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Retail cons goods_brochure

  1. 1. Akamai inOnline RetailAccelerate Online Retail by Delivering a Fast and Reli-able Consumer Experience
  2. 2. Web 2.0: A New Era in RetailAs worldwide broadband penetration increases, so do consumer expectations. “As Europe’s number one IT reseller,Fortunately, Web 2.0 has arrived. Web 2.0 is a key reason that consumers are it is essential that our online channelincreasingly turning to the Web for entertainment and information, and as their works to our customers’ advantageprimary shopping channel. As a retailer, Web 2.0 offers you an unprecedented way as well as supporting our interact and connect with shoppers, build stronger brand loyalty, and encourage Using Akamai means that we can offer e-mail image downloads torepeat purchases. our customers and support onlineBut while this revolution has enhanced your interactions with customers, it has also marketing campaigns that are bothshifted the balance of power to consumers. Through social media – such as user- innovative and effective, giving ourgenerated content and social networks – your customers can instantly share their customers quick downloads andexperiences – both good and bad – with others around the globe. Collaboration, performance as well as a securesharing, and community are the consumer requirements for today’s online retailers, and reliable online experience. This is achieved without the hugewith rich internet applications enabling site differentiation. infrastructure expenses that would normally be associated with our rapid growth.”Embracing Web 2.0 and Increasing Revenues Robert MuirWhat does this mean for you? It means you have to use Web 2.0 to your advantage. European e-Commerce Manager, MiscoFortunately, a host of technologies allow you to do just that. A new generation ofWeb applications called Rich Internet Applications – created using sophisticated SAMPLE COMMERCE SITEtechnology such as Macromedia Flash, Flex, and AJAX – enables rich interactions and APPLICATIONS WITH DYNAMICALLY-tailored experiences. Other technology, such as RSS, allows you to distribute positive GENERATED CONTENTconsumer reviews to relevant sites, such as shopping and travel sites. • Product configurator • Reservation systemWhat all of these technologies have in common is dynamically generated content • Shopping cart– that’s what enables rich interactions, social networks, and personalized experiences. • Store locator • SearchAnd it’s what is behind retail applications such as product configurators and store • Real-time product cataloglocators – applications that are more important now than ever. After all, more and • Dynamic image renderingmore consumers are researching products on the Web before making their purchasefrom a store or in a showroom.One-third of broadband consumers will wait nolonger than 4 seconds for a page to load beforeabandoning the site.1Jupiter Research
  3. 3. Delivering Dynamically GeneratedContent: The ChallengesWhile dynamically generated content offers an unprecedented opportunity to 65% of online shoppersengage with your consumers, rendering pages on-the-fly can lead to delays—and would stop or reconsidereven failures—in delivering content. And when you deliver dynamic content andapplications from your site, it places tremendous stress on your Web infrastructure. On shopping at a company’stop of that, you must contend with Internet issues that are beyond your control. Such physical store if they had aproblems may mean that prospects and customers experience poor performance – if poor online experience.2they can access your site or applications at all. Gomez. Inc.The fact is that traditional Web infrastructure does not cope efficiently or costeffectively with the highly variable and unpredictable nature of consumer demand – “We implemented Akamai Onlineespecially in the era of Web 2.0. This unfortunate reality can turn the most successful Commerce in late September, Threeproduct promotion into a company’s biggest nightmare. As an overwhelmed Web site weeks later we noticed a substantialbuckles under heavy demand, hoards of frustrated and angry customers are left in its downtick in our shopping cartwake. abandonment rate.”Or consider this – what if 50% of consumers using your online store locator plan to Gavin Galteremake an in-store purchase? If your store locator isn’t working, they might just turn to Director Network Operations, FootSmart.comyour competitor instead. The same can be said of your shopping cart application – iftransactions are sluggish, your customers might decide to shop elsewhere. “Simply put, over our two years of experience with their services,When it comes to delivering dynamically generated transactions and interactive Akamai consistently delivers 15%content, your Web infrastructure must provide superior performance for all more buyers. It’s clear that ourconsumers, regardless of their location. Your site must also scale to handle high traffic decision to work with Akamai back inload during peak usage periods. And it needs to be available to your customers 24x7, 1999 is still one of the best businessregardless of conditions on the Internet. Strong site performance and availability and IT decisions we’ve made”enhance the customer experience and decrease the likelihood of abandonment. This Val Agostino, Director of Softwaretranslates into increased conversion rates and revenues for you. Applications, eBagsWITH AKAMAI, LEADING LABELMAKER MANUFACTURER DYMOCORPORATION IMPROVED SITE 85% 12% 10 –12% Increase in Increase is site Increase in averagePERFORMANCE, RESULTING IN: online sales conversion rate order size
