White paper leveraging facebook to improve roi on brand sites


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White paper leveraging facebook to improve roi on brand sites

  1. 1. White PaperLeveraging Facebook toImprove ROI on Brand Sites
  2. 2. user management platform for the social web WHITE PAPER Introduction Marketing has always been part art and part science. Savvy digital marketers are familiar with the quantitative element because of the inherent trackability of the channel. However, as social has entered the picture, marketers have struggled to find the right metric to measure. Even as marketers build their Facebook Fan base, they understand that while Fans are easy to track, they don’t necessarily equate with ROI. The “art” of digital marketing is now based on building a bridge between your Facebook presence and your brand site. For years, marketers have looked for ways to connect social media programs to overall marketing campaign goals, with limited success. And the reasons are obvious: Facebook is designed for users to stay in touch with their friends. The mental model of users is to be social - not to interact with your company. Brand marketers have started leveraging Facebook for social awareness experiences, with some success. Facebook campaigns typically focus on driving messaging and pass-along on behalf of the brand, usually with a contest component. Yet at the end of the day, brands have built a large Fan base, and may still have not moved sales at all. The key to creating profitable marketing initiatives with Facebook is to have a clearly defined process for moving users from Facebook to your site, and then for leveraging information from them to give a better experience, leading to better ROI and performance on your entire campaign objectives. Finally, you must leverage your insights to further target and segment your audience within Facebook for future campaigns. This paper reviews how to structure campaigns so they perform with maximum potential to build quality, high-conversion customers quickly and repeatedly. Facebook - A Challenging Marketing Landscape Facebook has captured marketers’ attention like no other platform since the advent of television. On AdAge.com alone, there are over 108,000 articles about Facebook. So, it’s not surprising that Facebook accounts for 17.7% of all display advertising online, according to eMarketer. So far, though, Facebook’s advertising has been more evolutionary than revolutionary. Facebook does allow marketers to precisely target users based on demographic and psychographic data. While that is a compelling next step compared to print and television’s “spray and pray” approach, the impact from your marketing dollars are no more trackable with Facebook Facebook Leaps Ahead in Display Ad Revenue than they were with a print run.Copyright © 2011 Janrain Inc. All rights reserved. JANRAIN WHITE PAPER | www.janrain.com | 888.563.3082 PG2
  3. 3. user management platform for the social web WHITE PAPER Facebook’s ad campaign performance reporting does not offer granularity or deep trackability to target individuals. Print and television have offered some demographic variance (more women watch the Food Network, for example), and even some slight psychographic targeting (home owners watch more HGTV). And their reporting is very similar to Facebook: aggregated metrics for the entire audience exposed to the ad. While they do offer the ability Facebook’s Underwhelming Metrics to review ad performance by demographics, they don’t offer any psychographic overlays, or show you the response of individuals. In addition, the opportunities for remarketing on Facebook are fairly limited. Facebook Page Admins can use Facebook Ads to target their own Fans and their friends, but those only show to Fans when they are on Facebook. According to comScore, only 10% of time spent online is on Facebook. That means the brand’s ads are competing in a channel that is very crowded for eyeballs. And if the campaign is designed to market to those Fans outside of Facebook, media planners are simply out of luck. Facebook does not offer a way to leverage Fan information outside of the Facebook platform. So, while advertising on Facebook is definitely worth testing, it can’t be the whole story - for a multi-channel marketing program, Facebook must drive traffic back to the company website to convert. What To Do About Facebook’s Underwhelming Metrics Today’s digital marketer must be a master of metrics. Since the advent of the clickthrough rate, hard metrics and user-level trackability have been the main benefits of digital marketing over other mediums. With increasing performance expectations from Sales and Finance offices, marketers need to show the performance of their campaigns in the most comprehensive way possible. And, they need the ability to understand performance for ever-smaller and more focused target audiences to drive efficiency. Unfortunately, Facebook Insights does not offer highly actionable metrics that can be used to impact an entire digital presence. Facebook Insights does provide marketers with some aggregated user data. However, this data can only be used within the context of Facebook. In other words, if a brand’s only advertising channel is within Facebook, the data set is strong. However, most marketers manage a multi-channel digital strategy, with email campaigns, display, affiliates, PPC and SEO. In this context, Facebook’s inability to impact these other channels becomes readily apparent, and ultimately relegates Facebook to just an add-on to the main digital initiatives.Copyright © 2011 Janrain Inc. All rights reserved. JANRAIN WHITE PAPER | www.janrain.com | 888.563.3082 PG3
  4. 4. user management platform for the social web WHITE PAPER In the extreme, imagine a marketer going to the individual Facebook profile pages of each Fan one by one. Even in this case, marketers can’t access any more information about their Fans than the default information sharing level set in the Fan’s “public” profile view. Individual customer information just isn’t available from Facebook, unless marketers enable the user to use her Facebook identity in the context of the brand website. Users can share their profile information with any company they choose; but first the company must give users the ability to share that information through an authentication or sign-in process. Social login software is designed to accomplish that task quickly and easily. When a user signs up or logins into your brand site with their social identity, you can store all of that rich profile data for future marketing purposes. True one-to-one marketing becomes possible because now you have access to dozens of data points about each user. Apart from all the rich data users share about themselves (see Appendix), they can also share information about their friends. As a result, you can quickly identify qualified prospective customers based on their similarity to existing customers. Facebook Fan Pages are still an important part of an overall marketing strategy to build loyal brand advocates. Considering that the majority of An Example of Social Login That Delivers Data product purchases come from a very small subset of consumers, programs to foster brand loyalty are critical. For consumer