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Information week 2011_06_06
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Information week 2011_06_06


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Next >> R Previous Next THe BuSIneSS VALue OF TeCHnOLOGY June 6, 2011 Previous Next Collaboration Previous Next Breakdown Previous Next Plus Social business buyer’s guide >> Lockheed attack: New clues to RSA breach >> Employees have more ways to communicate, but until the mishmash Download NYSE launches capital markets cloud >> of tools gets integrated, productivity will suffer >> Wintel’s mobile compatibility mess >> By Michael Healey How to develop a technical career path >> Table of contents >> Subscribe
  • 2. Previous NextCONTENTS THE BUSINESS VALUE OF TECHNOLOGY June 6, 2011 Issue 1,302This all-digital issue of InformationWeek is part of our 10-year strategy to reduce the publication’s carbon footprint COVER STORY 20 Buyer’s Guide: Enterprise Social Networking Get the social networking features you need to support collaboration on business projects and boost your company’s productivity 12 Collaboration Breakdown Employees have more tools than ever—but until those devices are integrated, people won’t be as 8 3 Research And Connect Reports, events, video, and more productive as they could be 4 Practical Analysis Wintel’s mobile compatibity mess 6 Global CIOQUICKTAKES 11 Finance-Friendly Cloud How to develop a career path for technical leaders9 Online Attack Thwarted NYSE launches platform for captialLockheed Martin attack could force markets to overcome security, 8 CIO ProfilesEMC to reveal risks for SecurID reliability, and regulatory concerns Intuition isn’t all that counts when assessing client projectscustomers10 Cloud StandardCitrix’s Project Olympus combinesXenServer and OpenStack to createan enterprise cloud foundation CONTACTS 10 25 Editorial Contacts 26 Business June 6, 2011 2
  • 3. Links Previous NextIN THIS ISSUE Resources to Research, Connect, CommentCollaboration breakdown >>Social business buyer’s guide >> INFORMATIONWEEK ANALYTICS Database Breaches TAKE INFORMATIONWEEK WITH YOU State Of Storage 2011 Recently, there’s been Facebook, iGoogle, And MoreWintel’s compatibility mess >> IT teams are packing more data on fewer a rash of major data- Access our portfolio of social networking tools,New clues to RSA breach >> devices, delivering faster output. Find out base breaches. All of including Facebook apps and fan page, iGoogle widget,Table of contents >> how smart CIOs can speed this trend. the companies had FriendFeed content, Twitter headlines, and RSS feeds. solid resources at their disposal, so what went Understand Cloud’s Risks wrong? We profile five database MORE INFORMATIONWEEK Security concerns give many companies breaches—and extract the lessons to be InformationWeek Healthcare IT Leadership Forum pause as they consider migrating to cloud- learned from each. Join us for a day-long event where senior IT leaders in based services. But you can stay safe. healthcare come together to discuss how they’re using technology to improve clinical care. It happens in New Data Dedupe Gains Ground York City on July 12. Reduce Mobile Device Risks As the volume of corporate data grows, Innovative IT shops demonstrate that IT pros keep investing in new technolo- mobile devices can be used securely. gies, including data deduplication. Safety First Stay up to date on what’s hot in security at Black Hat USA. It takes place in Las Vegas, July 30-Aug. 4. NEVER MISS A REPORT Monitoring Tools And Logs Just released IPv6 Security Just released WATCH IT NOWEnterprise 2.0 Web Security Gateways Just released Keep Those Apps RunningAttend Enterprise 2.0 to see the Be Prepared For A Stuxnet-Style Attack Just released VMware recently unveiled anlatest social business tools and IT Automation Coming June 13 app manager, and BYTE’s Ginatechnologies. It happens in State Of SLAs Coming June 13 Smith gets a demo fromBoston, June 20-23. VMware’s Noah Wasmer. Register Subscribe to our portfolio of 800-plus reports at June 6, 2011 3
  • 4. practicalAnalysis Previous NextIN THIS ISSUECollaboration breakdown >>Social business buyer’s guide >> Wintel’s Mobile Compatibility Mess ART WIT TMANNWintel’s compatibility mess >> Two weeks ago saw a dust-up between Mi- data. The type of information retrieved, need outside world. This is familiar ground for Intel,New clues to RSA breach >> crosoft and Intel about claims for application for portability, and duration of viewing tend to which understands these systems well andTable of contents >> compatibility on smartphones running Win- dictate the size. should never have ceded the market to the dows on ARM processors versus Windows on It appears that both Intel and Microsoft fol- Qualcomms and others that have made their Intel Atom processors. The dispute demon- lowed their own desires rather than those of fortunes in dumb cellphones. strates just how late Intel is to the smartphone their customers. Corporate group-think can be and tablet markets, and the ripple effect on an incredibly hard thing to overcome, even in App Compatibility Conundrum Microsoft’s already tenuous plans for smart- the face of the success of the iPad and the This brings us back to the scuffle two weeks phones and tablets. myriad failures of Windows-based tablets. It ago, which centered on Windows 8. Microsoft Just like most everyone else in the industry, took threats from large OEM partners to con- initially said Windows 8 would be only a 64-bit both Intel and Microsoft got the tablet market vince Microsoft’s top brass that Windows 7 operating system, and then when it looked wrong. They saw tablets as little PCs rather wouldn’t cut it as is on tablets. Intel’s failure to around for 64-bit chips that could be the basis than big smartphones. If you need an example grab onto the smartphone and tablet markets for power-sipping phones and tablets, it found of just how wrong a design can go, I offer the is even harder to fathom. none and changed its mind, saying Win8 Avaya Flare, which for $1,500 weighs more The enabling technology for smartphones would support 32-bit ARM chips on those than 3 pounds and looks more like a clunky is the system on chip, which attempts to com- portable devices. Walmart LCD picture frame than anything else. bine as many aspects of a computer system At a recent Intel investor conference, a com- Even Apple didn’t fully appreciate what the as possible onto one piece of silicon. By com- pany exec apparently said more than he tablet market would become. Supposedly, it bining cores, memory controllers, cache should have, or more than he knew, when he developed the iPad first and then shrunk it to memory, graphics, and more, the chip allows said app compatibility would be had only with create the iPhone. But the genius is that the for the vast majority of the device’s work to Win8 64 bit running on Atom chips. He went two are much alike, sharing common design, be done in the chip’s lower-power-consump- on to say there would be no compatibility operating system, and apps. They’re intended tion confines. The stuff off-chip includes ra- possible with ARM chips. mostly to retrieve information, with very little dios, display drivers, audio amplifiers, GPS— The Intel exec’s statement is probably accu- ability to input large amounts of complex everything you need to interface with the rate, depending on which set of apps June 6, 2011 4
