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Wx 2012 guide

  1. 1. WISDOM for CEOs, Presidents and owners ofEXCHANGE Ontario’s Leading growth Firms2012 100 worth knowing wisdom worth sharing Event Guide March 28 and March 29, 2012 Hilton Suites Toronto/Markham Conference Centre, Markham
  2. 2. WISDOMEXCHANGE2012 100 worth knowingTable of ContentsMinister’s Message 1Speakers 2Moderator 5Panellists 6Concurrent Workshops 7 Fast-tracking Effective Partnerships 7 Social Media and the Bottom Line 8 Strategies for Raising Capital and Securing Financing 10 HR Strategies 12Program Details obc
  3. 3. WelcomeA Message from Ontario’s Minister of EconomicDevelopment and InnovationI am very pleased to welcome you to the Ministry of Economic Developmentand Innovation’s Wisdom Exchange 2012.This program serves as a proven resource for CEOs, Presidents and Owners ofOntario’s Leading Growth Firms, providing a forum for business leaders to discusskey issues, share strategies and best practices.Changing business conditions, both in North America and around the world, continueto impact Ontario. However, what remains a constant is the resilience, ingenuityand dedication of our province’s business leaders. Where others view global eventsand see only daunting challenges, Ontario entrepreneurs continue to look forward inpursuit of their next opportunity. With this, small and medium enterprises continueto provide both the foundation of the provincial economy and a path for the future.The Government of Ontario aims to support the efforts of firms to innovate, expand,export and grow. The Wisdom Exchange is an example of the ministry’s commitmentto provide Ontario’s business leaders with the tools to assist in meeting dynamicchallenges and to seize the potential ahead.The goal is to provide access to decision-makers and offer an opportunity to networkwith peers and leverage their experiences to help develop your business. Together,we will continue to build a strong and prosperous Ontario.I would like to thank you, on behalf of the Province of Ontario, for all of your hardwork in building your companies.Brad DuguidMinister 1
  4. 4. WISDOMEXCHANGE2012S P E A K E R SForum and Discussion Dr. Douglas Reid Associate Professor Queen’s University School of BusinessDouglas Reid has taught strategy and implementation in allQueen’s School of Business programs, including initiating the firstteaching and learning Ph.D. course.Douglas is one of the highest-rated instructors in strategy planning, implementation,and leadership at Queen’s. Specializing in strategic planning with boards and seniormanagement, and in building organizational resilience, he currently delivers coursesor consults to corporate and government executives in Canada, the US, Europe,Africa and the Middle East.His research focuses on understanding how busy executives learn, especially usingeducation to accelerate the formation of professional judgment. He is researching abook on the effects of measurement within organizations.Before joining Queen’s, Douglas was vice-president of an international consultingcompany, and has worked in government for a former Ontario Premier and asChief of Staff to a provincial Cabinet Minister. He has also served on two corporateand one Crown agency boards.2
  5. 5. 100 worth knowingS P E A K E R SNetworking Reception and Dinner Keynote Speaker Robert J. Deluce President and Chief Executive Officer Porter Airlines Inc.Robert J. Deluce is one of Canada’s most knowledgeable andrespected airline owners and operators.Robert brings to the industry over 50 years of Deluce family experience in successfullyowning, financing, restructuring, operating and managing a number of regionalairlines in Canada.His involvement in the aviation industry includes White River Air Services,norOntair, Austin Airways, Air Creebec, Air Ontario, Air Manitoba, Air Alliance andCanada 3000 Airlines.He has been President of Deluce Capital Corp. since 1987, and is currently Presidentand CEO of both Porter Aviation Holdings Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiaryPorter Airlines Inc. 3
  6. 6. WISDOMEXCHANGE2012S P E A K E R SPlenary Session Dani Reiss President and CEO Canada GooseDani Reiss has Canada Goose in his DNA.For three generations, Dani’s family has owned and operated Canada Goose,a Canadian manufacturer of the world’s best and warmest parkas and extremeouterwear. Under Dani’s guidance, Canada Goose has developed into one ofCanada’s fastest growing companies. A vocal advocate of “Made in Canada,”Dani has earned a reputation for his ongoing commitment to authenticity by refusingto move the company’s production outside of Canada’s borders.Dani not only understands the needs and challenges of outerwear manufacturing, heexcels at strong brand management. His passion and commitment to developingsuperior quality, and authentic and functional products has truly made Canada Goosean iconic brand. His strategic approach to marketing has earned Canada Goosea strong hold in the North American, European and Asian marketplaces, beyondscientists, explorers and outdoor enthusiasts. In fact, Canada Goose has become astaple in contemporary fashion, as fashion and lifestyle retailers answer the call ofconsumers who seek strong, authentic, heritage brands that refuse to compromise.Besides serving as President and CEO of Canada Goose, where he has worked inevery department of the Toronto-based factory—including the down-filling, linings andassembly departments—Dani is Chairman of Polar Bears International, a Director ofthe Down Association of Canada, Canada’s 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of theYear, a member of YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization), recipient of Canada’s Top40 Under 40 for 2008 and is on the advisory board of Queen’s School of BusinessCentre for Responsible Leadership.4
