Simple easter crafts
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  • 1.
    • Try making these simple Easter crafts with your kids.
    • Old Eggs
    • Easter Chicks
    • A Flower
    Spring Is Here
  • 2. Odd Eggs Materials Needed
    • egg shells
    • poster paint
    • mini pom poms
    • glitter dust
    • glue
    • confetti / sequins / rhinestones / stickers
    Tips Start collecting egg shells a week or two before you need them with the egg cartons to store them.
  • 3. Steps
    • Tap and crack the pointed end of an egg.
    • Pull off the broken shell pieces and pour our the egg.
    • Rinse and air dry completely before you start painting a thick (undiluted) layer of poster paint over each egg shell.
    • Leave it to dry completely (or use a hairdryer).
    • Put your forefinger into the hole in order to hold the egg shell in position while you work on it.
    • Next, paint designs on the egg shells (e.g. floral, stripes, geometric shapes etc)
  • 4.
    • To make it look unique and different, use glue instead of paint and sprinkle glitter dust over the design.
    • You can also attach tiny pom poms, confetti, sequins and rhinestones on the egg shells.
    • For younger children, painting designs on egg shells can be very challenging so provide some stickers as alternative.
  • 5. Easter Chicks
    • Materials Needed
    • yellow pom poms (1 large, 2 medium sized)
    • yellow pipecleaners (wings)
    • orange foam sheet (feet), orange felt (beak)
    • plastic eyes
    • egg shells
    • glue
  • 6.
    • Steps
    • Pull off the broken egg shell pieces until you have about half of it left.
    • Place a piece of tissue paper inside so that the chick will protrude out.
    • Attach plastic eyes and beaks (diamond shaped) onto the two medium sized pom poms.
    • Cut and bend the pipecleaner to make oval shaped wings, twist the ends together.
    • Attach a pair of wings onto a chick and place it in the egg shell.
    • Attach the other medium sized pom pom onto the large pom pom and glue the wings onto its body.
    • Cut out its feet from the foam sheet and let it sit on them.
  • 7. A Flower
    • Materials Needed
    • construction paper (two colours) and tissue paper
    • sticky tape and glue
    • paint or markers
    • egg carton
    • straw
    • scissors
    • Playdoh
  • 8.
    • Steps
    • Draw a ring around an egg carton and cut it out.
    • Paint it or use a marker to colour it.
    • Crush the tissue paper into a ball and attach it inside the egg carton.
    • Cut out some big, oval petals and some smaller, round ones.
  • 9.
    • Arrange and glue the petals to form a flower, then attach the egg carton in the middle.
    • Finally, attach the straw to the back of the flower.
    • Cut out leaves and add them to the flower.
    • Plant the flower into a small pot of Playdoh (dirt)