  • 5. Previous NextIN THIS ISSUE practicalAnalysisCollaboration breakdown >>Social business buyer’s guide >> think should be able to run on a Win8 phone that means a long transition to Win8, just as it should get enterprise IT architects thinking,Wintel’s compatibility mess >> or tablet. Be that as it may, Microsoft said the has been with any Microsoft operating system. too. I hope, as you’ve made your transition toNew clues to RSA breach >> statement is inaccurate. The place where it all goes to hell is on Windows 7, you’ve taken the time to catalogTable of contents >> It’s not hard to see why Microsoft is getting tablets. As I stated earlier, recent history tells the apps your IT team runs now and must run comfortable with ARM. The Wintel beer and us that users want tablets to act more like big into the future. If you haven’t decided to either pizza party is no fun if Intel is two years late phones than little laptops. Sure, Microsoft can Webify apps or bring them back into the data bringing the beer. Windows Phone 7 got a ma- create a version of Win8 that has the right user center to be accessed through some sort of jor update recently, adding some 500 features. virtual desktop, now’s the time to do it. It’s a clear signal that Microsoft intends to con- Why is Microsoft comfortable No matter how you look at it, there will be tinue to develop WP7 at least for phones if not no Windows XP-like monopoly in your future. with ARM? The Wintel beer and for tablets. Users will want to access apps from a variety But in doing so, Microsoft also is making pizza party is no fun if Intel is two of devices and operating systems. My mantra: clear there’s a different code path for Windows years late bringing the beer. Webify if you can, VDI if you must, and avoid 7 than for Windows Phone 7, and those differ- platform-specific programming like the ences will probably continue into the next ver- interface on Atom chips, but the compatibility plague. sions. So when you talk about compatibility, users want is with apps that understand how As for Microsoft and Intel, that they’ve given you have to ask: Compatibility with what? to use the six-way gyroscope, GPS, touch Google and Apple and ARM this big of an On phones, I think it’s pretty clear—suppos- screen, and other features that make smart- opening will be one of the biggest mistakes edly there are more than 10,000 WP7 apps phones smart. Those apps run on a WP7-ARM these two giants have ever made. now, and those will work on WP8 whenever it combo. Running big fat Wintel applications on arrives. There are hundreds of thousands of those devices, at least at this point, doesn’t ap- Art Wittmann is director of InformationWeek Analytics, Win7 (and previous) apps, and Win8 will prob- pear to be all that important. a portfolio of decision-support tools and analyst reports. ably run only 64-bit versions of those, making While there’s no doubt it would serve Mi- You can write to him at obsolete those apps that haven’t been recom- crosoft and its customers well if Redmond laid More than 100 major reports will be released this piled—including many apps IT shops devel- out a plan for all its client devices and corre- year. You can sign up or upgrade your membership at oped themselves. On laptops and desktops, sponding app compatibility, the commotion June 6, 2011 5
  • 6. globalCIO Previous NextIN THIS ISSUECollaboration breakdown >>Social business buyer’s guide >> Technical Leaders Are Special, So Treat Them That Way L ARRY TIEMANWintel’s compatibility mess >> No CIO can be successful without a competent Airlines, I had a situation that still bothers me. because they were each so important to me.New clues to RSA breach >> technical staff. Even when system development There was an exceptionally talented IMS and The second major organizational challengeTable of contents >> and maintenance are outsourced, the CIO and DB2 engineer and resident expert on Sybase. He is in promoting top technical talent, which senior IT staff need the input of their own tech- was clearly world class in database technology quickly gets into which characteristics are nical team. If most senior executives fail to de- and extremely important to American’s daily op- most important. Every company I have velop high-potential directors and VPs, they do erations. But he wanted more money and was at worked for that had a technical career path even less to develop senior technical leaders. the top of his pay scale, and we worked for an eventually politicized the technical fellow po- There are technical core competencies these airline—so there wasn’t any money. I counseled sition or used it for something other than top leaders must have, which I address in another him that he had a few things to work on before technical leaders. column. Even once a CIO has the needed skills, he should consider a management position, and though, there are major organizational chal- that those were the same things required for the Promoting For The Wrong Reasons lenges to getting the right people into senior equivalent of a technical fellow position. Among the most common mistakes is using technical leadership positions. Nevertheless, he talked his way through an the position as an additional salary band. At The most serious challenge is having a career interview and into a management position in American Airlines, where the salary scale was track sufficient to motivate and incentivize application development. That group had a lot always under pressure, the hot technologists technical talent. Without a technical track that of problems for which he didn’t have the man- were occasionally hired at the technical fellow parallels the management track in salary and agement experience, he made a couple of po- level even though they didn’t have the leader- perks, top technical talent will either go into litical blunders, and within a year he left the ship skills. At other companies, I have seen top management or leave the company for more company for another job. What a loss. business analysts promoted to technical fellow money. Far more technical people are coin-op- I have changed some high-potential career even though they had no technical skills what- erated than want to admit it. The management plans by reminding the individuals that I had soever. Misuse of this position diminishes its and technical career paths must be structured 150 managers and I didn’t know all their leadership and technical aspects and can dam- to not incentivize top technical talent to move names, but I had only 10 technical fellows and age the performance of the company. into management simply for more money. I knew each of them, what they were working The required leadership and technical charac- Years ago when I was a director at American on, their hobbies, and everything else I could teristics are illustrated by the actions of one June 6, 2011 6
  • 7. Previous NextIN THIS ISSUE globalCIOCollaboration breakdown >>Social business buyer’s guide >> the top technical leaders I worked with at FedEx. Do workarounds to get the business back up, or were tuned, and the situation was resolved.Wintel’s compatibility mess >> In 2008 we made a significant change to a ma- identify and fix what was causing the system to The problems you want your technical leadersNew clues to RSA breach >> jor operational and customer system, adding crawl. Realizing the problem might be more to solve are too big for one person or one team.Table of contents >> considerable workload. Several days after the complex than any one person or team could These leaders must see the big picture, be quick change, the system began to slow, to the point solve, he organized several teams in different studies, organize teams, break up finger-point- where a transaction that should have taken less technical areas and began collecting data. ing, use their broad and deep technical experi- than 10 milliseconds was taking more than Unknown to the application team, there had ence to guide investigations, and balance im- also been a major disk drive upgrade and mediate pressure to get systems back up at any The problems you want your tech messaging software upgrade. Complicating cost while discovering and fixing the problems. leaders to solve are too big for one matters, the disk drive upgrade was our first My role as senior VP over the application group person or one team. These leaders experience with solid state drives, and the en- was to provide political cover, “managing up” must see the big picture. gineers really didn’t know how to tune the and making any decisions the technical team drives using the new tools. As the disk drive didn’t think it could make. 120 ms—a catastrophic system failure. While I/O rate deteriorated, the queues filled and the My rule is, people don’t get promoted for everyone was blaming the increased workload messaging software performance degraded. what they know; they get promoted for the and pushing to back out the changes—a very Once our technical leader and the teams had class of problem they can solve. difficult and risky fallback—our most senior collected all the data, they determined that the technical leader jumped in. new disk drives were the problem. The manu- Larry Tieman has been a senior VP at FedEx, a CIO, or a CTO for He was faced with two competing challenges: facturer’s engineers were called, the disk drives the past 20 years. Write to us at June 6, 2011 7
