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Cloud optimization for_amazon_ec2_fs

  1. 1. AKAMAI CLOUD OPTIMIZATION FOCUS SHEETAkamai Cloud Optimizationfor Amazon EC2™The emergence of public cloud platforms and services has IT organizations thinkingabout which applications they want to keep in-house and which they can build withinthe cloud. For example, Amazon EC2 has become a popular service platform for runningapplications in the cloud. While these public cloud offerings often simplify managementof IT infrastructure and generate savings on capital and operating expenditure, we believethey do not adequately address performance and availability issues related to the Internetcloud itself.Cloud computing platforms are typically built on “big data-centers” in a small Want to learn more aboutnumber of locations- as a result, the experience tends to degrade as a user gets Akamai Cloud Optimization?further from the data-center. Even users in the same country as the data-center Visit Akamai’s APS Web page:are often subject to unacceptable performance and availability as a result of • routing and the chatty protocols that govern the Internet. Thisphenomenon calls for a highly distributed architecture to optimize websiteand application delivery from the application user to the regional data center.Combining an optimized cloud with a virtual computing service like AmazonEC2, can help enterprises overcome slow response times and spotty availability,to improve application adoption and help businesses realize the expectedbenefits of their public cloud computing initiatives.Did you know:• Ten of the largest networks provide last mile access to approximately 30% of overall Internet users• No single network provides more than 5% of access traffic• A majority of your users are not buying Internet connectivity from the same provider servicing the cloud provider’s datacenter• Even when large datacenters reside within the world’s largest networks, average distance between a user and the datacenter may exceed 1,500 miles Number of ISPs Crossed from Application User to Data-Center – Intra City 1 2 3 4 5 Frankfurt 5% 21% 30% 28% 16% Singapore 19% 19% 25% 31% 6% Chicago 10% 59% 31% 0% 0% Seattle 3% 17% 47% 27% 6%Figure 1: Based on a study of sample of IP Traceroutes, the table above shows that an application userin Frankfurt would traverse 3 or more ISP’s 74% of the time to connect to application infrastructurealso located in Frankfurt, but using a different service provider.
  2. 2. Akamai Cloud Optimization for EC2™ AKAMAI CLOUD OPTIMIZATION FOCUS SHEETWant to know if Akamai’s cloud Akamai’s Cloud Optimization Servicesoptimization services can help? Akamai’s cloud optimization services help businesses improveRealize the full value of your cloud initiatives with minimum performance, increase availability, and enhance security ofeffort and no capital expenditures using Akamai’s simple applications and key web assets delivered from the Amazonyet effective cloud optimization service. EC2 infrastructure to global users. The reliance on the Internet by cloud providers introduces performance and reliability challenges inherent to the Internet, particularly for users further away from the cloud infrastructure. Akamai’s Cloud optimization services address distance problems, networkAsk yourself the following questions: inefficiencies and congestion, thereby helping businesses• Are your global users experiencing inconsistent response realize the full benefits of their cloud strategy as a viable times and availability for applications or sites running alternative to building out IT infrastructure. on the Amazon EC2 platform? Is this affecting adoption and hindering achievement of your business objectives? Learn how Akamai can help you deliver fast,• Is the inability to take immediate corrective measures consistent application response times and when performance degrades or content becomes unavailable preserve business continuity for applications a serious concern? Are support costs on the rise? or sites running on Amazon EC2• Is the inability to meet user expectations, preserve While specific configuration and use conditions can vary business continuity and provide optimal performance greatly, the following examples are provided to show real globally for your Amazon EC2 based application examples of how Akamai has helped businesses improve derailing your cloud strategy? the performance and availability of content and applications• Are you realizing the full expected benefits and return hosted on Amazon EC2. The tests reported within this on your Amazon EC2 investment? document have been performed using real world Internet conditions to characterize real business transactions,• Have you taken measures to deal with application as opposed to an environment where conditions can be downtime caused by unplanned outages or cable cuts? simplified to demonstrate artificial gains. In the following examples, the performance results cited are only for these specific customers, based on tests conducted, and may vary for other customers. Akamai Cloud Optimization Diagram End User Akamai Edge Servers Legend SaaS or Custom Application Running on Amazon EC2 Infrastructure End User Distributed Akamai Edge Servers Amazon EC2 Application Acceler- Datacenters End User ated over Public Cloud with Akamai
  3. 3. Akamai Cloud Optimization for EC2™ AKAMAI CLOUD OPTIMIZATION FOCUS SHEETLeading online project collaboration (SaaS) company in AsiaChallenge: Improve performance and adoption of their application in new regions, grow revenueThe online project collaboration space is witnessing intense competition with many players vyingto be leaders. The tremendous demand for the SaaS version of their services has boosted revenues,and ISV’s are keen to expand their footprint. This company realized building out multiple datacenters 40in new regions would be cost prohibitive and instead chose to host its application on Amazon EC2. 35This meant it could scale on-demand and avoid the complexity of managing an internal IT infrastructure. 30However, the company quickly realized that moving to the cloud did not diminish the need forperformance acceleration, knowing that providing customers flawless performance and a superior 25user experience would drive better adoption and greater revenue. Its goal was to consistently provide 20fast response times to users, particularly in Europe and Asia. Tests conducted with Akamai’s cloud 15optimization services showed an average global improvement of 110%, with improved performanceand high availability for users farther away from the cloud infrastructure. This was an ideal solution 10because it seamlessly integrated with the company’s current set up, required no capital expenditure 5upfront and was quickly deployed. With Akamai, this company was able to move confidently into 0new regions, drive greater adoption for its application and grow revenue. The company could now Global APAC Europe N Americafocus on its core competency, adding new capabilities to its product, to differentiate itself and realizea faster ROI on its cloud initiatives.Leading online photo