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Research the-new-ipad-7-updates-that-mean-business 9037137


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Next reports rep or ts.informationweek.comApri l 2012 $99The New iPad: 7 UpdatesThat Mean BusinessNow that the latest biannual Apple buzz-a-thon has died down,it’s time to see what the newest iPad offers enterprise users.We also asked 402 IT pros whether it’s time to put these devicesto work: Just10% don’t allow iPads and iPhones, mostlybecause of a lack of enterprise applications, while 42% saythey’ll increase use of Apple products in the future. Here arethe features and applications we find most compelling.By Kurt MarkoReport ID: R4650412
  • 2. Previous Next reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business CONTENTS 3 4 Author’s Bio Executive Summary Figures 6 7 Figure 1: IT Policy on Apple Products Figure 2: Supported Devices: 2012 vs. 2010 5 Research Synopsis 8 Figure 3: Reasons for Limiting Support of Apple Devices 6 Invasion of the Tablets 9 Figure 4: Organizational Approach to Apple Products 8 Tablets and IT Consumerization 10 Figure 5: Personal Opinion of the New iPad 9 What’s New About the ‘New’ iPad? 11 Figure 6: End User Perception of the New iPad 17 Will Macs Get Big? 12 Figure 7: Peacekeeper Browser Benchmark 18 Apples in the Enterprise 13 Figure 8: GLBenchmark 2.1 (Egypt Off-Screen 720p) 20 Conclusion and Recommendations 14 Figure 9: Evaluation of iPhone and iPad Performance 22 Appendix 15 Figure 10: Personal Satisfaction With Apple Products 24 Related Reports 16 Figure 11: Satisfaction With Apple Products From a Business IT Standpoint 18 Figure 12: Supported Business Applications 19 Figure 13: Most Compelling Features 20 Figure 14: Perception of Apple’s Position in the Smartphone Market 21 Figure 15: Tablets: The Fastest Ramping Mobile Device 22 Figure 16: Impact of New Release on iPad Use 23 Figure 17: View on ‘Post-PC Age’ TABLE April 2012 2
  • 3. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business Kurt Marko is a technology writer and IT industry veteran, now focused on IT analysis and reporting after a varied career that has spanned virtually the entire high-tech food chain, from chips to systems. Upon graduating from Stanford Kurt Marko University with a BS and MS in electrical engineering, Kurt spent several years as InformationWeek Reports a semiconductor device physicist, doing process design, modeling and testing. He then joined AT&T Bell Laboratories as a memory chip designer and CAD and simulation developer. Moving to Hewlett-Packard, Kurt started in its laser printer R&D lab doing electrophotography research, for which he earned a patent, but his love of computers eventually led him to join the nascent technical IT group. He spent 15 years as an IT engineer and was a lead architect for several enterprise-wide infrastructure projects at HP, including its Windows domain infrastructure, remote access service, Exchange email infrastructure and managed Web services. For the past five years, Kurt has been a frequent contributor to several IT trade and consumer technology publications and industry conferences. He is now a regular contributor to InformationWeek and Network © 2012 InformationWeek, Reproduction Prohibited April 2012 3
  • 4. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business SUMMARY Apple reinvented the tablet with its original iPad two years ago and redefined the form factor last year with a device so thin and light it felt more like a glowing, metallic magazine than a piece of computer hardware. Perhaps it’s just that familiarity breeds contempt, but the unceremoniously named “new” iPad seems more evolutionary than revolutionary. Still, it sports a few headline features—including the best display yet seen on any mobile device, tablet, smartphone or PC—while retaining all of the original’s strengths. It remains the standard against which all other tablets will be judged. Among consumers, it’s a foregone conclusion that iPad, generation 3, will be a success. But we decided to explore whether it will have a halo effect that bleeds over to Apple products in general, and, if so, whether the aura will extend far enough into the enterprise to challenge IT’s Wintel bias. To find out, we polled 402 business technology professionals, and the results were eye-opening. In this report we’ll analyze that survey, outline the seven new iPad features and applications we find most compelling for IT, and examine factors impeding broader enterprise use of Apple usage. April 2012 4
  • 5. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business SYNOPSIS Survey Name InformationWeek 2012 iPad Survey Survey Date March 2012ABOUT US Region North AmericaInformationWeek Reports’analysts arm business technol- Number of Respondents 402ogy decision-makers with real-world perspective based onqualitative and quantitative re- Purpose To gauge personal and enterprise interest in the new iPad as well as to gainsearch, business and technology insight into use of Apple devices in the enterprise.assessment and planning tools,and adoption best practices Methodology InformationWeek surveyed business technology decision-makers atgleaned from experience. North American companies. The survey was conducted online, and respondents wereTo contact us, write to manag- RESEARCH recruited via an email invitation containing an embedded link to the survey. The emailing director Art Wittmann invitation was sent to qualified InformationWeek,content directorLorna Gareyat,editor-at-large AndrewConry-Murrayat, andresearch managing editorHeather Vallis all of our reports April 2012 5
