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Ps standard enterprise

  1. 1. Akamai Professional Services—Standard and Enterprise ServicesRegardless of the size of your organization, maximizing ROI and minimizing risk is always critical to the success of an onlineinitiative. From providing counsel on an as-needed basis, to managing the entire implementation and integration of Akamaiservices and technologies, Akamai’s Professional Services are designed to help you achieve your goals.If you need a simple and fast implementation of Akamai solutions and integration with the Akamai platform,Akamai’s Standard Services are for you. A dedicated specialist will assist you throughout the process—validating requirements,helping you optimize the deployment of core services and solutions, and guiding implementation.For those organizations that need assistance with the complete design and implementation of an Akamai solution,Akamai’s Enterprise Services offering is the right choice. Our experts plan the solution to address every aspect of your busi-ness, people, processes, and technology, and they manage all stages of the implementation to ensure success.Our Standard and Enterprise Services are delivered by Akamai’s experienced technology and industry consultants, who havehelped organizations ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies get the most value from their Web initiatives.Draw upon our unique experience with prior implementations, Web site architecture design, and Internet technologies to speedyour time-to-market and maximize your success. We understand your business. We know the Internet and our technologiesinside out. We can help you get the results you want.Standard Services Enterprise ServicesTo ensure we develop a solution that fully For those organizations that want to engage Requirements Planningmeets your requirements, our Standard Akamai’s expertise on a more strategic level, Working with Akamai Professional ServicesServices can deliver the following: Enterprise Services provide the following to determine and develop detailed project features, in addition to all of the Standard requirements, you are provided with theAkamai Expertise following:Leveraging deep Akamai technology Services features: • Analysis and assessmentexpertise, Akamai consultants recommend Business • Use case modelthe best approach and solution to address Leveraging deep Akamai technology expertise, • Design documentationyour business issues. Akamai consultants recommend the best approach and solution to address your Business ReportingExtensive Experience in Similar ProjectsWith a wealth of experience in similar projects business issues. Whether presented by our consultants or byand other Akamai customer engagements, you, Akamai Professional Services can provide Vision/Business Goalsour consultants can help you streamline and the following business reports to satisfy all Our consultants can help you analyze youroptimize your implementation. levels of your company: current business and technical environment to ensure the best fit with an Akamai solu- • Executive: Value propositions and ROI toGuidance tion. By helping you determine how to senior and executive managementOur experts can guide you through the entireintegration process, providing documentation, leverage your existing infrastructure and • Status: Detailed status updates to keydemonstrating all the features of the Akamai reach your audience online, we’ll help you stakeholderscustomer portal, and ensuring the Akamai identify a solution that meets your vision and business goals. Peoplesolution meets your business requirements. Internet ExpertiseEmergency Rapid Integration Business Technology Strategy Roadmaps By providing deep Internet and technicalAkamai Professional Services offers an Akamai Professional Services can work with expertise, Akamai Professional Services allowsemergency integration process to meet tight you to develop your business/technology you to fully leverage Internet technologies todeadlines for critical events. Akamai consult- roadmap in a way that takes advantage of address your needs.ants help you understand how to streamline Akamai’s expertise and solutions. Throughthe integration process while ensuring that participation in your architectural review Industry Expertiseall requirements on Akamais side are quickly boards where appropriate, we explain and Our industry-specific expertise helps streamlineaddressed. map new Akamai features and technologies to and optimize your implementations. your requirements and long-term plans for Architecture ExpertiseIndustry-standard Methodology existing and future Web sites.Our industry-standard methodology based You can leverage the Internet architectureon well-tested processes offers a proven ROI Analysis and design expertise of our consultants toframework and an easy-to-follow method Collaborating closely with you to assess your help you execute your vision.for delivery. current infrastructure costs and potential cost Business Strategy reductions, Akamai Professional Services can Akamai Professional Services provides InternetCore Akamai Technology develop a detailed ROI analysis and recom-Akamai’s consultants can ensure the optimal business strategy expertise that helps you mend the best Akamai features and services make the best decisions for your Web siteconfiguration and deployment of all core to help you reach your goals.Akamai services and features. projects. Continued
