Shopper Marketing: 13 Trends for 2013


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The glorious summer of 2012 is over and we have all taken a collective deep breath and asked ‘so, what next?’
Post-Olympic blues, EuroZone crisis, technological convergence & EcoEthic shoppers among many other topics are weighing on our minds... but what on earth does it all mean?
In the next few slides we cut through the jumble of ideas and reveal what will really affect shoppers in the UK and Europe in the coming year and how we, as Shopper Marketers, can make the most of the future.
Read on and enjoy!

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Shopper Marketing: 13 Trends for 2013

  1. 1. Welcome to 2013 The glorious summer of 2012 is over and we have all taken a collective deep breath and asked ‘so, what next?’ Post-Olympic blues, EuroZone crisis, technological convergence & EcoEthic shoppers among many other topics are weighing on our minds... but what on earth does it all mean? Darren Keen Managing Director MARS London In the next few slides we cut through the jumble of ideas and reveal what will really affect shoppers in the UK and Europe in the coming year and how we, as Shopper Marketers, can make the most of the future. Read on and enjoy!1
  2. 2. 10. BEHAViOURAL ECONOMICS 7. Click & Collect 11. IT’S ALL1. Value Resizing 4. NEW AMAZONIA ABOUT ME2. High Street 2.0 5. Peer Group 8. BOG’WIF 12. Sandwich Shoppers Spread3. LIKE BRANDS… 6. From A-List 9. There can 13. The Shopper ONLY BETTER to C-list only be one Legacy
  3. 3. 1. Value ResizingAfter three years of recession-driven In 2013 we will see shoppers become Shoppers will positively react toaggressive discount messaging, loyal to brands and retailers that offer Value Resizing propositions rangingshoppers have become numb to its a great value price tag AND a relevant, from genuine efficacy innovation andaffects and expectant of competitive more imaginative experience.  usage format enhancements to smart,pricing both off and online. simple rewards that make a small but‘Low price’ now only serves as the genuine difference to their everydaybattleground baseline. lives. 3
  4. 4. 2. HIGH STREET 2.0Ethical shopping has been slowly The continuing high cost of fuel and Engaging shoppers with distinct localcrushed by the economic downturn food inflation (driven by increasing or regional campaigns and activations– BUT localization has and will grow as food production raw materials) will will become more commonplace andsmaller baskets, shorter journeys and sharpen shopper’s reluctance to travel will motivate them to choose brandslocal produce are all seen as the best to complete bigger, less frequent shops that contribute to a well needed close-way to regular shopping thriftiness. and help support the ever-growing to-home feel-good factor. awareness and management of food wastage in the home of which the IDG has reported currently stands at 14%. 4
  5. 5. 3. Like brands. only better.Continuing retailer commitment to Throughout 2013 shoppers will further Brands will not only need to continueprivate label will make brands reassess increase their trust – and therefore their to engage shoppers both fromtheir shopper marketing strategies as loyalty – in private label as retailers a quality perspective but also lookthey are forced to compete even more extend their own ranges, create new to enhance cross category and occasionaggressively in environments owned non-banner ones and undertake based offerings through new brand-by what are now effectively #2 and #3 new own-label strategies including partnerships to reinforce the added‘competitor’ brands. provenance messaging and celebrity experiential value of their offering. endorsement that were, until now, the preserve of brand leaders.  5
  6. 6. 4. NEW AMAZONIASince it’s launch in 1998 In 2013 amazon will signpost some FMCG brands need to non-negotiablyhas, each year, played a bigger part pivotal changes in their relationship develop shopper strategies that willin our shopper lives – offering more with shoppers – being more connected, embrace the Amazon platform as a keycategories, greater choice, better targeted more tailored and offering a huge range channel and engage opinion formersrecommendations, easier ways to pay which includes core grocery products at who will influence millions of shoppersfor and receive goods. attractive prices and new, alternate ways over the forthcoming 12 months.With the convergence of technologies to shop.and the continued march into grocerywe will see a fundamental step-changeto how they effect shopper’s lives. 6
  7. 7. 5. PEER GROUP SHOPPERSThe evolution of online purchase Next year, due to exploding connectivity, Clever brands (and retailers) needbehaviour and the increasing we will see shoppers use social network to embrace this change, showingubiquity, penetration and capability platforms in real time, exploiting price confidence in their brand values andof smartphones has given shoppers comparison sites, product reviews and empowering consumers with the price,the impetus to trust themselves and peer group recommendation while in peer group opinion and provenancetheir peer group more than brands and store more than ever before. information that will sway shopperretailers. This is magnified further by purchase behaviour and be presentthe parallel loss of faith in banks and   with the right digital platform messagescorporate institutions throughout the at the point of buying.recession. 7
  8. 8. 6. FROM A-LIST TO C-LISTDriven by the inspirational brilliance of Shoppers will no longer entertain the Move over Peaches and Rooney, cleverthe 2012 Olympians and Paralympians, positive notion of indulged footballers, brands, with deeper pockets will have2013 will see a recalibration of celebrity soap stars and big brother contestants the ability to leverage Bradley Wiggins,culture in the UK. persuading them to buy brands. The Ellie Simmonds and friends whilst A-List will be replaced by CREDIBLE lesser budgets can succeed by focusing role models – the new C-list – who have upon credible personification of their striven for and spectacularly achieved brands using local achievers or up- during 2012, earning themselves the and-coming ‘cre-lebrities’ to drive genuine respect of a nation in the engagement and loyalty. process. 8
