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Smn acquisio-best-practices-in-facebook-marketing

  1. 1. Best Practices inFacebook Marketing sponsored byA Search Marketing Now E-Book
  2. 2. Best Practices in Facebook Marketing Introduction ith more than 500 million active users on Facebook (as of Nov. 30, 2010), advertisers are salivating at theW opportunity to reach targeted and engaged audiences through Facebook ads. But paid advertising on Facebook is still in its infancy. Few organizations have figured out how to effectively leverage Facebook adsand, in many cases, resources and budgets have not yet become available for investment in the channel. For smartmarketers, this uncertainty around Facebook ads represents an opportunity.How do you begin? There are lots of ways to leverage your existing search programs to give yourself a head start onFacebook. More importantly, there are some unique best practices on Facebook. This E-Book provides a look a someof these current best practices.The following Search Engine Land and Search Marketing Now contributors made valuable contributions to thisreport: Kelly Gillease, Matt Lawson; Kevin Gibbons; Marty Weintraub; Kelsey Childress; Greg Finn; Joe Hall. Thanksto Lynn Russo Whylly for editing this report. I1 © 2011 Third Door Media, Inc. • Email: • (203) 664-1350
  3. 3. Best Practices in Facebook MarketingGetting Started If you are running a traditional online marketing campaign and driving traffic to Facebook while also running a specific Facebook campaign, keep your f your programs for Google, Yahoo and Bing areI running like well-oiled machines, it’s time to start poking around for new online marketing channels to test. Anoption many online marketers report increasing success campaigns (and your metrics) distinct. Promoting your Facebook efforts will necessitate different ad texts, URLs, calls to action and probably spend levels than a more traditional online marketing campaign driving trafficwith is Facebook ads. Facebook advertising doesn’t work directly to your site. Don’t mix and match them if youquite like a search engine does; it requires a unique decide to market via Facebook ads for both yourapproach. traditional and your Facebook campaigns.Remember that your targeting strategy should mirror Building your target segmentsyour search strategy. While Facebook advertising is A key benefit of Facebook advertising is its ampledriven by targeting users based on their Likes and targeting options. Besides location, demographics, andInterests, as opposed to user queries, most of the skills language targeting, there are several additional optionsand techniques you develop running successful search worth exploring, including keywords, connections,campaigns can be translated into the skills required to friends, “like”, and winning Facebook campaigns. The reason is,despite differences in targeting methodologies, Facebook Create your target segments first, then tailor your ads toand paid search advertising share a common bond– their match your segments – not the other way around. Youad platforms fundamentally rely on targeting specific may find that robust segment creation is monotonoussegments of users. and time consuming, but it is also worth it.If you are running a traditional online marketing campaign and driving traffic to Facebook while also running a specific Facebook campaign, keep your campaigns (and your metrics) distinct. To create a segment, start by building a placeholder adFinally, with a large set of potential keywords to explore, that meets Facebook’s guidelines. Your placeholder adFacebook marketers have to balance expanding their should have a full headline and full sentence in the body.audience with refining their traffic quality, and do so with Do not use any symbols or excessive punctuation ora keen eye to the impact that factors such as creative and capitalization. Use a live URL, and maintain a bid budgetlanding pages have on conversion. This plays to the of $1 plus $0.01. Dont rely on Facebook’s suggested adsearch marketer’s strengths: analyzing conversion rates as it will typically get disapproved.and ROI down to the creative level, building out multiplesimilar campaigns with varying targeting parameters, Keywords. For Likes and Interests targeting, exploresub-segmenting campaigns based on quantitative results keywords that are relevant to your site, but also exploreto refine traffic, testing ad copy and landing page competitor or related brand names that would be ofeffectiveness, bidding to business goals on ads with little interest to your target audience (a benefit in Facebookhistory or data, and managing ad quality. that cannot be done in search). For example, if advertising for Gap, you might also want to target peopleSetting campaign goals who are interested in Old Navy, J Crew, or relatedMany marketers are running Facebook ads to promote brands, as well as generic terms like “fashion” ortheir Facebook marketing efforts using a page, a group, “clothes.” Take note of Facebook’s suggestions as theyor another Facebook feature. There’s nothing wrong with can provide additional ideas.setting a goal related to social media, such as thenumber of new fans or friends; but tremendous value Connections. Connections on Facebook provide powerfulcan also be gained by setting more traditional (ROI- targeting features. You can choose to target profiles thatcentric) campaign goals (such as direct sales and site are only connected to a group or page you manage,traffic) for your Facebook advertising efforts. which is a great way to market to your current audience.2 © 2011 Third Door Media, Inc. • Email: • (203) 664-1350