packaged goods brands, a mere 2.5% of consumers account for 80% of sales, according to a year-long study from Catalina Marketing. When your customer base is concentrated, it is crucial to know those customers intimately. The Facebook Fan Page is the first step in that process. Use your existing customer base to drive current customers into your Fan page by telling customers about your Fan page in all the channels you are currently using. Television and print ads now routinely reference the Facebook Fan page; emails, autosignatures, and your own website are additional points of integration to build an initial Fan base. Linking Facebook and Your Site Together Marketers have seen much better performance of Facebook Ads when they keep users within the Facebook platform. The lesson is that Facebook Ads can help grow your fan base, but aren’t an effective way to drive users back to your site. Therefore it is important to create connection points between your Facebook presence and your website, where you have more control over the user experience.Copyright © 2011 Janrain Inc. All rights reserved. JANRAIN WHITE PAPER | www.janrain.com | 888.563.3082 PG4
  5. 5. user management platform for the social web WHITE PAPER Specific strategies for driving your Fans from Facebook over to your site will depend on your business objectives, but proven techniques include: • Exclusive content that is only available on your site • Rich interactive experiences, like animations, that deliver value to your audience • Deals or offers that are distributed and promoted through Facebook, but redeemed on your site • Deeper community based around specific topic areas or smaller niche communities within your customer base • The opportunity to live chat or interact with a company representative • Exclusive products that are only available for Facebook Fans, but accessed through your website • Early/preferred access to betas, special requests for feedback from customers Successful brands recognize that users respond differently to incentives and therefore deploy a variety of connection points between Facebook and the corporate site. Once a user moves from Facebook onto your site, you will naturally want to encourage a log-in event to confirm their identity for the special offer you have created for them. At this point, follow digital marketing best practices, with a landing page that is optimized for the audience. Prompting a log-in event with a Facebook identity in this context feels both natural and appropriate. Once the user is authenticated, offer a personalized experience based on the profile data the user has given you permission to access when he/she logged in with a Facebook identity. The user’s social profile data can be stored and mined in myriad ways, such as feeding into your email marketing campaigns, CRM system, or other databases. Most importantly for Facebook, it can be mined for customer profiles that you can target, but would otherwise be untrackable. In mining social profile data, you may uncover associations that will lead you to adjust your Facebook Ads targeting strategy. This expands your Fan base, and allows you to continue to expand your marketing targeting naturally and organically. Say, for example, that you discover that a substantial minority of your website users have TBS’s “House of Payne” listed as a favorite TV show. This would naturally lead you to target other fans of that same program on Facebook, with the goal of turning them into Facebook Fans of your own brand. It would also be a natural extension to allocate television marketing dollars for that specific program as well. The overall goal is to draw broad insights about your specific audience that would never be possible using just Facebook or your website separately.Copyright © 2011 Janrain Inc. All rights reserved. JANRAIN WHITE PAPER | www.janrain.com | 888.563.3082 PG5
  6. 6. user management platform for the social web WHITE PAPER Putting The Pieces Together Here’s an overview of how Facebook and your website work together to create a viral process for growing your customer base: The process is now straightforward: • Through the Facebook Ads interface, create Facebook Ads that incent users to become Facebook Fans • Deliver special offers, content, and promotions to these Fans that require a conversion on your brand website • Require the Fans to login to access that special promotion using their social identity • Receive and store their social profile data based on that login (which can be used in myriad ways, including site personalization for that individual) • Mine that profile data in order to expand your Facebook Ads targeting and segmentation, and determine your most valuable customer types. Use this to grow your Fan base, and drive new relationships. This system is one that is designed to scale automatically. As the social data set grows, marketers find new customer niches to target. The marketing program can start new, relevant conversations with these niches, and leverage success into ever-more accurate ideal customer personas. Janrain has put all of the pieces together to make this an easy and natural part of any social marketing program. For more information on how this integrated process would work for your organization, please contact us at info@janrain.com or 888-563-3082 . About Janrain Janrain helps organizations succeed on the social web with its user management platform – a suite of products to improve user acquisition and build engagement. Janrain Engage provides social login and social sharing to enable a user to login with an existing account from over 20 different networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google, as well as share activities from the site to their social networks. Janrain Capture is a turnkey registration and social data storage solution. Janrain Federate provides single sign- on functionality to extend a brand’s online ecosystem. Janrain customers include industry leaders such as Universal Music Group, MTV Networks, AMC Networks, Postmedia Network, Ning, Kodak, NPR, Sears and Citysearch. Founded in 2005, Janrain is based in Portland, Oregon. For more information, please call 1-888-563-3082, or visit www.janrain.com.Copyright © 2011 Janrain Inc. All rights reserved. JANRAIN WHITE PAPER | www.janrain.com | 888.563.3082 PG6
  7. 7. user management platform for the social web user management platform for the social web INDUSTRY EXPERT SERIES Appendix: Sample Profile Data Available Through Social Login Tools Sample Data Available Through Janrain Engage Get to Know Ann » Name » About Me » Gender » Location » Age » Birthday » Status » Time Zone » Photo Why? » Personalize Content » Target Advertising » Display Local Content » Birthday Greetings Contact Ann » Address » Website » Email Why? » Send Newsletters » Target Offering by City What Ann Likes » Music » Books » TV Shows » Movies » Interests Why? Meet Ann’s Friends » Suggest Related Products » Display Related Content » Same Information For » Foster Community Each User » Target Advertising Why? » Invite Friends to Community » Display Friends Recent Activites Copyright © 2011 Janrain Inc. All rights reserved. www.janrain.com | 888.563.3082Copyright © 2011 Janrain Inc. All rights reserved. JANRAIN WHITE PAPER | www.janrain.com | 888.563.3082 PG7