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arvato RUSSIA - Services & Solutions 2013

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Arvato russia solutions_vers1_1_meck

  1. 1. arvato Russia We operate, manage and transform! a r va to R u s s ia Services & Solutions Yaroslavl, November 2013 arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt q 23 1
  2. 2. Overwiew arvato Russia Mission 2 The Russian Market 3 arvato Rusisa 1 arvato Russia at a Glance 4 Reference Cases 5 Supply Chain Excellence 6 Industries Overview 7 Services and Solutions 8 Misconceptions of Doing Business in Russia 9 Why to chose arvato? 10 Contacts arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt 2
  3. 3. arvato Russia Mission As part of the Bertelsmann Group, we have solid financial backing, over 175 years of experience and many excellent references. Because of our decentralized corporate structure, we are always able to operate with great flexibility and speed. arvato Rusisa To enable arvato to become the long term preferred RUSSIA partner of choice for Supply chain solutions and distribution in Russia for the global companies within GLOBAL CUSTOMERS arvato’s target industries. Arvato will be the Russian leading service provider in TECHNOLOGIES & PROCESSES Distribution and Supply Chain Management using leading edge technologies and processes. GLOBAL NETWORK All activities are seamlessly integrated into arvato’s global supply chain network and infrastructure. arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt 3
  4. 4. arvato Rusisa The Russian Market Being one of the biggest transition markets, Russia plays an increasing role within the global economy. Non-Russian companies are expanding into Russia in order to exploit the abundant growth opportunities. Simultaneously they face stronger competition in their home markets due to the entrance of global Russian players which try to explore opportunities abroad. New businesses will be developed in Russia RUSSIA Existing businesses in Russia will be extended to other parts of the world Existing businesses in Russia will be strengthened because of increasing domestic competition. Market Environment  Retail sales forecast to reach over $750 billion in Russia by 2016, from $600 billion in 2011 and $75 billion in 2000.  Russia will soon be the largest retail market in Europe and one of the top three globally (after the U.S. and China).  Development of pan-Russia supply chains is the major challenge for Russian retail and industrial sector development over the next 5-10 years. Arvato provides best-of-breed Supply Chain solutions based on clear internal guidelines and Bertelsmann codes of conduct and a rigorous risk management. arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt 4
  5. 5. arvato Rusisa arvato Russia at a Glance  Yaroslavl is located approx. 250 km north east of Moscow  Multi client warehouse and distribution facilities in Yaroslavl  full logistics services for  Warehousing and Distribution  Value Added Services  B2B and B2B deliveries  Reverse Logistics 250 km  Importation of goods and customs clearance;  Russian distribution network in close proximity to consumers and    retailers; International seamless distribution network to connect suppliers, retailers and consumers; Global SAP based IT infrastructure to manage flow of goods and customer’s value chains; Standardized processes and industry specific best practices to fulfill customers’ requirements; arvato Russia follows strong internal guidelines based on the global codes of conduct and is fully committed to deliver best services to its customers. arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt 5
  6. 6. Business to Business References Cases IT / HIGHTECH DELIVERY GAMES arvato Rusisa Customers in Yaroslavl arvato´s expertise is focused on optimizing the Value Chain (Efficiency, Performance, Costs) arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt 6
  7. 7. Business to Consumer References Cases MAIL ORDER DELIVERY ONLINE SHOP arvato Russia Customers in Yaroslavl Delivery all-over Russia via express and express courier companies according to the required service level. arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt 7
  8. 8. Supply Chain Excellence Capacity Effective Productivity Efficient Value Ready to Adapt IT Industries Best Practices Infrastructure Buy it Process Optimization IT Move it Sell it Service it Processes arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt Cost Optimization Business Process Outsourcing Make it Supply Chain Excellence Business Process Outsourcing Collaboration arvato Russia Integration Materials Operations Logistics Services & Solutions Processes Best Practices IT Architecture Technologies Business Intelligence arvato provides an integrated architecture based on leading IT-solutions offering highest client value. 8
