Akamai HDNetwork
Akamai HD NetworkWhile the promise of the HD over the Internet is real,delivering that experience is the real challenge.Co...
When it comes to delivering HD-quality video, bigger is better than smaller and faster is better than slower.The Akamai HD...
HD-Quality OnlineWith its capability to offer stunning picture quality, HD is taking the onlinemedia revolution to the nex...
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Akamai hd network_solution_brochure

  1. 1. Akamai HDNetwork
  2. 2. Akamai HD NetworkWhile the promise of the HD over the Internet is real,delivering that experience is the real challenge.Congestion – As video data streams from the server to patterns change. For example, ISPs typically provision last-milethe end user, it typically travels over multiple networks and capacity based on the assumption that only a small percentagepeering points. This long-haul path presents many potential of users will use their full capacity at any given time. But whensources of packet loss and delays — congested peering many people who share the same last-mile access point startpoints, backbone outages, routing problems, insufficient watching an online event, that last mile becomes overburdenedISP backhaul capacity, and limited last-mile bandwidth. and each user’s available bandwidth decreases significantly.The high-throughput rates required to deliver high-quality Scalability – As the Internet’s core infrastructure strugglesvideo make these bottlenecks even more disruptive. to keep up with video’s heavy demands, centralized infrastruc-End-to-end Distance – Ten years ago, end-user dial-up tures – including CDNs with limited data center footprints – aremodems were the bottleneck when delivering rich media. severely impacted. Centralized infrastructures find themselvesBut when it comes to delivering HD content over today’s at the mercy of numerous downstream bottlenecks — andInternet, the distance between the server and end user simply cannot scale to the orders of magnitude requiredis often the primary constraint. That’s due to the way the to support HD-quality video.underlying network protocol, TCP, works. TCP allows onlysmall amounts of data to be sent at any one time and requires Effect of Distance on Throughput and Download Timesacknowledgement that the data has been received beforeit will send more. So the greater the distance (or latency) Distance from Network Typical Throughput 4GB DVD Server to User Latency Packet Loss (quality) Dnld Timebetween server and end user, the lower the maximum Local: 1.6 ms 0.6% 44 Mbs 12 minpossible throughput of the connection, and the longer <100 mi (HDTV)it will take for data transfer. Figure 1 shows that a video Regional: 16 ms 0.7% 4 Mbs 2.2 hrsstreamed from New York to San Francisco cannot even 500-1,000 mi (not quite DVD)reach TV quality under normal conditions. Cross-continent: 48 ms 1.0% 1 Mbs 8.2 hrs ~3,000 mi (not quite TV)Variable Throughput to End Users – Ideally, content Multi-continent: 96 ms 1.4% 0.4 Mbs 20 hrsproducers would be able to target the quality (bitrate) ~6,000 mi (poor)of their video stream to each end user, based on his orher Internet connection speed. In reality, however, a user’s Figure 1: Successful HD video online requires delivery from serverseffective connectivity changes constantly as Internet congestion close to end users.Just as content providers face significant issues Scale to support large audiences – As more and morein distributing digital video content via the Internet, consumers watch broadcast content online, scalability becomesthey must contend with challenges to introduce an issue. Content providers need to provision their servicea digital-video service offering. offerings to support massive online audiences at HD bitrates.Satisfy quality-of-experience expectations – Consumers Track audience engagement and content usage –are more discerning today than ever before and demand To ensure success, content providers need to maximizean online video experience that rivals their HDTV experience. monetization, optimize product portfolios, prioritizeAs a result, content providers need to deliver HD-quality video, marketing efforts, manage distribution strategies, addressuninterrupted viewing, and personalized interactive features rights holder requirements, and monitor and allocate costs.such as digital video recorder (DVR). Gaining visibility into the performance of media offerings is critical to addressing these issues.