  9. 9. 7. CLICK & COLLECTConsidered the broad compromise In 2013 Click and Collect will offer Brands that actively drive shopperssolution between digital-shopping retailers ROI rationalisation on their to Click & Collect formats will benefitconvenience and retailer-delivery digital platform investment and from increased shopper spend.complexity, Click & Collect will continue shoppers will have an enhanced, more To do this they must add value throughto grow across the continent and convenient shopper experience that instant reward and rapid post-shopbecome a major new shopper trend works for them. the UK. 9
  10. 10. 8. BOG’WIFThe uptake of Wi-Fi and in particular Shoppers, now expectant of fast speed 2013 will see brands and retailers alike,broadband at home has become the access at home, will start to demand grasping the nettle and providingnorm. But, the availability of fast speed similar service levels on-the-go. Whilst Wi-Fi across retail and entertainmentconnections away from home has been the uptake of 4G will gain traction venues as an instant enticement andpatchy and often non-existent at best. towards the end of 2013, an opportunity pre-purchase reward. Expect to seeRetailers and brands, until now, have exists for brands and retailers alike smart brands and retailers not blockingbeen slow to see the provision of Wi-Fi to provide fast-access as a credible the practice of show-rooming butas a simple value add for their shoppers. incentive. providing access in a bid to push instant incentives and reasons to drive footfall. 10
  11. 11. 9. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONEDriven by the phenomenal uptake of Laptops have become tablets and tablets Retailers and brands need to developtablets, and in particular, iPad sales, are shrinking to also be our phones. strategies that cover the entire shopperpurchases online via mobile devices With the uptake of devices such as the journey on one device. From providingcontinue to follow unparalleled growth. Kindle Fire, Samsung’s Note and the simple shopping list generators andAs devices continue to become more newly shrunk iPad Mini, the shopper’s self scanning apps through to postpowerful, the number of devices that assistant for browsing on the sofa to purchase loyalty incentives, singleshoppers use to assist and do their shop the one checking prices in store are the device campaigns will encourageis reducing. one and same. Coupled with the faster both frequency and long term loyal connection speed, NFC and instant behaviours for retailers and brands. coupons, the power of the mobile- shopper reaches even greater heights, from the initial trigger to search through to purchase and sharing the experience. 11
  12. 12. 10. BEHAVIOURAL ECONOMICSBehavioral Economics will be the latest By merging the rational nature of pure Brands need to seek a deeperbuzz ‘methodology’ to be adopted in economics with the irrational behaviour understanding of what choice, brand-shopper marketing. It won a Noble Prize of distinct shopper groups. Behavioral ownership and rationalization mean10 years ago and has taken a little time Economics has brought a sense of reality to a shopper and how we can use theseto filter down to the shopper marketing and humanity to the clinical world of disciplines to directly effect the waycommunity but will have a massive economics with the necessity of making shoppers behave across all purchaseimpact on the understanding marketers engage in an additional environments.of shoppers. process to deliver shopper focused, insight rich campaigns... that have more impact and appeal to shoppers and a bigger ROI for brands and retailers. 12
  13. 13. 11. IT’S ALL ABOUT MEFor the past decade online retailers Whilst personalisation has been 2013 will see a greater use and value putand their brick and mortar counterparts centered on email, online and couponing, upon shopper data as platform cohesionwith sophisticated shopper behavioural social media activity coupled with allow marketers to run campaigns toinsights, have been offering shoppers a combination of location-based mobile deliver instant loyalty and switchingincreasingly accurate personalised services and action data now offers tactics, “live” location based promotionsoffers and experiences based on click- retailers and brands the opportunity and even UK trials of individual pricingthrough or regular purchase behaviour. to communicate with shoppers in-store in-store. on a true one-to-one basis. 13
  14. 14. 12. SANDWICH SPREADThe engine room of the UK economy 2013 will see the start of the mildest of Brands that offer light-at-the-end-of-is feeling the squeeze like no other recoveries in confidence within this group the-tunnel solutions and incentives willexperienced in decades. Having kids as boredom and the perceptive grip of win if they can deliver activity that canlater, career focused necessity plus recession begins to loosen supported by help meet the tired need-states of theageing parents has, over the past five increasingly forward-looking media-led Sandwich Generation.years, meant for 35-55 year olds the perspectives for 2014 & 2015.good life has become the tough life...With little prospect of salvation. 14
  15. 15. 13. THE SHOPPER LEGACYThe 2012 Olympic games was an A handful of brands - both sponsors and The exploitable shopper legacy will beunquestionable success both in the guerrilla - exploiters - helped prompt where feel-good meets togetherness asUK and across the world and has a unique and meaningful way for family brands create and deliver unique, newgenuinely inspired, brought together and friends to enjoy coming together for experiences for shoppers to enjoyablyand engendered national pride to all too infrequent shared experiences. connect with those they are closest too.a level in a way that few predicted. The opportunity to be the catalystThe challenge in 2013 is for brands to remains in 2013.continue to engage shoppers with thesame sentiment. 15
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