  • 8. PreviousIN THIS ISSUE NextCollaboration breakdown >>Social business buyer’s guide >> CIOprofiles CAREER TRACK right answer. The best I could come chitecture to drive improvementsWintel’s compatibility mess >> How long at current company: up with was, it was intuition from in performance and availability.New clues to RSA breach >> I joined GXS, a business-to-busi- my years of previous experienceTable of contents >> ness data integration and e-com- with similar situations. He ex- VISION merce company, in early 2010. plained that without thoroughly The next big thing for my indus- KARL SALNOSKE Executive VP of Service Delivery understanding the client’s business try will be ... cloud-based integra- & CIO, GXS Career accomplishment I’m most and analyzing the data around the tion across multiple business Leisure activities: I race my proud of: At IBM in 1994-’95, we various options, intuition could eas- processes. For many customers, Porsche for fun sometimes and deployed the software that ran on- ily lead to the wrong answer. the meaning of “integration” is watch the Formula 1 circuit line ticket sales for the Atlanta Sum- changing. Many want to integrate Business leader I’d like to mer Olympic Games. I led a team ON THE JOB broader business processes and have lunch with: Virgin’s that developed and launched IBM’s Top initiatives: transaction types with their cus- Richard Branson e-commerce software suite, Web- >> Data center move: We’re mov- tomers, suppliers, banks, and third- Tech vendor CEO I respect Sphere Commerce. ing to a “dual/dual” data center party logistics providers. the most: Lou Gerstner, for strategy, with two data centers in managing the IBM turnaround Most important career influencer: both North America and Europe to One thing I’m looking to change: If I weren’t a CIO, I’d ... The people I worked with at McKin- support our disaster recovery We’re continually looking to im- consider being a small-business sey during 1990-’94. They helped goals and customer service levels. prove our change management owner—maybe woodworking me transition from a techie to process, reducing the percentage (cabinets) or plumbing being more well rounded. After >> Siebel deployment: We’re of failed changes that get rolled one of my first meetings with a rolling out some new internal out. We process more than 50,000 group of key client executives, a capabilities. changes in our network each year. McKinsey partner asked me what I Even a 1% error rate means we thought. I outlined what I thought >> Continuous availability: We’re could introduce 500 failures into Ranked No. 75 in the 2010 the best technical solution was. He replatforming our core integration the network, which is unaccept- asked how I knew that was the services onto a new hardware ar- able. Our goal is zero June 6, 2011 8
  • 9. QUICKFACT Quicktakes Previous NextIN THIS ISSUE 133,000 Number of employees who had to reset passwordsCollaboration breakdown >>Social business buyer’s guide >> RSA BREACH CLUESWintel’s compatibility mess >>New clues to RSA breach >> Lockheed Martin Fends Off AttackersTable of contents >> Lockheed Martin has revealed that it success- curID. Since that attack, there have been mal- By all accounts, Lockheed Martin’s swift detec- fully faced down a major online attack last ware and phishing campaigns seeking specific tion of the attack helped avert potential disaster. month against its networks. data that would let the attackers link RSA “The good news here is that the contractor was In a statement, Lockheed Martin, the nation’s tokens to specific end users in order to access able to detect an intrusion, then did the right largest defense contractor, described the at- their systems, says Rick Moy, CEO of NSS Labs, things to deal with it,” Cringely says. “A breach tack as “significant and tenacious.” Its informa- in a blog post, leading his organization to con- like this is very subtle and not easy to spot.” tion security team “detected the attack almost clude that the Lockheed Martin attack was car- The same day Lockheed Martin detected the immediately and took aggressive actions to ried out by the original RSA attackers. attack, it disabled all employees’ remote access protect all systems and data,” the company It’s likely that whoever hacked the RSA net- and told telecommuters to work from company said. As a result, it said, its systems “remain se- work got the algorithm for the current tokens offices for at least a week, Cringely says. Then it cure; no customer, program, or employee per- and then managed to get a keylogger installed told remote workers they’d receive new RSA sonal data has been compromised.” on one or more computers used to access SecurID tokens and all 133,000 employees to Hackers reportedly exploited Lockheed’s Lockheed Martin’s intranet, says security blog- reset their network passwords. VPN, which lets employees log in remotely by ger Robert Cringely, aka Mark Stephens, who In a statement released on May 28, EMC said it using RSA SecurID hardware tokens. The at- broke the news of this attack. From there, at- was “premature to speculate” on the details of tackers apparently possessed the factory-en- tackers reportedly gained access to the con- the attack. But if attackers did use information coded random keys used by at least some of tractor’s internal network. stolen from RSA to hack into Lockheed Martin’s Lockheed’s SecurID hardware tokens, as well Lockheed Martin, which posted revenue of SecurID system, then EMC could be forced to fi- as serial numbers and the underlying algo- $45.8 billion in 2010, makes everything from nally reveal, publicly, any risks that the use of its rithm used to secure the devices. Trident missiles and F-22 fighter jets to a net- system might now pose to the 40 million users Whoever attacked Lockheed Martin may work of satellites for the Defense Department of SecurID hardware tokens and 250 million have been behind the successful breach in that are designed to support high-priority users of its SecurID software. —Mathew J. Schwartz March of EMC’s RSA division, which makes Se- wartime communications. ( June 6, 2011 9
  • 10. Previous Next QUICKFACT QuicktakesIN THIS ISSUECollaboration breakdown >> AN EMERGING STANDARD?Social business buyer’s guide >>Wintel’s compatibility mess >> Citrix To Combine XenServer, OpenStack For Enterprise CloudsNew clues to RSA breach >> Citrix Systems is developing a product that with Citrix’s hypervisor, the software will be use-Table of contents >> will let businesses use the OpenStack cloud ful on a smaller scale as well, Templeton said in a software as a foundation for establishing their speech late last month at the company’s annual own infrastructure as a service. Synergy conference in San Francisco. OpenStack is an open source project Dell will provide a reference architecture im- launched last July by Rackspace and NASA, plementation of OpenStack by October, and with the backing of 60 vendors, including the first software to be produced from Project Cisco, Canonical, Dell, and Intel. IaaS vendors Olympus is due later this year. Amazon, Savvis, Terremark, and Verizon Busi- If OpenStack becomes a de facto standard ness haven’t signed on, however, nor have IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Oracle. for enterprise clouds, IT departments will be more likely to turn to Rackspace or other [ Templeton: Industry-class clouds for the enterprise Under an initiative called Project Olympus, OpenStack-based cloud service providers for management software and Microsoft’s Hyper-V. Citrix will offer OpenStack with a cloud-opti- their external IaaS needs. It’s easier to shift Since vSphere manages VMware’s ESX Server mized version of Citrix XenServer, its hypervi- workloads between clouds when they recog- hypervisor, the announcement seems to indi- sor for hosting virtual machines, according to nize each other’s APIs. cate that Project Olympus will result in a cross- CEO Mark Templeton. That will let Citrix Xen- Citrix was an early supporter of OpenStack as hypervisor system, while using XenServer as its Servers work as a pooled, self-service resource a way of creating a standard that might default hypervisor. in the data center, capable of linking to other counter VMware’s lead in enterprise virtualiza- Yet Citrix emphasizes the advantages of us- OpenStack environments. tion and cloud software. Rackspace, in addition ing open source to build private clouds in con- Early OpenStack code contributions from to using OpenStack to offer cloud services, has trast to approaches that “add proprietary man- NASA and Rackspace were oriented toward gone out of its way to say it relies on Citrix Xen- agement layers on top of existing data center cloud service providers; they allow the provision- Server for its operations. virtualization stacks.” You can take that as a ing of servers and storage on a large scale. When In addition to the Citrix hypervisor, Project thinly veiled jab at VMware’s vCloud initiative. OpenStack’s basic functionality gets combined Olympus will support VMware’s vSphere VM —Charles Babcock ( June 6, 2011 10