  7. 7. 100 worth knowingModerator Tom Clark Chief Political Correspondent Global National NewsTom Clark is Global National News’ chief political correspondent andhosts Global Television’s weekly political program The West Blockwith Tom Clark, which discusses issues Canadians want to hearabout the future of their country.Tom has covered every federal election campaign since 1974, as well as numerousprovincial campaigns. He has interviewed nearly every Prime Minister since PierreTrudeau and secured Canada’s first televised interview with a sitting U.S. Presidentin over 30 years.Tom has reported from five war zones, most notably from Southern Iraq in 2003.Prior to his “tour” there, he was the only Canadian reporter in Belgrade during theYugoslav war. He also did two coverage tours in the Persian Gulf War, as well astwo tours of duty in Bosnia. In the early 1980s, he was the Bureau Chief in CTV’sBeijing bureau in China. 5
  8. 8. WISDOMEXCHANGE2012P A N E L L I S T SEconomist PanelIn the current volatile global environment, understanding theinfluence of world events on the economies of Canada and Ontariois critical information for SME leaders.Growth rate estimates, future financing prospects, government policy, the fiscalhealth of the United States and our other major trading partners are only a few ofthe key issues shaping business conditions today.The Wisdom Exchange has gathered five prominent economists to bring theirperspectives and opinions of what business can expect for the year ahead andnear future.After a discussion moderated by Tom Clark of Global National News, the panel willbe available for questions from the audience.Derek Burleton Peter Hall Robert HogueVice-President & Vice-President and Senior EconomistDeputy Chief Economist Chief Economist RBCTD Bank Group Export Development Canada Warren Jestin Benjamin Tal Senior Vice-President Deputy Chief Economist, and Chief Economist CIBC World Markets Inc. Scotiabank Group6
  9. 9. 100 worth knowingC O N C U R R E N T W O R K S H O P SFast-tracking EffectivePartnershipsBusiness partnerships can be a fast and powerful way to grow thecapabilities and reach of a company, expand its access to capitaland market share, and increase its flexibility while reducing risk.However, partnerships can also be complex and require a strategy toaddress broader issues if different organizations are to collaboratein a way that meets individual and shared objectives. Share anddiscuss winning strategies for building effective partnerships thatbenefit all parties. Presenter Chris Comeau Founder and Practice Leader catalysis³Christopher Comeau is the Founder and Practice Leader of the catalysis3 teamand the Collaborative Transformation (CT) methodology at the Intersol Group.CT is a field-proven approach to engage small to large numbers of diversestakeholders so that they may arrive at a collaborative solution and acceleratebusiness results. Christopher and his team work with leading strategic consultants,facilitators and trainers with over 20 years in the marketplace who collectively havedelivered over 5000 projects in both the public and private sectors.Christopher is a New Brunswick-born Acadian with over 30 years’ experience instrategic planning, change management, collaborative solutions, complex problemsolving, facilitation and international marketing. Christopher and the CT team work inboth official languages in a variety of sectors including Health, Environment, Finance,Information Technology, Higher Education, Research, Hydro & Telecom Utilities,Transportation, Agriculture, Defence and Aerospace. 7
  10. 10. WISDOMEXCHANGE2012C O N C U R R E N T W O R K S H O P SSocial Media and the Bottom LineSocial media has become an essential way for companies toconnect and communicate with customers. But for traditionalmanufacturers, the potential benefits of using social media mayseem less clear. This workshop will demonstrate the importanceof an effective Internet presence, search engine optimization,and show how companies in many sectors are benefiting fromincreased communication and interaction with customers, marketsand suppliers via social media. Workshop Moderator Derrick Cho Vice-President, Business Development Bryan Mills Iradesso (BMIR)An online advertising and start-up veteran with over two decades of experience,Derrick has led marketing communications for over a half-dozen start-ups,headed up The Globe and Mail’s first Internet division, and taken many of theFortune 500 online for their very first time.As one of the original co-founders of the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada,www.iabcanada.com, Derrick has been using email before it became mainstreamand Netscape IPO’d. At BMIR, Derrick leads business development, focusing ondigital marketing solutions. His current clients include The Altus Group, TorontoFinancial Services Alliance (TFSA), Health Quality Ontario, Cancer Care Ontario,Toronto-Dominion Centre, and of course The Ministry of Economic Development &Innovation (MEDI).Follow Derrick on Twitter @derrickcho, friend him on Facebook, www.facebook.com/derrick.cho or connect with him on LinkedIn, http://ca.linkedin.com/in/clangclang.8
