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  1. 1. Q4 2010 and FY 2010 Results Demonstrate Strong Financials and the Evolution toward a More Balanced Business Model Stronger margins and new efforts in maintaining trust and safety set foundation for continued long-term growth Highlights  User growth: We had 809,362 paying members on both the international and China marketplaces as of the end of 2010, up 31.6 percent y-o-y. Including those of HiChina, we had more than 1 million paying members. Total registered users on our international and China marketplaces grew almost 30 percent y-o-y to more than 61.8 million.  Total revenue: Total revenue in Q4 2010 was RMB1,521.5 million, up 37.6 percent y-o-y. Full-year revenue was RMB5,557.6 million in 2010, representing a 43.4 percent increase from 2009.  1 As-reported net income : As-reported Q4 net income was RMB410.4 million, up 46.0 percent y-o-y. As-reported full-year net income was RMB1,469.5 million, representing an increase of 45.1 percent y-o-y.  Deferred revenue: Deferred revenue was RMB4,434.4 million as of the end of 2010, representing an increase of 29.0 percent from RMB3,437.0 million as of the end of 2009, and a 14.6 percent increase from the end of Q3 2010, due to the strong paying member acquisition in Q4 ahead of the launch of the higher-priced 2011 China Gold Supplier membership.  Recurring free cash flow: We generated RMB2,840.8 million of recurring free cash flow in 2010, representing a significant increase of 56.4 percent y-o-y. We generated RMB1,187.2 million of recurring free cash flow in Q4 2010, a 62.2 percent increase from Q3 2010 thanks to the strong increase in paying members.  Cash position: Despite the acquisitions we completed in 2010, our cash balance still increased 32.8 percent from the end of 2009 to RMB9,583.5 million as of December 31, 2010. HONG KONG, March 17, 2011 – Limited (HKSE: 1688) (1688.HK), the world‟s leading small business e-commerce company, today announced financial results for the quarter and year ended December 31, 2010, which demonstrate our strategies to evolve our business model are setting the foundation for balanced, continued long-term growth. Q4 2010 and FY 2010 Financial and Operational Highlights Q4 2010 Q4 2009 FY 2010 FY 2009FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS RMB million RMB million Change RMB million RMB million ChangeRevenue 1,521.5 1,105.7 +37.6% 5,557.6 3,874.7 +43.4%Earnings before interest, taxes and 398.4 260.1 +53.2% 1,587.3 1,043.1 +52.2% amortization (“EBITA”)Profit attributable to equity owners 410.4 281.2 +46.0% 1,469.5 1,013.0 +45.1%Share-based compensation expense 101.9 57.5 +77.2% 341.0 200.4 +70.2%Deferred revenue and 4,434.4 3,437.0 +29.0% 4,434.4 3,437.0 +29.0% customer advancesRecurring free cash flow 1,187.2 693.0 +71.3% 2,840.8 1,816.2 +56.4%Earnings per share, basic and diluted (HKD) 9 cents 6 cents +50.0% 33 cents 23 cents +43.5% 1 Excludes profit attributable to non-controlling interests. 1
  2. 2. OPERATIONAL Q4 Q4 2010 FY FY 2010HIGHLIGHTS Q4 2010 Q3 2010 change Net adds FY 2010 FY 2009 change Net addsRegistered users 61,801,281 56,722,482 +9.0% 5,078,799 61,801,281 47,732,916 +29.5% 14,068,365International marketplace 18,024,993 14,921,668 +20.8% 3,103,325 18,024,993 11,578,247 +55.7% 6,446,746China marketplace 43,776,288 41,800,814 +4.7% 1,975,474 43,776,288 36,154,669 +21.1% 7,621,619Storefronts 8,544,544 8,199,384 +4.2% 345,160 8,544,544 6,819,984 +25.3% 1,724,560International marketplace 1,696,905 1,622,597 +4.6% 74,308 1,696,905 1,400,326 +21.2% 296,579China marketplace 6,847,639 6,576,787 +4.1% 270,852 6,847,639 5,419,658 +26.3% 1,427,981Paying members (Note 1) 809,362 750,937 +7.8% 58,425 809,362 615,212 +31.6% 194,150China Gold Supplier 121,274 108,572 +11.7% 12,702 121,274 96,110 +26.2% 25,164Global Gold Supplier (Note 2) 10,434 11,017 -5.3% (583) 10,434 17,786 -41.3% (7,352)China TrustPass 677,654 631,348 +7.3% 46,306 677,654 501,316 +35.2% 176,338 Note 1:Include paying members with active storefront listings on our international and China marketplaces as well as paying members who have paidmembership package subscription fees but whose storefronts have not been activated.Note 2:The number of Global Gold Supplier members has decreased since we upgraded the product with more features and higher pricing in July 2009. “2010, the „Year of Customer Service,‟ was an important year for It was the year when the company hit the 1 million paying member milestone; the year when we completed the most acquisitions domestically and internationally; and the year when we increased endeavors to maintain a trustworthy e-commerce