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Presentation held by Mr. Dejan Damjanovic as a part of the Specific e-Government solutions for better business environment Session at the 8th SEEITA and 7th MASIT Open Days Conference, 14th-15th October, 2010

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One stop shop

  1. 1. ONE STOP SHOP Creating better PHASE 2 business environment for Macedonia Dejan Damjanovic M a n a g i n g D i r e c t o r, REAKTIV Ohrid , 15.10.2010
  2. 2. AGENDA Key facts Goals Step by step...OSS2 Results Project Scope Stakeholders Project Components Status and timeline
  3. 3. KEY FACTS PROJECT PROJECT LEADERS •One Stop Shop •Government of Phase 2 Republic of •World Bank Business Macedonia- Ministry Environment Reform of Economy and and Institutional Central Registry of Strengthening Project Macedonia (BERIS)
  4. 4. GOALS Better business environment More efficient electronic registration, management and closing of business Improved transparency and efficiency of bankruptcy procedures Protection of the business community of doing business with disqualified managers and founders Better e- infrastructure, improved interoperability
  5. 5. STEP BY STEP...OSS 2 2010 •Fully integrated electronic registration of companies, pledge, leasing 2007 - 2009 •Electronic recording of bankruptcy procedures •Reducing the registration procedure •Registry of disqualified managers to 4 hours and founders •Opening of an office of the 2006 Employment Agency •E- filling of annual accounts •Transfer of the registration •Introduction of a general business procedure from the courts clause •Conversion of all paper registration •Electronic distribution of data to the files in digital records public •Establishment of a unique centralized Registry •Registration procedure reduced from 48 to 3 days •Connecting with Tax Office, Banks and Statistics Bureau
  6. 6. RESULTS Online Fast, efficient registration and and E- payment inexpensive electronic registration documents Excluding Efficient and Protection of disqualified transparent the business entities bankruptcies community Improved Inter- macro- Quality data operability economic planning Fast, efficient Protection of Better and the business business inexpensive community environment registration
  7. 7. STAKEHOLDERS Government of Management and Republic of coordination Macedonia Ministry of Economy Consultants Implementation Central Registry ERS IRIS RE-AKTIV Cooperation EARM HF HF KIBS Courts PRO
  8. 8. PROJECT SCOPE One Stop Shop Phase 2 Component 1 Component 2 Component 3 One Stop Shop of Electronic system Registry of Electronic Electronic E- registration of first employment for managing Disqualified registration of registration of legal entities in EARM, HF and bankruptcy Entities pledge leasing PF procedures
  9. 9. OSS 2 COMPONENT: ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION OF LEG AL ENTITIES APPLICANTS (foreign and domestic individuals and legal entities) Preparation of digital E-Filling of Digital signing E- payment of fees E- submissions attachments М1/М2/ZО1 CENTRAL REGISTRY Translation Receive and Check in the Digital certificates Dispatch of data Macedonian/ Approval review “black list” and documents to institutions English EARM, HF, PF Receiving, processing and recording Notification to applicants via CRRM
  10. 10. OSS 2 COMPONENT: ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION OF PLEDGE AND LEASING PUBLIC NOTARIES, LEASING COMPANIES AND DEBT COLLECTORS Electronic Preparation of Input of digital Electronic Electronic checks of digital notary enforcement Digital signing payment of submissions pledge contracts proceedings fees CENTRAL REGISTGRY Issuing of digital certificates Receiving and reviewing Approval process and documents
  11. 11. OSS 2 COMPONENT: ELECTRONIC MANAGEMENT OF BANKRUPTCY PROCEDURES BANKRUPTCY TRUSTEES Creating Data about the Notifications List of bodies Data from Documentation bankruptcy bankruptcy Creditors for hearings and votes court sessions and proof case estate and sessions CENTRAL REGISTRY and MINISTRY OF ECONOMY Supervision of the bankruptcy Publishing of the data on the internet Statistics and reports procedures CREDITORS AND THE PUBLIC Full transparency of the process
  12. 12. OSS 2 COMPONENT: R E G I S T RY O F D I S Q UA L I F I E D M A N AG E R S A N D FO U N D E R S - Blocked accounts Registry of Identification of disqualified disqualified - Misdemeanor sanctions managers and founders - Criminal sanctions managers and founders Courts Central and banks Registry
  13. 13. STATUS AND TIMELINE December 2010 August 2010 е-Registration of Registry of Disqualified companies, pledges Entities (court measures) and leasing November 2010 е- Registration of legal entities Registry of Disqualified Entities (blocked bank accounts)
  14. 14. THANK YOU Less shops for more shopping! FOLLOW US AT WWW.ONESTOPSHOP.MK