and video sharing companyChallenge: Improve performance, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty 8There are many photo sharing companies but only a few that offer customers a premium service withunlimited storage of high resolution pictures and videos. Ranked a top 400 website, this company’s goal 7is to simply become the best photo sharing site in the world while remaining profitable. To that end, it 6chose to focus on providing customers high quality service, better tools and great functionality without 5managing & operating datacenters. The company’s enormous repository of photos/videos and rapidlyincreasing storage requirements led to picking multiple cloud services for storage and compute capacity 4(processing images). It was aware that fetching images from different geographic locations and serving 3large volumes of high-resolution images and high definition videos over the Internet to a globally dispersed 2user base would induce latency and bring user experience and customer satisfaction issues to the fore.Tests conducted with Akamai showed an average 290% improvement in performance, underscoring the 1need for a cloud optimization service that can overcome Internet bottlenecks. With Akamai in place, it 0could cache images, reduce round trip times, and serve content from servers close to its users, increasing Global Asia Europe N Americacustomer satisfaction and loyalty.Leading professional sports organizationChallenge: Promote large annual sporting event online, drive awareness for the game 8To popularize its sport, this sports league decided to raise awareness for its game in other parts of the 7world with an extensive online strategy, based on detailed demographic research findings. It was decided 6that the online promotion would coincide with the run up to its highly anticipated championship game.To that end, an interactive microsite was launched with the objective of attracting visitors and allowing 5them to experience the game online. With several targeted campaigns expected to drive large volumes 4of traffic over a limited period, hosting the site on the Amazon EC2 platform was an ideal choice. While 3this provided on-demand scalability, the league knew user experience was just as important, especiallyduring traffic peaks. Tests with Akamai showed an average 300% improvement for this customer and 2the microsite was approximately 4x times faster with high availability for users further away from the 1cloud infrastructure. The sports league could now confidently launch the online program as envisioned,maintain high availability, deliver consistent response times with increased impressions, keep users 0engaged longer, and ensure a high volume of return visitors. Global Asia Europe N AmericaGlobal design software company 18Challenge: Improve performance and adoption for their site 16This global company launched a service that allowed its audience to find, download and upload large, 14user created design files, allowing users to share information and best practices. It decided to hostthe service on Amazon EC2 because it made IT management easier and allowed it to focus on its core 12competence. With millions of globally dispersed users accessing these large files, performance of the site 10was important to drive adoption. Tests conducted with Akamai have shown an average 90% improvement. 8The company believes this can help its customers reduce the time needed to recreate design componentsand therefore deliver ideas more effectively. 6 4 2 0 Global Asia Europe Latin America
  4. 4. Akamai Cloud Optimization for EC2™ AKAMAI CLOUD OPTIMIZATION FOCUS SHEETHow it WorksAkamai’s cloud optimization services leverage a network of tens Enterprises should feel comfortable deploying Akamai’sof thousands of servers located in more than 1,000 networks Application Performance Solutions to improve the globalin 70 countries. The network is controlled by an intelligent system delivery of their enterprise collaboration tools. Applicationthat routes requests based on real time Internet conditions. Performance Solutions are backed by service levelPerformance improvements are gained through several techniques agreements (SLAs) that guarantee defined global andsuch as dynamic mapping, pre-fetching, caching, and route performance improvements and network availability.and protocol optimizations. The solution requires no additional hardware, software,Akamai maps user requests to an optimal Akamai server, located or code changes. It is easy to deploy and seamlesslyvery close to the end user. Dynamic route optimization technology integrates with your Amazon EC2 environment.identifies the fastest, most reliable path between the end user Akamai’s EdgeControl management portal also providesand cloud infrastructure, helping avoid Internet congestion, a convenient web-based interface with advancedpeering issues and other bottlenecks. The graph below displays reporting capabilities to monitor performance of yourthe percentage of content delivered via an alternate, optimized cloud based applications.route. In this case traffic is sent along the optimized route 85.9%of the time, on average, maximizing performance and ensuringapplication availability across the cloud. Graph displaying percentage of traffic delivered over the Akamai optimized path The service is backed by an unmatched service level agreement (SLA) for global performance improvement and 100% network availability, along with 24 x 7 x 365Portal Performance Graph technical support.Amazon EC2 is a Trademark of Amazon Web Services LLC, a subsidiary of, Inc. andis used for descriptive purposes only and without intent to imply endorsement of Akamai services.The Akamai DifferenceAkamai® provides market-leading managed services for powering rich media, dynamic transactions, and enterprise applications online. Having pioneered the content delivery marketone decade ago, Akamai’s services have been adopted by the world’s most recognized brands across diverse industries. The alternative to centralized Web infrastructure, Akamai’sglobal network of tens of thousands of distributed servers provides the scale, reliability, insight and performance for businesses to succeed online. Akamai has transformed theInternet into a more viable place to inform, entertain, interact, and collaborate. To experience The Akamai Difference, visit Technologies, Inc.U.S. Headquarters International Offices8 Cambridge Center Unterfoehring, Germany Bangalore, IndiaCambridge, MA 02142 Paris, France Sydney, Australia ©2010 Akamai Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in whole Milan, Italy or in part in any form or medium without express written permission is prohibited.Tel 617.444.3000 Beijing, China Akamai and the Akamai wave logo are registered trademarks. Other trademarksFax 617.444.3001 London, England Tokyo, Japan contained herein are the property of their respective owners. Akamai believes thatU.S. toll-free 877.4AKAMAI Madrid, Spain Seoul, Korea the information in this publication is accurate as of its publication date; such(877.425.2624) Stockholm, Sweden Singapore information is subject to change without