Marymount Library Scholars Celebration 2013


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Marymount Library Scholars Celebration 2013

  1. 1. Scholars Celebration 2013Marymount College Library
  2. 2. Current Research & PublicationsAnderson, V. (2012). A study of thepedagogical strategies used in support ofstudents with learning disabilities andattitudes held by engineering faculty(Unpublished doctoral dissertation).University of Southern California.
  3. 3. Current Research & PublicationsRyan, R. (2013). An abundancy result forthe two prime power case and results for anequation of Goormaghtigh. InternationalMathematical Forum, 8(9), 427-432.
  4. 4. Current Research & PublicationsDraman, R. The inter-dependentorganization. Manuscript in preparation,Marymount College.Zanca, K. Patterns of religion (4th edition).Chapter manuscript submitted forpublication, Marymount College.
  5. 5. Current Research & PublicationsZanca, K., & Baurier, A., Sr. The pre-civilwar editorials of Rev. Napoleon. Translationand manuscript in preparation, MarymountCollege.Andrews, S. (2012). Integratingsustainability into the curriculum: A greenmedia literacy approach. (Unpublisheddoctoral dissertation). University ofCalifornia, Santa Barbara.
  6. 6. Current Research & PublicationsSimonelli, J., & Earle, D. (2013, Feb 1).Civil fracking rights: Community responseto natural gas development in NY. Societyfor Applied Anthropology Newsletter.Sellar, M. J., & Heesen, E. (2012). LibrariesAcross Africa: Accra User Analysis (Rep.).Toronto, Canada: Librarians WithoutBorders.
  7. 7. In PresentationMichael Fileta presented:Challenges of Building Collaborative Relationshipswith Faculty(March 2013, Florida)National Association of Student AffairsAdministrators in Higher Education Conference
  8. 8. In PresentationAndrew Ogilvie presents:Transnational Regimes as Literacy Sponsors:Ethnographic Case Studies of the Biliteracy Historiesand Practices of Educators in Chinandega, Nicaragua(September 2013, Stanford, California)Ninth Biennial Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference
  9. 9. In PresentationMaury Hillstrom presented:Starting from Scratch with the D2L LearningEnvironment(2012, Long Beach, California)Desire2Learn California Regional Users Forum
  10. 10. In PresentationDuncan Earle presented:Lessons of the First Enduring Globalization Rebellion;Zapatistas Against Oblivion(May 2012, Victoria, Canada)Annual Meeting of the Global Studies Association ofNorth America
  11. 11. In PresentationMelanie Sellar presented:Visible Thinking: Using Course-Integrated ResearchNarratives to Engage Students and Assess Learning(April 2013, Indianapolis)National Association of College & Research LibrariesConference
  12. 12. In PresentationKossi Makpayo presents:Effect of Currency Union on Trade: Evidence from theCFA Franc Zone(June 2013, Seattle)88th Annual Conference of Western EconomicAssociation International
  13. 13. In PresentationMary McMillan presented:Information Literacy in Zero Gravity: Online Learningin Academic Libraries.(November 2012, San Jose)California Library Association Annual Conference
  14. 14. In PresentationAl Holliman presented:The Use of Management by Objectives as aManagement Model for Municipalities(March 2013, Virginia)Society for the Advancement of Management 2013Annual Conference
  15. 15. In PresentationKathleen Talbot presented:A Participatory, Transformational Approach to UrbanFood Security Research(April 2013, Los Angeles)Association of American Geographers 2013 AnnualMeeting
  16. 16. In PresentationMary McMillan presented:Extending Your Reach: Instructional Design for OnlineLearning Environment(April 2013, Online webinar)California Library Association Spring Fling
  17. 17. In PresentationMelanie Sellar contributed to:International Trends in Library and Information ScienceEducation(January 2013, Seattle)Association for Library and Information ScienceEducation Annual Conference
  18. 18. In PerformanceBruce Schwartz’s film“Lives Interrupted: The TakumaIto and Go Matsura Story”Won best documentary at theIndependent FilmmakerShowcase 2013 in Los AngelesCongratulations Bruce!
  19. 19. Student Scholar NomineesNurses are Constantly Writing: An Ethnographic Study of theNursing Discourse Community-- Lauren BufanoThirsty for Reformation-- Jacqueline CootesThe San Bernardino National Forest and Rachel Carson:Not a Silent Spring-- Kendra KastelanConfidence for Sale!-- Chelsea KirkThe Visual Story-- Karla Korson
  20. 20. Student Scholar NomineesSports and the Brain-- Kaitlin LopezTonsillectomy Correlation to Type 1 Diabetes-- Megan MargesonAbility of seeds subjected to hyper-gravity to germinate-- Brent RoederFemale Genital Mutilation-- Jovana SmithMedia Violence and Its Effects on Children and Young Adults-- Maxine VasquezThe academic achievement gap between African Americans,Hispanics, and Native Americans-- Adonis Williams
  21. 21. Congratulations Scholars