Webinar: Powerful Proposal Presentations: How to Influence Executives and Win the Project

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  • There can be many ‘unknowns’ as you prepare to meet with executives,so do research turn what you don’t know into what you do know.Sources for background information:Social media sites such as LinkedInIndustry magazines, press and web sitesCompany web siteInformation on publicly-traded companies: annual reports, the investor relations page of the company web site, 10K reports, proxy reportsPeople in your company that may be working at the customer site alreadyPeople who know or work for the executiveGeneral web search for videos, articles, interviews.
  • Go to www.internalchange.com for more information on DiSC profile.
  • Go to www.internalchange.com for more information on DiSC profile.
  • For your more formalproposal presentations, create a structure that is easy for people to follow.
  • Create a story thread that connects the elements of your presentation.You are telling a ‘story with numbers’, so make sure the work you areproposing is directly connected to business measures that are important to the customer. It should be easy for them to follow the case you are making.
  • When talking about quantitative results, make sure you use the measuresand metrics the customer uses.If you can, talk to people inside the organization to identify the metrics and to calculate the results you are estimating.


  • 1. Powerful Proposal Presentations:Dave Underhill, President Underhill TrainingHow to Influence Executives and Win the Project
  • 2. ModeratorMarcelle SaabProgram Manager,MBO Partners
  • 3. We Make it Easy for Independent Consultants &Their Clients to Work Together
  • 4. Webinar ControlsThe full screen iconmaximizes thepresentation area.The chat box allows youto send a question to thepresenter.
  • 5. Expert Speaker – Dave UnderhillDave UnderhillPresident,Underhill Training
  • 6. Live Tweeting#MBOWeb
  • 7. Execs See A Communication GapBusiness Measures35%External Forces27%27%19%19%“How Often Do Salespeople Demonstrate…”
  • 8. How To Close The Gap – Today‟s Agenda• Target your presentation toexecutives• Create a compelling storyline• Engage the audience• Prepare for success
  • 9. Target Your Presentations toExecutives
  • 10. Know Their World• Background• Goals, challenges andpriorities• Motivations/incentives• Roles, decision process
  • 11. Know Where To Find Information• Media• Social• Corporate• Personal
  • 12. Connect to Their GoalsYOURPROJECTGROUPOBJECTIVESCOMPANYGOALSRevenue Growth From Customer BaseDeeper Customer Insight - Cross SellingSales Training
  • 13. Connect to Their GoalsYOURPROJECTGROUPOBJECTIVESCOMPANYGOALSGrow Emerging Markets Business„Localize‟ products and marketingTranslate product/marketing materials
  • 14. Address Communication StylesSociable/InfluencerAmiable/SteadyConscientious/AnalyticalDominant/Driver
  • 15. Address Communication Styles• Direct, assertive and action-orientedrisk taker• Focus on results, ROI• Provide options and let them decide• Like to be in control of the decisionmaking processDominant/Driver
  • 16. Address Communication Styles• Animated, outgoing, driven bybig-picture vision for thecompany• Focus onpeople, involvement, testimonials• Be enthusiastic, provide ideas forimplementation but avoid givingtoo much detailSociable/Influencer
  • 17. Address Communication Styles• Calm, listens well, may avoiddirect conflict and be wary ofchange and risk• Focus onsupport, service, adoption, change management• Provide step-by-stepimplementation plans and focuson the impact on peopleAmiable/Steady
  • 18. Address Communication Styles• Well-organized, lessemotional, more objective• Focus on logic, order, accuracy• Clarify priorities and criteriafor decisions• Emphasize track record/resultsConscientious/Analytical
  • 19. Know Your Communication StyleSociable/InfluencerAmiable/SteadyConscientious/AnalyticalDominant/Driver
  • 20. Create A Compelling Storyline
  • 21. Know What Executives Expect• Set context and purpose• Provide information to help medecide• Tie projects to our goals• Be clear with your „ask‟• Deliver with conviction
  • 22. Create A Story Structure• “Why are we here?”• “Where are we starting?”• “What are we proposing?”• “What are the expectedresults?”• “Why approve?”
  • 23. Create A Story StructureProducts-$/CustomerSales Training+ $500K/year$ From CustomersSkills – Insight - $+1.5 Prod/Customer• “Why are we here?”• “Where are we starting?”• “What are we proposing?”• “What are the expectedresults?”• “Why approve?”
  • 24. Engage The Audience
  • 25. Be Concise With Your Opening“Why Are We Here?”• Review Situation• Confirm Agenda• Outline Decision
  • 26. Establish Value … For ThemWhat“Moving your on-site servers to acloud environment saves money onfixed expenses.”So What“Frees up money for your strategicprojects - $50K for customerrelationship managementsoftware, which will help bring in anadditional $200K over the next twoyears.”
  • 27. Help Executives Manage Risk• Understand their risks:business, competitive, political, technical• Provide compelling alternatives• Show step-by-step investmentsand measures• Be open about uncertainties
  • 28. Prepare For Success
  • 29. Prepare For Success• Have a plan – and beflexible• Rehearse content andquestions• Adopt an „Advisor‟ mindset
  • 30. Steps To Close The Gap• Target your presentation toexecutives• Create a compellingstoryline• Engage the audience• Prepare for success
  • 31. Free Resource!• Email me for a free copy of ThePresenter’s Note Sheetdaveu@underhilltraining.com• For more information onUnderhill Training:www.underhilltraining.com
  • 32. Additional Information on MBO Partners• EMAIL US - info@mbopartners.com• VISIT our website - www.mbopartners.com• FOLLOW US on Twitter - @mbopartners• SIGN UP for our monthly newsletter -newsletter@mbopartners.com