  4. 4. Best Practices in Facebook MarketingThe more compelling feature, however, is to exclude this When implementing this code, make sure that theaudience by focusing on those Facebook profiles which message you send to non-connected users features textare not already connected to your group or page. If your telling them to like the page for more information andcampaign is set on generating new customers or fans, even include the ‘Like’ button and an arrow to the top ofthis feature will help narrow the focus of your campaign. the page where it resides.Friends. Targeting Friends of Connections can also help Beware that this strategy will only allow those withnarrow the focus further to those profiles which are Facebook accounts to view the content. Users must alsofriends of people connected to your group or page, be logged in to see it. In addition, all of the content cantherefore possibly a more relevant (like minded) be found by looking at the source code as Facebookaudience for your offering than a broader demographic simply replaces the unique content with whitespace foror Likes and Interests preference. users who do not like the page.Like. Consider encouraging people to “like” your For more detailed technical information, check out theFacebook ad. Facebook is vague on exactly what the visible-to-connection tagnumber of likes determines, but it could lead to increased [ serving via a measure similar to Quality Score. visible-to-connection] and the else tagTherefore, encouraging friends or fans to like the ad, if [ given your targeting, may help the ad’s success. e] on Facebook.Give users a reason to like you by offering a private Micro-targeting. Applying micro-targeting and price de-special to those who do. Through the “visible to averaging strategies lies at the core of search marketing,connection” tag, Facebook allows you to deliver unique and not surprisingly, these strategies are also central tocontent – including coupons, trials, samples, events, success with Facebook ads. There are a lot of levers tosneak previews and sales – on Facebook Mark-up toggle in Facebook when you are dictating the audienceLanguage(FBML) tabs to users who are already for your ads. Making sense of these levers requiresconnected to your page and to show a completely beginning with a large target audience, and then refiningdifferent code to those who haven’t liked your page. your campaigns based on data.Here is a great example of how you can use the “visible- For example, assume you are targeting people who areto-connection” tag on your Facebook tab with a interested in “biking” for a variety of biking accessoriessale/coupon code offering: that you sell. You can start with a campaign targeting “biking” enthusiasts and then build multiple campaignsGo to the Facebook Page each targeting “biking” sub-segments by age, gender,[] to see the location or even other likes and interests. By measuringcode in action. the performance of each sub-segment in terms of click- through and conversion, you can calculate appropriateHere’s a great example of a promotion that K2 Skis bids for each segment. This allows you to decrease bidsexecuted that features the “visible-to-connection” code on low-performing segments and increase bids for yourto leak their new skis for the 2010 season. Users who high-value audiences.were not fans were shown a blurred out image of theskis and those who were shown a micro-site with all of For search marketers, this process will sound similar tothe new skis for the season. refining your match types. The key difference here is that Facebook requires you to build a new offer for eachHere is a sample on how it looks when implementing this new segment you want to target, making exploration acode on your FBML tab: little more time-consuming. But with the right tools, these types of strategies can go a long way toward<fb:visible-to-connection> making Facebook ads deliver profitable returns for yourIf you like this page, you will see this amazing message. business. I<fb:else>Those that don’t like this page get thismessage<fb:else></fb:visible-to-connection>3 © 2011 Third Door Media, Inc. • Email: • (203) 664-1350