  • 11. Previous Next QuicktakesIN THIS ISSUECollaboration breakdown >>Social business buyer’s guide >> FINANCE FRIENDLY Stanley Young. The platform is set up to host Radianz financial services cloud. Microsoft re- customer applications and services such as cently launched a range of cloud servicesWintel’s compatibility mess >>New clues to RSA breach >> NYSE Launches Cloud electronic trading, market data analysis, algo- aimed at healthcare organizations. rithm testing, and regulatory reporting. But widespread adoption of industry-spe-Table of contents >> For Capital Markets So far, it has two test customers: Pico Quan- cific clouds isn’t a given. titative Trading, an agency-only broker that Companies in heavily regulated and highly Capital markets firms have been slow to provides services to multiasset electronic trad- competitive environments tend to be very se- adopt public cloud offerings because of con- ing clients, and Millennium Partners, an invest- curity conscious and may not warm to the no- cerns over reliability, data security, and poten- ment management firm with $10.6 billion in tion of colocating data in the same facilities tial regulatory headaches. NYSE Technologies, assets under management. Jarrod Yuster, co- that host competitors’ information. And busi- the commercial technology arm of NYSE Eu- founder and CEO of Pico, says his firm is using nesses in industries where regulations are ronext, has launched an industry-specific more relaxed, such as retail, may opt for less cloud computing platform that might address This could mark the start expensive, generic cloud offerings from serv- some of these worries. ice providers like Google and Amazon. Dubbed the Capital Markets Community of specialized clouds for Pico’s Yuster said he isn’t worried that his Platform (CMPC), it’s designed to provide rapid industries with tough data could get exposed in the cloud. “We’re provisioning of pay-for-use processing power, regulatory, security, and very comfortable that our information is pro- access to historical market data, and tempo- transaction requirements. tected and segregated,” he says. rary compute capacity for real-time testing. NYSE Technologies’ Young is confident The cloud services, created in partnership the flexible capacity for back testing quantita- CMPC will see significant adoption, if for no with EMC and VMware, are hosted at NYSE Eu- tive trading strategies. The platform will go live other reason than trading firms are under ma- ronext data centers in New Jersey and the U.K. for other customers July 1. jor cost pressure. “People cannot go back to NYSE Technologies plans satellite hubs through NYSE’s cloud could mark the start of a host the business model of three years ago,” he partners in Toronto, Sao Paolo, and Tokyo, with of specialized cloud offerings aimed at indus- says. “Clients are asking for more services at prices based on consumption of CPU cycles. tries with demanding and unique regulatory, less cost.” —Gregory MacSweeney of Wall Street & “The goal is an open platform to enable fric- security, and transaction requirements. BT Technology and Paul McDougall tionless trading,” says NYSE Technologies CEO boasts more than 15,000 members on its BT ( June 6, 2011 11
  • 12. Previous NextIN THIS ISSUECollaboration breakdown >>Social business buyer’s guide >>Wintel’s compatibility mess >>New clues to RSA breach >>Table of contents >> Collaboration Breakdown Employees have more ways to communicate, but until the mishmash of tools gets integrated, productivity will suffer By Michael Healey A lmost 90% of companies use some form of social networking, whether it’s an internal blog, an online forum, a wiki, or a hybrid platform such as Microsoft Share- consider that effort a success. And Point, the InformationWeek Analytics we know one of the big reasons. Social Networking in the Enterprise Only 26% of our survey respon- Survey shows. However, a paltry 10% dents have direct email integration June 6, 2011 12
  • 13. Previous Next COLLABORATION [COVER STORY]IN THIS ISSUE with their social systems. In other words, com-Collaboration breakdown >> panies expect employees to break away fromSocial business buyer’s guide >> their email, check the “social” system, col - laborate, and then go back to their email.Wintel’s compatibility mess >> Fuggedaboutit.New clues to RSA breach >> Collaboration technology presents the ulti-Table of contents >> mate irony of the modern IT age. Hundreds of apps, platforms, and devices are designed to help us work together better. They all promise to make us more productive. Yet almost none of these tools plugs easily into the others. Vendors touting “unified communications” haven’t come close to solving this problem. All present their visions of how their platforms will revolutionize the worker’s life, but fail to men-Get This And tion what they don’t provide. Microsoft Lync hasAll Our Reports no iPhone or Android option. Cisco’s unifiedBecome an InformationWeek communications suite offers limited ExchangeAnalytics subscriber and get ourfull report on enterprise search. It integration. Avaya’s new Flare doesn’t support Whether you’re managing w access, securing your port or extending identity to the cl e web our portal, o cloud, youincludes 38 pages of action-ori- Microsoft Office. And none of them has suffi- need a way to saf share user information. It’s essential f your external applications—and f your safely sential for ations—and forented analysis, packed with 26 cient plug-ins for the growing number of soft- compliance and go e governance initiatives, as well. But ho can you open your identity in a fr ell. how fragmentedcharts and exclusive trending. ware-as-a-service collaboration options, such as infrastructure, wher each application is an island unto itself? With a virtualized identity servic where ation unto service,What you’ll find:’s Chatter. you have identity int synchronization—right at your fingertips. So y can integration, correlation, and synchr elation, you> Our three-step plan to make manage your identity as one l our logical system, while gathering data and handling security at the sour e data source. enterprise-wide search a reality The cloud vendors are no better, preferring RadiantOne: Link y your identity to the entire world.> Top vendors in this space (hint: to push their own visions as the only way to Google should be worried) go. You’re a big fan of Google enterprise> A guide to calculating the true email? Too bad, if you’re a SharePoint or Notes cost of a search initiative shop. Google has integration tools for Outlook Download and Notes client software, but it doesn’t in- © COPY R IGHT 2 0 1 1 , RADIANT LOGI C, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESER VED
