GRI US Conference Brochure - St Louis May 2012


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GRI US Conference Brochure - St Louis May 2012

  1. 1. We are pleased that you havedecided to join GRI in St. Louis:This is our first birthday celebration! S T. L O U I S C O N F E R E N C E 2012 Making Sustainability Count: Tracking Progress, Driving Opportunity May 22–23, 2012 THIS EVENT HAS BEEN ORGANIZED B Y G R I ’S F O C A L P O I N T U S A A N D I T S S T R AT E G I C PA R T N E R S:
  2. 2. Thank you for your supportTHE GLOBAL REPORTING INITIATIVE (GRI) FOCAL POINT USA WA S L AUNC HED IN THE END OF2010 WITH THE AIM OF HELPING U.S. COMPANIES TELL THE WORLD ABOUT THEIR SUSTAIN-ABILIT Y IMPAC T S. THE FOC AL POINT USA HA S BEEN BOOSTING THE NUMBER OF U.S. COM -PANIES THAT PRODUCE SUSTAINABILITY REPORTS EVER SINCE. With staff on the ground led by DirectorMikeWallace in the United States, GRI has been able to support companies producing ESG reports, by helping identifybest practices tailored to U.S. companies’ needs while connecting U.S. organizations with the global GRI network.We are particularly grateful for the ongoing support of: OUR FOUNDING SPONSOR S Each of the “Big Four” accounting and professional services firms in theUnited States—Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PwC U.S.—for providing founding donations. OUR U.S. SEC TOR LE ADER S Bloomberg, Clorox, Dell and The Mosaic Company—for committing toshowing leadership in their sector when it comes to sustainability reporting and working closely with us tocrystallize that leadership into action. OUR BOARD OF DIREC TOR S Mark Cohen, Vanderbilt University; Julie Gorte, PAX World; Sean Harrigan(Chairman), Past Executive Director, States Council, Region 8; Peter Westra, Stichting Global Reporting Initiative;Heather White, New Standards. OUR ADVISORY GROUP Mark Cohen, Vanderbilt University; Eric Hespenheide, Deloitte; John Hickox,KPMG; Kathy Nieland, PwC U.S.; Steve Starbuck, Ernst & Young; David Vidal, The Conference Board.And of course we thank our U.S. Organizational Stakeholders, our U.S. Certified Training Partners, the GRISecretariat and other GRI international governance structures.Now celebrate with us! DAY 1 PRE-CONFERENCE LEARNING & NE T WORKING 1:00 PM –2:00 PM REGISTR ATION OPENS: Atrium of the John Cook School of Business, Saint Louis University. 1:45 PM –3:45 PM MA STER C L A S S ON GRI REPORTING: Learn About GRI and the GRI Reporting Framework. 3:45 PM –4:00 PM BRE AK MA STER C L A S S ON MATERIALIT Y AND STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT: Learn cutting edge 4:00 PM –6:00 PM skills to identify and prioritize material issues (social, environmental and economic) of concern to your various stakeholders following the GRI reporting framework. 6:00 PM –7:30 PM NE T WORKING AND DRINK S: Open to all attendees of the Master Classes and the Exclusive Dinner. 7:30 PM –10:00 PM E XC LUSIVE DINNER: By Invitation Only.