  • 6. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business Invasion of the Tablets Well, that certainly didn’t take long. Remem- use at their organizations. lation that the tablet may have hit its technical ber when the tablet product category was de- “Tablets will replace some laptops and desk- zenith with the just-released third-generation rided as gimmicky and superfluous compared tops,” says the CTO of an established media “new” iPad. In seeking to improve on the cat- with the versatility of the do-everything PC? In agency. “Consumer tech is way ahead of cor- egory-defining iPad 2, Apple is running smack our August 2010 Consumerization of IT Survey, porate IT. In fact, the iPad will be another nail into the law of diminishing returns, producing just 21% of the 417 business technology pros in the coffin of old policy-driven, staid corpo- improvements that are less and less meaning- responding said they officially supported iPads. rate IT control freaks. Business is demanding ful. It’s hard to see where Apple—or the com- When we posed the question again in Febru- speed, simplicity and ease of use. And the petition, for that matter—goes from here. ary, that number jumped an eye-popping 30 companies that get ahead of that curve will Make no mistake, the new iPad is a technical points, to 51%. An additional 35% say iPads are have a huge competitive advantage.” tour de force and raises the bar to a point that tolerated, though not officially supported. Control freaks? Ouch. we don’t see how the increasingly fractured The reality is that Apple has brought the The wages of this success for Apple? Specu- Android market can compete. Windows 8 may tablet concept from drawing board to matu- Figure 1 ration in a little more than two years, and IT Policy on Apple Products that’s bought it enterprise cred despite the What is your organization’s IT policy toward the following Apple products? company’s ongoing lack of business focus. Officially supports Tolerates but doesn’t support Doesn’t allow About half of the 402 IT professionals iPhone responding to our March 2012 iPad Survey say 50% 40% 10% their policy is to officially support the iPad, iPad confirming our consumerization results; 39% 47% 43% 10% are satisfied (30%) or very satisfied (9%) with Mac Apple devices overall from a business IT per- 36% 39% 25% spective. Just 9% say Apple products aren’t in Data: InformationWeek 2012 iPad Survey of 402 business technology professionals, March 2012 R4650312/ April 2012 6
  • 7. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business make a dent, but Redmond is late to the devices pull their weight in the business. One to cement that position. Estimates from For- game, possibly fatally so. area we don’t need to worry much about is rester, iSupply, IDC and Statista show the iPad But we digress. fragmentation. Apple owns the high-end taking around 55% to 60% of the global tablet Now the challenge for IT is to make these tablet market and, with the new iPad, it’s sure market last year and maintaining that share in Figure 2 2012. That’s down from upward of 80% a year Supported Devices: 2012 vs. 2010 earlier. However, we’re talking about a much Which types of company-supplied and/or user-provided devices are supported by your organization? larger pie, and most of the erosion has been 2012 2010 on the low end, with the Kindle Fire grabbing about 15% to 20% share, more than double 98% 97% any other Android device. If Amazon is of little concern to Apple, it’s even less so to enterprises. The Kindle is more 74% 74% a glorified e-reader/movie player than laptop alternative. Apple is still selling iPads as fast as 56% it can make them, to the tune of more than 15 51% 51% 49% 48% 48% million in the first quarter. Although most ana- Windows-based desktops/laptops 44% 42% Android- or Linux-based tablets 41% BlackBerry-based smartphones 39% Linux-based desktops/laptops Windows-based smartphones lysts expect it to maintain or slightly increase Android-based smartphones 35% 35% 31% that annual 60 million-unit pace, given sales of 30% Windows-based tablets Mac desktops/laptops 3 million on the first weekend—in what Philip Linux-based phones Other smartphones 22% 21% 20% 19% Schiller, Apple’s senior VP of worldwide market- 13% Other tablets ing, called the strongest iPad launch yet—cur- iPhones rent estimates may even be on the low side. iPads NA NA NA And enterprise IT prefers iOS to Android when Note: Percentages reflect those supporting or planning to support either company-provided or personal devices R4560512/12 Base: 400 respondents in February 2012 and 417 in August 2010 it comes to its top concern: applications. In our Data: InformationWeek Consumerization of IT Survey of business technology professionals latest Mobile Device Management and April 2012 7 R