  11. 11. 100 worth knowing Presenter Jeff Quipp Founder and CEO Search Engine People Inc.Jeff Quipp is the founder and CEO of Search Engine People Inc. (SEP), Canada’slargest search and social media marketing firm. SEP has been the recipientof Profit Magazine’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Canada awards in2009, 2010, and 2011, a feat Jeff claims is the result of practicing the keytenets of social media marketing.Jeff is a frequent speaker at various Internet marketing conferences worldwide,and is widely recognized as one of the pre-eminent authorities on search and socialmedia marketing. He has an MBA and an undergraduate degree in economics. Presenter Spencer Saunders President The Juice Agency Inc.Spencer is a sought-after digital media consultant and the President ofThe Juice Agency Inc. Spencer has a rare blend of expertise that includes yearsas a designer and programmer, a project manager, creative director andfinally as a consultant.Spencer holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in New Media from Ryerson University(2001) as well as a Masters of Design (M. Des) in Strategic Foresight and Innovationfrom OCAD University (2011). Spencer’s Master’s thesis, The Future of Connection:Serendipity and Control in a Networked World, examines the fundamental tensionsin interpersonal communication technology from an end-user perspective and positspotential futures that may lie ahead. 9
  12. 12. WISDOMEXCHANGE2012C O N C U R R E N T W O R K S H O P SStrategies for Raising Capitaland Securing FinancingCapital to finance operations and growth is essential for businesses.However, with traditional lenders limiting their risk exposure,increased global economic uncertainty and rising debt, accessingcapital is becoming more and more difficult. Share and discuss thestrategies that are being used by innovative SMEs to finance andcapitalize on unique opportunities in today’s economy. Workshop Moderator Andrew Wilkes Partner, Management Initiatives Inc. and Co-chair, National Angel Capital Corporation (NACO)Mr. Wilkes is an active angel investor, who helps high-growth potentialbusinesses accelerate growth in traditional and technology sectors –including software/transaction processing, clean technologies, biomaterials,warehouse automation, water technologies and financial services. He has apersonal passion to help grow globally oriented businesses internationally.Mr. Wilkes is a partner in Management Initiatives Inc., a business advisory andinvestment firm located in Toronto, Ontario, where he invests, mentors, raisescapital and advises business owners and investment funds.Mr. Wilkes is also the volunteer co-Chair and a founding member of the NationalAngel Capital Organization (NACO), and past-Chairman of the NACO Public PolicyCommittee. He is active on numerous boards of directors with private and publicbusinesses, and volunteer organizations (NACO, the Centre for Commercializationand the Venture Lab).Mr. Wilkes holds an MBA from the Ivey School of Business (1998 Dean’s HonoursList), a Bachelor of Commerce degree, and a Chartered Accountant designation.He is an active long distance runner, having completed numerous half and nine fullmarathons – including the Boston Marathon three times. In 2010, he completedhis second Boston Marathon with his daughter, hand in hand – a great familyachievement!10
  13. 13. 100 worth knowing Presenter John Marshall President and CEO Ontario Capital Growth CorporationJohn Marshall is serving as the President and CEO of the Ontario CapitalGrowth Corporation (OCGF), the agency overseeing the $250 million OntarioEmerging Technologies Fund (OETF) and manages Ontario’s limited partnershipinterests in the $205 million Ontario Venture Capital Fund (OVCF). John hasserved in that role since the agency’s establishment in February 2009.Since launching the OETF, OCGC has been one of the most active investors inCanada – committing $53.6 million through 32 investments.In addition to working at OCGC, John has led a range of venture capital policy andprogram development work at MRI, as well as leading the ministry’s international,business development and marketing activities. John has served in the publicservice for almost 25 years. Presenter Mark Usher Partner Wellington Financial LPMark began his career in 1988 at Royal Bank and has worked in a number ofcommercial banking roles.Mark was then recruited by Cisco Systems in 2000 to join Cisco Capital’s structuredfinance team in Toronto, where he financed the sales of Cisco equipment andservices to sub-investment grade customers in Canada and the U.S. East Coast.Mark returned to Royal Bank in 2001 to lead the bank’s Information TechnologyBanking team in the Greater Toronto Area. In Mark’s last role at RBC, he was theexecutive responsible for RBC’s entire Knowledge Based Industries practice in theOntario marketplace in addition to the Toronto Tech Banking Group. Mark joinedWellington as a Partner in the summer of 2006. While at Wellington, Mark has ledover $95 million in transactions with 17 different companies. Mark has his MBAfrom Queen’s University and is involved in a number of technology associationsand organizations across North America. 11
