WINS-ICT project overview


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Presentation held by Ms. Anita Nikova-as a part of the WINS ICT Call7 Session at the 8th SEEITA and 7th MASIT Open Days Conference, 14th-15th October, 2010

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WINS-ICT project overview

  1. 1. EU-WB ICT research cooperation WINS-ICT project overview MASIT Anita Nikova, MSc Deputy Executive Director, responsible for project management 8th SEEITA – 7th SEE ICT Forum Meeting & 7th MASIT Open Days Conference Day 2, 15.10.2010, hotel Metropol, Ohrid
  2. 2. intends to strengthen S&T cooperation between the EU and the WBC by deepening the bi-regional strategic relations in the field of ICT and promoting the participation of WB ICT research actors in FP7
  3. 3. The project at a glance Project • Support Action (SA) funded under FP7- instrument ICT-2007-3 call • Action line: ICT-2007.9.2 International cooperation Duration 01 January 2009 - 31 December 2010 EC DG Information Society and Media EC contribution § Project Cost: 1,1 million euro Project Funding: 849.993 euro Partners 15 highly complementary partners: from the EU Member States, Accession Candidate Countries and WB region
  4. 4. Partnership 1. ZSI (Austria) 2. GRNET (Greece) 3. TÜBITAK (Turkey) Coordinator 4. TESEO (Belgium) 5. CIVET2000 (Albania) 6. EXIT (Bosnia and Herzegovina) 7. MASIT (FYR of 8. MPIN (Montenegro) 9. BOS (Serbia) Macedonia) 10. IPA (Romania) 11. ZENIT (Germany) 12. EFB (United Kingdom) 13. HGK (Croatia) 14. CEI - ES (Italy) 15. MTID (Serbia) Gov. organizations WB organisations with EU-MS R&D & Intergovernmental forum & Leading S&T expertise as to ICT policy Innovation focused fostering dialogue on S&T institutes analysis and FP promotion organisations development
  5. 5. WINS-ICT and previous supporting actions 1st project in the region that:  brings together academia, business, Project acting as political forum government and NGOs to define for the development of the ICT research priorities relationship between the EU and the  employs consultation as an open WBCs in the area of S&T. It can and transparent process WBC- further deepen and implement  develops recommendations the SCORE recommendations to both the WBC and the SCORE INCO.NET EU WBC INCO.NE T IS2WeB (SEE Innovation): based on the community ISIS, identification & training of key ICT research actors ISIS: the first support action in SE Europe. Awareness, networks and community building
  6. 6. Specific objectives... ...and key activities 1. Provide comprehensive understanding of the current EU-WBC ICT RTD policies and RTD collaboration 2. Address and involve the relevant stakeholders so as to optimize the policy and research collaboration framework 3. Support the building of sustainable networks between innovative WB –EU ICT researchers for the collaboration in the FP7 - ICT Priority 4. Enhance the capacities and capabilities of WBC researchers to successfully participate and compete in FP7 as co-ordinators
  7. 7. OUR services to increase WB researchers’ capacities • 14 training and mentoring workshops for a successful participation in FP7 • One-to-one coaching for optimising the preparation of project profiles, and project proposals: • coaching sessions at workshops in 2009 - 2010 • One regional coaching seminar in September 2010 • WINS-ICT staff constantly available for your requests (write to!) • Support to FP7 promotion events by National Contact points • One capacity building workshop addressed to governmental representatives in 2009
  8. 8. OUR services to provide prompt information and contact details The PORTAL: Competitive ICT Research Actors Database
  9. 9. OUR services to facilitate partnerships • 5 networking sessions organised aside important international conferences: • Balkan Conference of Informatics – Greece, September 2009 • eChallenges 2009 – Turkey, October 2009 • ICT 2010 - Belgium, September 2010 • eChallenges 2010 – Poland, October 2010 • 2 brokerage events (at CEBIT 2010, at eChallenges 2010) • Partnership agreements with IDEAL-ICT, ICT WEB PROMS. INCONET EECA, etc, European Technology Platforms, etc
  10. 10. OUR services to foster a better policy and cooperation framework To foster a better policy and cooperation framework: • Setting up of the Dialogue Forum on ICT research for the WBC • Support for the WB ICT Committee members from the WBC • Revise the regional ICT research priorities and needs • Identify cooperation opportunities within FP7 and other research programmes
  11. 11. More information and first results are available on Thank you for your attention, MASIT Anita Nikova, MSc Deputy Executive Director, responsible for project management