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Learn about the benefits of myVRM!

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  • myVrm

    1. 1. The Complications of Traveling
    2. 2. Flight delays and cancellations
    3. 3. Skyrocketing travel costs
    4. 4. The skyrocketing cost of corporate meeting travel has become a crisis-level issue
    5. 5. Stuck in traffic
    6. 6. Time away from the office
    7. 7. The scheduling and planning of meetings, events and conferences is becoming more and more complex
    8. 8. Scheduling Options Non Video TelePresence• No central source for Video Rooms Desktop managing meetings Finance/ People Rooms Accounting• Lots of different pieces - Equipment, systems, Outlook / Notes Cisco TelePresence people, schedules, etc. Cisco A/V Management System TelePresence• Manual processes A/V Support Equipment Catering
    9. 9. With the increase of videoconferencing use,the coordination of people and time zones has become nearly impossible
    10. 10. Double Booked Rooms
    11. 11. Conference cancellations and time changes Meeting Cancelled The City of New York THE HISTORIC RESOURCE COMMISSION MEETING OF 3-4-2011 HAS BEEN CANCELLED The next meeting will be held on 4-5-2011
    12. 12. No shows are a continuous nuisanceNever knowing if participants coming to the conference or if they have all the details
    13. 13. Using multiple processes to book conferences,people, audio visual equipment, catering and housekeeping work orders
    14. 14. The complex and confusing worldof scheduling has been taking awayfrom companies’ success for far too long…
    15. 15. TheSolution…
    16. 16. …Brings it all together
    17. 17. Scheduling details on ALL of your conferences 1:00pm-3:30pm myVRM Training9:00am-11:00amEuropean Expansion
    18. 18. Cisco TelePresenceSchedulea variety Room Onlyof rooms
    19. 19. Reserve and automatically connect to bridge ports
    20. 20. One Centralized CalendarOne Centralized Calendar
    21. 21. Accessible from Multiple Interfaces Web Interface, Outlook and Lotus Notes Integration
    22. 22. Web Based Access
    23. 23. Create Conference
    24. 24. Conference Types
    25. 25. Custom Recurring Past dates are grayed out to avoid human errorImmediate, future, recurring and custom recurring times are never a problem, even on a random date schedule
    26. 26. Select Participants
    27. 27. Select Rooms Multiple level filtering allows users to searchAbility to select rooms rooms by various facets in list or details view
    28. 28. Enable users to easily search for available rooms Specific details of each room displayed
    29. 29. Manage Audio Visual Settings Continuous presence layouts Default Endpoint connection details prefills and calls are automatically launched to the bridge
    30. 30. Request Audio Visual Needs Include delivery and pick up times and instructionsReal time inventory Total cost of items and tracking services automatically calculated
    31. 31. Audio Visual Work Order DetailsOnce submitted, AV work orders are sent to the AV Administrator for tracking and fulfillment Work orders can be printed exported to PDF and Excel
    32. 32. Request Catering NeedsWest Coast Location Service typeEast Coast shown according Location to time zone
    33. 33. Request Housekeeping Include start and complete times Add Special InstructionsNotify hostof request
    34. 34. Custom OptionsAdd Special Instruction, PowerPoints, Security Badges, and Documents
    35. 35. Preview Conference Before submitting, click any tab to edit without losing data
    36. 36. Manage Conference Ability to Clone, Edit, Export to PDF, and Save to OutlookReal time statusof participants
    37. 37. View Complete List of Conferences
    38. 38. Search and Edit ConferencesConferences may be posted as public or private
    39. 39. View Calendar With proper permission level, click conference title to view details Color-coding shown according to conference type
    40. 40. View Conferences Details
    41. 41. Simple Web Based Easily create a conference by inputting only a few details
    42. 42. Conference Set up Email
    43. 43. Host Email
    44. 44. Room Reservation Email
    45. 45. Conference Modification Email
    46. 46. MCU Approval Request Email
    47. 47. MCU Reserved Email
    48. 48. UK Conference Invitation Email Time zone and date format automatically changes according to location
    49. 49. Emails Available in Multiple Languages
    50. 50. Conference Set up/ Modified in French
    51. 51. Available in Multiple Languages
    52. 52. myVRM in French
    53. 53. Manageeverything at your fingertips
    54. 54. Create user roles to assign approval levels Additional approval levels can be sent to further secure rooms, bridge ports and overall system use.Organization CateringAdministrator Administrator Inventory Housekeeping Site Administrator Administrator Administrator General User General User
    55. 55. One or more administrators can be assigned to oversee all scheduled conferences
    56. 56. Manage rooms and catering in one seamless process
    57. 57. Quickly handles last-minute changes and additions 1:00pm-3:00pm myVRM Training 10:00am-11:00am HR Conference 8:30am-10:00am Demo9:00am-10:00amEuropean Expansion8:00am-9:00amMarketing Conference
    58. 58. into your day-to-day environment
    59. 59. Easily adapts to the culture of your organization
    60. 60. myVRM’s open architecture provides aseamless interface to coincide with your current environment
    61. 61. myVRM is compatible with all major manufacturer model bridges
    62. 62. myVRM is modular in design, as your organization grows, myVRM will grow right along with it
    63. 63. Tired of trying to juggle … Paper- Work E-Paper-PhoneMailsWork Calls Phone Calls
    64. 64. With myVRM, you have one tool that does it all – invitesparticipants, schedules resources, manages details and produces reports for tracking and billing
    65. 65. Outlook & myVRM Integration
