Registry integration and dynamics


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Presentation held by Mr. Zvonko Obradovic as a part of the Specific e-Government solutions for better business environment Session at the 8th SEEITA and 7th MASIT Open Days Conference, 14th-15th October, 2010

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Registry integration and dynamics

  1. 1. 8th SEEITA – 7th SEE ICT Forum Meeting & 7th MASIT Open Days Conference Conference of the SEEIT Associationas and Businesses Ohrid, Macedonia – October 14-15, 2010 REGISTRY INTEGRATION AND DYNAMICS Case study from Serbia Zvonko Obradovic, Serbian Business Registers Agency (SBRA) director
  2. 2. GOALS FOR REFORMING THE REGISTRATION SYSTEM •  To simplify and accelerate the business registration procedure in Serbia •  To create a more favorable business environment for foreign investments •  To create conditions for easier business start ups in Serbia •  To upgrade state administration through a greater reliance on IT •  To establish the conditions for creating new jobs and reducing the informal economy and corruption. • SBRA (Serbian Business Registers Agency) or Agencija za privredne registre – APR (Serbian) , established in 2004, as a crucial part of the registration reform in Serbia, started its operation 3.1.2005. SBRA Information system was completed until 31.3.2006. as a result of the project funded by Swedish government and administered by the World Bank (ICB procurement method). Until 2009, SBRA operated 3 registres:  Register of Business entities, Register of Pledges and Register of Financial leasing. 2 2
  3. 3. Registers operated by SBRA Agencija za privredne registre – APR (Serbian) or SBRA (Serbian Business Registers Agency) Until 2009, SBRA operated 3 registres: - Register of Business entities (Companies and Entrepreneurs); - Register of Pledges on movable assets and rights (Collateral Registry); - Register of Financial leasing From October,2009 to January,2010 five more registers started - Register of Associations (NGO) and Register of Foreign associations; - Register of Public Media; - Register of Financial statements and Data on solvency; - Register of Tourism, with number of sub-registers. Until the end of 2010, and in the first half of 2011, number of new registers will be started: *Register of Bankruptcy estate; *Register of Regional development measures and Incentives; *Register of restraining orders; *Register of Sports Associations; *Register of Institutions; *Register of Chambers of Commerce; etc. (more than 20 registers expected until 2011)
  4. 4. “DOING BUSINESS 2010” 7 PROCEDURES, 13 DAYS Time to No. LTD START-UP PROCEDURE Cost to complete complete Notarize the memorandum of association and lease contract 1 1 day approx RSD 1,500 at the Basic Court Open a temporary bank account; pay founding deposit or its 2 1 day no charge part and all other fees Apply and obtain the registration certificate, tax identification number, Pension fund (PIO Fund)and RSD 5,060 Health Fund certificates, certify the signatures (three ( RSD 3,600 + 3 3 days copies) for opening bank account and register the RSD 1,750) + RSD 15 employment contracts with the Employment (form OP) Organization RSD 400 (signature Open a permanent business account with the commercial 1 day (less than 4 certification and bank half a day) republic tax) 5 Make Stamp and seal 1 day RSD 2,500 no charge 6 Register with local tax authority 5 days Register the employment contracts with the Employment 7 1 day no charge Organization/Fund 13 days
  5. 5. SBRA in Figures • 112,405 business entities • 224,054 entrepreneurs (“sole traders”) • 1,500 representative offices of foreign legal entities RATIO BTW. • 112,600 financial statements for 2008 SBRA’S EMPLOYEES AND ITS CUSTOMERS • 1,898 associations • 44 foreign associations 350 employees • 912 Public media Registered entities and contracts: • 57,087 financial leasing contracts 825,000 • 63,655 pledge contracts, securing claims of over EUR 17 billion 2,360 PER EMPLOYEE - 565,000 applications (processed in 2008) Over 5 Million archived files - 2,500 applications per day - over 3,000,000 records taken over from the Commercial Courts and local authorities are filed in the SBRA archives - over 10,000,000 scanned archived pages - over 5,000,000 hits at the SBRA Web page (676,000 hits in Sept 2009) - over 35,000 hits per day - 324,022 users of the SBRA’s Info Center
  6. 6. SBRA – RESULTS Number of registered companies in Serbia:  SBRA Internet site is the most visited in Serbian public sector:  About 1 million monthly visits;  About 50.000 daily visits.
  7. 7. Future SBRA business strategy - Principles of sustainability  At the beginning, self-financing of SBRA was assured by:  3-month financing of all operational costs from the Swedish donation;  Sufficient fees for the SBRA services, set by law;  Low costs: Simplified registration process, skillful SBRA staff.  Until now, self-financing of SBRA kept by:  Continually improved business processes and people productivity (fees not changed for 5 years, while cummulative inflation was >40%);  Improved “Data delivery services” (5% of income planned for 2010).  In the future, self-financing of SBRA will be based on:  Further improvement of business processes, including standardisation (ISO 9001);  Improvement of Information system, based on SOA and virtualisation;  Improvement of services, based on the combined data from SBRA registers; Income from “value added services” expected to grow to 10%-20% of total SBRA costs in 2012, up to 50% in 2015-2016.
  8. 8. SBRA as a Governmental Information Hub SBRA partners for information exchange Documents Other partners (paper) and their databases Client SBRA Central office ` Pension and Social Security Funds National Employment Agency Health Insurance Bureau SBRA Front-End Office Minisries (Labor, Finance, Economy, Health, etc) (Belgrade or remote location) Municipalities, etc. Central database of Tax Directorate Business entities Statistics office Tax payer database
  9. 9. SBRA - SINGLE ACCESS POINT ONE STOP SHOP (as of May 6, 2009)
  10. 10. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION! I am at your disposal for any further questions!