2011 Scholars Celebration


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2011 Scholars Celebration

  1. 1. MarymountScholarship
  2. 2. Public Presentations Prof. Andrew Ogilvie (English) presented Pragmatism, Dewey, and Service Learning: Reconsidering Community and Democracy in the Composition Classroom in April 2011, Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Michael Brophy, President, presented Critical Leadership Challenges at Two-Year Institutions: Reflections from the Perspective of the President at University of Wisconsin – Madison.
  3. 3. Public Presentations Dr. Duncan Earle (Global Studies) presents Bad to Think: The Power of the Border of Inferiorities in April 2011, Salt Lake City, Utah. Melanie Sellar (Library / Information Literacy) presents Service Learning: Bringing the World into LIS Education in May 2011, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
  4. 4. Public Presentations Dr. Ghada Masri (Global Studies) presents (In)Security, Surveillance and Halal Tourism in April 2011, Seattle, Washington. Prof. Carlos Royal (Sociology) presents three papers, including “Intergenerational Transmission of Gender Role Ideology”, in November 2011 in Los Angeles, California.
  5. 5. Exhibitions Dr. Jennifer Vanderpool’s (Media Arts) exhibition Sagoberättelser (Fairy Tales) was recently on view at the Designarkivet in Nybro, Sweden. Dr. Jennifer Vanderpool (Media Arts) is currently exhibiting Bayou Garden, an installation with animation and audio at Mount Saint Mary’s College, March 8 – April 17, 2011.
  6. 6. Current ResearchThe Greatest Mystery in American Literature: Who was Emily Dickinson’s Master? – Patrick McMahon (English)Pragmatism, Dewey, and Service Learning: Reconsidering Community and Democracy in the Composition Classroom – Andrew Ogilvie (English)A Darkness Visible: American Catholics in the South and the Coming of the Civil War – Ken Zanca (Phil & Rel Studies)The Parental Role: The Influence of Biological Versus Blended Family Structure for Parents of Adult Children – Carlos Royal (Sociology)
  7. 7. Current ResearchZapatista Viability: By What Measure? - Duncan Earle (Global Studies)Too Close for Comfort: Jewish Communities and Their Hold on the Holocaust – Karen Feiner (English)Treating a Post-traumatic Stress Disorder from a Gestalt Therapy Perspective – Brad Hess (Psychology)Service Learning: Bringing the World into LIS Education – Melanie Sellar (Library / Info Literacy)
  8. 8. Current ResearchCORE Survey: A Quantitative Study - Brad Hess (Psychology)Uprising of Hope; Accompanying the Zapatistas on their Journey to Alternative Development – Duncan Earle (Global Studies)Poll Everywhere: A Review – Melanie Sellar (Library / Info Science)Bayou Garden (Installation with Animation & Audio) – Jennifer Vanderpool (Media Arts)
  9. 9. Current ResearchA Royal Pain: The Comic Spirit in George MacDonalds "The Light Princess – Greg Levonian (English)Wanton, Galería Sextante, Bogotá, Colombia. May - June 2011 – Solo Exhibition - Jennifer Vanderpool (Media Arts)Librarians Without Borders Get Their Hands Dirty – Melanie Sellar (Library / Info Science)Intergenerational Transmission of Gender Role Ideology – Carlos Royal (Sociology)
  10. 10. Current ResearchStepping into a New Role: Quality of Parent-Child Relationships in Stepfamilies – Carlos Royal (Sociology)Goodbye Paris, Hello New York: Consuming ‘Liquid’ Modernity – Ghada Masri (Global Studies)(In)Security, Surveillance and Halal Tourism – Ghada Masri (Global Studies)
  11. 11. Student Scholar Award NomineesIn-depth Review on the Biological Factors of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as well as Treatment Options and Diagnosis of Disorder – Mary Kate MorrowHinduism – Megan CrawfordThe Psychological and Physiological Effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – Emma BennettPhysical Fast, Spiritual Feast – Karyn WhitesidesLegos and iRobot: Building Value through Partnership – Austin Peterson and Stefnie HuthCocoa Genome Case Study – Shahryar ShahrestaniEnergy Distribution of Hydrogen Power for Future Automobiles – Frank Sanchez
  12. 12. AwardsProfessor Jennifer Vanderpool’s exhibition “Sagoberättelser”(Fairy Tales) was recently on view at the Designarkivet inNybro, Sweden. She was honored with an International CulturalGrant from the Swedish Arts Council.
  13. 13. In PicturesDr. Earle converses in Tzotzil, a Maya language from SouthernMexico, with a young Chamula woman about the uses and growth cyclesof a common weed, once sacred to their ancestors, called Amaranth.
  14. 14. In PicturesKen Zanca’s latest research project is to collect and edit primary documents on theCatholics in the South just before the Civil War. Some pictures of leading Catholicbishops in the South who were important articulators and justifiers of the Southerncause: (right) Bishop John P. Lynch, Diocese of Charleston and (left)Bishop JohnMcGill, Diocese of Richmond, VA.
  15. 15. In PicturesJennifer Vanderpool’s “Fairy Stories” is an installation that includessculptures, animations and even the artists selection of material from DesignArchives collections, where she has been particularly interested in drawings andtextilesmade ​by the designer Peter Condu (1945-1986).
  16. 16. In the FieldMelanie Sellar will be joining 26 other Librarians Without Borders volunteers for a servicetrip to the Miguel Asturias Academy in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala in April/May 2011. Thisis the second year of the partnership which focuses on the development of the library at theAcademy and the support of literacy in the community.
  17. 17. In the FieldHere Dr. Earle is training a team of Congolese foresters how to use a clinometerto measure the size of the towering jungle trees, in order to measure theirpotential as a carbon offset--an environmental service that seeks to protect therainforest that now has a global market .