  • 14. Previous Next COLLABORATION [COVER STORY]IN THIS ISSUE clude Notes databases or SharePoint sites. Sixty-one percent of companies don’t in- a meeting to piece together a story and takeCollaboration breakdown >> It’s time for a reset. IT organizations have tegrate their email with their accounting, action.Social business buyer’s guide >> 11 major choices today when it comes to CRM, or ERP systems, finds our Information- Here’s an example of how integrating email technology-assisted communication and Week Analytics State of Enterprise Messag- and a project management system would beWintel’s compatibility mess >> collaboration (see box, right). Some are old ing Survey. Instead, people are left to cook powerful. Chances are project managers areNew clues to RSA breach >> and boring, like the phone and fax, while up their own approaches for managing the using some type of system to track theirTable of contents >> others—like telepresence rooms—make you work—whether it’s a module inside the ERP feel like a Jetson. or CRM system or a separate app, such as the 11 MAJOR OPTIONS IT teams need to assess each based on cloud-based Basecamp. Email communica- whether they support six critical integration Collaboration User tion is crucial to any project, providing status points, three interoperability benchmarks, and Option Acceptance updates, meeting notices, and follow-up three user requirements (see box, p. 16). View Email Universal notes. Project managers are well-organized this as a checklist for success—or a harbinger Instant messaging Low but loyal data junkies who’ll happily send their up- SMS texting Growing of the troubles ahead if they’re ignored. And dates from within the project app, creating a Audio conference Universal they all start with email. Web conference Growing record and resource. The rest of the project Video (point to point) Unproven team? Forget it. They’ll just use email, often Get Your Email House In Order Video (conference) Tolerated forgetting to cc: the project manager. Retrain Email remains the dominant form of enter- Video (telepresence) Generally accepted the users? No way. It’s much easier to inte- prise communications: 100% market accept- Collaboration systems Low and unproven grate email with the project management ance, 100% user acceptance. Period. Fax Universal system, so sending an email with an associ- Modern email systems provide a manageable Phone Universal ated project code is automatically noted in and centralized point for four of the six integra- the project software. tion requirements—contacts, calendars, tasks, information around projects, meetings, cus- Sound like a monster custom coding job? and actual messages. However, enterprise IT tomer interactions, and the like. Often, they Not really. The best way to accomplish this in- teams stink at exploiting email’s potential be- end up just stuffing emails into folders. The tegration is to leverage some rules-based yond the in-box, and they pretend that personal result is that any communication string in- logic at the server or gateway, similar to the folders and to-do lists, as well as lightly shared volving more than two people—be it with conventional transaction logging used for calendars, pass for a rich collaborative environ- another colleague or a customer or ven- compliance. Delivery into the application it- ment. We’re missing a tremendous opportunity. dor—gets fragmented. That typically means self can be done via SMTP or whatever June 6, 2011 14
  • 15. Previous Next COLLABORATION [COVER STORY]IN THIS ISSUE the vendor provides. It does require your ap- Outlook client, not Exchange on the servers. that vendors are going to make it easy on you.Collaboration breakdown >> plication staff to understand the message Users love (or hate) Notes, not Domino. One Google is a great example of a provider thatSocial business buyer’s guide >> flow and development options and inject the of the reasons Google has been able to really understands some of the integration logic to pull out email strings that contain a jump-start its Gmail for the enterprise has needed to succeed over the long term. How-Wintel’s compatibility mess >> project identifier, match a customer name, or been its Outlook integration client and back- ever, it also falls short of the level of integra-New clues to RSA breach >> meet a certain rule set. end API. Gmail has been able to do basic tion needed to expand its capabilities be-Table of contents >> So why don’t companies do this? In part it’s email via Outlook for years, and contact and yond email. Google Talk instant messaging because of the enthusiasm for new collabora- calendar integration has come more re- doesn’t work with Outlook or Notes, for ex- tion technology. Email works, so why would cently. When Google added a feature to sync ample. Thus, it’s hardly surprising that the you spend developer time on that rather than its calendar with Outlook 2010 last year, the bulk of Google enterprise app growth has on implementing a new collaboration tool, company described that as its “top feature been driven by email, and not by instant mes- like telepresence? Yes, companies should request.” saging or Docs, which have more limited in- think about such emerging options, but they The lesson is there’s an opportunity to build tegration options. also must consider how any new tools fit with features and improve integration around the At a minimum, your integration goal must the tried and true. email client you have. include having all contact, calendar, task, and Another reason is fear—employees don’t message information integrated back into like it when IT messes with their email. But IT Adding On To Email centralized repositories. A bigger undertaking teams need to remember that just because So hopefully you’re convinced that adding IM, is to integrate messages—whether via chat, employees depend on an email front end video, texting, or full-blown collaboration sys- video, or email—into a CRM, project manage- doesn’t mean a company is tied to the back- tems that aren’t integrated within an existing ment, customer support, or ERP system. Nice end server software. People care about the email system is just plain silly. But don’t assume goal, but sadly, most enterprise June 6, 2011 15
  • 16. Previous Next COLLABORATION [COVER STORY]IN THIS ISSUE don’t even get contacts and calendars right. signs up online, where does that contact texting after the sales team or executivesCollaboration breakdown >> Here’s an example. Web conferencing is fairly record go? If the event is part of customer or deems it critical. However, many don’t realizeSocial business buyer’s guide >> commonplace. Cisco WebEx, Citrix GoToMeet- vendor activities, is the fact that it took place that BlackBerry’s SMS text logging is turned ing, and Microsoft Live Meeting all have inte- noted in the CRM or ERP system? Lastly, most off by default and is probably not logging theWintel’s compatibility mess >> gration options, but their client support is lim- of these systems can record sessions, but are messages their users have enabled.New clues to RSA breach >> the sessions stored with your other logs?Table of contents >> The point is, these integrations are difficult Three Levels Of Interoperability CRITICAL ELEMENTS for vendors and, frankly, aren’t their top prior- When planning to integrate collaboration FOR SUCCESS ity. So when you’re going to add a new tool, applications, think in terms of three levels of Integration Requirements make sure to consider how you will integrate interoperability. The first, as we’ve noted, is Message and conversation it with other tools. email. The push of late to create “enterprise Contact records Calendar events Even when vendors make a solid effort, there social networks” is making this more critical, To-do/task lists can be complications. Case in point, Google since these social networks create a whole ERP/CRM systems Apps and Salesforce. If you’ve ditched your Ex- new silo. Logging/auditing change email service and internal CRM and And no, setting up an email alert of social Interoperability headed for the cloud, you may be in for a nasty networking activity isn’t enough. In fact, it With email client surprise. Both Google and Salesforce have nice may even make matters worse to generate a With mobile devices options to sync with individual email clients, generic message that says something like, With external organizations including Outlook. But we’ve seen them bomb “Bill Jones commented on your product idea. User Requirements for companies running both sync options at Click here.” That’s not integration, it’s noise. Works with email once on an Outlook client. Plus, neither Sales- If the details of Bill’s message were there, and Unified search force nor Google offers a way to integrate its you could reply to and comment on those Formal training respective talk and chat apps. messages right from your in-box, that would Even a seemingly simple integration like be integration. If you could check if Bill were ited, and they provide only plug-ins to send capturing and logging messages for security online and maybe chat with him right then, appointments and invitations. purposes can slip by existing setups. Black- that would be even better. However, as we That’s OK if your Web conferencing usage is Berry Enterprise Server is the standard for noted, only 26% of companies integrate their 100% driven from email invitations, but if most companies’ mobile connectivity. IT or- systems with email, and only 31% enable on- someone gets the message forwarded, or ganizations usually end up enabling SMS line presence indicators. The rest? They June 6, 2011 16
