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Marketing services content-services-menu-2010_cync

  1. 1. UBM TechWeb :: Content Services Marketing Services Improve Your Marketing and Sales ROI with Relevant, High Impact Content That Activates and Engages Business Technology Decision Makers UBM TechWeb Marketing Services team of content editors and marketing professionals has deep experience conceiving, crafting and producing world- class editorial and custom content that engages technology buyers at every stage of the decision making process. Our experienced team of custom editors work with you to craft high-impact content offerings that support both your marketing objectives and the information needs of your prospects and customers. Our editors know what technology professionals need and want when it comes to business technology content. And, to ensure that our custom content pieces are easily accessible across the web, we develop our content with SEO, optimizing your content for results. UBM TechWeb’s Content Services team offers a full portfolio of content services. The editors will work with you to develop everything from whitepapers for sales and marketing to blogs for your web site to full production of your next live or online event program - all offering high value for your target audience and a point of view to bolster your sales and marketing efforts. Check out some of our most popular content services offerings, and contact your UBM TechWeb sales partner to consult on how we can improve your results via an audience-centric, content-driven approach. Relevant, Trusted Content Where And When It Counts • Blogs • Video • Custom Magazines (Print and Digital) • Web Site Content and Collateral • Custom Research Reports • Whitepapers • eBooks • Twitter Feeds • Event Content Development, • Linked-In Groups Moderating and Hosting • Podcasts And More! • Slide Presentations Let our team of experts work with your company to develop a compelling content strategy and plan that helps amplify your marketing efforts, cement credibility, create preference and generate demand.Martha Schwartz, VP, Group Sales |
  2. 2. UBM TechWeb :: Content Services Marketing Services :: Blogs Professional blogs draw attention to your Web site and create a credible environment for your marketing communications. Let our team of editors create appropriate blog entries that invite user interaction and engagement. Demonstrate to your target market that you understand their challenges and have the expertise and insight to meet their needs. We’ll create 12 original blog entries over a period of three months – providing four new entries monthly. The blogs will revolve around a topic or theme of your choice. Each blog is approximately 250-300 words. :: Custom Magazines Powerfully demonstrate your company’s vision and thought leadership with a print or digital custom magazine designed to motivate and engage your target audience. Our authoritative and insightful content and original, award-winning designs attract loyal followings among technology audiences. The right publication can become an invaluable asset for your organization. Work with our editors to develop a compelling, attention-grabbing magazine that aligns with your sales and marketing objectives and showcases your company’s leadership. :: Custom Research Reports – State of Research Market intelligence, competitive analysis and peer-to-peer perspectives play a central role in any strategic technology decision. For technology marketers, our custom research program is an opportunity to inject your point-of-view into your customers purchase process and align your company with research-driven market perspectives and highlight key products and services. We work closely with you to craft market research that helps shape the sate of the market and key trends, while communicating your company’s point of view and market position. Grab your customers’ attention using a customer-tailored research study as a discussion starter for sales and marketing activities. You choose the topic and our team of experts craft and field a survey (200 respondents). The study’s results will be used by our editors to produce a thoughtful and revealing white paper and 5 – 7 slide power point presentation. The 12 – 15 page white paper features an executive summary, data charts and interviews with experts such as your executive team.Martha Schwartz, VP, Group Sales |
  3. 3. UBM TechWeb :: Content Services Marketing Services :: eBooks Packaged in an interactive online format, eBooks consist of original, custom content on a technology or business topic that aligns with your company’s point-of-view and solutions. eBooks educate technology buyers and expand your footprint in the market by delivering packaged editorial content directly to the desktops of prospective customers. We’ll work with you to define an appropriate theme and generate an 8 – 10 page eBook customized for your market segment (approx 200 words per page). Our eBooks deliver authoritative, reader-focused content and provide the perfect context in which to present your products and services. :: Event Content Development, Moderating and Hosting Create a new level of interest at your next customer face-to-face event or web-based event. Utilize one our editors to moderate, host or speak at your next marketing engagement. Our editors include many seasoned presenters who can engage an IT audience and speak authoritatively on many industry trends, technologies and matters of business and professional concern. Their presence adds credibility, vitality, and sparkle to any customer-facing event or engagement. They are also available to work with your event team on crafting an agenda and recruiting other exceptional industry speakers. Our event services offerings include: executive production; staging and logistics definition and coordination; content planning, including theme, agenda, and content development; speaker identification and management; event moderation and scripting; promotional messaging development and any supporting collateral required for your event. :: Podcasts Add an authoritative voice to your online marketing arsenal. We’ll conduct an exclusive interview with a key executive or a panel of experts and produce a 3-5 minute podcast to post on your Web page. This turnkey service let’s you make use of a format that remains highly popular among IT professionals without any heavy lifting by your marketing team. This package includes planning and coordinating the interview, editing and producing the podcast and delivering a ready-to-post audio file.Martha Schwartz, VP, Group Sales |
  4. 4. UBM TechWeb :: Content Services Marketing Services :: Slideshow Presentations Share information in faster and in more compelling ways. Make it easy for IT professionals to learn about and build their business case for your technology solution with a custom slideshow that they can reference in their own presentations. Share knowledge, generate interest in your offerings, and get your expertise in front of your most important audiences. Our team of experts will partner with you to choose the appropriate topic or research for a slideshow format. Using an agreed upon outline, our team of editors and designers will produce a graphically appealing 10 – 12 page slideshow for you. For an even more powerful and engaging presentation, upgrade to a voice-enriched Flash presentation, and add some personality to your show. Use these visual communications tools on your website, for field sales and marketing presentations, and for your online and live events. :: Video Add a multimedia dimension to your marketing campaign. UBM TechWeb blends our award-winning content expertise with high-end video production to create online videos that personalize your marketing message and resonate with IT executives. Based on your objectives, we’ll help you plan an exciting video program that promotes your in-house experts and/or your customers. The video becomes your company’s property, and you have the rights to use it on your website, at events and in presentations. UBM TechWeb’s turnkey custom video program includes: • Content/script direction • On-camera moderator • Full camera crew • Location set-up • Expert editing & production • Graphics • Rights clearance for footage and music :: Web Site Content and Collateral Let us help create content and marketing collateral for your website. Original third party articles, primers and case studies add new depth to your web-based marketing activities and bring greater credibility to your marketing message. Richly sourced, insightful content attracts visitors and sustains interest in your Web site. And these materials are prepared in a richly designed PDF format, so they can be printed and used as sales collateral and handouts as well. Let our team of expert editors create the sort of market relevant content that resonates with technology decision makers. Our editors will author original articles, based on your chosen theme or topic, to help you articulate your strategies and forcefully present your solutions.Martha Schwartz, VP, Group Sales |
  5. 5. UBM TechWeb :: Content Services Marketing Services :: White Papers White papers are tried and true communication vehicles and essential educational tools for professional technology buyers. UBM TechWeb’s market research confirms that IT decision makers rely heavily on this informational format. Credible, third-party white papers are one the most trusted resources utilized by IT professionals. We’ll work with you to define an appropriate theme and content plan that aligns with your marketing objectives, and then generate a professional, relevant white paper that will resonate with technology decision makers. Whether you’re looking for a technical brief, a market point-of-view, or a product comparison study, our experts can craft a compelling white paper that educates technology decision makers and profiles your company’s leadership. Pricing varies based on length and content requirements.Martha Schwartz, VP, Group Sales |