platform and refocused on creating value for our customers,” said Jonathan Lu, CEO and Executive Director of “This strong financial performance achieved despite the slow progress of the global economic recovery and the company‟s aggressive action against fraud late in the year, along with the successful upgrade of our business model, are strong evidence of the company‟s intent to serve customers better while maintaining balanced financials.” Key changes to‟s business model during 2010 included:  Healthier balance between export-related business and non-export-related business: Driven mainly by growing revenue contributions from our China marketplace and the addition of HiChina, non-export-related revenue increased from 29 percent of total revenue in 2007 to 42 percent in 2010. This more-balanced proportion allowed to capture opportunities from the rapid growth of domestic demand in China and from e-commerce activities beyond traditional small and medium enterprise online marketing.  Healthier balance between membership sale and sale of value-added services (VAS): By listening to our customers‟ needs and introducing a variety of VAS to meet those needs, we increased our non-membership fee revenue from 21 percent of total revenue in 2007 to 33 percent in 2010. Since VAS in general did not involve additional customer acquisition costs – an increasing number of customers have been purchasing our VAS offerings on a self-service basis – the margin we enjoyed from VAS was higher than that from membership fees.  Introduction of transaction-based platforms: Before 2009, was purely a platform for the exchange of information between buyers and sellers to facilitate their online marketing activities. However, we have been exploring the value we can bring to our customers by enabling them to complete online transactions via Our first effort in this area is the launch of AliExpress, our small-order online wholesale transaction platform, followed 2
  3. 3. by the introduction of in China when we upgraded our China marketplace. Both transaction platforms were officially launched in the second quarter of 2010, and the monetization of AliExpress already started during the year. We are confident that the annualized gross merchandize value (GMV) of the two transaction-based platforms will continue to increase with ongoing high growth potential.  Expansion to include a wide array of services, laying the foundation for “Work at Alibaba”: Over the years, our services have grown both in breadth and in depth. In terms of marketing-related features, Ali-ADvance, a more sophisticated “pay-for-performance” model for keyword search, was introduced on both marketplaces. The significant growth in traffic on the websites can now be monetized through the performance-driven Ali-ADvance. In addition to deepening our value in the area of “Meet at Alibaba,” we started to offer a wide selection of export-related services for the small exporters in China. Besides the existing export-related services such as Factory Audit and Japan Link, we expect to provide more comprehensive services, for instance, customs clearance, tax refund and trade financing. On the front of helping our customers more effectively grow and manage their businesses, we offered more SaaS (software as a service)-based tools and applications. Thousands of customers have purchased these offerings through our website.  Establishment of channels to provide small businesses with access to capital: We addressed the financing needs of small businesses through Ali-Loan. Since its launch, we have seen a strong demand for this product and we have recently started to monetize the significant value we created for our members.Outlook“In 2011, we intend to place increased emphasis on servicing our existing paying members rather thanaccelerating member acquisition.” Lu continued. “We will enhance the customer experience of our GoldSupplier and China TrustPass members through service upgrades that we hope will result in a stablemembership base and its sustainable growth. Moving towards a more balanced business model, we expectour business and financial performance will be even more resilient to global issues.“In addition, while maintaining our „Meet at Alibaba‟ strategy, we will continue to bring more „Work at Alibaba‟offerings to our customers by introducing additional, richer VAS. The monetization opportunities associatedwith this effort is expected to contribute to our business more significantly in the medium term. Membershiprevenue growth, VAS revenue growth and margin growth will then follow,” Lu added. “We will alsostrengthen the collaboration with Taobao, for instance, our third online transaction-based platform, Wu MingLiang Pin ( (white-label mall). This new transaction-based platform is designed to give ourquality, wholesale paying members direct access to Taobao, China‟s largest online shopping platform,helping them benefit from its 370 million users and its tremendous market potential. We are a company thatfocuses on creating long-term value for customers. We will keep offering online tools that help them not onlydo business more easily, but also manage their businesses more easily. We believe strongly we are doingthe right thing for them.” 3