  • 17. Previous Next COLLABORATION [COVER STORY]IN THIS ISSUE pect people to hop back and forth between software platforms. This requires a hard reality you can’t guarantee that outsiders will be ableCollaboration breakdown >> email and social collaboration apps. check on what will ever be a standard. We or willing to get on board.Social business buyer’s guide >> The second level of interoperability is with know we can send email or text, or make a With desktop-centric applications, Skype mobile devices. IT needs to identify the op- phone call, to almost anyone, regardless of shows some similarities. For the most part,Wintel’s compatibility mess >> tions for all devices, even those it doesn’t cur- that person’s hardware or device—that’s uni- you’ve needed Skype software on your desk-New clues to RSA breach >> rently support. If your company adds video versal interoperability. top to use it. The company has a few partnersTable of contents >> capabilities, chances are employees will ex- But some platform options won’t be inter- that offer gateway access to voice and PBX pect to be able to use that video from their iPhones or Android-based smartphones. How Are Internal Social Networking Systems Integrated Into Your Email App? Establish a clear standard for email connec- Direct plug-in that works with email client tions and clients for every device option. Do 26% you expect iPhone users to use iMap, SMTP Mail-out option that lets us send email directly from application 23% POP, or the Outlook client? And we mean every Mail-to option that lets us send email to the application device—Windows, Mac, Linux, desktop, lap- 19% top, tablet, stone tablet, smoke signal, you No email integration name it. Lay out the options and configuration 39% Data: InformationWeek Analytics Social Networking in the Enterprise Survey of 624 business technology professionals at companies using ranges for all of ‘em. one or more internal social networking systems, August 2010 Why? Because if you don’t, people will con- nect on their own, based on what they be- operable. Ever. A prime example: Hosted Web systems, but Skype has never heavily pro- lieve is the correct or just the easiest way. For and video conferencing services like Cisco moted this option—and that’s worked out example, iPhones have an Exchange connec- WebEx, Google Talk, ooVoo, Ojo, and others OK. Skype provides a basic set of tools to inte- tor that is amazingly simple to use. If you have have no incentive to allow easy interoperabil- grate with almost every mail and Web client, basic remote Exchange access set up, chances ity with their systems. The vendors’ logic: A and thanks to a clean interface, easy chat ca- are you have iPhones getting mail and you user can “just load and go,” so it’s no big deal pabilities, and pretty decent video, the com- don’t even know it. Help your employees, or for the party you’re looking to collaborate pany claims 125 million active users. Seventy they’ll help themselves. with to add that vendor’s software. If you go percent are in Europe or the Middle East, and The third level of interoperability is with with one of these options, you’d better have using the service has meant huge cost savings other companies—suppliers, partners, cus- high enough usage rates among your em- for people doing international business. tomers—and their different collaboration ployee base to make it worthwhile, because Now that Microsoft is buying Skype for $ June 6, 2011 17
  • 18. Previous Next COLLABORATION [COVER STORY]IN THIS ISSUE billion, the question becomes, What kind of strategy does require development chops, But two other needs are high on the list. OneCollaboration breakdown >> priority will there be on integration? Clearly, including understanding the APIs and stan- is enabling universal search of the informa-Social business buyer’s guide >> any interoperability efforts will focus on Mi- dards used for each platform. Any talk of “uni- tion generated in these collaborative apps. crosoft products first. Will Skype support versally accepted standards” must be pre- The other is formal training in how best to useWintel’s compatibility mess >> competing systems from Avaya, Cisco, Google, faced by the same warning that comes with collaborative apps. Neither area tends to getNew clues to RSA breach >> and others? Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer every spec, from virtualization to IP numbers IT leaders fired up.Table of contents >> went to great pains when announcing the to cloud computing. Creating standards is a Enterprise search has languished as a poten- deal to say that Microsoft would keep Skype painfully slow process, and the market keeps tial business productivity breakthrough for accessible from other platforms. moving faster and faster. years. There are 50+ vendors that offer soft- But Microsoft’s interoperability track record For systems that have limited interoperabil- ware that can crawl and index an entire range is mediocre. The company has struggled for ity, assume that situation will continue, and of applications, including email, IM, docu- years with its messaging and video plat- then figure out if you’ll get enough use by ments, and even group collaboration systems forms, offering poor consumer products, and a series of attempts at creating a UC platform Enterprise search has languished. Most companies leave it underused, for Exchange. The Lync rebranding effort promises new UC capabilities, but there’s no focusing it on just one or two applications and forfeiting the benefit native support for Apple or Android devices. of giving their employees an enterprise search vision that starts with their That omission explains why people worry email stores as only one of several primary sources. about the long-term future of Skype for the iPhone, despite Ballmer’s assurance Skype will support Apple products: 45% of respon- employees—and key customers or suppli- like wikis. Granted, letting people search col- dents to a recent InformationWeek survey ers—to make it worth your while. leagues’ in-boxes is a leap of transparency few agree with the statement that Microsoft will will ever make, but the software should at deprioritize Skype’s multiplatform support, We Built It, So Where Are They? least offer functions like tying results from an while 21% disagree. It should be easy to figure out what users in-box search to documents stored on the IT’s best hope for better interoperability lies want most from collaboration, but unfortu- network. Most companies leave it underused, with the bridge and gateway options noted nately, IT doesn’t always make the effort. focusing search on just one or two apps and earlier. That way, your future is at least some- We’ve made our case that connecting collab- forfeiting the benefit of giving their employ- what in your own hands. But let’s be clear: This oration tools, with email at the center, is vital. ees a search vision that starts with their June 6, 2011 18