  5. 5. Best Practices in Facebook MarketingCreating and Implementing the right image can have a much larger impact on whether or not your ad garners a second glance or a click.Your Facebook Ads Most successful ads include colorful, engaging images. Adding borders to your photos in colors like orange or nce youve established your campaign goals andO created your targets, then it’s time to start implementing your creative. To avoid ad fatigue,change the image, headline and copy regularly. Roll out yellow that contrast with the blue and white Facebook interface is a simple way to pull the user’s eyes your way. Make sure to test early and often here, as the results will surprise you. We often find that winning images are notperiodically and manually rotate your Facebook ads. necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing; rather they are the ones that grab the most attention.Also, when creating Facebook ads that link to a non-Facebook site, use tracking parameters in URLs (oranother method of tracking) as you would for any online With users collectively spendingmarketing. Facebook ads also benefit from including animage, since click-through rates are much higher for ads more than 700 billion minutes perwith images than for those that are text only. Otherwise,test ads as you would for any online marketing program month on Facebook, they will beto see what works best. presented with your ads much moreGenerate Likes and Interests often than paid search ads.Just as in paid search, you will likely use keywords(called Likes and Interests) to target your ads to potential Refresh your adscustomers on Facebook. Identifying your highest With users collectively spending more than 700 billionperforming paid search terms can give you a head start minutes per month on Facebook, they will be presentedin determining relevant keywords for use as Likes and with your ads much more often than paid search ads.Interests. But, you have to be thoughtful about how you Because an ad can be served to the same users multipleuse these keywords. Similar to advertising on a content times, it doesn’t take long for Facebook users to becomenetwork, focus on topics and themes rather than “blind” to an advertisement. Additionally, if your ad hasindividual terms to translate from search keywords to low click-through rates, Facebook may look to serve thekeywords representing Likes and Interests. ad less than newer ads without performance history.You should be creative about generating Likes and Rotating images and ad copy are important to keep adsInterests by including related themes. For example, if fresh. Even Facebook itself suggests that you moveyou sell tents, consider Likes and Interests like around images and copy every couple of days to make“camping,” “backpacking,” “trail running,” “rock sure your ads remain fresh to the viewers and encourageclimbing” and other related activities. Also, you need to clicks. Serving a variety of ads to the same target groupbe wary of keywords that are too general. These terms can also help you hone in on the messaging and imagescan cast a wide a net in terms of audience and end up that make an impact on particular segments.diluting traffic quality and performance. Use Facebook’sadvertising tools to estimate the reach of targeting For newer Facebook marketers, finding the right tone andparameters, including candidate likes and interests. messaging can be tough when looking to attract fans. Facebook users are different than the normal websiteTest images before copy visitors as physical customers, in that they react toOn search engines, ads are typically limited to a 25 specials/offers very differently. However, if done right,character headline and 75 character description, making special information or deals can make your Facebooktesting and tweaking copy a snap. On Facebook, you have page flourish. The key is that, with so many companiesa little more copy to play with, but more importantly, you flocking to Facebook, it is so important to actually havehave the option to use an image in your ads. With the your page provide value to customers. Recently, therevariety of engaging social content on Facebook pages, to have been quite a few creative promotions that areput it simply, you need your ads to stand out to grab the textbook examples of how to offer value add toviewer’s attention. While relevant value propositions, customers. Idifferentiation, and calls to action in copy are vital, using4 © 2011 Third Door Media, Inc. • Email: • (203) 664-1350
  6. 6. Best Practices in Facebook MarketingExamples of Facebook offer a “Power Hour” sale that worked so well that it actually melted their servers, causing serious outburstsMarketing Plans from fans. While this sale had good intentions, it totally backfired and left a lot of angry folks steaming on their page due to a higher number of interested fans than theyK2 Skis had expected.This ski retailer did something drastic recently– itdirected its entire website to its Facebook page. K2 used This is a great example of showing that if you mess upits Facebook page to launch its 2010 product line and did on social media, your fans will call you out no matterso only to its Facebook friends. K2 created a customized how much they actually do like you. So test as manyFBML tab displaying the new 2010-2011 product line to variables as possible before launching a large promotionfans and won’t display them to those that have not ‘liked’ live and also have a backup plan (auxiliary deals, specialthe page. codes, etc.) just in case things do get out of control. It is pretty easy to promise something to Facebook fans, butThis is quite a bold move, but K2 is banking on gaining a it is a different thing to actually follow through, so if yoularge amount of valuable fans that can be re-marketed to are planning on giving everyone a deal, follow throughdown the road using Facebook. What value did the on it or feel the social media wrath. The bottom line is, when trying to lure your current customers to your Facebook fan page, make sure that you are providing them value and that you have a backup plan for any botched deals/sales as, unfortunately, this does provide fans? It gave users an ‘exclusive’ lookat the newest product line. The bottom line is, when trying to lure your current customers to your Facebook fan page, make sure thatNot every company needs to redirect its entire site to you are providing them value and that you have aFacebook like K2 did (that is actually not recommended), backup plan for any botched deals/salesbut this is a great example of using Facebook to break as, unfortunately, this does happen. These recentcompany news and attract interested fans in the process. examples simply provide information and exclusive discounts, something that all retailers should be able toBoca Java provide. So get going, and use specials on yourThis coffee retailer sent out an e-mail about a special Facebook page, as it is one of the best ways to attractdaily promotion that featured discounts, freebies, and new fans. Ipremium packages, and this well-planned promotiononly took place on Facebook.Boca Java did a stellar job of matching up the right Measuring Facebookcolors to Facebook, adding the element of mystery tohave users like their page early and running a sale with Advertising Resultsperceived value to its customers. An e-mail and acebook ads are a lot more like running a banner orpromotion of this scale is much more appealing tovisitors than an e-mail asking customers to be a fan of apage. This promotion is quite favorable for Facebookers,and creating your own Facebook deals and specials will F display campaign than like search engine marketing. You wouldn’t expect a search engine marketing result for a direct sales campaign. Click-through ratesgive users a reason to be your Facebook friend. (CTRs) are generally lower than search, and conversion rates can also be lower. That said, some advertisers are a great fit and see success via these campaigns, whileGamestop others are disappointed with the results when comparingIn an attempt to attract more fans, Gamestop tried to them to other marketing channels.5 © 2011 Third Door Media, Inc. • Email: • (203) 664-1350
  7. 7. Best Practices in Facebook MarketingLooking at brand lift through the eyes of afictional case studyBranding can be an important success measurement for 20 Tips for FacebookFacebook. There’s no denying it’s a highly trafficked site,and many marketers feel they simply need or can benefit Advertising Successfrom a presence on Facebook as part of their onlinestrategy. Also, since CTRs are on the low side and pricingis cost-per-click (CPC) based, there are a lot of free • Your targeting strategy should mirror your searchimpressions being generated for an advertiser. strategy.To understand results first-hand, let’s create a fictional • Tremendous value can be gained by settingcase study for an organization we’ll call “ACME Widget traditional (ROI-centric) campaign goals (such asCompany.” ACME buys traditional pay-per-click (PPC) direct sales and site traffic) for your Facebooktext ads on Google, Yahoo and Bing on an ongoing basis advertising efforts.for branding purposes. The value has been proven overtime. The key performance indicators (KPIs) for its PPC • Always create your segments first – tailor your adsbrand advertising are awareness, trial, and usage, and to to your segments (not the other way around).engage visitors in compelling content to further supportthe brand by off-page social engagement. • Start by building a placeholder ad that meets Facebook’s guidelines, including a full headline andSuccess is directly measurable by: full sentence in the body. Use a live URL; don’t use • Average page-views-per-click, including return visits symbols or excessive punctuation or capitalization. over 30 days • Cost-per-page-view, including return visits over 30 • Never rely on Facebook’s suggested ad as it will days typically get disapproved. • E-mail newsletter subscriptions within 30 days • Exit clicks to Facebook during any session • For Likes and Interests targeting, include competitor or related brand names that would be of interest toSuccess is also indirectly affected, but not directly your target audience.measurable, by: • Facebook fan page signups • When choosing keywords, start with the root • Blog content broadcasts and rebroadcasts via interest first (i.e., “football,” followed by “fantasy Facebook (as measurable via internal search) and football” or “Super Bowl XLV”) other channels as