  2. 2. AKAMAI ® PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Project and Program Management Onsite Resources Our trained consultants can manage your Whether on an ad-hoc, temporary basis or Where Our Experts are Located projects and programs, even when they span permanently, Akamai Professional Services can • Atlanta, GA multiple vendors. provide on-site resources to collaborate with • Boston, MA Dedicated Focus your in-house teams. • Chicago, IL Akamai Professional Services can provide a Event Management • Dallas, TX dedicated account team focused on all aspects To help you pull off a successful event, our • Long Beach, CA of your business, people, process, and consultants can manage the project from end- • New York, NY technology. to-end, providing full support and managing • Reston, VA Integrated Project Teams interactions with multiple vendors. • San Mateo, CA We can work closely with your team and Full Lifecycle Support • Seattle, WA your third-party resources to ensure a smooth Akamai Professional Services provides full • Bangalore, India and successful implementation. support of your integration from beginning Extension of Your Team to end. Our Industry Experience Our consultants can serve as an extension Management/Reporting/Alerting Processes • Automotive of your own resources—and can be located Akamai Professional Services can ensure that • Digital Media onsite—to address issues such as testing and your existing systems and processes—such as • eCommerce/Retail QA, to name a few. reporting and alerting—are set up correctly; • eLearning Manage Third-Party Vendors we can advise on how to get the most from • Government If appropriate, Akamai Professional Services your Akamai solution; and we can help enable your team to successfully manage the solution • Finance can coordinate and manage multiple • Healthcare third-party vendors as part of the project. going forward. • HighTech Process Technology • Travel and Hospitality Proven, Industry-standard Enterprise Customized Solutions Akamai Professional Services can customize Types of Projects We Can Help With Methodology Our consultants are guided by a proven your solution in the following ways: • Site Architecture methodology that offers a repeatable • Optimize: We can fine-tune the technical • Site Redesign framework for delivery and is suitable for solution to meet your unique needs • Site Launch any project. • Custom development on EdgePlatform: • Site Management Project Ownership We can develop custom edge applications • Online Event Akamai Professional Services can assume own- • Online Application Acceleration • Innovate: We can develop solutions, ership of the Akamai project, guiding you • Data Center Migration features, and technologies to solve your through implementation and go-live and unique issues • Performance Assessment assuming responsibility for project success. • Architecture Assessment Akamai Professional Services can assume Integrate with Your Technology • Site/Application Optimization ownership of the Akamai project, guiding you Akamai Professional Services can tightly • Site Analytics and Metrics through implementation and go-live and integrate Akamai services into your existing assuming responsibility for project success. technology infrastructure, including the following: Total Project Ownership • Customer Management System • Design best practices and guidelines: Akamai Professional Services can provide own- Working closely with you on the architec- • Reporting ership and management of the complete proj- ture of new Web properties, we ensure the ect, including integrating with your existing • Back-end Architecture site is designed to fully leverage Akamais back-end systems and addressing all related Metrics and Analytics performance, scalability and reliability dependencies. (Note that the availability of this Our consultants can also help you understand benefits option is determined on a case-by-case basis) how to implement and analyze metrics to gain Partnership with You insight into your business, and we can assess Enhance and Accelerate With Akamai