  • 8. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business Survey, we asked respondents who build or Figure 3 plan to build custom business apps for mobile Reasons for Limiting Support of Apple Devices devices which mobile platforms they sup- What are your main reasons for limiting support of Apple devices? ported. Apple iOS was the top choice, beating Critical applications are not available on Macs and iOS devices Android by eight points and Windows by 25. 51% We don’t have Apple expertise and don’t intend to develop it 36% Tablets and IT Consumerization The question isn’t whether the iPad is a We can’t easily integrate Apple users into AD or other enterprise authentication/authorization system 34% success (it clearly is) or whether it’s a useful en- Macs and iOS devices are too expensive terprise tool. There, your employees have voted 27% with their wallets. We wanted to know whether Macs and iOS devices are too hard to centrally manageFundamentals: The the iPad, combined with consumerization, will 27%Mobile Payment Frontier challenge the longstanding barriers to enter- We have a volume Windows license and can’t get one from AppleRetailers’ options for accepting 20%in-store payments via prise adoption of Apple products overall.smartphones are all over the Despite Apple’s longstanding policy of not We limit the contracts for devices we buymap, including devices that use catering to the enterprise market, our survey 16%near field communication says the walls are coming down. We saw grow- Apple is too difficult to do business withtechnology, custom-built mobile 9%apps and fledgling payment ing acceptance, albeit not a wholehearted em-processors. One critical factor— Otherconsumer adoption—is still an brace, of the company’s products by IT pros 12%unknown. We’ll explain what who realize they’d better get on the consumer- Note: Three responses allowed R4650312/4companies need to know about ization bandwagon before they get flattened Base: 318 respondents at organizations that dont support or allow use of one or more Apple devicesemerging options and how they Data: InformationWeek 2012 iPad Survey of 402 business technology professionals, March 2012should prepare for a multifaceted by it. “We’re leaning towards a less and lesspayment environment. ‘Windows-centric’ way of providing services An interesting dynamic is around adoption ecutives, for whom Apple’s products are often and internal applications,” says one respon- by executives vs. the rank and file. Some status symbols, and workers. “Our chairman Download dent, and many others echoed that sentiment. respondents call out a disconnect between ex- bought an iPad but refuses to allow IT or April 2012 8
  • 9. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business one else to purchase one,” says a respondent. Figure 4 “However, he expects IT to have been born with Organizational Approach to Apple Products the iPad gene and know how to support it.” Please select the statement that best reflects your organization’s overall approach to Apple and its product lines. Conversely, Apple’s reputation for premium price and distinctive style can also work the We’ve never used Apple products and never will other way, leading some executives to see its 8% We’ve never used Apple products products as overkill. Maybe that’s why formal but are considering them now iPad enterprise adoption is still meager, with 15% We will increase our use of We’ve already replaced Apple products only 7% of organizations responding to our con- 42% Apple products in the future We are actively looking to 1% sumerization survey supplying them to more replace Apple products 2% than 25% of their employees. But the market winds are at Apple’s back. Fully 42% of our iPad survey respondents will increase use of Apple 32% products in the future, as an additional 15% con- We will continue our use of Apple products, but not increase it sider adding them to the supported mix. A mere 11% plan to become or remain Apple free. Data: InformationWeek 2012 iPad Survey of 402 business technology professionals, March 2012 R4650312/9 Now that we’ve established that and had time to use the new iPad and compare it with weary of the iPad commentary flooding the Note that physically the new iPad is virtually its year-old predecessor from an enterprise IT Web since launch day. But for those who R indistinguishable from the previous version, perspective, let’s see what’s new, what’s not, haven’t yet memorized the specs, here’s a run- with the larger battery’s added weight being what’s improved and what isn’t. down of the top seven changes and an as- the most notable difference. It’s a mere 0.6 sessment of their significance for enterprise IT mm thicker, about the width of 10 strands of What’s New About the ‘New’ iPad? buyers who may be mulling whether to up- hair, and weighs just less than 2 ounces more, By now, anyone with even a cursory interest grade employees now using first- or second- an increase that while minute is noticeable. in consumer electronics has probably grown generation devices, or to initiate a tablet pilot. 1. Display: Apple’s iPad website, which April 2012 9
