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SM&A Bowtie Doc

  1. 1. Management Consulting Business Capture Proposal Management Program Performance Solutions For A Highly Competitive World
  2. 2. When You Must Win... SM&A is not your typical management consulting company. We partner with our clients for ® ‘must win’ programs(projects) delivering solutions to increase their top-line revenue, SM&A COMPETITION MANAGEMENT, and ® their bottom-line profitability, SM&A PERFORMANCE ASSURANCE. Our experience spans two decades and extends from business capture through program management, providing SM&A a comprehensive understanding of any program’s life cycle. Our core competency, and value to our clients, is our knowledge of how to win and deliver on any structured competitive procurement. As the world’s largest provider of COMPETITION MANAGEMENT services (business capture and proposal development), our 85% Win Rate on over 900 proposals worth more than $300 billion is unparalleled. We provide the process, leadership, and strategic planning to win and deliver on Federal, State & Local, Commercial, and Foreign Government programs. ® Our PERFORMANCE ASSURANCE solutions comprise all aspects of successful program delivery. QUICKSTART and TM AWARDFEE , are examples of our post award solutions designed to mitigate proposal-to-program risk and increase profitability. SM&A has partnered with our clients on over 150 programs worth more than $1 trillion. End-to-End Program Lifecycle Solutions Your Strategic Partner The value of SM&A’s end-to-end solutions are evidenced by such notable programs as the $19 billion Department of Define Product Requirements Acceptable Bu s Production itie Defense Joint Strike Fighter and $10 billion Department of Homeland Security US-VISIT program to enhance the yer tiv Readiness Ac Architect Ac Assements tiv yer Concept itie Bu s security of U.S. borders, on which we supported both our client’s program win and delivery efforts. Acquisition Strategy Prepare DRFP Our leadership and mentoring solutions help clients PLAN for business capture, WIN new business, and profitably Maturity Risk Prepare Assessment RFP PERFORM on the programs won. The following is a representative list of our client base: Requirements Source Baseline Selection Develop Initial Operation Strategic System Test & Evaluation Release Preliminary Road map Release Requirements Low Rate Production RFP Design Review RFI Review Project Project 3M CitiGroup Motorola Award Milestones Milestones Analyze Evaluate System Release Critical Design Alternatives/ Responses Design Review DRFP Review Full Rate Accenture Deloitte Consulting Northrop Grumman Seek Sources Production Orals, Milestone Operation & Demos, Reviews Maintenance BAFO AT&T General Dynamics Oracle Award Fee Final Management Proposal Contract Data Development DRFP Requirements & Production BAE Systems IBM PricewaterhouseCoopers List Question Generation White Paper, Se s itie BearingPoint ITT Raytheon RFI Response, ller tiv Win Strategy/ Ac Ac Focused tiv Competition ller R&D itie Analysis/ Se Business s Study Boeing L-3 Communications SAIC Bid – No Bid, Teams Customer Capture Contact Plans Performance Planning Based Cisco Systems Lockheed Martin Textron Logistics and more... ...SM&A Solutions Deliver Results
  3. 3. “I‘ve known about SM&A’s proposal management effective- ness for years. Now I’m a firm believer in their thorough strategy development and precise analytical tools that have provided a disciplined and structured way of thinking about our Joint Strike Fighter program. SM&A is helping us win, and winning is a team effort.” Frank Cappuccio Vice President and General Manager Advanced Development Programs Lockheed Martin Skunk Works Former Joint Strike Fighter Program Manager “Over the past five years, SM&A’s business development, capture management, proposal development, and program support solutions have complimented and enhanced our capabilities -- When You Must Win helping us to win some of our most strategic programs.” John Maguire Managing Partner State & Local Government Accenture SM&A is the world’s foremost management consulting firm providing leadership and mentoring solutions to PLAN for business capture, WIN competitive procurements and profitably PERFORM on the projects and programs won. Our proven processes, people and tools have delivered significant top-line and bottom-line growth across markets, products and services. From the largest aerospace and defense contractors, through the major software providers, to healthcare and financial/audit service providers, SM&A is the partner many companies turn to WHEN THEY MUST WIN. For more on our consulting and assessment services visit 4695 MacArthur Court, 8th Floor Newport Beach, California 92660 P 949.975.1550 F. 949.975.1624 . NASDAQ: WINS © 2005 SM&A