FM3 Developing a Presentation Script

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  • 1. A2 Film Studies FM3 Small Scale Research Developing a Presentation Script
  • 2.
    • Learning Objectives – to develop a presentation script from the annotated catalogue
    • Learning Outcomes – to have a template or plan for the presentation script
  • 3. Annotated catalogue (2 nd Draft)
    • A checklist…
    • The items directly relate to the area of investigation.
    • A variety from different sources and media (e.g. books, periodicals, popular magazines, newspapers, television documentaries, radio recordings, DVD material, web sites, etc.)
    • Evidence of quite rigorous selectiveness. This will be demonstrated by the inclusion of 3-5 items excluded from the final catalogue.
    • Five references which stem from IMDB can be seen as clearly less impressive than references including one from IMDB, one from a fan site, one from a studio or production company site, one from recognised critic, and one from a film festival.
  • 4. The presentation script
    • You need to produce a presentation using the catalogue of research that you have gathered.
    • This will be submitted for assessment in the form of a 1500 word presentation.
    • You need to include your ‘script’ (what you will say during the presentation) as part of your word count.
    • Your presentation will be presented using PowerPoint. You will be expected to include a variety of resources (text, images, film extracts) as part of the presentation.
    • The presentation should last approximately 30 mins (15 mins scripted, 15 mins viewing material).
    • You need to demonstrate knowledge and enthusiasm for the topic, however you will not be marked on the delivery of your presentation.
    • Reference your items using parenthesis, e.g. (item 1).