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Corporate citizenship at Microsoft
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Corporate citizenship at Microsoft


Presentation held by Ms. Melissa Pailthorp- Senior Manager, Community Affairs for Central and Eastern Europe-Microsoft as a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Session at the 8th SEEITA and …

Presentation held by Ms. Melissa Pailthorp- Senior Manager, Community Affairs for Central and Eastern Europe-Microsoft as a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility Session at the 8th SEEITA and 7th MASIT Open Days Conference, 14th-15th October, 2010

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  • 1. Microsoft Corporate Citizenship “A Locally Global Approach” Melissa Pailthorp 14th October SEEIT MASIT Open Days 2010
  • 2. Today's Discussion A Bit of Context Today’s Challenges – Tomorrow’s Opportunities What Is Corporate Citizenship? The Microsoft Journey Citizenship @ Microsoft Today Local and regional examples
  • 3. Today’s Challenges
  • 4. UNEDUCATED 6.3-magnitude quake in Italy kills as many Globally, there are some 75 million as 150 people. primary-aged children not enrolled in DISEASE school - 55% of whom are girls NATURAL DISASTERS CIVIL WAR Each year, 3 million under-five children die because they are undernourished FREEDOM OF SPEECH HUNGER CORRUPTION The world is facing HUGE issues. HUMAN The per capita carbon footprint of the United States is five times that of China and over fifteen times that of India. TRAFFICKING GLOBAL WARMING UNEMPLOYMENT Each year, an estimated 600,000 to 800,000 men, POVERTY women, and children are trafficked across international borders BUDGET DEFICIT
  • 5. Trust can be precarious…
  • 6. Trust in Corporations In U.S., trust in business at lowest level in history 20 point drop Enron, the dot-com bust and September 11 U.S. is the new Europe A10. [Business in general TRACKING] I am going to read you a list of institutions. For each one, please tell me how much you TRUST that institution to do what is right. Please use a nine-point scale where one means that you "DO NOT TRUST THEM AT ALL" and nine means that you "TRUST THEM A GREAT DEAL". (Top 4 Box) Informed publics 35-64 in the United States and UK/France/Germany
  • 7. Tomorrow’s Opportunities
  • 8. Microsoft’s Role “Microsoft has an “It takes more than important role to play great products to in helping to advance make a great company” social and economic Bill Gates opportunities” Microsoft Annual Citizenship Report, 2003 Creative Capitalism Steve Ballmer World Economic Forum 2008 Annual Microsoft Annual Citizenship Report, Meeting 2009
  • 9. A New Era! “…it's the interaction between a company's principles and its commercial competence that shape the kind of business it will be.” Just Good Business January 19, 2008 “There's growing evidence that companies are embracing CSR practices… because they believe such strategies can be profitable and socially responsible.” USA Today February 14, 2007
  • 10. Business in Society Community (Addressing Social Challenges) Values & Mission Operations Products & Services (Business Practices) (Doing Well by Doing Good)
  • 11. What is Corporate Citizenship? (aka Corporate Social Responsibility; Corporate Responsibility; Responsible Leadership; etc. etc. ) “Corporate activities that increase business value and benefit society”
  • 12. Why How Corporations Do Business Matters Reputation Brand Value Business Results Building High Performing Organizations Stakeholders Employees Customers Shareholders Civil Society Government Reputation Institute 2008
  • 13. The Microsoft Journey
  • 14. 1978 2008
  • 15. Microsoft’s Citizenship Journey Naively Globally Boiling Strategically Local Reactive the Ocean Focused Philanthropy Citizenship v1 Citizenship v3 1978 - 2000 2000 - 2004 2004 - 2006 Today
  • 16. Citizenship @ Microsoft
  • 17. Citizenship @ MS Macedonia Partners in Learning Program MS Macedonia First Innovation Forums Innovative Teachers Child Online Safety BizSpark & IT Academies Network & Forum Forum 2009 MS Robotics Studio at Electro Contributions to local NGOs Technical Univ – accessibility, transparency “Better Schools Better Future”
  • 18. Drill Down: Societal Challenges
  • 19. Challenges… “Within 5 years 90 per cent of jobs “Over half of Europeans (250 million) will require ICT skills, across all go online every day but 150 million sectors, making skills, training and Europeans – some 30% - have never education in ICT a critical priority used the internet.” for employment and job prospects” EU Digital Agenda, May 2010 IDC Report - Post Crisis: e-Skills are Needed to Drive Europe's Innovation “Europe is suffering from a growing Society. Dec 2009 professional ICT skills shortage and could lack the competent practitioners to fill as many as “Immigrant women clearly 700,000 IT jobs by 2015” identify access to IT as critical to Commissioner Neelie Kroes, May 2010 improve their social & economic status in the EU…Immigrant women with no or basic e-skills “Training of people in the workforce show higher level of must be undertaken….Certification is unemployment crucial for ICT professionals” Immigrant Women, e-Skills & IDC Employability in Europe study. Mar 2010
  • 20. European Digital Agenda (May 2010) Enhancing digital literacy, skills & e-inclusion The digital era should be about empowerment and emancipation; background or skills should not be a barrier to accessing this potential... Commissioner Neelie Kroes
  • 21. EU Digital Agenda aims to…  Bridge the digital skills gap by promoting greater coordination of ICT skills initiatives at Member State level, especially by proposing digital literacy & competences as a priority of the European Social Fund.  Promote the supply & demand of ICT skills in the labour market by developing tools by 2012 to identify the competences of ICT practitioners & users, so that companies seeking employees with particular ICT skills can easily compare their skills Targets for 5 year plan:  2013 - 50% of citizens should use online services  2015 - At least 50% of EU households to shop online  2015 - Increase in overall internet usage from 60 to 75%  2015 - Half the proportion of people who have never used the internet reduced from 30 to 15%  2020 - Fast broadband connections at 30Mb per second for all EU citizens with at least 50% of households at 100Mb
  • 22. Microsoft’s Commitment Our Citizenship commitment is based on our Corporate mission: Enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential
  • 23. Microsoft’s Societal Impact Partners in Learning Reaches 107 Million Students in 101 Countries I00 Innovation Centers Worldwide Supporting Over 120 Million People Globally Through Workforce Development Programs Microsoft and Employees Have Donated Over $3.4 Billion Worldwide Contributed Over $42 Million to NetHope for Disaster and Humanitarian Response Microsoft’s Child Exploitation Tracking System spans 24 countries, 54 law enforcement agencies and over 1,000 investigators
  • 24. Community Technology Skills Program Empowering People Through Technology Global IT skills training program Focus on employability and workforce development Promotes jobs and economic opportunity Works with local partner organizations Total investments across Europe in FY10 exceeded €25m in cash and in kind in 32 countries supporting skills projects to reach approximately 5.4 million people over next three years. Skills to Skills to advance Skills required to start enter the workforce in current occupation or operate a business
  • 25. EU eSkills Week 2010 ROMANIA: Launching ICT skills portal e-aptitudini.ro BULGARIA: MS, Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation & 2 Ministries co- present on eSkills
  • 26. Additional Resources www.microsoft.com/citizenship www.microsoft.com/eu www.microsoft.com/ngo www.twitter.com/msftcitizenship www.facebook.com/microsoftcitizenship
  • 27. What about Here & Now? Small IT Company Stressed Economy Thin resources & assets But…  Where are there visible needs?  What are the manageable opportunities?  What are your core assets? Who are you partners?  What will make you and your employees proud?
  • 28. Discussion?