  4. 4. The Akamai Solution for Retail SuccessAkamai Dynamic Site Solutions enable you to accelerate dynamic, highly interactive “Our clients expect us to deliver qualityWeb sites – making the Internet a reliable and effective channel for conducting video content where and when theybusiness. Built on the Akamai Platform – the most pervasive platform for content need it, and in volume, so for usdelivery and Web site acceleration – the solution extends retail Web sites and having Akamai as part of our delivery platform was the obvious choice.”applications to the Internet edge. This means your content and applications are closerto your consumers. Dynamic Site Solutions accelerate the end user response times Steve Masters, Managing Director,associated with today’s dynamically-generated applications as well as the interactivity Laptopshopbetween the consumer’s browser and the site. The result is higher availability, superiorperformance, and greatly increased scalability for your retail site. “Increased site speed undoubtedly has been a major contributor to all ofWhy Retailers Choose Akamai the beneficial effects we’ve seen onAkamai Dynamic Site Solutions have helped many of the world’s leading retailers our sites over the past few months.embrace Web 2.0 and increase revenues. In fact, Akamai serves content and Without Akamai, there is no way thatapplications for more than 300 of the world’s leading retailers, including the top 5 a 100% increase in online bookingsglobal e-retailers. The following case studies are examples of the many retailers that could have occurred.”have realized success via the Akamai network and Dynamic Site Solutions. Scott Ohman, Manager E-Business Commercial, Cathay PacificBenefits of Akamai Dynamic Site SolutionWith Akamai Dynamic Site SPEED as accelerate the display of entire pagesSolutions, you can successfully Dynamic Site Solutions accelerate the – no matter what’s on the page. Evenuse Web 2.0 technologies to delivery of both static and dynamic, during peak traffic to your site, Akamaienhance consumer interactions, application-generated content, even ensures predictable site stronger brand loyalty, and if it is uncacheable. The solution can even manage application data calls SCALABILITYincrease revenues. Benefits of from the edge of the network, such The solution absorbs your peak trafficDynamic Site Solutions include as for infrequently changing data that – regardless of the number of sitethe following: is not time-sensitive. And it can apply visitors or their location – and eliminates these technologies to dynamic content as many calls back to the origin as associated with personalization. Dynamic possible. The large, globally distributed Site Solutions can even increase the EdgePlatform network enables this and effective download speed of your relieves you of the need to purchase application content to consumers, as well additional infrastructure
  5. 5. What’s at Stake?According to IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group), a quarter of all UK purchases “Apple and Akamai have consistentlywill be carried out online or via a mobile device by 2009. The IMRG also predicts that delivered the highest performance,e-retail sales in 2007 will rise by 40% to £42 billion and will account for nearly 40% highest quality streaming video andof all UK retail sales by 2020. If 2006 is any indication, this trend will impact retailers audio over the Internet.significantly. Here is just a sampling of how shoppers behaved in the UK in 2006: Philip Schiller, SVP Worldwide Product Marketing, Apple 90% 52% £30 “Because the site performs better, our customers’ shopping experience is 90% of shoppers 52% of consumers £30 billion of offline more enjoyable, and that translates researched goods online planned to reduce their retail sales were – then bought them offline into increased sales.” high-street spending in impacted by Internet lieu of online purchases information, research, Mark Richardson, Creative Services or incentives Director, Sierra Trading Post And these trends will impact retailers in a range of industries. Consider what consumers are buying online in the UK4: Over half of adult Internet Around a third of A fifth of people buy their users buy holidays online Internet users purchase insurance online books, clothes, and Around 1 in 5 users buy sporting goods 1 in 3 Internet users buy their groceries online computer software online. 35% buy tickets for 53% buy music and films events onlineAVAILABILITY SECURITY CONTROLRegardless of what type of content you In spite of the fact that your site and To fully benefit from extendingare serving, your site must be available applications are increasingly at risk dynamic content and rich Internetfor consumers to take advantage. of outside attacks, you must ensure applications across a distributedUnfortunately, Internet outages – beyond uptime. But as a retailer operating on network, you must maintain controlthe control of any single Web site – are razor-thin margins, you have to do this of your content. Akamai enablesunpredictable and potentially costly in without adding expensive equipment, you to configure how your contentterms of revenues and customer loyalty. software, and personnel, or deploying is cached and served. You also haveDynamic Site Solutions identify and avoid mirrored sites. Dynamic Site Solutions access to reporting and alerting toolsInternet problems by leveraging Akamai’s uses techniques that deliver your content that deliver insight into how yourglobally distributed network of servers and applications with the greatest speed extended content and applicationcoupled with advanced intelligent routing and reliability, even in the face of attacks infrastructure is functioning at alltechnology. A failover option allows your that affect the performance of the entire times.dynamic content to be delivered, even Internet.when your origin site is unavailable.