  3. 3. When it comes to delivering HD-quality video, bigger is better than smaller and faster is better than slower.The Akamai HD Network is the largest online video platform in the world. And by ensuring global sub-secondvideo start-up times, it is also the fastest video network. The Akamai HD Network represents a shift in howHD video is delivered and consumed on the Internet by enabling:HD TV Quality Experience Broadcast Audience ScaleThe Akamai HD Network combines the power of Akamai’s HD video requires a data stream of roughly 10 Mbpsadaptive-bitrate streaming capabilities for Adobe Flash, Mi- per user. That means delivery to one million householdscrosoft Silverlight, and Apple iPhone with the performance would require the ability to support 10 Tbps ofand reach of the Akamai HD Edge Platform. Because the sustained traffic.Akamai HD Network leverages Akamai’s HD EdgePlatform, The Akamai HD Network leverages a massive HTTPcontent is delivered from servers closer to the consumer. network to deliver unprecedented scale that meets theThis means content flows over a single network owned by demands of today’s broadcast-scale audiences online.Akamai that delivers HD video to the most popular runtime By delivering streams from servers that are closest toenvironments including Flash, Silverlight, and iPhone 3.0 end users — often from within their ISPs’ networks —OS. As a result, content producers can deliver uninterrupted the Akamai HD Network avoids Internet congestion andHD video playback with the fastest throughput rate to minimizes network latency. Because streams downloadguarantee a great experience. quickly, consumers can enjoy the highest quality videoInteractive & Personalized Consumer Experience that their last-mile connections will allow.DVR allows consumers to pause, stop, or rewind live Content & Audience Intelligencevideo content for an overall online experience that matches The Akamai HD Network enables content providerstoday’s HDTV broadcast experience. Because the Akamai to gain meaningful insight into the performance ofHD Network supports features such as multi-camera angle their media assets in the language and context of theirswitching, consumers can customize their viewing experi- business. Specifically, they can view metrics on audienceence for live events such as sports or music concerts. engagement and video consumption, including comple- tion, geographical, and viewer statistics; average play duration; and usage trends, among others. Dynamically Adjusting to Users’ Bandwidth Conventional Streaming Adaptive Bitrate Streaming HD Bandwidth Users Bandwidth
  4. 4. HD-Quality OnlineWith its capability to offer stunning picture quality, HD is taking the onlinemedia revolution to the next level. As a result, consumer appetite for higher FEATUrESquality content — and more of it — is skyrocketing. EdgePlatform: Highly distributedGartner reports that 73% of Internet users watch a video online at least and high-capacity network that putsonce a month.1 High-quality video is attracting higher audience numbers content closer to the consumer toand leading to longer viewing times. And broadband connections make this support broadcast audience scale at HD bitrates.new level of consumption possible. Akamai’s global network data revealsthat nearly one-fifth of global end users served by the Akamai network Adaptive-Bitrate Streaming: Uniqueare on broadband connections faster than 5 Mbps. And in less than five network and player streaming processyears, more than 25 percent of consumer broadband connections in North means fast video start-up times and uninterrupted playback at HD bitrates.America are expected to support download speeds of over 25 Mbps. DVr: Interactive and personalizedThat’s just the tip of the iceberg. experience with true DVR capabilitiesIn just three years, the number of global Internet users will grow to more that match HDTV.than two and a half billion — one-third of the world’s total population — Media Analytics: HD content andfurther fueling the demand for online media content. audience intelligence for multiple playback environments in one unifiedWhile the promise of HD over the Internet is real, delivering that experience solution for content usage and audienceis no small challenge. The following technical issues make it difficult to capi- intelligence reporting.talize on this opportunity. Player: Open-source, standard-based video player available through the Open Video Player Initiative with support for adaptive bitrate streaming andWhen it comes to delivering HD-quality DVR. Simplifies player development so content producers can develop theirvideo, content producers can now deliver own players, freeing them from third- party development cycles and upgrades.uninterrupted HD video playback.1 http://www.itpro.co.uk/609132/video-will-dominate-content-by-2013. Dec 2008.The Akamai DifferenceSimply put, Akamai® makes the Internet work for business. By eliminating the challenges of the public Internet, Akamai guarantees its customers security, performance andscalability to make their enterprise cloud strategies, eCommerce, software downloads and HD video successful. At the center of it all is the Akamai Intelligent Internet Platform™,which sits on top of the public Internet and is made up of nearly one hundred thousand, globally distributed Akamai servers spanning most of the networks that make up theInternet. To learn more, please visit www.akamai.com or follow @Akamai on Twitter.Akamai Technologies, Inc.U.S. Headquarters International Offices8 Cambridge Center Unterfoehring, Germany Bangalore, IndiaCambridge, MA 02142 Paris, France Sydney, Australia ©2011 Akamai Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission is prohibited.Tel 617.444.3000 Milan, Italy Beijing, China Akamai and the Akamai wave logo are registered trademarks. Other trademarksFax 617.444.3001 London, England Tokyo, Japan contained herein are the property of their respective owners. Akamai believesU.S. toll-free 877.4AKAMAI Madrid, Spain Seoul, Korea that the information in this publication is accurate as of its publication date;(877.425.2624) Stockholm, Sweden Singapore such information is subject to change without notice.www.akamai.com