  4. 4. 2010 Financial and Operational ResultsPaying Members and RevenueWe continued to achieve strong and steady growth in paying members over the last year. As of December31, 2010, we had 809,362 paying members on both the international and China marketplaces, up 31.6percent from the end of 2009 and 7.8 percent from the end of the previous quarter. Including those ofHiChina, we had more than 1 million paying members.In 2010, the growth of our China Gold Supplier customer base was relatively moderate compared with itstremendous growth in 2009. We net added 25,164 China Gold Supplier members during the year, bringingthe total to 121,274. In the fourth quarter, we net added 12,702 China Gold Supplier members, representingan 11.7 percent growth q-on-q. Internationally, we had 10,434 Global Gold Supplier members. Due to theprice increase in 2009, there was a decline in the number of our Global Gold Supplier members. However,the decline in customer base was compensated by the continued growth in revenue generated from thismembership service. The number of our China TrustPass members reached 677,654 at the end of 2010, anet increase of 176,338 members, or 35.2 percent, from the end of 2009. At the end of the year, about 42percent of our China TrustPass members were China TrustPass Basic members.Our deferred revenue and customer advances as of December 31, 2010 were RMB4,434.4 million,representing a 29.0 percent increase from RMB3,437.0 million as of December 31, 2009. The increase wasdue to the continued growth in our paying members and VAS sale as well as the strong acquisition of payingmembers in the last quarter of 2010, which was driven by an expected price adjustment of our China GoldSupplier membership in 2011. During the year, a deferred revenue of RMB15.7 million related to ourfraudulent members was forfeited and transferred to our Fair Play Fund, of which RMB11.2 million was paidto defrauded buyers as compensation.Total revenue was RMB5,557.6 million in 2010, representing a 43.4 percent increase from RMB3,874.7million in 2009. The growth was mainly due to the increase in the number of paying members on both of ourmarketplaces. Total revenue for Q4 was RMB1,521.5 million, up 5.0 percent compared to the previousquarter.International MarketplaceRevenue from our international marketplace was RMB3,238.2 million in 2010, representing a 34.5 percentincrease from RMB2,406.8 million in 2009 (Q4 2010: RMB881.1 million, up 28.2 percent from Q4 2009).The growth was primarily due to the increase in revenue from our China Gold Supplier members and VASas well as the consolidation of revenue from Vendio Services Inc. (Vendio) and Auctiva Corporation(Auctiva).In 2010, we continued healthy growth in our international user base. As of December 31, 2010, we had18,024,993 registered users on our international marketplace, representing a 55.7 percent growth y-o-y. Thenumber of storefronts grew by 21.2 percent y-o-y to 1,696,905. By constantly enhancing user experienceand providing a safer and more trusted e-commerce environment, we continued to reinforce our position asthe world‟s leading online marketplace for small businesses in terms of user base. 4
  5. 5. China Gold SupplierWe improved our paying members‟ user experience on and stickiness to our platform through theintroduction of more VAS. We also took voluntary action to terminate members who were found to havecommitted fraud or those that were suspicious in order to increase trust and safety on our platform. Againstthis backdrop, we net added 25,164 China Gold Supplier members during the year, bringing the total ofChina Gold Supplier members to 121,274. In the fourth quarter, we net added 12,702 China Gold Suppliermembers, representing an 11.7 percent growth q-on-q.At the end of September 2010, we announced our plan to introduce the CGS 2011 edition, priced atRMB29,800 per annum, on January 1, 2011. The CGS 2011 edition aims to improve customer experienceand incorporate enhanced features into the international marketplace to enable customers to “Work atAlibaba.” Key