measured by a monitoring service like PostRank • To generate new customers or fans, focus on Facebook profiles which are not already connectedSearch PPC keywords driving impressions are typically a to your group or page.mix of brand, category, and product terms. Facebookimpressions are generated by marketing to users • Use the “visible to connection” tag to deliver uniqueidentified as passionate about (i.e., “interested in”) brand content – including coupons, trials, samples, events,terms and categories highly related to ACME’s products. sneak previews and sales –to users who are already(Remember, this is not “search” traffic. Nobody’s typing connected to your page and to show a completelyanything into a box to seek information.) different code to those who haven’t yet liked your page.For instance, if ACME is selling non-stick cookie sheets,Facebook segments might include users interested in • To avoid ad fatigue, change the image, headline and“cookie baking” and “cookie baking recipes,” in addition copy regularly. Roll out periodically and manuallyto ACME’s brand name permutations. rotate your Facebook ads.As a straight up math problem, it’s a no-brainer for • Click-through rates are much higher for ads withACME to market with Facebook PPC to scale its KPIs. The images than for those that are text only.lift is tangible. Though the site’s performance is notstellar, the client is redoing the site and results are still continued6 © 2011 Third Door Media, Inc. • Email: • (203) 664-1350
  8. 8. Best Practices in Facebook Marketingsomewhat decent. It’s reasonable to expect that any on-site performance lifts due to improvement will scale 20 Tips for Facebooksomewhat evenly for both search engine PPC andFacebook PPC. Advertising Success (contd)Now, let’s compare ACME’s search and Facebook PPC • Your highest-performing paid search terms can givetraffic. The numbers below are industry averages based you a head start in determining relevant keywordson private campaign results. for use as Likes and Interests. Focus on topics and themes rather than individual terms whenFirst, let’s look at ACME’s PPC keyword search traffic on translating from search to Likes and Interests.Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The stats below are for atraditional search campaign (ACME does not market in • Test creative early and often. Winning images arenetworks/exchanges), a Facebook campaign, and the lift not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing;provided by the Facebook campaign: rather, they are the ones that grab the most • 2009 monthly average Google AdWords impressions: attention. 36,589,022 • 2009 monthly average Yahoo and Bing PPC • Avoid grouping related but not similar interests (for impressions: 4,457,198 example, “solar energy” and “green energy” are • Average Google, Yahoo, Bing click-through ratio: 2.6% similar but not related, while “green energy” and • Average cost-per-click: $0.78 “wind energy” are related) • Annual monthly PPC cost: $832,417 • Average monthly PPC traffic: 1,067,201 • Ensure that someone’s word use is the same as • Average PPC page-views-per-click, including return yours. (For instance, “Football is the greatest sport visits over 90 days: 2.1 in the world” refers to soccer, not American • Total monthly average PPC page views: 2,241,122 football.) • Cost-per-PPC-page-view, including return visits over 30 days: $0.37 • Use alternative “interests/like” tools (such as • Average monthly e-mail/newsletter subscriptions (.001 Wikipedia links). of PPC page views): 2,241 • Exit clicks to Facebook (.0017 of PPC page views): • Don’t think of Facebook programs as campaigns; 3,810 think of them as AdGroups.Here is the Facebook PPC “interested in” traffic received • If you are running a traditional online marketingvia Google, Yahoo, and Bing PPC campaigns: campaign and driving traffic to Facebook while also • 2009 monthly average Facebook PPC impressions: running a specific Facebook campaign, keep your 4,457,198 campaigns (and your metrics) distinct. • Average Facebook click-through ratio: 0.0098% • Average cost-per-click: $0.51 • By measuring performance of sub-segment click- • Annual monthly PPC cost: $22,277 throughs and conversions, you can calculate • Average Facebook PPC traffic: 43,681 appropriate bids for each segment, allowing you to • Average PPC page-views-per-click, including return decrease bids on low-performing segments and visits over 90 Days: 3.6 increase bids for high-value audiences. • Total monthly average PPC page views: 157,251 • Cost-per-PPC-page-view, including return visits over • By estimating CPM and the average number of 30 days: $0.14 friends a fan may have, you can get a reasonable • Average monthly e-mail/newsletter subscriptions estimate of what it would have cost to run an actual (0.001 of PPC page views): 157 online ad campaign of the same reach. I • Exit clicks to Facebook (0.0124% of PPC page views): 1,950Now let’s analyze the Facebook lift: • Cost: Facebook PPC increases costs 2.6% • Impressions: Facebook PPC lifts impressions 10.8%7 © 2011 Third Door Media, Inc. • Email: • (203) 664-1350
