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Datasheet janrain-engage

  1. 1. To succeed on the social web today, organizations need to quickly connect with their users through easy registration and log in processes, engage the user with personalized content, empower the user to publish activity information back to the social networks and grow brand awareness and referral traffic back to their website. Janrain Engage is a turnkey user authentication and social publishing solution that enables your website visitors to login or register with an existing account from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, or other providers and then easily publish activity data back to multiple social networks. Janrain Engage helps organizations build more engaging relationships with users and connect their online properties to the social networks. An active and engaged user is a valuable user and Janrain’s hosted solution helps you unlock that value. Janrain Engage user management platform for the social web Increase Site Registrations Reduce barriers to registration, accelerate the sign up process and increase conversion rates from site visitors to registered users by enabling login with an existing social networking or web mail account Create More Personalized, Engaging Experiences Pre-populate registration forms and offer a more targeted, personalized experience for your users by importing rich user profile data, friend’s lists and address books Grow Brand Awareness and Generate Referral Traffic Connect your site to the social web and empow- er your users to spread your content by making it easy for users to publish activity from your site to multiple social networks simultaneously BENEFITS Increase registration rates on your website. Your website visitors probably already have an account with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, MySpace, Windows Live or AOL. Janrain Engage provides a fully managed sign-in interface that is quick and easy to add to your website. It helps the user choose a sign-in provider, and remembers their decision next time they visit your site, for a one-click login experience. The interface is available either as a javascript pop up, or as an iFrame embeded directly into your page. Personalize the user experience on your site. Janrain Engage enables you to gain a rich set of profile data from your users when they connect to your site. This helps you better segment your users by geography or demographics and offer a more targeted, personalized experience. Additionally, Janrain Engage helps keep your user database current by fetching a fresh copy of user profile data every 24 hours. You can also import a user’s address books and friends from the social networks to your site, creating a more enriching social community for your users. | 888.563.3082 PG1Copyright © 2010 Janrain Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. “Enables website owners to leverage ongoing enhancements without having to dedicate resources to this specialized area.” - Eric Sachs, Google “Assures that our IGA artist websites will always have the best practices for user registration, login, and data management.” - Aaron Foreman, Interscope Geffen A&M Records “Saved us time and complexity, is cost effective, and allows us to scale.” - Phil Chambers, Qype Janrain Engage captures rich analytics data and helps you measure the results of your social publishing efforts. Track the proliferation of user-gener- ated content from your site to the social networks and the amount of referral traffic generated back to your site. Refine your social media campaign based on the insights gathered from Engage. About Janrain: Janrain is guided by the vision that everyone wins when an organization can provide a personalized and engaging user experience. Since our founding in 2005, we have focused on building the ecosystem for user centric identity on the web. Janrain developed the open source libraries that power OpenID login for the majority of enabled websites. Today we offer turnkey hosted solutions for organizations to accept third party identities on their website and connect to the social web. The Janrain User Management Platform (JUMP): The Janrain User Management Platform consists of three key products that may be used together or separately to manage all aspects of user engagement and measurement. Janrain Engage for third party authentication and social publishing. Janrain Federate for registered users to navigate through multiple web properties for a single sign-on (SSO) experience. Janrain Capture, a hosted database to collect, store and act on user data gathered at authentication or registration. Contact Janrain: Email or call us at 888-563-3082. For more information on the product, technical documentation or benefits, please visit Share user activities from your site with the social web. Your users and their friends are active on social networks. Janrain Engage enables your users to publish their comments, purchases, reviews, ratings, blogs, or other activities from your site to multiple social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Yahoo!. Activity-based social publishing allows users to share content from your site and their interactions with that content. This enables word of mouth marketing through effective social media channels that yield a positive ROI. Create a steady stream of referral traffic to your website. As users share their activities from your site out to the social networks, you draw new referral visitors to your website. Enjoy higher conversion rates from these new visitors, since they arrive with an endorsement from a friend and already have an active account with a social network. Because Janrain Engage supports publishing to multiple social networks, you can extend your website’s reach and tap into a wider set of social graphs. MEASURE ROI WITH ACTIONABLE ANALYTICS | 888.563.3082 PG2Copyright © 2010 Janrain Inc. All rights reserved.