changes in the new product include an upgraded customer work platform and enhancedfunctionality of existing features.VAS revenue contribution exceeded 25 percent of our China Gold Supplier revenue in 2010, compared withthe high-teens percentage in 2009. The VAS growth was faster than what we anticipated, and VAS alsohelped improve our members‟ renewal rate in recent quarters.To start “Work at Alibaba” on our international marketplace, we announced the acquisition of ShenzhenOne-Touch Enterprise Service Limited (One-Touch) in November 2010. One-Touch is a leading provider ofcomprehensive export-related services tailored to the needs of small businesses in China, including, amongothers, customs clearance, cargo insurance, currency exchange, tax refund, and trade financing. In 2011,we plan to extend One-Touch‟s export-related services to our existing customer base. We expect to buildsignificant synergies between and One-Touch to enhance user experience and payingmembers‟ stickiness.Global Gold Supplier and overseas expansionAs of December 31, 2010, we had 10,434 Global Gold Supplier members. Although the number of GlobalGold Supplier members declined in 2010, the revenue from Global Gold Supplier continued to grow andwas able to compensate for the decline in customer base.Among all international markets, India, our second largest supplier market in the world, achieved significantprogress in the past year, while other countries namely Japan, Korea, Turkey and Malaysia made steadyprogress. In the second half of 2010, we set up our own operations in four major cities in India – Mumbai,Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore – in order to better serve our vast Indian small business community. We nowhave our own direct sales and customer support in the Indian market, and we will continue to expand andlocalize our Indian operation in 2011.AliExpressWe are pleased with the progress made by AliExpress so far in every respect. Within less than 12 monthssince its launch, AliExpress has achieved the highest traffic among all international online B2B transactionplatforms and is now the leading player in terms of number of product categories, listed products, etc.Although the revenue contribution by AliExpress is currently not significant, and we do not see its 5
  6. 6. transaction fees as a near-term revenue driver, we believe that this segment of the e-commerce market willboom.As a means to grow the buyer base of AliExpress in major buyer markets, in 2010, we completed theacquisition of two U.S.-based e-commerce companies, Vendio and Auctiva, which provide e-commercesolutions for sellers on eBay and Amazon. The acquisitions of Vendio and Auctiva combined brought morethan 250,000 online retailers with potential sourcing needs to suppliers on AliExpress.China MarketplaceRevenue from our China marketplace was RMB1,893.9 million in 2010, representing a 33.9 percentincrease from RMB1,414.9 million in 2009 (Q4 2010: RMB524.8 million, up 30.6 percent from Q4 2009).The growth was largely due to an increase in the number of China TrustPass members as a result of thevarious new business initiatives we introduced in the beginning of the year such as Ali-ADvance andPremium Placement, which led to an increase in revenue from VAS. During the year, we net added 176,338paying members on our China marketplace, yielding 677,654 paying members as of year-end, a 35.2percent increase compared to 501,316 as of December 31, 2009. On the VAS front, revenue from Ali-ADvance and Premium Placement continued to report healthy growth during the year.Our China marketplace achieved a significant growth in user base in 2010. Registered users increased by7,621,619 during the year to 43,776,288 as of December 31, 2010. During the same period, the number ofstorefronts increased by 1,427,981 to 6,847,639.China TrustPassAs of December 31, 2010, the number of our China TrustPass members reached 677,654, a net increase of176,338 members, or 35.2 percent, from the end of 2009. The significant customer growth wasaccompanied by a positive trend in VAS revenue, which grew to more than 20 percent of our ChinaTrustPass revenue in 2010, compared with the mid-teens level in 2009. We also saw increased VAS usageand penetration among China TrustPass members, particularly with Ali-ADvance and Premium Placement.By the end of 2010, more than 100,000 of our China TrustPass members were using Ali-ADvance to enjoyquality search results ranking and increase their exposure on the China marketplace. During the period, weenriched our VAS offerings for China TrustPass members and launched SaaS-based applications such asSmart Marketing Wizard