  9. 9. Best Practices in Facebook Marketing • Traffic: Facebook PPC lifts traffic 4.1% This leading social media website offers free advertising, • Average PPC page views: Facebook lifts 0.58% an open customer service and communication platform, • Average monthly email/newsletter subscriptions: and a demographics database, so knowing the value of Facebook lifts 7% fans can be a big help when deciding how much time • Exit clicks to Facebook (1.24% of PPC page views): should be allotted to Facebook efforts. Here are some Facebook lifts social media exits by 51% ways to measure how much Facebook users are really worth.It stands to reason that users who click through fromsocial media are more likely to exit to a social media KPI. Measuring the number of quality fans. Many beginnerThe cost differential from traditional PPC to Facebook social media marketers believe total number of fans isPPC is a likely window which will close as more big what matters when it comes to having a great presencebrands notice and take advantage of the opportunity. online, but that isn’t the case. Websites that offerThere have already been significant price increases in programs to garner “1,000 fans in 24 hours” or the likesome categories. cannot guarantee that these are real people interested in your product and your message. Think of gaining qualityFor additional support, here are nine more compelling fans as building up organic search engine rankings.reasons to run an ongoing Facebook PPC program: • 32,460 users “Like” ACME and are not friends of Also, do not friend someone on Facebook just because ACME’s fan page yet they friended you. This is how many spammers gain • 12,454,060 identified users and 20 million estimated access to personal information. When a person becomes Facebook users are devoted to categories related to a friend, visit his or her personal or company profile page ACME products to verify he or she is in the same industry or would be • 10% PPC traffic lift at-will for any traffic-related KPI interested in your products or services. If the connection • Defend crucial space vs. negligence: this is a simple is legitimate, friend them back. Periodically updating and matter of reputation management evaluating fans is a great way to measure the value of • Every Facebook impression is a priceless branding Facebook accounts. High-quality accounts will also have vehicle friends who are specifically targeted to your product or • Environment is so viral that any message can explode, service, making the social media relationship mutually diluting the global cost-per-action beneficial. • PPC (Facebook and AdWords) is a proven avenue for building a Facebook fan page Measuring the value of advertising and promotion. In • Demographic detail on impressions and users is state terms of actual monetary value, fans can be measured of the art and low cost; use responder demographics and analyzed from two different angles: from a CPM data to learn more about customers standpoint and from a website analytics point of view. • Facebook + AdWords Data = priceless insight to advise When users become a fan of someone or something on SEO process, messages, content design, and organic Facebook, that action is front page news on their friends’ conversion funnels front pages, as well as appearing on the right side column under “Suggestions” while they are surfingMeasuring the value of a Facebook fan around Facebook. Because most people are friends withIt can be hard to justify the time spent on social media others who are in their demographic or share similaraccount management. But there are ways to measure the interests, they are much more likely to also become a fanreal value (monetary or otherwise) of fans on Facebook. (or visit the page). Therefore, it’s easy to think of Facebook fans as “free” CPM campaigns. Google defines a “goal” as a To track how many visitors viewed a website from Facebook, use Google Analytics or free URL shortening website page that serves as services like and that include analytics within user accounts.conversions for your site (with some Measuring conversions with goals and funnels. Besides extra code, they can even be file tracking traffic and visitor sources, Google Analytics downloads or on-page actions). “goals and funnels” feature can also be used to track the monetary value that Facebook brings to an e-commerce8 © 2011 Third Door Media, Inc. • Email: • (203) 664-1350
