Believable Branding: What Form Of Brand Messaging Do Consumers Buy Into? [Infographic]


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Copy the link to learn more on our site: - In the race to win over customers and win out over the competition, brands today are inundating consumers with a barrage of brand messages and ads. Whether consumers believe in these mass marketing branding messages had been a mystery. Until now. A recent Nielsen report on the levels of worldwide trust in brand messages and advertising inspired MDG Advertising to create the following informative infographic. It reveals the kinds of communications and content considered most relevant and trustworthy by consumers, as well as the advertising formats and formulas winning the battle for brand believability.

First, the infographic touches on the trustworthiness of various brand messages. Consumers rated recommendations from friends and family as the most reliable, with a whopping 92 percent of respondents trusting them and 90 percent calling them highly or fairly relevant.

Next, traditional media took to the ring with editorial content deemed the most trustworthy by 58 percent of respondents and relevant by 55 percent. This format was closely followed by TV commercials, magazine ads, outdoor formats and newspaper advertising which were all viewed as both trustworthy and relevant by almost half of the respondents.

Still, the battle among online ad formats rages on with consumers giving the greatest credence to online reviews from fellow customers. Three-quarters of respondents viewed these online opinions as relevant and 70 percent considered them trustworthy. More than half of respondents believed that branded websites and subscriber emails were also credible and pertinent. Consumers placed the least amount of confidence in the plethora of online ads, yet they were still seen as relevant and trustworthy by more than one-third of respondents.

Lastly, the infographic covers how mobile ads are finally making progress with consumers as their level of confidence in these ad formats steadily grows. In fact, text ads on smartphones were deemed relevant by 31 percent of respondents and trusted by 29 percent, while one-third said that mobile display ads were both relevant and trustworthy in their minds.

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Believable Branding: What Form Of Brand Messaging Do Consumers Buy Into? [Infographic]

  1. 1. by: @MDGadvertising YOUR AD HERE!WHAT FORMS OF BRAND MESSAGING DO CONSUMERS BUY INTO?The average consumer is bombarded with slogans, brand messaging, and ads hundreds, if not thousands, of times a day. But how much ofthat are they really buying into? A recent report from Nielsen breaks down what consumers find most trustworthy and relevant.THE MOST TRUSTED FORM OF MESSAGINGNot surprisingly, nearly all consumers consider word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family to be the most trustworthy andrelevant advertising for brands, compared to other forms. RECOMMENDATIONS FROM PEOPLE I KNOW Data represents a survey of global consumers that compared the trustworthiness and relevancy of different brand-messaging formats. TRUSTWORTHY Relevant (Completely or Somewhat) 92% (Highly or Somewhat) 90%TRADITIONAL MEDIA SHOWDOWNWhen it comes to traditional advertising media, editorial print content ranks highest. TV ads took the number two spot. = TRUSTWORTHY = RELEVANTEditorial content suchas newspaper articles 58% 55%Ads on TV 47% BUY THIS! 50%Ads in magazines 47% 46%Outdoor advertisingsuch as billboards 47% HUNGRY? 45%Ads in newspapers 46% 46%Ads on radio 42% 41% TRY THIS!Ads before movies 41% 37% SEE THIS!THE BATTLE OF ONLINE AD FORMATSConsumer reviews are tops for online consumers. But in terms of paid formats, paid search wins out in trustworthiness and relevancy. = TRUSTWORTHY = RELEVANTConsumer opinionsposted online 70% 75%Branded websites WELCOME! 58% 59%Emails they signed upfor 50% NEW DEALS! 51%Ads served in searchengine results 40% 42%Online video ads 36% 36%Ads on social networks 36% 36%Online banner ads 33% 33%MOBILE ADS CATCHING UPThough ads on mobile devices don’t currently rank high for consumer trust and relevancy, they continue to improve. The level of consumertrust in mobile advertising has grown 61 percent since 2007. TRUSTWORTHY RELEVANT Display ads on mobile devices Text ads on mobile phones NEED NEW SHOES? 33% 33% 29% 31%Unless otherwise noted, figures reflect the percentage of global consumers who consider each ad format trustworthy or relevant.SOURCE: NIELSEN “GLOBAL TRUST IN ADVERTISING AND BRAND MESSAGES” twitter: @MDGadvertising