New Generation of MBAs


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Emerging market BPO Workers: the new generation of MBA talent. (keynote presentation from Connections 2012 hosted by MBA Focus)

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New Generation of MBAs

  1. 1. Emerging market BPO Workers: New Generation MBAsRicardo A. Lim AIMDean, Asian Institute of Management, Manila
  2. 2. Roadmap• BPO-ITES background• Working conditions• Resulting attitudes, expectations• New generation MBAs• Questions for education and management AIM
  3. 3. Recall Mary Teagarden• Global mindset: Glocal thinking (psychological, social capital)• Customer centricity• Alliance building and maintenance• Collaboration• Cross-Cultural literacy• Engagement AIM
  4. 4. Background • Offshoring, nearshoring: Emerging markets – USD 158 B market in 2010 – India, Philippines, Malaysia – Africa, S. America – Eastern Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, etc • BPO-ITES a large economic contributor – 640,000 employed; $ 10.9 B revenues – 16% growth; $25 B and 1.3 M people by 2016.ANC (2012); Amojelar (2012); Alava (2006) AIM
  5. 5. Engineering BPO IT, Software dev Value addition KPO Animation “Classic” BPO: Contact centersTranscription AIM
  6. 6. AIM
  7. 7. AIM
  8. 8. Demographics Age: mean = 24, range 19-40 Depending on value added, high school to MA education Contact center pay: @ bottom salary is about USD 10k annual Training: service, product, “accent neutralization” trainingBird and Ernst (2009); AIM
  9. 9. AIM
  10. 10. AIM
  11. 11. AIM
  12. 12. AIM
  13. 13. Working conditions in BPO/KPO • Long hours • Stress targets • Monotony/boredom • Unhealthy lifestyles • High turnover • AlienationDas (2012); Bird and Ernst (2009) AIM
  14. 14. Reality 7 am happy hour TurnoverFrom AIM
  15. 15. Anatomy, continued (poetry) …“Of all the things you know Sleep is something foreign What makes a call center agent A luxury, treasure long forgotten so?” to compensate for lack of dreams I thought til dawn, hard and long Internet, Videoke and Starbuck’s Of what I knew and felt cream And finally it came to me- Some are fond of sailing other streams Let me share the anatomy: An itch that goes beneath the skin Nimble hands and faster fingers In this case, like attracts like Upon which cigarette butts linger Vampire couples enjoy the night A honeyed tongue, a way with And onto the most important part words The call center agent’s heart - Your arguments easily reversed A calloused thing, with many scars And don’t forget the selective ear (For loneliness leaves it marred) Deaf to curses but heightened to Deep inside – a single desire gossip That keeps it beating every night: An appetite for coffee and beer A better life for the family Though breakfast and dinner often Is worth any devil’s price! skippedFrom AIM
  16. 16. Opportunities• “Battlefield” testing• Communication skills• Intercultural savvy, literacy• Excellent sales and service orientation• Virtual / tech savvy AIM
  17. 17. Resulting expectations/attitudes• Motivation• Balance• Loyalty• Time scale• Socialization• Adventure AIM
  18. 18. Recall Mary Teagarden• Global mindset: Glocal thinking – Self-assurance, energy• Customer centricity• Alliance building and maintenance• Collaboration• Cross-Cultural literacy• Engagement AIM
  19. 19. ++a few more skills(assuming BPO workers = new workers)• Motivation• Balance• Loyalty• Time scale• Socialization• Adventure AIM
  20. 20. Engineering BPO IT, Software dev Value addition KPO Animation “Classic” BPO: Contact centersTranscription AIM
  21. 21. Medicine? BPO Consulting? Advisory? Value addition Education? Engineering design IT, Software development KPO Animation “Classic” BPO: Contact centersTranscription AIM
  22. 22. De Luzuriaga, J. (2010) AIM
  23. 23. Prototype: newgen MBAs seek… • Social affiliation • Manifold motivation • Job enrichment • Life balance • Lifelong learningHoltbrügge et al (2011) AIM
  24. 24. AIM
  25. 25. AIM practice• Cross cultural • Project management experiences and agile techniques• Social entrep field work • Negotiation (walkabouts) • Coaching• Managed internships • Story telling• Cross-pollinating the • Group sourcing MBA • Alliances• Improvisation, arts AIM
  26. 26. Questions for educators:how do you…• get MBAs to learn how to manage newgen expectations about loyalty, balance, etc? – implement AOL for all these abilities?• deliver newgen MBA learning in standard and non-standard ways?• leverage standard and non-standard networks to catalyze skills dev?• position students for potentially “non- glamorous” work? AIM
  27. 27. Questions for managers:how do you…• find and recruit right talent? – Innovate, experiment with atypical hiring?• evaluate “eclectic” CVs?• manage “normal” churn? – motivate, keep new MBAs?• coach and mentor for success?• enrich new MBAs’ jobs?• maintain a continuing pipeline of talent?• expand your networks out of the box? AIM
  28. 28. References• Alava, E (2006) Industry Report: the Problem Of Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Philippine Call Centers, Philippine Management Review v. 13, p. 1-20• ANC Network (2012) “BPO sector aims to be No. 1 in new markets” at 1-new-markets accessed April 1, 2012.• Amojelar, D (2012) “Graveyard Shift Cause of High Turnover at Call Centers Says Dole “ accessed 2 April 2012• “Anatomy of a Call Center Agent” illustration from call-center-agent/• “Anatomy of a Call Center Agent” poem from agent/• A.T. Kearney, various presentations• Bird, M. and Ernst, C (2009) Offshoring and Employment in the Developing World: Business Process Outsourcing in the Philippines, ILO Geneva• Business Process Association of the Philippines (BPAP various presentations AIM
  29. 29. References• Cook, R. (2009) How to Keep Contact-Center Agents, them/ accessed April 1, 2012• Das, D. (2012) Intentions to Leave: An Empirical Study in Indian Call Centers, International Journal of Management 29(1): 368-378.• Holtbrügge, D., Schillo, K., Rogers, H., and Friedmann C. (2011) Managing and training for virtual teams in India, Team Performance Management 17 (4): 206- 223.• De Luzuriaga, J. (2010) From BPO to KPO: Cebu City Philippines. Tholons Philippines• Manuel, C.S. amd R. Ramos (2008) Work Organization and Work-Life Balance in the BPO Sector: the Experiences of Selected BPO Workers in Metro Manila• Sengupta, S. (2011). An exploratory study on job and demographic attributes affecting employee satisfaction in the Indian BPO industry. Strategic Outsourcing: an International Journal. 3 : 248-273. AIM
  30. 30. Thank you!Questions? AIM