  10. 10. Best Practices in Facebook Marketingwebsite or as a generated lead. their fans and followers– whether they are customers,Google defines a “goal” as a website page that serves as industry colleagues, or potential leads by supplying high-conversions for your site (with some extra code, they can quality information and service. Ieven be file downloads or on-page actions). Someexamples of good conversion goals are: • A “thank you” page after a user has submitted information through a form, for example, for Conclusion newsletter signups, email list subscriptions, job acebook marketing is quickly moving from the “new application forms, or contact forms • A purchase confirmation page or receipt page • An “About us” page • A targeted news article F media” or “test” budget to a line item of its own. Not only is it a valuable option for reaching and engaging customers, in this age of customer control, it’s fast becoming a necessary way to get inside yourA “funnel” represents the path you expect visitors to customers’ approved circle, gain their trust, and get themtake on their way to converting to the goal. Defining to discuss your brand and your message with theirthese pages allows you to see how frequently visitors friends.abandon goals and where they go. Funnels in an e-commerce goal may include the first page of your That 500 million user-base on Facebook which wecheckout process, then the shipping address info page, mentioned at the beginning of this E-Book is an everand finally the credit card information page. The “Funnel changing, fast-growing group, and one that marketersVisualization” report will show the funnel path. can ill afford to ignore.Google Analytics Help offers a short tutorial on setting Use this E-Book to become an expert on Facebookup goals and funnels, including a case study of how the marketing. Just as you would with any other form ofChicago music festival Lollapalooza tracked social media media, set up your campaign goals, build and implementcampaigns with Google Analytics. your campaigns, test your target segments, creative, message and delivery, then measure and refine yourFor measuring offline reach (e.g., if a customer comes campaigns.into a company’s bricks-and-mortar-store), askingcustomers how they were referred is a good way to see if Your customers are on Facebook. With the right strategyFacebook influenced their decision. and program, you can secure their fan status for life.Direct communication. Facebook allows organizationsand websites to have a direct line of open communicationbetween themselves and their customers or users. This is Additional Resourcesalso a great way to build up a free, but closely-targeted,demographic database or sample group. Asking for Here are some great resources to help you plan andfeedback on new policies, products, or website layouts implement your Facebook ads:via Facebook is a great way to get free feedback from • Facebook Advertising – Facebook’s dashboard forpeople invested in what you have to say and offer. creating and managing Facebook ads. • Inside Facebook – a blog tracking Facebook and theAdditionally, answering customer questions and Facebook platform for developers and marketers.comments through Facebook is a great way to both • AllFacebook – Calling itself “The Unofficial Facebookcommunicate individually with customers while also Resource,” another good source of news, stats, andsharing those answers in a public forum for others who marketing tips.may have had the same question or comment, especially • How to Quickly Customize Your Facebook Page toif it is negative or causing dissatisfaction. Attract More Fans – Danny Sullivan’s guide to increasing your exposure and traffic on Facebook.While social media sites will (almost) surely never • 10 SEO Tips for Maximizing Facebook Visibility – Thisreplace customer service phone lines, they are an information takes you beyond the Facebook ad andaffordable companion and occasional alternative. What’s shows that ads aren’t the only way to gain Facebookmost important in social media is ensuring that a continues to show appreciation and respect for9 © 2011 Third Door Media, Inc. • Email: • (203) 664-1350
  11. 11. Best Practices in Facebook MarketingThe worlds leading Performance Media Platform, Acquisio helps marketers buy, track, manage, optimize, and reporton media across all channels. The platform was designed for search marketing, and it has evolved to includeFacebook ads and all major RTB display networks. Acquisio provides the industry-leading technology for marketersbuying ads on any online channel, allowing them to handle all tasks associated with performance advertising, fromad purchase through conversion tracking and beyond, within a single integrated platform.With more than $500MM in ad spend under its management, Acquisio is the multi-channel advertising solutionpreferred by advertising and marketing agencies around the world. For more information, visit Victoria, Suite 300Saint Lambert, QCCanadaJ4P 2J2toll-free: +1.866.493.9070direct: +1.450.465.2631fax: +1.450.465.2841 Search Marketing Now webcasts and white papers provide authoritative and actionable education about search engine marketing issues. Register today for one of our free webcasts covering topics about search engine optimiza- tion, paid search advertising and search marketing in general. Search Marketing Now is a division of Third Door Media, which publishes web sites, and produces in-person events and webcasts. Each of the four brands - Search Engine Land, Search Marketing Expo, Search Marketing Now, and Sphinn - fosters continuing education, evolution and engagement for the community we serve.10 © 2011 Third Door Media, Inc. • Email: • (203) 664-1350