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As an independent strategy & insights agency, MCCP are the experts when it comes to identifying differentiated Irish consumer trends which provide credible and relevant opportunities for your brand.

Every quarter MCCP track and monitor all of the major influences on Irish consumer behaviour and uncover the key behavioural trends which have emerged. We then provide recommendations on how to leverage these trends and who is ‘best in class’ at the moment.

These trends can provide significant opportunities for your brands but can also pose a risk if ignored.

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MCCP Lighthouse™ Quarterly Report

  1. 1. MCCP Lighthouse™ Quarterly Report
  2. 2. What you can expectfrom this review? State of the Nation • MCCPLighthouse™ Q2 looks at what has happened in Ireland’s economic, political, social and technological arena over the past 3 months. Mood & Mind-set of the People • The review analyses how current events are impacting on Irish people’s mind-sets and behaviours. • Most importantly it looks at the challenges and So What For Your Brand opportunities that the existing environment presents to brands. • In house, MCCP has also assessed the impact of Emerging & Shifting quarter two occurrences on MCCP’s bank of 15 longer Trends term trends identified by MCCPTrendstream™.
  3. 3. 7 Key Themes from MCCP Lighthouse™ Q2 People are seeking greater The mid-life crisis has moved1 back a generation to 25-35 sense of control 5 year old In continuing uncertainty, consumers are taking the Women are taking on greater 2 tried and trusted, safe option roles and responsibilities in 6 the home and in the People are sharing more, workplace looking for closer connections 3 as a support mechanism Men are becoming more manly to gain a renewed 7 sense of self identity in the People’s horizon for planning home and the workplace 4 is focussed on the short term
  4. 4. Let’s look at the facts & recommendationsbehind just one of the themes...1 People are seeking greater sense of control In a world where the cost of the basics, interest rates, job security and our countries future are all out of our control people are searching for a sense of consistency and optimism in their own lives.
  5. 5. 1 People are seeking Mixed economic news is causing greater sense of control consumer sentiment to yo-yo. Unemployment Down - Q2 saw unemployment decrease from 14.8% to 14.1%* Economic Growth Forecast down, again - OECD originally predicted growth would be 1.5% but have now said will be flat this year at 0%** Figures for the first quarter of 2011 show that exports grew by 9% against the same period in 2010. however, in Q2 exports have decreased consecutively in the last two months* “Progress for the Irish consumer and for the economy as a whole is more likely to Consumer Sentiment yo-yo’s - Q1 ended with a come in a two steps forward, rating of 59.5, drop to 57.9 in April rising to 59.4 in one step back fashion" May. Dropped again in June to 56.3*** Chief Economic, ESRI *Source: CSO 2011 **Source: OECD 2011 ***Source: ESRI 2011
  6. 6. 1 People’s mood is framed by the last People are seeking greater sense of control piece of news they’ve heard. Good cancelled out by bad. Consumer Sentiment Index (Source: ESRI, 2011)7065 59.5 59.460 57.9 56.355 50.350 48.745 MARCH APRIL MAY JUNE - New government - Rising cost of living - Obama & Queen - Increasing financial elected. (e.g. petrol, gas, visit paints country in trouble in Greece40 - Consumers view it electricity, food and good light. Leinster impacts our as a new start. clothing). win Heineken Cup. standing with IMF, - Delivering against - ECB rates, IMF ROI beat NI. Jobs - Looming ECB rate35 promises, e.g. refuse repayment initiative announced - 2,900 more people minimum wage, structure, signed onto social IMF, corporation tax economic welfare30 forecasting. Jan-11 Feb-11 Mar-11 Apr-11 May-11 Jun-11
  7. 7. 1 People are seeking So What? greater sense of control Implications for brands and agencies     Be more nimble Focus on optimism Be opportunistic Drive relevance To take full advantage of people’s propensity to be drawn to optimistic occasions you must be ... a) Aware of trends and market place events across all categories b) Equipped to act upon and execute tactical ideas quickly
  8. 8. 1 People are seeking greater sense of control What good looks like... Best in class example where Demonstrating absolute brands target the optimistic relevance to consumer occasions. frame of mind The World Street Performing Oakley released a full page Championships were advert in USA Today after culminating in Dublin. The aim Rory McIlroy won the US was to beat the world record Open with the caption “Own for the most Wallys in one your defeats and you will be place. To piggyback on this defined by your victories”. excitement, the metro herald dressed their merchandisers This advert is right on the up as Wally every morning for back of his win that was a week around the streets of greeted with aplomb the Dublin. world over.
  9. 9. MCCP Lighthouse™ Quarterly Report Irish Independent •Exclusively focussed on the Irish consumer •Developed in Ireland by Irish people •Incorporates all relevant Irish & international •Independent agency focussed on delivering influences on consumer behaviour insightful trends on consumer behaviour •Recommends how brands can seize the •Compiled weekly & published every quarter opportunities of these trends •Not compromised by the generality of European consumer trendsRelevance Advantages •Ensures the Irish consumer is central to all •Helps brands mitigate the risk of changing brand activities behaviours and seizes the opportunities •Powerful fact based tool for building strategy •Indispensible check list for local activities •Trends can be future analysed with specific •Brings consistency between MACRO & brand targets in mind MICRO influences Finding the difference that makes the difference
  10. 10. MCCP are the experts when it comes to identifying differentiated Irish consumertrends which provide credible and relevant opportunities for your brand.The MCCP Lighthouse™ Quarterly Report is an up to the minute, fact basedanalysis which provides a real foundation of knowledge for your 2012 planningsessions.The MCCP Lighthouse™ Quarterly Report can be brought to life for your teamthrough a 1 hour presentation at your offices. MCCP also run a more detailedhalf day DEEP DIVE work shop on the key implications or ‘SO WHAT’ for yourspecific brand and consumer target.Call us to see how we can help on 00353 16350030Email: susan@mccp.ieFollow us on twitter: Finding the difference that makes the difference
  11. 11. MCCP Lighthouse™ Quarterly Report Contact us: :