and Inquiry Management to help customers manage their business. The stickinessto VAS helped reinforce our member renewal rate. Overall, our members‟ renewal rate has been stable.1688.comIn Q1 2010, we announced an overhaul of our China marketplace and the use of a new domain, part of this campaign, we highlighted the new channels with online wholesale transaction features, whichwere added to our China marketplace in 2009. aims to connect retailers, both online andtraditional ones, to factories and suppliers directly. During 2010, we increased product categories in areasranging from apparel to small commodities, home decoration, industrial products and raw materials. Weleveraged on our synergies with Alibaba Group companies such as Taobao and Alipay to increase traffic andprovide a reliable online payment process. It is encouraging to see that the traffic and transaction volume continued to trend up. By the end of 2010, daily transaction volume, measured by GMV, 6
  7. 7. quadrupled on We started to benefit from the increased traffic by monetizing it through a pay-for-performance keyword bidding system. Our priority remains to make an easy-to-use, safe andconvenient online wholesale transaction platform to establish an online B2B2C value chain in the domesticChina market.Trust and SafetyWe have taken an unprecedented step, in terms of our policies and enforcement efforts, to foster safety andtrust on our platform. New programs to help protect both buyers and suppliers fall into three areas: 1)making trade safer, 2) combating e-commerce fraud and, 3) helping the victims.First, we strengthened our dedicated teams in both our international and China marketplace operations whoare charged with ensuring that is a safe and trusted e-commerce platform. We took a numberof initiatives to make trade safer, for instance, the introduction of escrow service for payment, theestablishment of the first “Business Integrity Insurance Fund” on our domestic marketplace to protect buyers,and the introduction of dynamic, transparent trust profiles for suppliers. We began offering VAS such as“Factory Audit” on suppliers conducted by an independent third party. The factory audit reports were madeavailable online, allowing buyers to better evaluate the trading and/or production capability of suppliers.The second focus is on combating fraud, including proactive monitoring and termination of paying memberswho have been reported for substantiated fraud and also those who, based on our analysis of a variety ofdata, are believed to have a high probability of fraud. In 2010, we significantly stepped up our efforts on thisfront. In particular, with respect to China Gold Supplier members, we devoted additional resources toinvestigating buyer complaints against them. We proactively de-listed the storefronts and terminated theaccounts of fraudulent members as well as those who, based on our analysis of a variety of data, exhibiteda high risk of fraud.We also set up a special task force, led by an independent non-executive director, in early 2011 to furtherlook into our buyer complaints, internal quality control systems, sales incentive system and reportingstructure in order to address the systemic nature of fraudulent problems. The task force identified 2,326China Gold Supplier members who engaged in fraud against buyers on our international marketplace andthey were terminated by in 2009 and 2010. The investigation also identified that about 100sales people as well as a number of sales supervisors and sales managers were directly responsible foreither intentionally or negligently allowing the fraudsters to evade our company‟s authentication andverification measures and systematically establish fraudulent storefronts on the international marketplace.These employees were dismissed. Investigations are ongoing, and we will continue to evaluate and monitorthe situation closely. Although this action may create short-term pressure on membership growth, we believeit is crucial for us to maintain a trustworthy environment which allows buyers and suppliers to engage ininternational trade with confidence.Third, we tried to help victims in fraud cases recoup their losses. In late 2009, we established the “Fair PlayFund,” the first program of its kind to take membership fees from Gold Supplier members whosemembership got terminated for committing fraud or exhibiting a high risk of committing fraud, and use thatmoney to offset a portion of losses suffered by buyers. If a buyer is defrauded by a Gold Supplier member,and they can adequately substantiate their claims, they can apply to receive a portion of these funds basedon the amount of the transaction. 7
