world is solicit consumers as their partners in changebecoming more socially conscience, and by building social capital and allowingbrands must play an active role in building a consumers to co-create the brand and thebetter world through social media. world in which they want to live. This approach will drive fan action.As author Simon Mainwaring pointed out in hisWOMMA keynote, there appears to be a Social media empowers consumers bygrowing trend for change in traditional free- awakening their collective socialmarket capitalism as we know it today. consciousness to the possibilities of change.Mainwaring believes that a drastic shift in free But consumers must begin by changing theirenterprise is needed to create a better world own behaviors. Consumers must practice– and this will require a transformation of both thoughtful and socially responsiblecorporations and consumers. consumption, becoming involved in social entrepreneurship, and leveraging theirConsumers around the world, in every investments to influence corporations toeconomic category, are connecting in real change.time and in very far-reaching means as neverbefore as a result of new and emerging As a business professional navigating the newInternet-based communications platforms social world in which we live, I will use mysuch as email, blogs, forums, Facebook and social networks to actively espouse SimonTwitter. But in addition to the commonplace Mainwaring‟s social conscience ideals. Hepersonal updates for which many use social has challenged me to think about the newmedia today, these omnipresent social tools reins of power we each hold as consumersalso allow consumers to quickly, easily and and business leaders as a result of the socialpublically expose bad corporate behavior by media tools we use every day, and the newraising their voices in protest. Conversely, responsibility we now carry to make positiveconsumers can also reward conscionable change in the world.and well-intentioned brands with “Likes,”purchases, referrals and recommendations.More than ever, consumers have the powerto both reward and punish, and to build greatmomentum for these actions through Chris Garritynetworking and collaboration. Director of CustomerClearly, the rise of social media gives Experienceconsumers new leverage to persuade Astute Solutionscorporations to accept greater responsibility @CWGarrityfor their behaviors, while at the same timeoffering corporations opportunities tostrengthen ties to their consumers. 21
  17. 17. well versed in her concept of Fascinate,Go Big or Don’t Bother and asked to apply these two ground rules when setting goals:Evolution and Changes 1. Your goal must expose you to aAs WOMM continues to evolve from very real chance of failure.more of a one-to-many broadcastmodel to a dialogue between an 2. Your goal must be big enough andorganization and their customers, social important enough to proclaim amedia will come to play an even more true purpose for your work.critical role. The move towards a desire Allowing this concept to permeateto know what a user is saying about a Nology Media‟s corporate culture willproduct or service presents a greater help us make great ideas become aopportunity for brands to better reality. It will fuel our creative process.communicate with their customers. The winners in this scenario are our clients, who will be the beneficiaries ofCurrently available social media inspired work.platforms are shifting power into thehands of the customer – and new toolsare going to market every day. Theability for one to share his or herunfiltered experiences with friends,families and peer groups will hold aheavier influence over buying (or notbuying) than ever before. It is no longerokay to shout at your customers whatyou think is important. Paying attentionis critical. Listening and responding arekeys to a business‟ success.A Real Chance for FailureSally Hogshead‟s keynote speech Megan Montplaisirabout making what you do count really Director of Socialresonated. Her mantra “go big or don‟tbother” is central to Nology Media‟s Mediaplans for 2012 and to what makes our Nologycompany unique. All of our decisions @mmontplaisirwill reflect this. Staff members will be 22
  18. 18. WOMMA Rundown WOMMA is the premier non-profit trade association dedicated to advancing and advocating the discipline of credible word of mouth marketing. Member 2012 WOMMA Demographics Education Jan. 24 Community Manager Certificate Program – Module 1 Community Specialist Feb. 21 WOMM-COM Fundamentals May 7-9 WOMMA School of WOMM Chicago, IL June 5 WOMM-COM Fundamentals July 10 Community Manager Certificate Program – Module 2 Community Manager July 31 WOMM-COM Social Customer Care Nov. 14-16 WOMMA Summit – Las Vegas, NV Nov. 27 Community Manager Certificate Program – Module 3 Community Strategist Dates subject to change More on 2012 WOMMA EducationFor Membership Info, For Education Info, Contact Jason Dent Contact Megan Laatsch 312-853-4400 x201 312-853-4400 x215JasonDent@WOMMA.org Megan@WOMMA.org