  • 10. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business proclaims the new device “resolutionary,” illus- Figure 5 trates the most, well, visible new feature: a dis- Personal Opinion of the New iPad play with more pixels than a 1080p HDTV—pix- How do you personally feel about the new iPad? els so small they’re indiscernible at typical viewing distances. The new device has twice Don’t know; I haven’t investigated it yet I’m blown away; I want one the resolution of the iPad 2 and a greatly im- It’s disappointing; I doubt it will sell well 11% 13% proved range of displayable colors and satura- 1% Apple could have done better; I’ll skip it tion. “Picture quality, color accuracy and gray 14% scale are not only much better than any other tablet or smartphone, it’s also much better than most HDTVs, laptops and monitors,” says Ray- mond M. Soneira, president of DisplayMate Technologies, which provides video diagnostic 61% and display calibration software. “In fact, with It’s a good offering; about what I expected some minor calibration tweaks, the new iPad Data: InformationWeek 2012 iPad Survey of 402 business technology professionals, March 2012 would qualify as a studio reference monitor.” R4650312/1 A popular use of the iPad is outfitting sales teams with the devices so they can show cus- text. On high-resolution photographs and HD photography, like National Geographic’s or Time tomers dynamic, resizable images instead of R videos, content where one would expect the magazine’s, don’t test the limits of either de- static catalogs; whether the new tablet will new display to really shine, the differences are vice. The same is true of video. Forget YouTube; serve that function better than the iPad 2 subtle; the most noticeable improvement is even when watching HD videos downloaded depends largely on what you’re selling. In using color rendering and saturation, not pixel reso- from iTunes it was hard to tell the difference be-Like This Report? the new iPad alongside an iPad 2, I found the lution. This is actually a testament to just how tween the two devices. For videoconferencing,Follow Us! differences most noticeable on vector graph- good the iPad 2’s display already is. In fact, most either device is sufficient. Follow Follow ics—things like the home screen, icons and images, even from sites known for high-quality The new display does excel when it comes April 2012 10
  • 11. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business to text. Open up any of the apps recently up- Figure 6 dated to include so-called Retina support, like End User Perception of the New iPad iBooks or Kindle, and it’s like you’ve gotten a How do you think your end users feel about the new iPad? new pair of glasses. The quality rivals the best Don’t know hardback books. We hope Apple applies this It’s disappointing; I doubt they’ll want it They’re blown away; most will want one same display technology to its laptops, which Apple could have done better; many will skip it 1% 7% are stuck with suddenly inadequate resolu- 8% 22% tions with less than half the pixel density of their tablet cousins.Like This Report? 2. 4G LTE: The other big addition on select models, 4G Long Term Evolution wireless net-Rate It!Something we could do working, is less revolutionary if for no otherbetter? Let us know. reason than several Android competitors beat 62% Apple to the punch with this feature. Still, it’s It’s a good offering; some will want one Rate a welcome improvement, especially for road warriors, made all the better since Apple man- Data: InformationWeek 2012 iPad Survey of 402 business technology professionals, March 2012 R4650312/2 aged to include this power-sucking technol- ogy without compromising battery life (more in depth in our InformationWeek Strategy re- up, according to Ookla’s Speedtest app, with an on this later). R port on LTE, carriers can deliver download and occasional outlier testing up to 8 Mbps down. Sadly, LTE has made it into devices faster upload speeds of 15 to 30 Mbps, faster than Thus, even when not on an LTE network, the than it’s reached your local cell tower. Verizon most home broadband connections. new iPad’s wireless speeds will be faster than leads in the U.S. market, claiming coverage for Unfortunately, since I’m in one of those mar- most oversubscribed hotel Wi-Fi networks. about two-thirds of the U.S. population in just kets not yet served, I couldn’t verify the LTE Those lucky enough to be in LTE markets will over 200 markets, while AT&T hits about 25% claims. However, on AT&T’s HSPA+ network, I see faster speeds than most home broadband of the population in 28 markets. As we discuss averaged around 3 Mbps down and 1.5 Mbps circuits—all the better for April 2012 11
  • 12. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business In addition, Verizon models now support Wi- Figure 7 Fi tethering, what Apple calls Personal Hot- Peacekeeper Browser Benchmark spots. That means the new iPad can act as an Benchmark Result alternative to mobile routers like the MiFi. So 384 383 356 far, AT&T is mum on when or if it will offer this 344 feature, but since Verizon throws it in at no ex- 314 tra cost with iPad data plans (a nice bonus, given it charges $20 per month for this fea- 255 ture on the iPhone), it’s hard to see how AT&T 234FAST FACT remains competitive without it. Neither AT&T Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime nor Verizon yet offers a plan allowing individ-47% Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 uals to share data usage across multiple de- Applie iPad (1st gen) Apple iPad (3rd gen) Samsung Galaxy S II vices, although both carriers have hinted that LG Optimus 7 E900 96 Apple iPhone 4Sof the 402 business technology such plans are in the works. Still, for now, each Apple iPad 2pros responding say they device needs its own plan or must Wi-Fi tetherofficially support iPads. to another iPad or phone. 