  6. 6. Why Retailers Choose AkamaiAkamai Acceleration BoostsMarks & Spencer’s OnlineOrders by 100%When Marks & Spencer decided to enter the world of online commerce, it faced adaunting challenge: living up to its reputation for high quality, value and service inan entirely new channel. Part of the strategy called for making the online shoppingexperience as rich and personal as possible, with thousands of high-quality images,shopping tools, and other bandwidth-intensive features. What’s more, the retailerneeded to ensure availability and high performance through a variety of seasonal andmarketing-driven traffic spikes. This included a series of online-only 20% discountdays that would be promoted via TV, radio, and print advertising—as well as online.Marks & Spencer implemented the DynamicSite Accelerator solution and realized thefollowing results:• Increased customer order rates • Gained capacity to process 300% “In 2005 we would not have been by 100% more orders per hour during special able to achieve what we did without promotions• Achieved a five-fold increase Akamai. It is the cornerstone of our in visitor traffic and bandwidth • Exceeded previous daily trading online business.” capacity revenue records by over 200% Ian Christie, Head of IT Solutions, Marks &• Improved page download Spencer Group times for 56K modems by 35%
  7. 7. Why Retailers Choose Akamai Redcats® USA Delivers Superior Online Experience for E-commerce Success Redcats® USA (formerly Brylane) is America’s Specialty Catalog and E-Commerce Leader™, with 10 catalogs and 12 e-commerce sites representing well-known brand names such as Chadwick’s of Boston, Lerner Catalog, Jessica London, and Lane Bryant Catalog. In 2003, Redcats USA was experiencing exponential growth across its family of Web sites, putting a strain on its infrastructure and creating a tremendous workload for the IT staff. As traffic surged with each new catalog released and high-resolution images taxed their existing infrastructure, Redcats USA needed a solution that guaranteed a quality online experience without breaking the bank. After considering the deployment of a dedicated group of image servers to quickly and reliably serve images, Redcats USA approached Akamai for a more holistic solution.Akamai Dynamic Site Accelerator fit the billperfectly, allowing the retailer to realize thefollowing results: “Any serious business with an online strategy needs to consider the• Quickly and reliably serves • Allows Redcats USA to provide a benefits of using Akamai’s solutions more than 200 million pages superior online experience views per month and services. I don’t know how • Reduces Web infrastructure costs we could accomplish what we do• Enables Redcats USA to and simplifies management today without using Akamai. It’s the capture more online sales • Enables fast time-to-market for new equivalent of a company not using a• Supports marketing brands phone system. You simply need it to campaigns, peak traffic, and run your business.” traffic growth without • Upholds brand image operational costs Alex Betancur, Vice President of Online Technology, Redcats USA
  8. 8. Why Retailers Choose AkamaiInterContinental Hotels GroupImproves ‘Look-to-Book’ Conversionsand Increases Online RevenuesAs the largest hotel firm in the world, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) fills535,000 guest rooms in 100 countries with 120 million customers each year. Andas an e-commerce industry leader, IHG was the first to offer online reservations inthe hotel industry, and the first to enable customers to review, cancel, or modifyreservations online regardless of the origin of the reservation. How does IHG support ahigh level of functionality for such a large and geographically dispersed user group? Itpartners with Akamai.IHG recognized early that customers equated its ability to deliver excellent serviceonline with its ability to provide great guest experiences in the hotels themselves.As part of a larger strategy to ensure excellence across all operational areas, IGHdeployed Akamai Dynamic Site Accelerator. The solution ensures that bookingapplications and customer support tools work without fail. It also ensures thatusers can easily take advantage of enhanced site functionality, richer content aboutthe company’s hotels, and useful personalization enhancements that make travelmanagement more convenient. “Akamai has had a positive impact on our Web business, which has translated into increased revenues forWith Dynamic Site Accelerator, IHG saw the InterContinental Hotels Group.”following results: Dell Ross• Increased online sales due to • 70% of bookings done via Web Director of Global E-Commerce Services, measurable improvements InterContinental Hotels Group in page download time, • Site performance and availability transaction processing speed, upholds brand image and overall site availability • Support peak traffic without• Significantly improved “look- additional infrastructure to-book” conversion rate • Recognized by Keynote as having• $3.5 million in reservations fastest site in industry booked online each day • Can support global customers without fail