  8. 8. HiChinaIn 2010, the domain name services of HiChina remained strong and significantly contributed to HiChina‟srevenue. As of December 31, 2010, HiChina had about 2.1 million domain names in service and the totalnumber of paying members for non-domain name services was around 270,800. This customer base islargely distinct from that of, which presents potential synergies for long-term development. Inlate 2010, HiChina started to develop “A-li-A-wai,” an Internet infrastructure service package that and other wholesale e-commerce users design and develop their own websites that areseamlessly connected to‟s back-end system for efficient e-commerce management.To tap the increasing demand for corporate websites in China, in the fourth quarter of 2010, HiChinalaunched a new open-platform business model for website design and development as well as an onlinetransaction platform. This new model provides advanced, efficient and automated “do-it-yourself” websitetechnology while enhancing quality and standardized services for website development across the country.In addition, we saw increasing collaboration between HiChina and Alibaba Cloud Computing in thedevelopment of web-hosting services and data storage capabilities by using cloud computing technology.Ali-Loan ProgramThe Ali-Loan program, which we introduced in 2007 in partnership with Alibaba Group and various banks toaddress our SME customers‟ financing needs, continued to gain traction. As of December 31, 2010, theloans issued by our partner banks to our paying members totaled more than RMB24 billion. About RMB18billion of these loans were outstanding as of the end of 2010. We also continued to broaden thegeographical reach of the Ali-Loan program to benefit more SMEs. Totally, the program is offered in fourprovinces including Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Fujian as well as two major cities including Beijingand Shanghai. In 2011, we plan to enhance the Ali-Loan program in terms of service quality. Meanwhile, wehave started to trial-monetize the Ali-Loan program by charging our paying members who borrow moneyfrom the program a service fee, which is calculated based on the size of the loan successfully granted.Financial ResultsCost of revenue increased by 82.1 percent in Q4 2010 compared to Q4 2009 and increased to RMB931.0million in 2010, representing a 74.2 percent increase from RMB534.4 million in 2009. Included in the cost ofrevenue was a share-based compensation expense of RMB26.4 million and RMB15.9 million in 2010 and2009, respectively. Our cost of revenue increased mainly in line with our revenue growth: costs wereincurred for acquiring domain names for customers of HiChina; business taxes and related surcharges aswell as authentication and verification expenses increased proportionally with the growth in our customerbase and revenue; bandwidth and depreciation expenses increased due to a rise in user traffic on ourwebsites; and staff costs increased due to our business expansion.Gross profit increased to RMB4,626.6 million in 2010, up 38.5 percent from RMB3,340.3 million in 2009.Gross profit margin declined slightly to 83.2 percent in 2010, compared with 86.2 percent in 2009. Thedecline was primarily a result of the higher cost of revenue stemming from the consolidation of the financialresults of HiChina and Vendio, which have relatively lower gross profit margins due to their differentbusiness models. 8
  9. 9. Our profit margin before interest, taxes and amortization (EBITA margin) (non-GAAP) was 28.6percent for the year, an increase from 26.9 percent in 2009. EBITA margin before share-basedcompensation expense (non-GAAP) was 34.7 percent for the year, an increase from 32.1 percent in 2009.The increase in EBITA margin before share-based compensation expense was mainly caused by lowersales and marketing expenses as a percentage of revenue, which was partially offset by a lower gross profitmargin and other operating income.Net income (profit attributable to equity owners) was RMB410.4 million in the fourth quarter of 2010, anincrease of 46.0 percent over Q4 2009, and RMB1,469.5 million for full-year 2010, up 45.1 percent from2009. The significant increase compared to the previous full-year results was due to the increase in newcustomers and growing economies of scale.Earnings per share, basic and diluted, were 9 Hong Kong cents for the fourth quarter, and 33 Hong Kongcents for the full year of 2010, compared to 23 Hong Kong cents (basic and diluted) for the full year of 2009.Diluted earnings per share before share-based compensation expense (non-GAAP) was 41 Hong Kongcents in 