    66. 66. Click new then meeting request
    67. 67. Invite Participants
    68. 68. Input Subject, Conference Time and Date
    69. 69. Click the myVRM Icon
    70. 70. Outlook Integration-Select Times
    71. 71. ManageManage AV Manage audio visual, Settings catering and housekeeping work orders
    72. 72. Select Conference Type
    73. 73. Ability to view room availabilitythrough the Outlook Room Calendar
    74. 74. Select RoomsClick on Select Rooms Icon
    75. 75. Search RoomsAbility to searchrooms by variousfacets
    76. 76. Search Rooms Ability to search rooms alphabetically byclicking on any tab
    77. 77. Show Favorite Rooms
    78. 78. Conference Room Details
    79. 79. Recurrence Click recurrence icon
    80. 80. Recurrence Conflict
    81. 81. Recurrence Conflict Resolution
    82. 82. Click Appointment Icon Add Special Instructions
    83. 83. Add WebEx MeetingInput WebEx Specifics
    84. 84. Schedule Conference WebEx details will automatically appear on Outlook invitation
    85. 85. Define your favorite rooms
    86. 86. Lotus Notes & myVRM Integration Integration
    87. 87. Lotus Notes Calendar Click the preferred A new calendar entry page is opened after to date on calendar schedule a conference clicking desired date
    88. 88. Calendar EntrySales Meeting;;;;;;; New York Sales Meeting. Fill-in the calendar entry as usual
    89. 89. myVRM Rooms Sales Meeting;;;;;;; New York Sales Meeting The myVRM Rooms button displays the rooms that areequipped with videoconferencingequipment and are retrieved from the myVRM conference scheduling engine
    90. 90. Select myVRM Rooms Click the cursor on the space to the left of the selected room, a check mark will then appear to the left of the chosen room Click the cursor Once the myVRM Room buttontheselected the on is desired room following display will appear
    91. 91. Lotus Rooms In a single conference room selections from both buttons are permitted The Lotus Rooms button displays the rooms in the organization that are not equipped with videoconferencing equipment and is retrieved from the Domino Rooms and Resources database
    92. 92. Select Lotus Rooms When the Lotus Rooms button is selected, select rooms from the database as the usually method
    93. 93. Lotus Notes – List of Availability
    94. 94. Select Conference Type A menu selection ‘Conference Type’ (red arrow) provides two types from which to choose; Room Only or Audio Visual.
    95. 95. Lotus Notes Recurring The user selects the repeat option and define which recurrence is desired
    96. 96. Advanced Conflict Resolution Upon final “Save and Send Invitations” myVRM will check all instances and if there is any conflict will display a new inside form with the list of instances, the ones being in conflict highlighted in RED
    97. 97. Advanced Conflict Resolution For each The user the user is each instance can select able conflict and enter the to either delete that instance or resolution define a new open time window
    98. 98. Advanced Conflict Resolution Once all recurring conflicts have been resolved, the user can “Save and Send Invitations” and the recurring pattern is now created
    99. 99. iPad & iPhone Integration
    100. 100. Schedule a Video Conference
    101. 101. View Calendar
    102. 102. Schedule a Video Conference right from your iPad or iPhone EnableRecurrence pattern
    103. 103. Select Rooms
    104. 104. Invite Participants
    105. 105. Review Conference Details
    106. 106. Summary of Conference
    107. 107. Inviteparticipants and track responses
    108. 108. myVRM makes it easy to send meeting invitations and receive replies
    109. 109. Time zone conversion is automatic so you can coordinate participants around the world
    110. 110. Keep conference data at your fingertips withconference status tracking and e-mail reminders
    111. 111. The interface is customizable with colors, directories, even news and events you want everyone to know about
    112. 112. Reportingdata for billing and analysis
    113. 113. Advanced ReportingReal time, customizable reports allowing the management of use of space, resources and costs
    114. 114. Pie Chart comparing connections between IP and ISDN conference usage
    115. 115. Point-to-Point conference schedules and multipoint conference schedules The data is provided in a tabular format and thecalculations are displayed in a graphical representation
    116. 116. Column Graph showing total hours, number of connections and IP, and ISDN hours
    117. 117. Area Chart Displaying Hours/Connects Comparison
    118. 118. The IP Hours, using a different view of a pie chart graphic
    119. 119. Bar chart relating connects, hours, IP hours, and ISDN hours
    120. 120. Line graph displaying IP hours, connections, and total hours
    121. 121. Room utilization ratio during working hours
    122. 122. Average attendee volume
    123. 123. Total electricity consumed during conferences
    124. 124. Average electricity per attendee utilized during conference
    125. 125. Ad-Hoc Reporting
    126. 126. Ad-Hoc Reporting
    127. 127. Ad-Hoc Graphs
    128. 128. Create instant reports with nothing more than a click
    129. 129. Name and Run Reports
    130. 130. Go Green with
    131. 131. Countless corporate dollars are thrown away on travel
    132. 132. Save Our PlanetmyVRM allows the user to save corporate dollars and be green by booking virtual meetings
    133. 133. Your carbon footprint is increasedevery time you drive, fly, or even use public transportation
    134. 134. Reduce your carbon footprint
    135. 135. myVRM allows you to virtuallytravel, reducing your carbon output
    136. 136. myVRM also allows you to record how much carbon offset you’ve reduced
    137. 137. With myVRM, both your business andthe environment win
    138. 138. Schedule A Live Demo Call us at 516-935-0877E-mail us at
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