Best Practices for MBA Employers
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Best Practices for MBA Employers



Recruitment tips to help companies: improve quality of hire; expand diversity hiring; and improve team efficiency. For more information please visit:

Recruitment tips to help companies: improve quality of hire; expand diversity hiring; and improve team efficiency. For more information please visit:



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Best Practices for MBA Employers Presentation Transcript

  • 1. …the world’s top companies interested in recruitment best practices.
  • 2.  Introduction    What is MBA Focus? Why are we experts? Recruitment Best Practices to:   Expand Diversity Hiring   Improve Quality of Hire Improve Team Efficiency Technology  What is Global Focus ?  Global Focus Demo
  • 3. 5
  • 4. 6  Where top employers and leadership talent connect  75+ of top 100 MBA schools  Over 75,000 job-seeking candidates use our technology each year  Primary talent sourcing database for 75+ of the top 200 MBA employers  More than 75,000 recruiters have used our virtual recruiting products
  • 5. Company founded to create Computerized Career Services Offices Harvard Business School CV Distributor Majority of top North American MBA programs and several top European programs Created MBA Quick Search – All CVs in one searchable database Introduced first MBA Career Management Office Solution for Kellogg Hosted first Connections conference for employers & schools Launched new Global Focus 3.0 for MBA recruiters Launched new GTS career service office technology
  • 6. Find & connect with the “right” candidates by:  Defining the “right” candidate  Proactively searching for talent  Starting with a high-quality pool of candidates  Moving beyond non-traditional channels
  • 7. 10 In order to improve the overall quality of hire:  Improve the quality of the candidate pool  Avoid generic job boards and databases  Recruit on-campus at graduate business schools
  • 8. 11 Define the “right-fit” candidate(s) by:   Repurposing job posting information as “profile criteria” Performing personality assessments of the people in current or similar roles
  • 9. 12 Minimize unqualified talent by:  Proactively searching for candidates  Not relying on “post-and-pray”  Use advanced search tools to narrow down talent pools
  • 10. 13 Move beyond traditional channels by:  Searching outside “backyard”  Recruiting international talent
  • 11. Hire more diverse candidates by:  Thinking about diversity differently  Utilizing student clubs & associations  Utilizing technology to connect with international talent  Attending diversity events & conferences
  • 12. 15 “Diversity” can have multiple meanings:  Race  Ethnicity  Military  International
  • 13. 16 Attend diversity events & conferences to:  Connect with diverse talent  Build brand awareness among diverse pools of talent  Learn best practices for hiring & retaining diverse talent
  • 14. 17 Every B-school has diversity clubs that employers can utilize to:    Find diverse talent using Club Resume Books Schedule events, meet & greets, coffee hours, etc. and personally connect with diverse candidates Post jobs specifically to the talent in those clubs
  • 15. 18 Utilize technology to connect with international talent.  Video interviewing makes it possible to personally connect with candidates around the globe  Find international talent by searching for “Second-Language Abilities” and “Work Authorization”
  • 16. Help your recruitment team become more efficient by:  Utilizing a single collaborative platform  Going mobile  Analyzing data & research  Evaluating your process
  • 17. 20 Technology makes it easier than ever to collaborate with colleagues at every level of your business.  Share notes, ratings, and even recorded interviews  Share resumes and profiles of high-potential candidates
  • 18. 21 Smartphones & tablets allow you to work anywhere, anytime.    Create a mobile website for job-seekers There’s probably “an app for that” – download apps for the software you use at the office Minimize the paper chase by starting with a digital platform
  • 19. 22 Stay on top of trends by analyzing industry research and data.  Subscribe to publications & blogs  Download white papers & reports  Follow thought leaders on social networks #!
  • 20. 23 Every summer evaluate the previous season:  Collect and analyze statistical data available to you  Research job-seeker & employment trends  Analyze usage of current technology
  • 21. A Single Platform With Global Focus®, you can extend your business leadership talent pipeline to source and screen highlyqualified candidates from around the globe. Our online recruiting tools connect companies with vetted business leaders pre-screened by the career services offices at our partner schools. Join today and get immediate access to over 75,000 students and alumni from more than 75 graduate business schools, including 24 of the world’s 25 top-ranked MBA programs.
  • 22. Streamline candidate sourcing, screening, outreach, and reporting.  Utilize a single recruitment platform  Post jobs to 75+ schools at once  Integrated OCR systems & calendars  Mobile app for recruiters on-the-go
  • 23. Expanded pipeline ensures no stone left unturned in locating best fit.  Source & screen talent according to your unique hiring criteria  Expand beyond core schools and traditional channels  Vetted by B-school admissions and career service process  Virtually screen with pre-recorded video interviews
  • 24. Go beyond core schools & diversity events to connect with a balanced mix of candidates.  Leverage candidate profile questions to find diverse talent  Remain OFCCP compliant  Direct access to student clubs and diversity association partners  Video interviewing tools to connect with candidates located outside the US
  • 25. A quick demonstration of the world’s #1 MBA recruitment platform.
  • 26. What’s new in version 4.0?  Updated "Proximity Search" with international locations  New “Connect Campaigns” to track all outreach activity  iCal integration for OCR & event calendars  “Target School Search” for each partner school  Simple sign-on from  All Global Focus activity now carries over YOY  An all-new mobile app for recruiters on-the-go
  • 27. An open discussion with the virtual attendees.
  • 28.  Schedule an MBA recruitment assessment  Request a live personalized demo
  • 29. – 614.791.9000