  14. 14. WISDOMEXCHANGE2012C O N C U R R E N T W O R K S H O P SHR StrategiesAs the economy stabilizes, companies that continue to delay criticalhiring decisions are potentially limiting their growth. A solid humanresources strategy can serve as a foundation for tackling this issue andsupport corporate innovation plans. Learn how to build comprehensiveHR strategies that help you deal with demographic changes, increasedcompetition for talent and a new generation of workers with a uniqueset of values, needs and expectations of an employer. Workshop Moderator Jill Birch Principal and National Capability Lead, Market Development Knightsbridge Human Capital SolutionsJill is responsible for driving market awareness and client development forKnightsbridge’s Leadership Solution Practice.Previously, she worked at Sheridan College in Oakville, where she was the Vice-President, Business Development. In that role, Jill was responsible for a $40 millionbusiness unit which included marketing communications, government relations,corporate training, continuing education, fundraising, and applied research.Prior to joining Sheridan, Jill was Associate Director, In-Company Development,International Training and Partnerships for the Schulich School of Business at YorkUniversity, where she was responsible for building Schulich’s leadership practice.She has worked with a wide variety of clients in high-tech, health, energy, publicsector, manufacturing and telecommunications.Jill has also held VP level roles in some of Canada’s top trade associations includingthe Canadian Marketing Association, Retail Council of Canada and the CanadianAssociation of Broadcasters.Jill received her M.A. from the University of Toronto where she researched how ChiefExecutive Officers learn to lead and learn to learn. She is currently a Ph.D. candidatewith Griffith University, Australia, where she is researching relational leadershipprocesses. Jill is a frequent speaker on leadership and management development,sponsorship and marketing communications.12
  15. 15. 100 worth knowing Presenter William Greenhalgh Chief Executive Officer Human Resources Professionals AssociationBill Greenhalgh was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Human ResourcesProfessionals Association (HRPA), Canada’s leading association for humanresource professionals, in April 2006.His previous positions include President of The Globe and Mail, CEO ofThomson’s Western Canada Newspaper Group, President of Cinram International,and COO of Shred it International, as well as various line and staff positions inGeneral Management, Operations, Marketing and Finance with Nortel Networks.He is Secretary of the Board for HRPA; a member of the Boards of the North AmericanHuman Resources Associations (NAHRMA), the Human Resources Research Institute(HRRI) and The Scarborough Hospital; a member of the Champions Council of theCanadian Hospice Palliative Care Association; and a past member of the Boardsof the Toronto Symphony, the Commonwealth Games Club and the CanadianFoundation for the Preservation of Chinese Cultural Treasures. Presenter Alex Rodov Founder and CEO QA ConsultantsAlex Rodov is the Founder and CEO of QA Consultants, North America’s largestsoftware testing and quality assurance company.Alex is a recognized thought leader and frequent speaker on industry best practices,QA standards and IT governance. Alex has spearheaded the development andimplementation of innovative QA strategies and methodologies for a variety ofindustry leaders including Nike, BMO, Citigroup, the Ontario Government, Manulife,the Government of Canada, Air Canada, and Bell. Previously, he managedBearingPoint’s North American QA Practice. Alex will be publishing a book on testingdevelopments and trends – “Testing: A-Z” – in 2012. 13
  16. 16. WISDOMEXCHANGE2012P R O G R A M D E T A I L SWisdom Exchange 2012 Hilton Suites, MarkhamWednesday, March 283:00 p.m. egistration Opens R4:20 p.m. orum and Discussion F With Dr. Douglas Reid Associate Professor, Queen’s University School of Business5:30 p.m. Opening Reception and Dinner6:45 p.m. Welcome Remarks8:15 p.m. Keynote Speaker Featuring Robert J. Deluce President and Chief Executive Officer Porter Airlines Inc.Thursday, March 297:00 a.m. egistration (Breakfast provided) R8:00 a.m. our Concurrent Workshops F • Fast-tracking Effective Partnerships • Social Media and the Bottom Line • Strategies for Raising Capital and Securing Financing • HR Strategies10:00 a.m. Workshop Summary by Moderators10:30 a.m. Economist Panel Moderated by Tom Clark C hief Political Correspondent, Global National News Derek Burleton Vice-President Deputy Chief Economist, TD Bank Group Peter Hall Vice-President and Chief Economist, Export Development Canada Robert Hogue Senior Economist, RBC Warren Jestin Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist, Scotiabank Group Benjamin Tal Deputy Chief Economist, CIBC World Markets Inc.12:00 p.m. Plenary Session Featuring Dani Reiss President and CEO, Canada Goose1:00 p.m. Event Summation and Networking Lunch