2010, compared to 27 Hong Kong cents in 2009.Recurring free cash flow (non-GAAP) was RMB1,187.2 million in Q4 2010, representing a 71.3 percentincrease when compared with Q4 2009, and RMB2,840.8 million for the year, representing a 56.4 percentincrease from 2009. The increase was mainly due to the strong increase of paying members, who prepayfor their memberships, as reflected in the increase in our deferred revenue and customer advances and thestrong growth in cash revenue from the sale of memberships in the fourth quarter following ourannouncement that we would increase the price of our China Gold Supplier membership in 2011.Cash and bank balances as of December 31, 2010 were RMB9,583.5 million, representing a 32.8 percentincrease from December 31, 2009, notwithstanding a few acquisition initiatives completed in 2010. -End- 9
  10. 10. About (HKSE: 1688) (1688.HK) is the global leader in e-commerce for small businesses and theflagship company of Alibaba Group. Founded in 1999 in Hangzhou, China, makes it easy formillions of buyers and suppliers around the world to do business online through three marketplaces: aglobal trade platform ( for importers and exporters; a Chinese platform ( domestic trade in China; and, through an associated company, a Japanese platform ( trade to and from Japan. In addition, offers a transaction-based wholesale platformon the global site ( geared for smaller buyers seeking fast shipment of small quantitiesof goods. Together, these marketplaces form a community of more than 61 million registered users in morethan 240 countries and regions. also offers business management software and Internetinfrastructure services targeting businesses across China, and provides educational services to incubateenterprise management and e-commerce professionals. also owns Vendio and Auctiva, leadingproviders of third-party e-commerce solutions for online merchants. has offices in more than 70cities across Greater China, India, Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States.For investor inquiries please contact:Lindy LauTel: +852 2215 5215Email: media inquiries please contact:Linda KozlowskiTel: +852 9028 5150Email: photos and broadcast-standard video supporting this press release, please If you are a first-time user, please take a moment to register. If you haveany questions, please email 10
  11. 11. CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF COMPREHENSIVE INCOMEFOR THE YEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2010 2009 2010 RMB’000 RMB’000Revenue International marketplace 2,406,804 3,238,243 China marketplace 1,414,897 1,893,899 Others 53,027 425,444 ──────────── ─────────────Total revenue 3,874,728 5,557,586Cost of revenue (534,438) (931,016) ──────────── ─────────────Gross profit 3,340,290 4,626,570Sales and marketing expenses (1,623,845) (2,050,561)Product development expenses (384,333) (580,173)General and administrative expenses (409,708) (568,324)Other operating income, net 150,566 109,026 ──────────── ─────────────Profit from operations 1,072,970 1,536,538Finance income, net 140,941 176,398Share of losses of associated companies and a jointly controlled entity, net of tax (37,492) (6,479) ──────────── ─────────────Profit before income taxes 1,176,419 1,706,457Income tax charges (163,393) (236,445) ──────────── ─────────────Profit for the year 1,013,026 1,470,012Other comprehensive income/(expense) Net fair value gains on available-for-sale investments 222 5,640 Currency translation differences 247 (21,533) ──────────── ─────────────Total comprehensive income 1,013,495 1,454,119 ════════════ ═════════════Profit for the year attributable to Equity owners of our Company 1,013,026 1,469,464 Non-controlling interests - 548 ──────────── ─────────────Profit for the year 1,013,026 1,470,012 ════════════ ═════════════Total comprehensive income attributable to Equity owners of our Company 1,013,495 1,453,571 Non-controlling interests - 548 ──────────── ─────────────Total comprehensive income 1,013,495 1,454,119 ════════════ ═════════════Dividend per share Special cash dividend (HK$) 20 cents 22 cents ════════════ ═════════════Earnings per share, basic (RMB) 20 cents 29 cents ════════════ ═════════════Earnings per share, diluted (RMB) 20 cents 29 cents ════════════ ═════════════Earnings per share, basic (HK$) (Note3) 23 cents 33 cents ════════════ ═════════════Earnings per share, diluted (HK$) (Note 3) 23 cents 33 cents ════════════ ═════════════Note 3:The translation of Renminbi amounts into Hong Kong dollars has been made at the rate of RMB0.8714 to HK$1.0000 (2009: RMB0.8812 toHK$1.0000). No representation is made that the Renminbi amounts have been, could have been or could be converted into Hong Kongdollars or vice versa, at that rate, or at any rate or at all. 11
