The 12 books of christmas


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The MBA World Trophy has put together our selection of the 12 great business books for startups. From the Lean Startup to the latest Malcom Gladwell book, there is plenty here to keep the startup person in your life busy reading this Christmas season.

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The 12 books of christmas

  1. 1. The MBA World Trophy 12 Books of Christmas
  2. 2. MBA World Trophy The 12 books of Christmas 12 great business books for the Startup person in your life this Christmas. * Book photos courtesy of
  3. 3. MBA World Trophy On the first day of Christmas The Lean Startup Eric Ries The book that changed the way startups do business, where we first heard MVP, Pivot and Build-MeasureLearn. A must read for any budding entrepreneur, business person or executive. When major corporations such as GE and Toyota start implementing its principles, it is clear that it has become a movement. The Eric Ries blog is also well worth a read Find it here
  4. 4. MBA World Trophy On the second day of Christmas The Startup Owners Manual Steve Blank and Bob Dorf Steve Blank is the father of Lean Startup. His blog is an incredible free resource. The startup Owners Manual is a must read for any serious entrepreneur. It is a follow on to the Four steps to the Epiphany. Steve Blank was the founder or member of eight startups and now lectures in Stanford and Berkeley. He recently had a breakthrough piece published in the Harvard Business review. This book helps entrepreneurs determine a path from idea to scalable business model. Find it here
  5. 5. MBA World Trophy On the third day of Christmas Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook Gary Vaynerchuk Is your company on social media? You are probably doing it wrong. This is a streetwise, no holds barred guide to social Media. Gary Vaynerchuk prides himself on being able to predict future social media trends and see through the clutter of social media to enable high impact relationships with customers. This book is a must read if you have a social media strategy and talks the reader through best practice in everything from Facebook, and Twitter to Snapchat and Tumblr. It is packed full of great insights and examples both good and bad. Find it here
  6. 6. MBA World Trophy On the fourth day of Christmas Business Model Generation Alex Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur This book gave the world the business model canvas. If you are not using it for your business, you really need to start straight away. Universities and businesses around the world are using business model canvasses to plot out and record business models and changes over time. This book is a collaboration of some of the best business minds in the world and is visually epic. Here’s a quick video about how it all works. Find it here
  7. 7. MBA World Trophy On the fifth day of Christmas Moments of Impact Lisa Kay Solomon & Chris Ertel Although this book won’t be available until February, we reckon it is important enough to merit a Pre-order this Christmas. We met Lisa Kay Solomon recently and her research in this topic is cutting edge. The most precious resource any executive, manager or entrepreneur has is time. This book uses ground breaking research to design work systems to maximise efficiency at meetings, workshops and all parts of the work day. Find it here
  8. 8. MBA World Trophy On the sixth day of Christmas The Startup Playbook David S Kidder The Startup Playbook takes a no–nonsense approach to understanding what it takes to be successful in business. Former Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the year and serial entrepreneur David Kiddler speaks to some of the biggest names in the business world. From entrepreneurs to investors, this book carefully draws out actionable insights on what has made people from Steve Blank to Adeo Ressi, Ben Horowitz and Elon Musk successful. It all makes for compelling reading and is a big favourite of ours. Find it here
  9. 9. MBA World Trophy On the seventh day of Christmas Crossing The Chasm Geoffrey A Moore While this book is by no means new, it was pretty ground breaking for its time and while it is quite tech specific, it still has many applications today. It is a marketing based book that describes the technology adoption lifecycle curve and explores how to best bring customers across the chasm of adoption. The book is a proverbial bible about getting a new product to market and all the steps to take and pitfalls to avoid. This book takes a holistic company wide approach and should be required reading for any startup. Find it here
  10. 10. MBA World Trophy On the eighth day of Christmas Big Data, Viktor Mayer Schonberger & Kenneth Neil Cukier Big Data is predicted to be a $16bn market in 2014. So essentially, that means it is the only game in town. This is a great book with tremendous insights into how some dynamic companies are taking advantage of the enormous resource that is big data. A fascinating and insightful book that probably raises more questions than it answers but a must read as far as we are concerned. find it here
  11. 11. MBA World Trophy On the ninth day of Christmas David and Goliath Malcom Gladwell In actual fact, all of Malcom Gladwell books are compelling reads. We would thoroughly recommend Outliers and The Tipping Point. David and Goliath is his latest book. Gladwell is a hugely entertaining writer and has given us some of the most interesting business insights such as the 10,000 hours rule. This book examines why perceived underdogs regularly defeat the odds to come out on top. In today’s world of global corporations, every startup has a David v Goliath type battle on its hands to succeed. However Gladwell argues that it’s far from mission impossible. find it here
  12. 12. MBA World Trophy On the tenth day of Christmas The Entrepreneurs Guide to Customer Development Brant Cooper & Patrick Vlaskovits This book acts as a type of cheat sheet or Cliffs notes for Steve Blank’s first book, Four steps to the Epiphany which was a breakthrough book in customer development. Every start up will fail without customers for that reason alone, this book is worth a careful read. find it here
  13. 13. MBA World Trophy On the eleventh day of Christmas The Decoded Company Leerom Segal, Aaron Goldstein, Jay Goldman & Rahaf Harfoush In this book, the authors argue that to attain sustainable competitive advantage, companies must become a Decoded Company: talent-centric, data-driven, flexible, and fast. This can be done by harnessing the power of your team and getting the best from them rather than the better of them. This is a powerful concept and we think could be a potential differentiator between otherwise identical companies. The book is pre order at the moment but we felt its underlying ideas were powerful enough to make our list Find it here
  14. 14. MBA World Trophy On the twelfth day of Christmas Lean Analytics Alastair Croll & Benjamin Yoskovitz The Lean Startup has spawned a series of related books. This is our favourite. It is a guide on how to most efficiently monitor the analytics of your startup. It provides a step by step guide on how to determine the appropriate actionable metrics and KPI’s and how to effectively measure the data to provide meaningful results. “One of the key points of this book is that mistakes and failures are not the enemy information blindness is”. Find it here
  15. 15. Happy Christmas from all at the MBA World Trophy. We will be launching The University Startup Network and some exciting new events in January 2014 Find out more Hit us up Watch us tweet @tusnorg