  9. 9. Industries Overview Services & Solutions All our services and solutions are designed according to the requirements of the industries we are serving. Industries Best Practices arvato Rusisa  Best Practices  Information Technologies  Infrastructure CORE INDUSTRIES HIGHTECH IT Infrastructure IT ENTERTAINMENT TELCO PHARMACEUTICALS HEALTHCARE & COSMETICS AUTOMOTIVE FASHION RELATED INDUSTRIES CROSS INDUSTRIES arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt All industries giving synergies to existing businesses without any product related constraints. 9
  10. 10. Solution Design Solution Design Components and Principles Services & Solutions IT Industries SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT The major principles of Solution Design are: Best Practices Infrastructure  CUSTOMER ORIENTATION AND arvato Russia  OPTIMIZATION PROCESSES & BEST PRACTICES Based on the customer centric approach arvato´s Solution Design methodology comprises of the following Value Drivers: INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY  INNOVATION  STANDARDIZATION PROJECT MANAGEMENT & METHODOLOGY arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt  COLLABORATION  TRANSPARENCY  SUSTAINABILITY 10
  11. 11. Service Models A Offshore Manufacturing Import of Records Warehousing Distribution Distributor Manufacturer Distributor Manufacturer Distributor Retailer arvato Russia B Infrastructure Consumer HIGH SYNERGIES Warehousing Distribution Manufacturer Distributor Manufacturer Best Practices arvato NO SYNERGIES Import of Records IT Industries Manufacturer Offshore Manufacturing Aftersales Services & Solutions arvato Aftersales Retailer Distributor Manufacturer Scalability Consumer Distributor HIGH SYNERGIES Synergies NO SYNERGIES Cooperation C Offshore Manufacturing Import of Records Warehousing Distribution Manufacturer Aftersales Retailer Manufacturer Effectiveness arvato Consumer Manufacturer HIGH SYNERGIES HIGH SYNERGIES Synergy driven Scalable Supply Chain Solutions arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt 11
  12. 12. Retail Business Model Offshore Manufacturing Import of Records Warehousing Distribution Aftersales Manufacturers Retailer arvato Distributors arvato Russia Retailers Consumer HIGH SYNERGIES  Consolidated importation of goods  Developing new supply chains into Russia with strong brands and/or unique products  Connecting Manufacturers/Retailers/Distributers HIGH SYNERGIES  Full logistics services for retailers  Direct to Consumer deliveries on behalf of the retailers  Consolidated retail deliveries from outside of Russia with Russian Retailers Retail IT Solutions Retail Best Practices arvato’s Retail strategy is two-sided: Importation and extending foreign supply chains into Russia and optimization of retail distribution in Russia. arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt 12
  13. 13. Services Overview Based on an agreed Business Model and implementation scenario the arvato service solutions will be designed by using the following building blocks: arvato Rusisa SUPPLY CHAINS BUSINESS TO BUSINESS (B2B) Services & Solutions IT Industries Best Practices BUSINESS TO CONSUMER (B2C) SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT AFTER MARKET SERVICES E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt Infrastructure CUSTOMER SERVICE SOLUTIONS 13
  14. 14. Services & Solutions arvato is a business process outsourcing service provider that supplies its customers with tailor-made solutions for customer interaction processes. arvato Rusisa SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT       Packaging & Postponement Warehousing & Distribution Transportation Management Multi-Channel Fulfillment Services Value-Added Logistics Services Planning & Materials Sourcing E-COMMERCE SOLUTIONS       On-Line Marketing e-Commerce Web Development Financial Services Digital Distribution Global Fulfillment Services Customer Service Solutions arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt Services & Solutions IT Industries Best Practices Infrastructure AFTER MARKET SERVICES       Customer Service Solutions Service Parts Logistics Reverse Logistics Repair & Refurbishment Call & Returns Avoidance Solutions Multi-Vendor Management CUSTOMER SERVICE SOLUTIONS       International Technical Support International Customer Services Telemarketing Services BPO Management Social Media Consulting & Advisory Services 14
