LAEP AGM Presentation 27th November 2008

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  • 1. Presentation to the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Local Authorities' Energy Partnership Conference LAEP Joins Forces with MEA? The Future’s Fantastic! Richard Davies Director
  • 2. Good Morning!
  • 3. Fuels used in E generation/Mtoe Fuel 2003 2007 Coal 31.6 31.9 Oil 0.7 0.8 Gas 24.5 27.5 Nuclear 20.0 14.0 Hydro 0.2 0.4 Other renewables 0.4 0.6 Net imports 0.2 0.4
  • 4. quot;Regardless of which route we choose, the world's current predicament limits our maneuvering room. We are experiencing a step-change in the growth rate of energy demand due to population growth and economic development, and Shell estimates that after 2015 supplies of easy-to-access oil and gas will no longer keep up with demand.quot; Jeroen van der Veer, CEO Shell 28th January 2008
  • 5. East Midlands population: 4.4 million CO2 : 41 million tonnes Nigeria population: 140 million CO2 : 52 million tonnes
  • 6. The heart of the matter DEMAND REDUCTION • In 2003 final consumption of E was 336,218GWh • In 2007 final consumption of E was 341,945GWh • Up 1.7% or 5,727GWh • All wind projects (on and offshore) in 2007 generated some 5,274GWh of E • This was just 92% of the extra electricity we used over 48 months ending 2007 • Simplistically we are collectively squandering the efforts to DECARBONISE because we are failing to reduce DEMAND
  • 7. 3Ds Demand Reduction Decarbonisation Decentralisation
  • 8. It’s service delivery stupid
  • 9. LAEP/MEA Summary 1. MEA should never duplicate existing effective sustainable energy and climate change activity within Nottingham & Derbyshire. 2. MEA seeks to establish over a 24 month period (April 2009 – March 2011) and aims for a team of 10 full time staff operating out of two centres. 3. Target gross income at the end of the initial business plan period will be £500k 4. It is the intention of MEA’s operation in the East Midlands to move away from a subscription based service for projects to the model operating in the West Midlands, whereby there is no core funding for MEA from any source. All funding is for the delivery of projects. This intent includes the subscriptions for the Campaign and core services for support through the LAEP 5. MEA will focus on Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire over the initial 24 month period, but if no obvious mechanism for delivering similar activity emerges from other localities within the East Midlands region then MEA may move to provide services over the whole region, given that this maintains or enhances the capability within Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire.
  • 10. 1. Maintain & Enhance LAEP
  • 11. 2. Communication + Campaign (NI186 Focus) +
  • 12. 3. Project Carbon
  • 13. Case Studies
  • 14. 4. Low Carbon Communities
  • 15. Low Carbon Communities • Project delivery • Find next community to work with – They need to say yes – Local networks – Co-operation • Find funders
  • 16. Low Carbon Community Overview
  • 17. Best Practice • Whittington & Fisherwick Environment Group • Staffs County Council • MEA • Post project – Ban unfilled cavity wall – 2 new communities
  • 18. 5. RE:think Energy
  • 19. 6. Carbon Forum
  • 20. 7. Action Heat
  • 21. 8. N&D Environmental Technology Centre
  • 22. What already going on (before MoU)? • Bolsover - £60k Neighbourhood Renewal Fund: 12 x £5k seedcorn, 2 years • South Derbyshire: Overseal Low Carbon Community: Possible ~£26k project (Section 106) • Transition Matlock: Establishing collaborative relationship • Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy: MEA’s bid (one of 45) shortlisted (one of 6) for (one of 2) prizes £30k & £15k – MEA have pledged to commit £25k or £12.5k to Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire
  • 23. “Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood... Make big plans; aim high in hope and work.” Daniel Hudson Burnham 1846-1912 “Search all the parks in all your cities; you'll find no statues of committees.” David Ogilvy 1911-1999
  • 24. thank you