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Magazine analysis

  1. 1. Michael BanguraMedia, Magazine AnalysisI looked at the VIBE magazine to see if I could adopt or maybe even challenge the housestyle for my final magazine I noticed that the cover of the magazine always has the model(s)in mid-shots and the people on the cover of the magazine are usually the people who have thebig stories on the double page spread and the colour scheme on the cover of the magazine isalways consistent throughout the whole magazine. Also the mast head always stays the samethroughout every issue and it only changes colour so it can keep the house style consistentthroughout.The puffs that go with the cover story are always usually puns or some form of a play onwords "Eminem and Yelawolf is hip - hop finally colour blind?" I also took note of how thereis a strap line always has the same layout. It is always quick and snappy it gets straight to thepointthe camera shots on the magazine covers are always medium long or medium short or even amid-shot there is never a full body, there is occasionally the head and shoulders shot for themore "hip hop heavy weights" like T.I.P and Lil Wayne and the head and shoulders shotmakes it look as if they are more important. There also another thing I noticed, I noticed thatif an Artist is on the cover of the magazine and he/she is very well known in the musicindustry there will be less puffs on the magazine meaning that their double page spread isgoing to be more than two pages.
  2. 2. Michael BanguraMedia, Magazine AnalysisIn the articles for VIBE I have noticed that they always paraphrase what the cover startsalways say. For example Yelawolf who is one of the cover stars on the cover and in hisarticle there is an interview with his label mate, Eminem. There is a recorded interview ofEminem and Yelawolf talking about the use of the N-word, their struggles and Eminemsfight with drugs. Because Yelawolf is from the Southern region of the United States, he has avery discint accent and there for his english is fractured and VIBE had to change and evencensor what they say.For example the artist T.I.Pis one of the most recognisable Hip hop artists in the Music industry and because of this hiscover story is and "untold story" this will take up most of the magazine and you can see thatthree are less puffs on the cover.
  3. 3. Michael BanguraMedia, Magazine Analysiswhereas... Sean Paul who isnt as popular as T.I.P would have more puffs on thecover of the magazine showing that he isn’t as recognisable as T.I.P and therefore his storyon his double page spread won’t take up much of the magazine.I might consider adopting this kind of house style for my magazine because the VIBEmagazine has a recognisable image so therefore if I adopt this style to my magazine, thenmaybe my target audience will take more notice of it and would want to have a look at it. This is the contents of the VIBEMagazine the house style of the magazine has always been consistent.In every contents page of the Vibe magazine and it always almost follows the shape of femalemodels rather than the male models.
  4. 4. Michael BanguraMedia, Magazine Analysisthe numbering of page is never "1,2,3,4,5..." the VIBE Magazine always shows key contentin the contents page rather than showing other unimportant content.I would like to adopt some of the key features of the VIBE magazine such as the front coverhouse style this is because it is very recognisable, and my target demographic.The image I want give off is thatI also saw that the VIBE magazine does music review on both mainstream and undergroundalbums and mixtapeslooked at the "Q" magazine and I analysed the front cover and the double pagespread.Front cover.On the front cover I saw that the Color scheme was red which Q Magazine havealways had for their magazine. And it seems they may have deliberately made themodel (Cheryl Cole) wear black and red so that the red stands out more.The masthead above the logo which contains the slogan of the magazine. "The UKsbiggest music magazine"On the Main image Cheryl Cole takes up most of the on the magazine. Because sheis wearing red, her lips are apart and shes biting the ring on her pinkie finger shelooks suggestive. Notice how the masthead is covering Cheryl Cole
  5. 5. Michael BanguraMedia, Magazine AnalysisThe anchorage that supports the image this relates to the image of the model. So bylooking at what the Anchorage which says "3 words, Cheryl Cole ROCKS" could givethe reader the impression that she is taking up some sort rock type of style, also Itindicates that the Magazine is going with the theme of red and black.I noticed on the front cover of the magazine that the puffs had things about otherrock bands such as "Vampire weekend", "Muse" &"Snow Patrol", which again givesof the impression that it could be some sort of rock edition of the "Q" Magazine.Double Page Spread.The drop capital catches the attention of the reader also keeps the theme/house style of themagazine. You can also see in the second paragraph there is another drop capital but it isntas big as the first one which again catch the readers attention and now the color of this oneis black and it still keeps the theme/house style of the magazine.Cheryl Coles from of costume and make up keep the house style of the magazine and thetheme of the article. Notice how her arms are away from her, it almost looks looks as if sheis vulnerable and anyone can go to her and take advantage of her. Also look at how muchwhite space is used to make the black and the red lipstick stand out.The Secondary image on the double page spread of the magazine again keeping the themeof the magazine which seems to be rock.The pull quote takes up very little space, but is in red to catch the readers attention,maintaining the house style of the magazine article. The tone of that pull quote seems verycolloquial almost suggesting that the magazine almost has some sort of informal approachto the reader.Notice the “Q” at the bottom of the page again keeping the house style of the magazine.
  6. 6. Michael BanguraMedia, Magazine Analysis