Enterprise Services, you gain a your current metrics to deliver an ROI analysis. Your Online Initiatives partner through all phases of the process— Architecture and Design Services before, during, and after implementation. Akamai Professional Services provides the The best way to serve our customers is to help By integrating into your current business and following architecture and design services: them solve their toughest online challenges operational processes, our consultants become and maximize the return on their Akamai • Performance assessment: We offer recom- technology investment. We know our services. a valuable resource on an on-going basis. mendations for optimizing site performance We understand your business and technology. Customized, Customer-Oriented Process • Technology and architecture assessment: We supply the proven methodologies. And By following a customer-focused methodology, We analyze your Web properties and most importantly, we have the experience and our consultants ensure your Akamai solution related infrastructure from the standpoint of expertise you’ve come to expect from an is successfully integrated into your operations performance, reliability (disaster recovery/ industry leader. and processes. failover), scalability, infrastructure offload, Take advantage of our Professional Services Risk Assessment and Management and maintainability and identity how to and capitalize on Akamai technology and Akamai Professional Services can work with make improvements services. By helping you solve your technical you to assess potential project risk, develop • Blue-Sky innovation: Bringing to bear our challenges, we help you solve your business a risk mitigation plan, and manage that risk expertise, knowledge, and best practices, challenges. Akamai Professional Services— until your project goes live. we analyze your business to solve your where business meets technology. highest priority issues Continued
  3. 3. AKAMAI ® PROFESSIONAL SERVICE FEATURES STANDARD ENTERPRISE VIsion/Business Goals ✓ Business Technology Strategy Roadmaps ✓ ROI Analysis ✓ Requirements ✓ BUSINESS Detailed Analysis / Assessment ✓ Use Cases ✓ Design ✓ Business Reporting ✓ Executive ✓ Status ✓ Akamai Expertise ✓ ✓ Internet Expertise ✓ Industry Expertise ✓ Architecture Expertise ✓ Business Strategy ✓ PEOPLE Project and Program Management ✓ Dedicated Focus ✓ Integrated Project Teams ✓ Extension of Your Team ✓ Manage Third-Party Vendors ✓ Extensive Experience in Similar Projects ✓ ✓ Guidance ✓ ✓ Emergency Rapid Integration Processes ✓ ✓ Proven, Industry-Standard Methodology ✓ Proven, Industry-standard Enterprise Methodology ✓ Project Ownership ✓ Total Project Ownership ✓ PROCESS Partnership with You ✓ Customized, Customer-oriented Process ✓ Risk Assessment and Management ✓ Proven Agile Methodology ✓ Onsite Resources ✓ Event Management ✓ Full Lifecycle Support ✓ Management / Reporting / Alerting Processes ✓ Core Akamai Technology ✓ ✓ Customized Solutions ✓ Optimize ✓ Custom Development on the EdgePlatform ✓ Innovate ✓ Integrate with Your Technology ✓ Customer Management System ✓ TECHNOLOGY Reporting ✓ Existing Back-end Architecture ✓ Metrics and Analytics ✓ Architecture and Design ✓ Performance Assessment ✓ Technology and Architecture Assessment ✓ Blue-Sky Innovation ✓ Design Best Practices and Guidelines ✓
  4. 4. AKAMAI ® PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Contact an Akamai representative for further details about Akamai Professional Services. About Akamai Akamai® is the leading global service provider for accelerating content and business processes online. Thousands of organizations have formed trusted relationships with Akamai, improving their revenue and reducing costs by maximizing the performance of their online businesses. Leveraging the Akamai EdgePlatform, these organizations gain business advantage today, and have the foundation for the emerging Web solutions of tomorrow. Akamai is “The Trusted Choice for Online Business.” For more information, visit Akamai Technologies, Inc. U.S. Headquarters European Headquarters © 2006 Akamai Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part 8 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142 Park Village, Betastrasse 10 bD-85774 in any form or medium without express written permission is prohibited. Akamai, the Akamai wave logo, EdgeSuite, and EdgeComputing are registered trademarks.Other Tel 617.444.3000 Unterföhring, Germany trademarks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. Akamai Fax 617.444.3001 Tel +49 89 94006-0 believes that the information in this publication is accurate as of its publication date; U.S. toll-free 877.4AKAMAI such information is subject to change without notice. (877.425.2624) AKAMPS-STANDARD&ENTERPRISE-1006