  12. 12. CONSOLIDATED STATEMENT OF COMPREHENSIVE INCOMEFOR THE QUARTER ENDED DECEMBER 31, 2010 Q4 2009 Q4 2010 Q3 2010 Q4 2010 RMB’000 RMB’000 RMB’000 RMB’000Revenue International marketplace 687,102 881,103 847,153 881,103 China marketplace 402,001 524,847 492,177 524,847 Others 16,616 115,521 109,945 115,521Total revenue 1,105,719 1,521,471 1,449,275 1,521,471 Cost of revenue (146,821) (267,401) (242,050) (267,401)Gross profit 958,898 1,254,070 1,207,225 1,254,070 Sales and marketing expenses (481,640) (560,019) (526,212) (560,019) Product development expenses (121,396) (170,269) (160,258) (170,269) General and administrative expenses (130,853) (177,878) (145,437) (177,878) Other operating income, net 41,805 31,133 20,783 31,133Profit from operations 266,814 377,037 396,101 377,037 Finance income, net 32,854 51,779 48,392 51,779 Share of losses of associated companies and a jointly controlled entity, net of tax (7,916) (937) (1,740) (937)Profit before income taxes 291,752 427,879 442,753 427,879 Income tax charges (10,599) (16,635) (77,036) (16,635)Profit for the period 281,153 411,244 365,717 411,244Other comprehensive income/(expense) Net fair value gains on available-for-sale investments 160 5,080 220 5,080 Currency translation differences 353 (8,833) (8,894) (8,833)Total comprehensive income for the period 281,666 407,491 357,043 407,491Profit/(loss) attributable to Equity owners of our Company 281,153 410,440 366,066 410,440 Non-controlling interests - 804 (349) 804Profit for the period 281,153 411,244 365,717 411,244Total comprehensive income attributable to Equity owners of our Company 281,666 406,687 357,392 406,687 Non-controlling interests - 804 (349) 804Total comprehensive income for the period 281,666 407,491 357,043 407,491Dividend per share Special cash dividend (HK$) - 22 cents - 22 centsEarnings per share, basic (RMB) 6 cents 8 cents 7 cents 8 centsEarnings per share, diluted (RMB) 6 cents 8 cents 7 cents 8 cents 12
  13. 13. Earnings per share, basic (HK$) (Note 4) 6 cents 9 cents 8 cents 9 centsEarnings per share, diluted (HK$) (Note 4) 6 cents 9 cents 8 cents 9 centsNote 4:The translation of Renminbi amounts into Hong Kong dollars has been made at the rate of RMB0.8713 and RMB0.8580 to HK$1.0000 for thethird and fourth quarter of 2010 respectively (fourth quarter of 2009: RMB0.8809 to HK$1.0000). No representation is made that the Renminbiamounts have been, could have been or could be converted into Hong Kong dollars or vice versa, at that rate, or at any rate or at all. 13
  14. 14. SUPPLEMENTARY FINANCIAL INFORMATION (CONTINUED) Q4 2009 Q4 2010 Q3 2010 Q4 2010 RMB’000 RMB’000 RMB’000 RMB’000Revenue International marketplace China Gold Supplier 669,159 856,820 824,094 856,820 Global Gold Supplier 17,943 24,283 23,059 24,283 687,102 881,103 847,153 881,103 China marketplace China TrustPass 379,373 505,841 472,303 505,841 Other revenue (Note 5) 22,628 19,006 19,874 19,006 402,001 524,847 492,177 524,847 Others (Note 6) 16,616 115,521 109,945 115,521Total 1,105,719 1,521,471 1,449,275 1,521,471Recurring free cash flow (Non-GAAP)Net cash generated from operating activities 986,360 1,212,532 847,562 1,212,532Purchase of property and equipment, excluding lease prepayment and construction costs of corporate campus project (62,068) (25,305) (38,906) (25,305)One-off tax refund and others (Note 7) (231,259) - (76,766) -Total 693,033 1,187,227 731,890 1,187,227Share-based compensation expense 57,512 101,939 108,927 101,939 14
  15. 15. As of As of As of As of December 31, December 31, September 30, December 31, 2009 2010 2010 2010 RMB’000 RMB’000 RMB’000 RMB’000Cash and bank balances 7,216,445 9,583,533 8,361,076 9,583,533Deferred revenue and customer advances 3,436,975 4,434,387 3,868,937 4,434,387Note 5:Other revenue earned with respect to our China marketplace mainly represents advertising fees paid by third party advertisers.Note 6:Other revenue mainly represents revenue earned from the sale of Internet infrastructure and application services and certain softwareproducts.Note 7:One-off tax refund and others mainly represented a cash refund of prepaid tax received. Pursuant to the New EIT Law and Guoshuihan[2008] No. 875, taxable income should be computed on an accrual basis for EIT purpose. As a result, Alibaba China changed its EIT filingbasis from cash basis to accrual basis in 2009 and cash refunds of RMB76.8 million and RMB231.3 million, being tax prepaid under cashbasis, were received in the third and fourth quarters of 2010 respectively. 15