  9. 9. Why Retailers Choose AkamaiSony Ericsson and AkamaiLaunch a New Age in MobileCommunicationsIn 2001, Sony Corporation and Ericsson formed Sony Ericsson MobileCommunications to deliver accessible mobile multimedia communication solutionsto customers worldwide. Part of the initial sales effort of the joint venture was basedon providing an exceptional online experience to a growing customer base. That’swhy Sony Ericsson chose Akamai EdgeSuite to ensure consistent, reliable, and securedelivery of its Web site content—and meet an aggressive launch schedule withoutadditional Web infrastructure build-out.Realizing the importance of differentiation, Sony Ericsson quickly set out to developinnovative, practical online applications such as a dealer locator, phone configurationtools, and screen image downloads—all to help its customers gain the most from theirphones and, in turn, drive customer loyalty. A high level of functionality – combinedwith ease of use and reliable performance – became the driving force behind allof Sony Ericsson’s Web sites. However, maintaining adequate performance forincreasingly complex Java-based applications proved difficult. The company quicklydismissed the build out of data centers in several regions to support content delivery “It’s of critical importance that Sonyto its international customer base. Instead, Sony Ericsson chose Akamai to both Ericsson leverage the Internet’sextend and simplify a Web infrastructure that currently supports more than 60 sites reach and economies of scale toand millions of visitors each month—saving millions of dollars in the process. enhance existing business processes and uncover new opportunities. EdgeComputingSM for Java will allowWith the Akamai solution in place, Sony us to deploy applications that meetEricsson realized the following benefits: our requirements for 24/7 global business operations.”• Improved performance • Reduced cost per user session by worldwide by reducing dealer 33% Mats Frisk, Core Application Architect, locator application response Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications time by over 400% • Simplified e-business infrastructure (reduced servers by 65%)• Increased online application availability from 92% to 100% • Streamlined application maintenance and content• Realized substantial management to support corporate infrastructure savings from goals reduced bandwidth, hardware, networking, and maintenance • Enabled faster time-to-market costs and lower development costs through reuse of object-oriented• Offloaded nearly 100% of Java development components application server processing to the Akamai network • Helping Sony Ericsson build brand equity through premium services
  10. 10. Why Retailers Choose Akamai Victoria’s Secret Web Site Raises the Bar on Customer Experience with Content Delivery from Akamai and IBM In January 1999, Victoria’s Secret aired its first-ever Super Bowl commercial, announcing a live Webcast of its Spring Fashion Show. The ad generated millions of hits on within minutes, and the live Webcast drew a record-breaking 1.5 million visitors worldwide. Success on this scale posed significant technical challenges, and many potential customers were unable to participate due to the site’s inability to support the traffic bursts. In planning their next major online event, the 2000 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Webcast live from Cannes, Victoria’s Secret faced a choice: purchase and deploy an immense number of servers to handle short-duration, high-traffic events, or look for a more cost-effective solution to provide capacity on demand. They turned to Akamai, in partnership with IBM, to help deliver an incredible user experience through improved traffic management and faster content distribution. By deploying Akamai EdgeSuite and Akamai Streaming, the client team ensured that the glamorous, high- quality images and video that represent the Victoria’s Secret brand would load quickly and reliably – through any traffic conditions. “It’s one of those great situations where everybody wins. AkamaiSpecifically, Victoria’s Secret saw the enables to efficiently distribute contentfollowing results: for our global e-commerce site• Building brand equity with • Saved 1 million dollars in while reducing the load on our high-quality images infrastructure investments infrastructure. This provides• Record traffic from improved customers a fast, seamless user • Freedom to focus on functional site performance site enhancements that grow the experience.” business Chris Evans Webmaster,