  3. 3. DAY 2 CONFERENCE WITH INSPIRING LEADERS 7:30 AM NE T WORKING BRE AKFA ST/REGISTR ATION: Atrium of the John Cook School of Business, –8:30 AM Saint Louis University. WELCOME BY MA STER OF C EREMONIES MIKE WALL AC E, DIREC TOR OF GRI FOC AL 8:30 AM –9:15 AM POINT USA: Opening Welcome: Mike Wallace, Director GRI Focal Point USA; Key note speech: Herman Mulder, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Global Reporting Initiative. 9:15 AM KE YNOTE SPEEC H: Platinum Sponsor NOVUS “The Value of Sustainability Strategies” by David Dowell, –9:45 AM Director of Product Development and Analytical Services. PANEL: THOUGHT S FROM THE REGION—HOW DOES SUSTAINABILIT Y REPORTING ADD VALUE? Moderator: Dr. Seung H. Kim, Director, Boeing Institute of International Business, Saint 9:45 AM–11:15 AM Louis University; Becky Vollmer, Senior Vice President, Fleishman-Hillard; LaRee DeFreece, Commissioner, Missouri Environmental Improvement & Energy Resources Authority; Cindy Morrison, Manager CSR Compliance, Solae; Erin Budde, Head Community Affairs, Wells Fargo Advisors. 11:15 AM–11:30 AM COFFEE BRE AK GRI PRESENTATION AND PANEL: TRENDS IN REPORTING: INTERNATIONAL AND U.S.— WHAT TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT? Presenter & Moderator: Mike Wallace, Director GRI Focal Point USA; Lee Broughton, Head Corporate Sustainability, Enterprise Holdings; Steven Walton, Vice President, 11:30 AM –1:00 PM Regulatory Compliance & Sustainability, Sigma Aldrich; Carol Clark, Global Vice President, Beer and Better World Group, AB Inbev; John Daniels, Global Sustainability Director, Johnson Controls; Barb Shepard, Vice President of Human Resources and Community Relations, Doe Run; Jane P. Madden, Partner, ERM. 1:00 PM –2:00 PM LUNC H PRESENTATION AND PANEL: HOW SUSTAINABILIT Y REPORTING ENHANC ES SUSTAINABILITY PERFORMANCE—PRESENTING VARIOUS ANGLES: Presenter & Moderator: 2:00 PM Dr. Nitish Singh, Director, Saint Louis University School of Business; Steve Lippman, Director Environmental –3:15 PM Sustainability, Microsoft; Kristin Gumper, Sustainability Manager, Standing Partnership; Maureen Mazurek, Director of Human Rights, Monsanto; Greg Stine, CEO, SustainEdge; Loren Polak, Director of Environmental Management, Bunge Limited. 3:15 PM –3:30 PM COFFEE BRE AK PANEL: RE AL E X AMPLES OF SUSTAINABILIT Y REPORTING FE ATURING GRI’S U.S. SEC TOR LE ADER S: Moderator: Eric D. Schneider, Senior Director, RCGA; With our U.S. Sector 3:30 PM –4:30 PM Leaders: Rina Levy, Environmental, Social and Governance Equity Analyst, Bloomberg; Jackie Keating, Sustainability Reporting, Dell; Neil Beckingham, Sustainability Manager, The Mosaic Company; Aileen Zerrudo, Corporate Communications, Clorox. PANEL: HOW FINANC IAL MARKE T PL AYER S INCORPOR ATE SUSTAINABILIT Y: Moderator: Rina Levy, Bloomberg; Mary O’Malley, Director Sustainability, Prudential; Michelle Greene, Vice President, 4:30 PM –5:30 PM Head of Corporate Responsibility, NYSE Euronext, Executive Director, NYSE Foundation; Chad Spitler, Global Chief Operating Officer—Corporate Governance and Responsible Investment, Blackrock; Linda- Eling Lee, Global Head of Environmental, Social, Governance—Ratings Research, MSCI. C LOSING PLENARY: Marjolein Baghuis, Director of Communications and Network Relations, GRI 5:30 PM –6:00 PM and Willie Johnson, Engineering Section Head, Proctor & Gamble on “GRI Looking Ahead: G4 and Integrated Reporting.” 6:00 PM –7:00 PM NE T WORKING AND DRINK S
  4. 4. This Conference has been made possible by PL ATINUM SPONSOR GOLD SPONSOR S SustainEdge THIS HA S BEEN PRINTED BYOUR ORGANIZING COMMIT TEE: Marjella Alma, Diana Carlin, Nitish Singh, Eric Schneider and Mike Wallace.PLE A SE STAY IN TOUC HGRIusa@globalreporting.orgwww.globalreporting.orghttp://database.globalreporting.orgGRI Focal Point USA, 529 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10017