3. Performance: Despite rumors of a faster, Peacekeeper scores are measured in operations per second or rendered frames R4650412/1 quad-core CPU like the Nvidia Tegra 3 used on per second depending on the test. A browser with a high Peacekeeper score should deliver a faster and smoother Web experience within the limits of your Internet connection speed. the latest Android tablets, most of the engi- Source: Futuremark neering for the new iPad’s A5X processor went toward handling all of those extra pixels, R Apple also doubled the RAM, to 1 GB, and the the second- and third-generation devices. Ap- not running applications. Like the A5 found in RAM is now a discrete component, not pack- plications open with the same alacrity; the UI the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, the new processor aged together with the A5 system-on-a-chip. is just as responsive, with none of the jerkiness has dual instruction cores running at 1 GHz, In side-by-side testing, it’s almost impossible and random lags that plague Android; and I but double the GPU count, from two to four. to detect a performance difference between experienced nary a hiccup on real-time April 2012 12
  • 13. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business ities like streaming videos. The device is well- Figure 8 suited to conferencing or training or typical GLBenchmark 2.1 (Egypt Off-Screen 720p) knowledge worker tasks. 3D Rendering Benchmark Result 15066 For graphics-intensive apps, the extra cores definitely make the new iPad feel snappier. But again, the difference is subtle: It’s not like the iPad 2 was a slug. Synthetic benchmarks quantify my impressions. Whether looking at 9471 an overall system benchmark like Geekbench 8275 8139 or a browser test like Futuremark’s HTML5- 7316 Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime 6376 based Peacekeeper, results from the two Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy 5637 5566 5599 Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 recent iPad editions are almost identical. Acer Iconia Tab A510 Apple iPad (3rd gen) HTC Endeavor One X Samsung Galaxy S2 Graphics tests are a different story, particu- Apple iPhone 4S larly when running an apples-to-apples com- Apple iPad 2 parison using a standard-size frame buffer, as done in the GLBenchmark 2.1 Egypt off- screen test. Here, the new iPad wipes the floor GLBenchmark scores represent how many image frames were processed during the course R4650412/2 with every other Apple device, besting the of the 113-second test. Higher numbers are better, and the relationship is linear—if device A has double the score of device B, it processed twice as many frames in a given amount of time. iPad 2 by 50%. It even doubles up on the Source: GLBenchmark vaunted Tegra 3-powered Asus Transformer Prime. Graphics benchmarks like the R times as many pixels as the Android tablets teardowns, the device could accurately be de- GLBenchmark Egypt Standard, which runs at and four times the iPad 2. scribed as one big, flat battery with a few each device’s native resolution, show the new 4. Battery life: The new iPad maintains the chips and a fancy display panel glued on. No iPad besting every other mobile device out same long battery life as the iPad 2 thanks to tablet has been able to match the iPad’s there, even though it’s pushing over three a much bigger battery—in fact, looking at the longevity, with Apple claiming 10 hours April 2012 13
  • 14. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business normal use. In my year with an iPad 2, I’ve Figure 9 never had to recharge midday, even on those Evaluation of iPhone and iPad Performance Using a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is “poor” and 5 is “excellent,” please rate iPhones and iPads on their ability to fulfill the hectic travel sessions where I’m using the following mobile device evaluation criteria. tablet off and on for 12 straight hours. 1 Poor Excellent 5 I verified that the new iPad hasn’t lost its Quality of the user experience stamina by fully charging both an iPad 2 and 4.3 the new model and playing a 2-1/2-hour Overall feature quality (screen size, camera quality, battery life) 4.3 movie on both. In the end, the Battery Magic Overall speed and performance app measured about 80% battery life remain- 4.2 ing on each. Provide a common API for smartphones and tablets Although battery life is about the same, 3.7 recharging is another matter. Since the new Support both personal and work use on one device iPad’s battery is 70% larger than the old (42.5 3.6 watt-hour vs. 25 watt-hour) and uses the same Run third-party applications 3.5 lithium-polymer technology, it’s going to take Integrate into our systems (authentication, email, etc.) nearly twice as long to recharge using Apple’s 3.2 standard 10-W, 2A charger. And the external Encrypt data in motion to and at rest charger is highly recommended; using a stan- 3.1 dard PC USB port, which can supply only 0.5A, Centrally secure and manage the device (enforce policies, push applications, remote wipe, assess health) will take an eternity, particularly if the iPad is 3.0 in use. Factor that in when deciding whether Limit or exclude applications 2.9 to equip traveling users with the new device Run internally developed applications or stick with the iPad 2. 2.8 5. Hardware support: Other improvements Note: Mean average ratings R4650312/8 include an update to the iPad 2’s notoriously Data: InformationWeek 2012 iPad Survey of 402 business technology professionals, March April 2012 14 R