  11. 11. Take the Next StepDeliver a Great Online Shopping Experiencewith Web 2.0 and AkamaiWhile competition for customers is increasing, so are consumer demands. With “ Since implementing Akamai, ourWeb 2.0 technologies, you can create an experience that takes advantage of the Website performance and availabilitylatest online trends – and that satisfies consumer expectations. But delivering that have significantly increased, and both Comet and its customers can haveexperience in a way that assures a seamless and consistent experience is another confidence in the Comet Website asmatter. Reliably and quickly delivering the dynamically-generated content that fronts a secure and available environmentthe majority of Web 2.0 technologies is beyond the means of any retailer’s Web site to purchase goods online.”alone. Fortunately, there’s Akamai Dynamic Site Solutions. Phil SmokerWith Akamai Dynamic Site Solutions, dynamically-generated content is delivered e-commerce IS controller, Cometquickly and reliably – for each consumer. The solution enables you to accelerate yourtransactional and highly interactive Web sites securely – making the Internet a reliable “ It is an important part of Boots’and effective channel for conducting business. With Akamai Dynamic Site Solutions, business planning to increase theyou improve the speed, availability, scalability, and security of your site – all while proportion of our business comingmaintaining full control over your content and applications. from online customers. We have seen real performance improvementsDynamic Site Solutions supports the successful Web 2.0 applications of many of the to our website since we started toworld’s leading retailers. Whether it’s helping Marks & Spencer increase online orders use Akamai’s services. As we moveby 100%, allowing the InterContinental Hotels Group to deliver booking applications through 2007 we anticipate seeingand customer service tools without fail, or enabling AUDI AG to offer enhanced model an increase in the contribution thatconfigurators and promotional microsites, the Akamai solution helps ensure e-retail our online business will make to our overall growth.”success. Russell HarteTo find out more about how Akamai can help you deliver a great online shopping Business Systems Manager at Bootsexperience for your customers, visit “ The Akamai solution corresponds“Only Akamai allows us to guartantee full availability of our servers from the instant precisely to what I wanted: the best that the customer wants to place an order online. This is the case, no matter how availability for our Website at the heavy the traffic is, even during the holiday shopping rush.” best price. Without Akamai, it would have been necessary to increase the Guillaume Poitrat number of our servers by a factor or Direction des Etudes DARTY 10, or even more.” Stéphane Rios Responsable Technique de RueDuCommerce
  12. 12. About AkamaiAkamai® is the leading global service provider for accelerating content and business “Akamai supported 4X the normalprocesses online. Thousands of organizations have formed trusted relationships with traffic load on, servingAkamai, improving their revenue and reducing costs by maximizing the performance over 6.5 billion total hits for the month — 95% of all of the totalof their online businesses. Leveraging the Akamai EdgePlatform, these organizations traffic requests. By reducing the loadgain business advantage today, and have the foundation for the emerging Web on servers the companysolutions of tomorrow. significantly increased conversions and revenues, while avoiding costly, complex infrastructure buildout that would have remained largely idle for the rest of the year”. Tom Mundt, IS Director, BestBuyAkamai is “The Trusted Choice for Online Business.”For more information, visit U.S. Headquarters Akamai Technologies GmbH ©2007 Akamai Technologies, Inc. All Rights Park Village, Betastrasse 10 b Reserved. Reproduction in whole or in partin any 8 Cambridge Center form or medium without express written permission Cambridge, MA 02142 D-85774 Unterföhring, Germany is prohibited. Akamai, theAkamai wave logo are Tel 617.444.3000 Tel +49 89 94006.0 registered trademarks.Other trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. Fax 617.444.3001 Akamai believes that the information in thispublication U.S. toll-free 877.4AKAMAI is accurate as of its publication date; such information (877.425.2624) is subject to change without notice.