Matt Scassero - IgniteMEDA, Unmanned Aircraft


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Matt Scassero - IgniteMEDA, Unmanned Aircraft

  1. 1. IGNITE? CONTACT! Unmanned Aircraft Systems and Autonomous Technologies Matt Scassero Director, UMD UAS Test Site
  2. 2. Disruptive (not evolving) Technologies
  3. 3. 3 Connecting rate of improvement and reach today … $5 million vs. $400 Price of the fastest supercomputer in 1975 and an iPhone 4 with equal performance 230+ million Knowledge workers in 2012 $2.7 billion, 13 years Cost and duration of the Human Genome Project, completed in 2003 300,000+ Miles driven by Google’s autonomous cars with only one accident (human error) 85% Drop in cost per watt of a solar photovoltaic cell since 2000 McKinsey Global Institute, May 2013
  4. 4. 4 … with economic potential in 2025 2–3 billion More people with access to the Internet in 2025 $5–7 trillion Potential economic impact by 2025 of automation of knowledge work $100, 1 hour Cost and time to sequence a human genome in the next decade 1.5 million Driver-caused deaths from car accidents in 2025, potentially addressable by autonomous vehicles 16% Potential share of solar and wind in global electricity generation by 2025 McKinsey Global Institute, May 2013
  5. 5. Twelve potentially economically disruptive technologies 5 Mobile Internet Automation of knowledge work The Internet of Things Cloud technology Advanced robotics Autonomous and near-autonomous vehicles Next-generation genomics Energy storage 3D printing Advanced materials Advanced oil and gas exploration and recovery Renewable energy
  6. 6. WIFM? (What’s In It For Maryland?) • Already declared centers of Bio-medical and Cybersecurity • #1 state in nation for Entrepreneurship • 2nd leading UAS revenue center in the US • World’s leading RDT&E center for aviation, manned or unmanned • Time to declare the third leg of this stool… 6• Autonomous Technologies!
  7. 7. What difference will it make to you and I? 8
  8. 8. How UAS are Currently Used FAA has authorized UAS operations for: Border Patrol Firefighting Disaster Relief Search and Rescue Training for Ops Missions Operational Missions Research System/Vehicle Development Sensor Development & Testing Marketing and Development 10 Only one authorized commercial app to date (energy in the Arctic)
  9. 9. Emerging Commercial Application Snapshot: Agriculture, Aquaculture and Natural Resources Applications for Unmanned Aircraft in Agriculture Aerial Application/Crop Dusting Remote Aerial Surveying Disease Detection and Mitigation Crop Harvesting Parasite Monitoring Yield Estimation Moisture Monitoring Weed Infestation Monitoring Crop Growth Monitoring Asset tracking & Management Livestock Tracking Crop Inventory Tracking Disease outbreak tracking Harvest Optimization Fertilizer Management Soil Erosion Monitoring Every Marylander will be affected by these
  10. 10. FAA UAS Test Site Selection Program
  11. 11. Mid-Atlantic Aviation Partnership • Virginia and New Jersey created MAAP as their 2 state operating model for FAA and beyond • Offering MAAP as the resulting organization of our MOU based on FAA site award • Maryland is now a full operating member • MAAP is a work in progress focusing on: – Operations – Business development / marketing • Maryland's interests are included 13
  12. 12. Assets-Fields/Facilities Webster Field Crisfield-Somerset Airport Wallops Island-UAV field St. Mary’s County Regional The information contained within may be privileged, confidential or copyrighted. Distribution of this information in whole or part to other than those specifically addressed is prohibited. Violations are subject to civil and criminal penalties as prescribed by U.S. State and Federal Law 14
  13. 13. • UAV Solutions in Jessup, MD • “truck” for payload testing • Versatile, proven – Carbon Fiber & Kevlar design – 15-20 minute deployment time – Electric power – Pneumatic or truck launch and conventional skid recovery – Fully Autonomous Capability Specifications Length: 9′ Width: 20′ MGTOW: 80 lbs. ISR mission weight: 60 lbs. (Includes batteries and payload) Range: 20+ miles Payload Capacity: 10 lbs. Endurance: 4-6 hours
  14. 14. So what? • Turn research into companies into $$$ into jobs – THAT’S WHAT!!! • Academic institutions and industry partnerships are critical and well-suited… – (Re)train workforce, new and established – Relatively nimble with resources – Focused on creating outcomes, not just activity – Funded for success – Aligned programs
  15. 15. Motivation-AUVSI Report-Economic Impact Maryland Economic Impact: $2B Jobs Created: 2,500 jobs 17
  16. 16. Potential UAS jobs (AUVSI) • US airspace integration will create more than 34,000 manufacturing jobs and more than 70,000 new jobs in the first three years • By 2025, total job creation is estimated at 103,000. • The manufacturing jobs created will be high paying and require technical degrees. 18
  17. 17. By Comparison: Commercial Space Launch Industry
  18. 18. • Flying UAS safely & efficiently in NAS presents some challenges, both technical and rulemaking. • There is great potential for high demand of skilled labor as the UAS Commercial market grows. • Academic programs will need to adapt and develop the next generation workforce. There will be winners and losers with competition…the difference will be investment and will.