  • 15. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business lame camera and Bluetooth 4 support. At 5 Figure 10 megapixels, the rear camera on the new iPad Personal Satisfaction With Apple Products isn’t as good as that on the iPhone 4S, and, un- How would rate your overall personal satisfaction with Apple products? like the iPhone, it doesn’t include a flash. But I don’t personally use Apple products it does sport image stabilization and can take Very dissatisfied HD video, useful for some functions. There’s Somewhat dissatisfied 10% no change to the front-facing camera, so 1% 3% Very satisfied videoconferencers are still stuck with stan- 35% dard definition. Bluetooth 4 support also isn’t Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied 15%FAST FACT a major addition, but it does bring the iPad to parity with the iPhone and promises a new42%of respondents will era of lower-power wireless peripherals offer- ing easier device pairing and improved wire- less data encryption. 36%increase use of Apple 6. Better software: As with every Apple Satisfiedproducts in the future. mobile device rollout, the new iPad was ac- Data: InformationWeek 2012 iPad Survey of 402 business technology professionals, March 2012 R4650312/12 companied by an update to iOS and some new and improved apps. There are no major Siri, it’s still a useful alternative for those times course, Apple’s native apps were already op- breakthroughs in iOS 5.1—those came with users don’t want to deal with the touch R timized for the Retina display, but within days last fall’s introduction of iCloud and Siri. In screen keyboard when composing Web of the announcement virtually every major fact, it’s little more than tweaks and bug fixes. searches, email messages or notes. third-party app maker followed suit, meaning The big addition, especially for business users, The gen-3 iPad rollout was accompanied by whether you’re reading with iBooks, the is support for voice dictation, an exclusive on a swarm of app updates, all primarily de- Kindle app, Instapaper or Flipboard, the text the new iPad (sorry, iPad 2 owners). While it’s signed to take advantage of the new display and graphics will look stunningly crisp. The not a full-fledged information assistant like with high-resolution icons and fonts. Of downside is that every one of them got fatter; April 2012 15
  • 16. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business for example, Kindle now weighs in at over 18 Flipboard, Reeder or Zite to browse through unbelievably smooth. From initial setup and MB, while the Facebook app is around 10 MB, news feeds and share items via Twitter, Face- app installation to data migration, I kept ex- meaning employees with large libraries of book or email is far easier and more efficient pecting something to go wrong or to find photos and music and a hefty app appetite and intuitive than using a PC browser with some sort of configuration glitch. But no. And may find the 16-GB models a tight squeeze. Google Reader or Firefox RSS feeds. the process is conceptually simple enough Several new graphics-rich apps, notably Ap- 7. Effortless migration: One area where that many users won’t even need IT: Use ple’s iPhoto (photo editor) and Autodesk’s iPads shame PCs—including Macs—is in the iTunes to back up the old iPad, either locally SketchBook Pro (a paint and drawing tool) upgrade and migration process. It’s almost or to iCloud, and restore to the new one. You also coincided with the iPad’s launch. These Figure 11 further Apple’s post-PC strategy, positioning the iPad as a legitimate alternative to a laptop Satisfaction With Apple Products From a Business IT Standpoint How would rate your overall satisfaction with Apple products from a business IT perspective? for content creation and manipulation, and continue to differentiate it from less-expen- Apple products aren’t in use at our organization Very satisfied sive competitors like the Kindle and Nook that Very dissatisfied 9% 9% are little more than media-consumption ap- 6% pliances. While many people will find it diffi- cult to adjust to an interface where a touch Somewhat dissatisfied 18% 30% Satisfied screen and finger gestures replace mouse movements and clicks, I find that many iPad apps are superior to their Mac or PC equiva- lents. For example, the new iPhoto allows for 28% applying sophisticated image enhancements, filters and retouches without the complex Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied menu structure and modal windows that Data: InformationWeek 2012 iPad Survey of 402 business technology professionals, March 2012 R4650312/13 plague PC-based applications. Likewise, April 2012 16 R
  • 17. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business end up with a perfect clone of the old device, MAC OS ROLE clear down to the screen lock PIN. Of course, the process is designed for indi- vidual units, but IT organizations needing to Will Macs Get Big? E update and sync iPads en masse will find sev- ver wonder whether Apple’s impres- make that distinction. Look at only those in eral third-party products that can parallelize sive performance in mobile devices will the consumerization survey supporting the process across multiple devices simulta- have a halo effect on its desktops and company-provided devices, and the num- neously. These include Bretford’s PowerSync laptops? Although our iPad Survey found only bers align with our latest results. Cart, Datamation Systems’ sync-and-charge 36% of respondents officially support Macs, In addition, both surveys show the aggre- products and the Ergotron Tablet Manage- our 2012 Consumerization of IT Survey, which gate of those officially