  • 19. Previous Next COLLABORATION [COVER STORY]IN THIS ISSUE stores as only one of several primary sources. program on how to use communication tools. open technology market, constantly bringingCollaboration breakdown >> Enterprise search fits neatly with this discus- The reason? IT assumes people already know new products and ideas to the fore. Collabo-Social business buyer’s guide >> sion—if you’ve forced integration and interop- the fine points, and that using the right tool well ration vendors are delivering those new erability, pulling it all together with a centralized is just common sense. Wrong. Email itself has ideas, and IT should explore what’s available.Wintel’s compatibility mess >> search is technically easy and provides big re- been a mainstream communication platform However, most companies have reached aNew clues to RSA breach >> sults. It can quickly help an employee sort out for only 15 or so years, and it still isn’t part of the breaking point with communications and putTable of contents >> communication details, contact updates, and writing curriculum taught in most U.S. schools. their IT teams in a predicament—what chess problem histories. Without enterprise search? players call zugzwang: They have to make a Try remembering who OK’d that proposal last move, but any move might make things IT needs to do real training that’s year, and whether the discussion was in email, worse. As we add more options and more de- IM, or a WebEx meeting, or via Salesforce. customized to the toolset it has vices, we actually make our other systems Bringing all these communication tools to- built, and to the company’s culture. less efficient and ultimately more confused gether, and adding search to them, does cre- We’re talking about teaching best and confusing. ate one very big obligation for IT: A focus on However, we don’t necessarily have the practices, not tech features. training. Yes, real training that IT customizes choice to say “no.” As people accept new based on the toolset it has built and the communication methods, businesses must company’s culture. We’re not talking about Video, SMS, and IM education? Doesn’t happen. adapt to stay competitive. Attempting to stan- walking through the tech features and Part of this training should be providing dardize on a single platform means making demonstrating the various pull-down guidance on which medium a person should the fatal assumption that one vendor can pro- menus. We’re talking about best practices use and when. Left alone, people will default vide and connect all needed channels, or that training. What type of communication is best to the option that fits their personal behavior, it’s even possible to connect all relevant plat- for quick updates? What’s the proper format not necessarily the right choice for business- forms. By focusing on email as a core starting for a Web conference? Heck, what’s the right level communications. IM and texting are point, companies can build on email’s success way to change a subject line when you re- good examples of where quick status check- to help create a cohesive plan for rolling in the spond to an email? ins work in a personal setting—”running late rest of the communications suite. This level of education simply isn’t done. Less Mom, pick me up at 5, can I go to Jenny’s”— than 18% of all those responding to our most but become annoying and downright intru- Michael Healey is president of Yeoman Technology Group, an recent State of Enterprise Messaging Survey sive when done wrong by a co-worker. engineering and research firm focused on maximizing tech- say their companies provide an overall training IT relies on the power of a competitive and nology investments. Write to us at June 6, 2011 19
  • 20. Previous NextIN THIS ISSUECollaboration breakdown >>Social business buyer’s guide >> Buyer’s Guide:Wintel’s compatibility mess >>New clues to RSA breach >> EnterpriseTable of contents >> Social Networking These tools can improve collaboration and productivity—but only if your employees C actually use them. Here’s how to find the right fit. By Jim Rapoza Get This And All Our Reports Become an InformationWeek ompanies are increasingly ument sharing, and community knowledge technology companies in the world, including Analytics subscriber and get our turning to enterprise social networking tools spaces. Employees can collaborate on proj- Microsoft, IBM, and Cisco Systems, are also full report, Enterprise Social for collaboration, project tracking, and ects, find experts within their companies, and playing in this space. But size doesnt always Network Buyer’s Guide. knowledge management, according to our partner easily with colleagues on the daily matter: Socialtext and Jive trumped Microsoft This report includes 14 pages of action-oriented analysis. What InformationWeek Analytics Enterprise 2.0 tasks that constitute business operations. and other big rivals in overall performance in you’ll find: Applications Vendor Evaluation Survey. But Still, choosing the best system for your com- our Vendor Evaluation Survey of 619 business > Features and pricing for 11 don’t think these systems are just knockoffs pany can be a challenge. The market is flush technology professionals using or testing en- products of Facebook or Twitter. Yes, they offer user with enterprise-focused social networking terprise 2.0 products. > Guidance on vendor selection profiles and microblogs, but today’s enter- startups, such as Socialtext, Jive, and Yammer, Before investing in a social networking > Criteria for successful adoption prise social networking products are built for looking to win customers with leading-edge product, answer two key questions: What fea- Download business, with powerful tools like wikis, doc- features and functions. Meanwhile, the largest tures do you need, and how will you June 6, 2011 20
  • 21. Previous Next [ENTERPRISE SOCIAL NETWORKING]IN THIS ISSUE the capabilities? Status updates and profile Are You Using Any Enterprise 2.0 Applications?Collaboration breakdown >> pages are available on just about every plat-Social business buyer’s guide >> form, but your company may be more inter- ested in document sharing or wikis. And someWintel’s compatibility mess >> products are traditional on-premises soft- We’re testing oneNew clues to RSA breach >> ware, others live in the cloud, and a few offer or more applications 19% 9%Table of contents >> both options. Moreover, decide whether you 68% We’ve adopted one or more applications want a product that’s closely linked with your other applications, such as SharePoint’s tight integration with the Office suite, or if a stand- We’re in the 13% alone platform is the best bet. process of rolling out one or more applications To help answer those questions, we exam- ined the state of enterprise social networking, Data: InformationWeek Analytics Enterprise 2.0 Vendor Evaluation Survey of 619 business technology professionals, November 2010 cataloged capabilities top products bring to bear, and analyzed criteria IT should use to de- termine the best fit for their firms. social networking, employees have to use within an enterprise social networking system the tools. And that can be a problem: User is to integrate it with tools they already depend The Business Side Of Social Networking adoption is the greatest management chal- on. For example, if your employees use Sales- Companies are looking to enterprise social lenge IT faces when it comes to social net-, then Salesforce’s Chatter application networking for a full slate of business value. IT working, according to our InformationWeek is a logical pick to add social networking. Simi- professionals ranked the ability of a social net- Analytics Social Networking in the Enterprise larly, companies that are heavily invested in Mi- working product to meet business needs as Survey of 624 business technology profes- crosoft should evaluate the improved social the No. 1 feature in our InformationWeek Ana- sionals at companies using these systems. networking capabilities of SharePoint 2010, lytics survey—along with data security and Thus, one common aspect of nearly all the which includes news feeds and the ability for authentication. In other words, these products enterprise social networking tools is a strik- users to rate content. And nearly every enter- aren’t being rolled out just because mi- ing similarity to the interfaces of Facebook prise social networking system provides some croblogs are fun, or because it’s the in thing and Twitter. In this case, familiarity breeds form of API and integration method to tie into to do. Companies want to see a return. adoption. other enterprise applications. The catch is, to see value from enterprise Another way to get employees to collaborate In addition to feature requirements, June 6, 2011 21
