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  • 1. What is electricityand where does it come from?
  • 2.  Electricity is the form of energy and moving electrons Electricity is also made in batteries
  • 3. Do not…….. Electricity can be very dangerous. You should never put anything into electric sockets, except plugs. Never touch appliances, wires or electrical switches with wet hands or feet We can generate electricity from different source.
  • 4. Source of electricity Fossil fuels: coal, oil and wood
  • 5. Making electricity using thefollowing In an cool, oil or gas  Steam turbine firepower station. We burn fuel to turn water into steam. This steam is used to turn a big seat of wheel called a steam turbine
  • 6. electricity from power station tohouseholds The electricity produced  and we can connect to it in power stations is by using a plug carried through wires into buildings.
  • 7. Why do we need electricity We need electricity for everything. To power our appliances, to heat our homes, to light our homes and businesses, and even to run our cars.
  • 8. Can you think of appliances thatuse batteries?
  • 9. Things that use electricity What can you see in this classroom that uses electricity?
  • 10. What things do you have at homethat use mains electricity?
  • 11. Independent activity fill in themissing words What is the electricity ....  Why do we need Where can we use electricity………………… electricity…………..  Think of the event where Haw can we generate the is no electricity and electricity……….. how can you survive Electricity can be very without electricity ……… You should never put (10)marks anything into electric ………..
  • 12. Conclusion Learners must be able to  Know the difference define electricity between the things that identify the different use a battery and sauce that are used to electricity generate electricity Tell us how the turbine works to generate electricity