supporting and toler- ment carts. has data for both 2012 and 2010, showed a 12- ating use of Macs falling in the 75% to 80% Finally, another difference getting a lot of point increase, from 39% to 51% (that report range. While a long way from the universal attention—some of it undoubtedly pushed by will be released soon). Why the discrepancy? enterprise acceptance enjoyed by Windows pundits itching to stir up another antenna- It’s likely because of differences in word- PCs, Macs are clearly no longer rarities in gate—is the issue of heat. Yes, the new iPad ing. The consumerization survey asked business settings—as Hewlett-Packard can get perceptibly warm in its lower left cor- about support for both personal and com- found out to its chagrin when chairman Ray ner (when held in portrait mode with the pany-provided devices and reports the com- Lane was photographed for a Reuters inter- home button on the left) when displaying bined number, while our iPad survey doesn’t view using a MacBook Air. —Kurt Marko graphics-rich content. I noticed it the first time I played a video, but I experienced nothing like its aluminum case with one hand for a few Apple in the Enterprise the 116-degree scorching measured by Con- minutes. Anyone who has braced a Core 2 The big draws of Apple’s mobile devices are sumer Reports. Even when running GLBench- notebook on his lap knows what hot really no surprise: usability, quality and perform- mark tests, which may take 10 minutes to is—these are temperatures the new iPad will ance. Enterprise integration, central manage- complete, the temperature contrast was little never approach, thus I think the heat im- ment and custom applications, however, more than you might cause by merely holding broglio is much ado about nothing. remain the Achilles’ heel of iOS devices; April 2012 17
  • 18. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business address ways around these problems in our Figure 12 Best Practices report on network neutrality. Supported Business Applications Still, IT pros do value the common API and What business applications do you support or plan to support on the iPad? support for third-party apps, both of which Email mitigate these drags on enterprise adoption 90% and should portend greater use of both Presentations iPads and iPhones in the future. Our survey 57% validates Apple’s reputation for customer Creating/editing office documents satisfaction. Most respondents with an opin- 42% ion are personally happy with Apple prod- Accessing/viewing enterprise data ucts, and while just 39% express satisfaction 41% with their function as business tools, that’s Web-based custom internal applications still 15 points higher than those saying 41% they’re dissatisfied. Non-email collaboration applications Eleven percent of respondents say the new 27% model will cause them to either initiate or in- Third-party enterprise applications (CRM, ERP reports, etc.) crease support for iPads vs. 23% who will 24% maintain a no-iPad policy. But note that our Native (iOS) custom internal applications survey was fielded after the announcement 21% but prior to respondents seeing detailed re- Third-party vertical applications (point of sale, healthcare records, etc.) views; given that, the most compelling feature 15% was a faster processor and graphics, some- Other thing that didn’t pan out in the actual prod- 5% uct. A near majority cited the high-resolution Note: Multiple responses allowed R4650312/7 display—which turns out to be the reason the Base: 308 respondents at organizations supporting or re-evaluating support of iPads Data: InformationWeek 2012 iPad Survey of 402 business technology professionals, March April 2012 18
  • 19. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business iPad’s beefed-up CPU doesn’t lead to measur- Figure 13 able performance improvements. Most Compelling Features The long battery life remains a big draw for Which new iPad features are most attractive to your organization? IT, with the speedy LTE wireless network Faster processor and graphics 59% rounding out the list of favorite new features. Lack of critical enterprise applications is the Long battery life 54% primary reason for limiting support of Apple devices, while a paucity of Apple expertise High-resolution display and worry over integrating Apple users into 46% enterprise authentication systems are imped- 4G LTE wireless network iments to greater adoption for just over a 38% third of our respondents. Despite Apple’s rep- New Configurator application to simplify mass deployment utation for being hard to do business with, 28% and a few comments echoing that theme, Voice dictation (subset of Siri features for iPad) contractual issues are the least important rea- 11% sons for not supporting Apple. Better camera and video It’s all about apps, end-user support 9% and integration. Support for personal hotspots (acts as Wi-Fi router to cellular network) Interestingly, the apps IT is most likely to 9% support on the iPad are those communication New/updated graphics applications (iPhoto, iMovie, Autodesk SketchBook, et. al.) tools—email and creating, editing and pre- 7% senting office documents—that occupy the Bluetooth 4 support device’s sweet spot. Although 41% also use 5% iPads to access enterprise data, one can infer Note: Three responses allowed R4650312/6 Base: 308 respondents at organizations supporting or re-evaluating support of iPads this is generally through Web interfaces, since Data: InformationWeek 2012 iPad Survey of 402 business technology professionals, March April 2012 19