  • 22. Previous Next [ENTERPRISE SOCIAL NETWORKING]IN THIS ISSUE how the social networking platform can be How Important Are These Enterprise 2.0 Application Features?Collaboration breakdown >> protected and managed. Differentiators to 1 Not important Very important 5Social business buyer’s guide >> look for include single sign-on and deep ana- lytics that show how employees are collabo- Ability to address business needsWintel’s compatibility mess >> 4.5 rating and which features they use most.New clues to RSA breach >> Security of data or quality of authentication 4.5Table of contents >> Same, But Different Integration with existing internal enterprise software (such as email and directory systems) Twitter-style updates and Facebook-like 4.4 profile pages are at the core of nearly all these Intuitive user interface 4.4 products, but there are variations. For in- Data: InformationWeek Analytics Enterprise 2.0 Vendor Evaluation Survey of 619 business technology professionals, November 2010 stance, in some systems, users can attach doc- uments and other files to an update. Other systems let users embed content, such as doc- content such as contact details, professional creasingly available as mobile apps. This uments, images, and videos, so it’s viewable interests, and appropriate personal informa- makes good sense because these tools can directly from the activity stream, which may tion, also can vary widely in functionality. In make it much easier for employees to stay increase engagement and make it more likely some systems these are simply static listings connected to projects and tasks while on that others will view this content. of basic contact data. However, in the best the road. Also look for filtering and privacy options systems, they are highly dynamic pages that Mobile readiness is one area where there’s within status updates. In a business environ- show everything a user is doing, from status still a lot of differentiation among the prod- ment, users won’t always want to broadcast updates, to content, to areas of expertise. So- ucts. Some have native mobile apps for access their updates to the entire company—and cialtext and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 do a to core features, such as the activity feed. For the entire company probably won’t want to very good job with profile pages; both plat- example, Yammer and Salesforce Chatter both receive them. Some products can direct status forms let users provide lots of details on their have apps for iPhones and BlackBerrys that let updates only to select communities, groups, activities and the content they’re creating users view status updates from colleagues or individuals. Thus, a development team and sharing. and adjust their statuses while on the go. working on a new application can keep its However, other products have no native mo- members updated on progress without clut- Social Networking Everywhere bile apps. Instead, they rely on a standard tering the message feeds of other groups. As with other business applications, enter- browser interface, which often isn’t opti- Profile pages, in which employees can post prise social networking products are in- mized for small screens. Use of HTML 5 to June 6, 2011 22
  • 23. Previous Next [ENTERPRISE SOCIAL NETWORKING]IN THIS ISSUE prove mobile access is on the radar of many Managing The Social Network predicted) by employees. While it’s possible toCollaboration breakdown >> vendors, but is still limited in use. Administrative features are another area misinterpret this kind of information—lots ofSocial business buyer’s guide >> where capabilities in enterprise social net- status updates doesn’t necessarily translate to Social Communication works can vary, from very basic user manage- productivity, for instance—analytics can helpWintel’s compatibility mess >> Enterprise social networking applications ment features to systems that provide deep detect and replicate effective work processes,New clues to RSA breach >> are maneuvering to become complete com- analytics and the ability to sync with corpo- find employee expertise, and improve informa-Table of contents >> munications portals for users, in part to make rate directories. tion dissemination. these platforms indispensable to companies. Analytics can extend the value of a social net- For many companies, integration with com- This has led to the inclusion of multiple working platform. Some products offer very pany directories and security systems will fall forms of direct communication, including deep analytics geared toward monitoring and under the “essentials” category because ad- email and integrated chat. An emerging fea- gleaning insight from social activities. An early ministrators must be able to enforce authen- ture in social networking systems is video leader in this type of deep social analysis is So- tication and access policies. However, while ac- and voice integration, often via Skype. Given cialcast, which can provide data to help admin- cess control is clearly important, it shouldn’t Microsoft’s recent acquisition of the applica- istrators see which users are highly valued by get in the way of enhancing productivity. Thus tion, vendors and customers may be less en- other employees, what types of content are be- it’s unfortunate that many social networking thusiastic about relying on Skype to provide ing shared or linked to the most, and how im- products make it difficult to extend access to live voice and video. At present, however, portant company events are received (or even third parties, given that collaboration and Skype will remain the most common option for live communications in social networking Enterprise Social Network Feature Comparison products. An expanded version of this table with 11 vendors and more details, including pricing, is available online Some vendors are also building in integra- Jive Microsoft SharePoint Salesforce Chatter Socialtext tion with full Web conferencing systems, Analytics G G Via G which can be valuable for initiating and man- Blogs G G G aging meetings, presentations, and training. Delivery model SaaS and software Software SaaS SaaS and software Cisco Quad, which is being revamped through Mobile version G G G G a collaboration with EMC’s Documentum, Shared workspaces or wikis G G G comes integrated with Cisco’s WebEx Web Single sign-on G G G conferencing service to make it simple to en- User profiles or directory G G G G gage in June 6, 2011 23
  • 24. Previous Next [ENTERPRISE SOCIAL NETWORKING]IN THIS ISSUE communication with partners, consultants, The User HurdleCollaboration breakdown >> and other external personnel are crucial in to- What is the greatest challenge in managing your company’s internal social networking systems?Social business buyer’s guide >> day’s business environments. Other How hard is it to collaborate with outsiders?Wintel’s compatibility mess >> Don’t know User adoption In some cases, only users with the same email 1%New clues to RSA breach >> 6% domain as the company can be invited to use Cost control 35%Table of contents >> 6% the social network. Some systems also com- pletely block Gmail and other Web-based email users. We recommend grilling providers Increasing employee usage 15% on your short list about their ability to extend product capabilities to users both inside and outside the company. 21% Another important management consider- 16% Explaining the role of social ation for social networking is content man- Time required to manage applications networking as it applies to business agement. IT must ensure that content created or stored on the social networking platform Data: InformationWeek Analytics Social Networking in the Enterprise Survey of 624 business technology professionals at companies using one or more internal social networking systems, August 2010 can be archived according to compliance and regulatory requirements. Content also should be retrievable by e-discovery systems, be- user profiles, but lack deeper administration stayed connected with friends before Face- cause social networking platforms are fair and integration capabilities. However, these book. In the business world, social networking game in litigation. lightweight versions may be good enough for has the same potential to become indispen- Pricing is also a concern. In general, software- small businesses or even departments within sable—but only if your employees find it a as-a-service products have a low up-front cost; larger companies. IT organizations can also useful business tool. Fortunately, we have a many vendors charge about $5 per user per use a free version to pilot the product. wide field of vendors from which to choose a month. For an on-premises product such as Jive, product that meets our needs. prices start around $50,000 and go up based on Getting Social the number of users and desired features. In our public lives, social networking has be- Jim Rapoza is an editor at Network Computing. Get more de- Many vendors offer free versions that let IT come commonplace. For many people, it’s al- tails on 11 top contenders in our full buyer’s guide. Write to test basic functions, such as activity feeds and most impossible to remember how they us at June 6, 2011 24
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