Ap art history outline for notes ch.34

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  • 1. AP Art HistoryNote-taking Outline—Chapter 34FROM THE MODERN TO THE POSTMODERN AND BEYOND: THE LATER 20TH CENTURY(Mnemonic: “Modernism and „Less is More‟ to Postmodernism and „Less is a Bore!‟”)KEY VOCABULARY (not including artists‟ names or works)Modernism Formalism Postmodernism ModernistFormalism abstract expressionism Minimal ArtPost-Painterly Abstraction Color-Field Painting Conceptual Art“Non-Art” Performance Art Pop ArtEarth ArtSECTION I: MODERNISM, FORMALISM, EXPRESSIONISM (PAGES 1031-1043)Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:34-1 Painting Francis Bacon Brutality of War34-3 Man Pointing Giacometti Existential Human
  • 2. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:34-4 Number 1, 1950 Pollock Abstract expression34-6 Woman I De Kooning Raw abstraction34-8 No. 14 Rothko Meaning in color
  • 3. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:34-9 Cubi XIX David Smith Stainless steel weld34-11 Mas o Menos Frank Stella Purity of paint34-14 Die Tony Smith Minimal art
  • 4. SECTION II: SCULPTURE, PERFORMANCE ART, CONCEPTUAL ART, POPART (PAGES 1043-1054)Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:34-16 Vietnam Wall Maya Ying Lin Power of minimal34-19 Hang-Up Eva Hesse “Non-Art” art34-25 One and Three Chairs Kosuth Conceptual art
  • 5. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:34-26 The True Artist. . . Nauman Conceptual art34-27 Just What Is It. . .? Hamilton Pop art34-28 Flag Jasper Johns Commonly seen
  • 6. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:34-29 Canyon Rauschenberg Combines media34-30 Hopeless Lichtenstein Art in cartoons34-31 Green Coca-Cola Bottles Warhol Repetition is art
  • 7. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:34-32 Marilyn Diptych Warhol Mass cultureSECTION III: SUPERREALISM, ENVIRONMENTAL ART, ARCHITECTURE(PAGES 1054-1067)34-34 Marilyn Flack Superrealism34-37 Spiral Jetty Smithson Earth art
  • 8. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:34-41 Guggenheim Museum F. L. Wright Organic forms34-42 Notre-Dame-du-Haut Le Corbusier Sculpted forms34-46 Seagram Building Rohe &Johnson Steel and glass
  • 9. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:34-49 AT&T Building Johnson & Burgee Classic elements34-52 Pompidou Center Rogers and Piano DeconstructionSECTION IV: NEW MEDIA (PAGES 1068-1090)34-59 The Dinner Party Judy Chicago Celebrating women
  • 10. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:34-70 Public Enemy Hammons Viewer introspection34-71 Trade Quick-to-See Smith Native American34-74 “When I put my hands. . .” Wojnarowicz Dealing with AIDS
  • 11. Figure #: Subject: Artist: Key Concept:34-79 The Crossing Viola Digital Sensory Experience34-82 A Short History of Modernist Painting Tansey Critique of art history