  • 20. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business few respondents are building native iOS soft- Figure 14 ware or using third-party vertical apps. Perception of Apple’s Position in the Smartphone Market How would you describe Apple’s position in the smartphone market? Conclusions and Recommendations A former leader whose best days are behind it Almost two years ago, Steve Jobs’ proclama- Apple dominates the smartphone market tion of a new post-PC era was greeted with a 2% mixture of disbelief and derision. But sales of A strong player 20% like Google/Android, Apple’s mobile devices, computers in every- Microsoft and RIM 32% thing but name, has undeniably shaken the PC industry. Last year, an investment report from Morgan Stanley called tablets the fastest-ramping mobile device (and by infer- ence, computing device) in history and con- 46% cluded that tablets would reduce PC market A market leader, positioned to continue to grow its influence growth by 3 percentage points in 2011—and maybe more over the long term. Data: InformationWeek 2012 iPad Survey of 402 business technology professionals, March 2012 R4650312/11 Our respondents are divided as to whether tablets have fundamentally changed the two-thirds of our respondents. corporate-supplied PCs won’t have a dramatic computing zeitgeist. Although just 14% fully RAlthough the overwhelmingly positive re- effect on the IT landscape. Apple sold as many embrace a policy of device diversity, 39% ception of the new iPad by our respondents iPads in 2011 as the rest of the industry sold agree that the days of Windows hegemony doesn’t translate into a sizable shift in those PCs, a shift that will almost certainly tip further have ended, with the caveat that enterprises upping their formal commitment to the plat- in the tablet’s favor this year. Thus, it behooves still require some controls. And when it comes form, it’s hard to believe that unleashing mil- every IT organization to have a tablet strategy to smartphones, Apple is not only the market lions of tablets into the hands of workers who and plan for managing mobile devices; see but also the mindshare leader, according to will invariably use them in ways that displace our Tablet Buyer’s Guide, MDM Buyer’s Guide, April 2012 20
  • 21. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business Figure 15 MDM Research report and iPad 2 IT Pro Im- Tablets: The Fastest Ramping Mobile Device ... pact report for ideas; you’ll find all of these in Total cumulative shipments in first five years of product history (millions) our Mobility & Wireless focus area. When it comes to upgrading, employees with iPad 2s won’t find a dramatic difference with the new model. Unless the business case demands a photographic display or 4G cellu- lar connectivity, you can safely stand pat. Those early adopters with the original iPad or Android tablets, which have quickly been abandoned as the Android industry goes through a new generation every couple of months in a frenetic search for a worthy iPad competitor, will find no better time to move to the latest model. In fact, you can either get the new device at the old price, or the old model at a $100 discount. It’s difficult for us to see where Apple takes the tablet platform from here, other than thin- Percentages represent current penetration rates for each device. Figures for bull, base R4650412/3 ner and lighter. The new iPad already has a and bear case forecasts represent penetration rate in year five. For notebook, cell phones screen that challenges the limits of visual acuity, and gaming devices, shipments are in early years of product history. Source: Morgan Stanley Research, Gartner, IDC, company reports a processor that’s snappy enough for any app or Web page you throw at it, enough memory R apps and content, and wireless connectivity metic or price-related rather than substantive, (particularly when paired with convenient that’s years from obsolescence. Any improve- though we’d be happy to be proven wrong. In cloud storage like iCloud) to hold a library of ments from here seem more likely to be cos- sum, it’s a great time to be a tablet April 2012 21
  • 22. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business Figure 16 APPENDIX Impact of New Release on iPad Use Does the new iPad change your organization’s plans for iPad use? Yes; we will increase our iPad commitment Yes; we will support iPads No; we still won’t support iPads 7% 4% 23% 32% Maybe; we’re re-evaluating iPad support 34% No; we already support iPads Data: InformationWeek 2012 iPad Survey of 402 business technology professionals, March 2012 R4650312/5 April 2012 22
  • 23. Previous Next Table of Contents reports The New iPad: 7 Updates That Mean Business Figure 17 View on ‘Post-PC Age’ Apple executives like to say that were in the “post-PC age,” where organizations can no longer mandate that all company-supplied desktops and laptops be Windows devices. Do you agree? Completely disagree; Apple Completely agree; we products are overhyped support device diversity 10% 14% Mostly disagree; Windows is still 37% the best enterprise platform 39% Agree, but we still have restrictions in place Data: InformationWeek 2012 iPad Survey of 402 business technology professionals, March 2012 R4650312/10 April 2012 23
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