  15. 15. arvato’s Solution Assets arvato Russia Arvato has a strong international footprint in B2B and B2C business: LOCAL ASSETS GLOBAL ASSETS Services & Solutions IT Industries Best Practices Infrastructure Distribution network in close proximity to consumers and retailers; International seamless transportation network to connect distribution centers; Global SAP based IT infrastructure to manage flow of goods and customer’s value chains; Standardized processes and industry specific best practices to fulfill customers requirements; Performing in distribution means fulfilling service levels. Using global assets as operational backbone and developing local assets to fulfil customer’s demands. Service and compliance is a real differentiator in Russia. arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt 15
  16. 16. arvato global IT Platform Services & Solutions  Proven SAP architecture arvato Russia SAP BASED ARCHITECTURE IMPLEMENTATION TEMPLATE  Globally implemented IT Industries Best Practices Infrastructure  24/7 global support  Preconfigured modules for processes, configurations, interfaces and integration scenarios  Modular setup of business requirements Synergies  Efficient implementation (time and risk) BEST PRACTICES  Operational Best Practices are fully integrated in SAP architecture  IT Best Practices are fully integrated in arvato‘s global IT structure Scalability Cooperation Effectiveness arvato provides an integrated architecture based on leading ITsolutions offering highest client value. arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt 16
  17. 17. arvato global footprint USA Valencia CA Louisville KY Duncan SC Pleasant Prairie WI Austin TX Weaverville NC El Paso, TX > 200,000 m2 Germany Dueren Guetersloh Monheim Frankfurt Muenchen Leipzig > 332,000 m2 UK London Milton Keynes Wednesbury > 50,000 m2 France Atton Bussy Longes Paris Torvilles > 75,000 m2 Netherlands Venlo Venray > 70,000 m2 Poland Szczecin Poznan > 26,000 m2 Russia Moscow Yaroslavl > 65,000 m2 Czech Stochov Brno > 15,000 m2 arvato Russia Japan > 10,000 m2 Ireland > 12,000 m2 China Shanghai Shenzhen Hong Kong Guangzhou > 80,000 m2 Spain > 25,000 m2 Italy > 10,000 m2 Singapore India >> 60,000 m2 10,000 m2 Brazil Manaus Sao Paulo Hortolândia Guarulhos > 45,000 m2 50 Fulfillment centers arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt Australia > 10,000 m2 200 Field stocking locations 15 Repair Centers 35 Techsupport Call Centers 17
  18. 18. Misconception of doing Business in Russia arvato Russia arvato …. from complexity to simplicity Russian Myth: … lack of transparency … corruption … inadequate rule of law … inefficient institutions … immigration and visa system … To be successful in Russia a service provider must have absolute commitment to managing bureaucratic workload and inefficient institutions… Typical real estate projects in Russia require approx. 250 approvals! … and requires rigorous, bottom-up Risk Management:  Thorough due diligence of all businesses and contracts  Identification of best-in-class partners and suppliers  Alignment of interests, embodied in the form of strong contracts  Internal management to maintain and monitor business activities  Clear internal guidelines and codes of conduct  Business Continuity Planning arvato Russia follows strong internal guidelines based on the global codes of conduct and is fully committed to overcame “Russian Myths” to deliver best services to their customers. arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt 18
  19. 19. Why to choose arvato? Excellent performance within a realistic ramp-up period at reasonable costs. arvato has long term experience in operating supply chain operations in various industries applying best practices and advanced IT systems. arvato Russia Customer satisfaction due to reliable, stable, best-in-class SAP based IT solution corresponding to customers’ requirements. Financial stability guaranteed through Bertelsmann financial strength. Further operational and technical capabilities to expand - strong willingness to learn and become better. International corporate footprint, which matches customers' strategic goals. Excellent references with successful implementations of international projects and new businesses. Potential strategic partnership with arvato in fulfilment and operations. arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt 19
  20. 20. Your Contacts arvato Russia ARVATO RUSSIA Svobody Str. 97 150049 Yaroslavl - Russia Michael Eckensberger Director Business Development & Solutions phone +7 4852 22 04 20 ext. 101 mobile: +7 980 748 50 61 arvatoRussia_solutions_vers1_1_MECK.ppt 20